Amazon and Google no longer friends? Kindle Fire HD integrates Bing instead of Google

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 8, 2012

We earlier learned that a few major companies are trying to reduce their dependence on Google for content and services. For example, Apple is ditching YouTube on iOS 6 and is also moving away from using Google Maps. Amazon is itself going for Nokia Maps instead of Google Maps in its new Kindle line. But in an even more drastic move, Amazon actually integrates Bing search instead of Google in the Kindle Fire HD.

Eliane Fiolet of Ubergizmo was able to get a hands-on experience with a Kindle Fire HD, and were quite surprised to find that the tablet’s Silk mobile browser had Bing as the default search engine.

“Bing comes as the default for Silk, Amazon says, but users will have the option of switching to Google or Yahoo if they wish,” writes Eric Abent at Slashgear. Eric speculates that Microsoft may have sponsored Bing’s prominent placement in Amazon’s Silk browser, although the company would not comment on the matter.

But given that Microsoft is having a hard time getting users to switch from Google to Bing on the desktop, this could be one of their ways of aggressively pushing their homegrown search engine to reach more users. Some commentators, however, say that Amazon is doing this on their own accord, given that Google may already be challenging Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce, with its own sale of ebooks, music and the like.

The question now is this. Will more smartphone and tablet manufacturers follow suit?

  • cbstryker

    Apple is not ditching YouTube in iOS 6. They are simply removing it from being a system app and instead making it a downloadable app.

    • Stian French

      I can just imagine now, 80% of iPhone users that update to ios 6; hey! where did my youtube go!? guess I can’t use it anymore. And then they’ll proceed to use youtube in safari because they are too stupid to see if there is an app for it.

      • Cole Raney

        It’s actually pretty nice in safari though. When I had an iphone I blocked the youtube app and used youtube through safari

  • Edward

    Only silly people don’t know how to switch from Bing to Google as the default search engine.

  • kurt hinds

    Was amazon and Google ever friends anyway! Their products compete against each other, I could care less for anything amazon! As Edward said smart people use Google search.

  • kc

    Have anyone actually used Bing? It is not as good, fast or thorough as Google’s search engine. I will not buy a device that doesn’t allow me the option to choose.

  • Nizo

    This really surprises me.. Bing is god awful. I hate using it, never find ANYTHING on there.

  • x

    Bing is carbon copy of Google without the speed but saying amazon and Google will become bitter enemies is stretch amazon still use Android OS not window OS until amazon does something like that everything else meaningless.

  • IncCo

    pretty shitty move by Amazon..

  • WindowedApple

    What an ungrateful dog amazon is… they user google-created android device as OS on their platform, but manage to ditch google services. I would understand why they “ditched” google play to promote their on app store, but going with bing search? Thats just a big F.U to google!

    Everybody is seeing google as a threat these days!

  • Alec Vanek

    why did they choose bing if its on android???

    • Eternal_cynic

      Because Android is an operating system, not a philosophy. And Microsoft either paid, or waived the license fees on some patent or other.


      Amazon is a dominate at any cost company. The goal is to become unavoidable in as many markets as possible. So having MS pay and subsidise or make cheaper, the product they are offering to people who want a tablet that is hooked in so deeply to Amazon’s cash registers, is a good thing for them.

  • Anup

    Im guessing Microsoft paid them and thus helped reducing the price for the device.
    Amazon is more concerned in making money through its store.

  • Bing sucks! Then again so does an ad supported tablet….

  • Ian Thomas

    It makes sense. I would bet Microsoft is paying to be the default provider. Amazon needed to subsidize their new tablets to be ultra competitive and anything to reduce costs would have likely been considered. It would be hard to pass up cash for making Bing default IMO.

  • Tom

    Let me bing that for you just doesnt sound right

  • Alan Lewis

    Heck just wait and see how long it takes till they get CyanogenMod running for the 8.9 inch Kindle. One low price usable tablet then.

  • CloudWarrior

    This is great news. Choice is paramount in search. Consumers can make the choice of what search is good for them. If they really want Google, they can switch. Despite being an Android and Chrome user, I use Bing because of its social integration and better results for my queries though I can see why people who are used to Google would not want to switch. At the end, it’s the user’s choice.