Kickstarter project of the week: Olmose turns your old smartphones into a home security system

by: Edgar CervantesJanuary 24, 2016


There’s a reason everybody and their mom is throwing all their money at Kickstarter projects. The place is teeming with innovation and creative ideas, but it’s definitely a hit or miss venture. While some Kickstarter campaigns are awesome, some definitely leave us scratching our heads.

The ‘Kickstarter project of the week’ series is an attempt to put together a curated selection of our favorite tech funding campaigns. Today we are taking a look at a Kickstarter project that will keep your home safe, protect your vehicle and re-purpose old technology.

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How many of you have old smartphones laying around the house? These are often in perfect working condition, and we all know how annoying it is to try to sell them at worthy prices. Why not just keep them and turn them into a versatile and affordable security system?

Remember, these are pretty much portable computers, with all the tools to become self-sustained systems. Olmose is trying to harness this idea and turn it into the security solution for everyone. It offers a full-fledged experience without the expenses of a dedicated kit.

So, what is Olmose all about? There is the Dog Station (dock), which has infrered sensors and charging capabilities, but that is not what Olmose revolves around. The company is selling you the service, really.

The whole thing consists of two apps. Olmose Guardian turns any phone into a dedicated security camera, while Olmose Remote allows the user to monitor Guardian devices.


It’s a simple, yet effective concept. Using the Olmose Remote app, you can monitor any Guardian device in your home. It supports both video and audio surveillance, and you can activate or deactivate surveillance mode at your will.

When activated, Olmose will send a notification when any suspicious activity takes place. This does include night-time events, as the Dog Station has an integrated infrared sensors. To make matters more interesting, you can even leave a Guardian-equipped phone in your car and track it in real time.


But if this is not about the product, how is Olmose making money? As mentioned above, they pretty much sell you the service. Here are the prices:


You do get a discount and special treats if you back the Kickstarter project, and you can sign up for as low as €20. Interested? Just hit the Kickstarter page and look more into it. I think this is a very resourceful way to reuse all those old gadgets. It sure beats piling up those landfills! I suppose it’s time to dig into my old boxes and find my old phones.

Check out Olmose on Kickstarter
  • Remy Cajallena

    I’m pretty sure there should be a free alternative than this…

    • Guest

      Alfred on android

      • master94

        +1 for Alfred. Used it before to catch a pic of someone breaking into my summer home.

      • Christopher Carr

        Also Perch.

      • Remy Cajallena

        Thank you kind sir. I had a huawei on 4.4 KitKat just lying around doing nothing. Now I taped it to the wall and have a free security can. This app is awesome :D I wish it can record for at least a day though…

  • Joker74

    several already out there… pass

  • Joker74

    its the cloud your paying for, dock isnt really needed but is still tempting

  • dyani

    What is being done about old devices getting way too hot from the camera being on at all times? All of these apps become unusable because of that, and I can’t imagine I’m the only one to experience this inevitable overheating.

  • Somebody

    Olmose…. Almost?

    But of course, can’t do without the “infrered sensors”. I mean come on, everybody else is still using stupidly outdated infrared.

    Truth is, of course…. you’d be way better off with zoneminder + zmninja (open source, but paid for on play store, so compile it yourself or support the devs).

  • agunrunner

    they should just put a camera on it so 90% of people who don’t have a working used phone to use it,

  • Turning old working smartphones into self sustaining kits surely sounds promising. It is really helpful that it supports audio surveillance, video surveillance, and night time event capture (comes with infrared). The car tracking concept with Guardian power smartphone also sounds interesting. However, the full package $99 seems a bit too high. More importantly, it can’t be used as a spycam or something like that. If this spycam kind of concept can be included, the effectiveness of the kit will definitely increase a lot and will sell more, considering the height of paranoia middle income people go through.

  • Olmose looks really cool! I’ve never really been a big fan of Guardian, but perhaps I should take a 2nd look now.