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Sony surprised everyone today by announcing an entirely new product line-up at MWC 2016. The Xperia X series delivers high-end camera performance with a slightly refreshed design language and “two-day” battery life. However, the surprise kind of wears off a little when you look at the Xperia X Performance, the more high-end of the new range, which seems to fit a little too easily into what we have come to expect of Sony. So much so that I just can’t shake the feeling that the Xperia X Performance is simply the Xperia Z6 with a new name.

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Flashbacks and Forecasts: Sony in 2016

February 6, 2016

It’s pretty safe to say at this point that Sony’s ambitious but ill-advised attempt at producing a new flagship device every six months was an epic failure. Minor specs bumps, marginal design changes and a new device announced before the last one had even hit key markets was a recipe for disaster and, not surprisingly, was one.

sony xperia x performance aa 7

Following Sony Mobile’s recent troubles, 2016 was the year we all expected Sony to fall into line with a one-flagship-per-year approach. While the absence of the Xperia Z6 at MWC makes it seem like this prediction is true, there’s something way too familiar about the Xperia X Performance. In many ways it feels like the exact same kind of marginal improvement over the Xperia Z5 that a six-month-later Xperia Z6 would have been.

Think about it: the Z5 had a 5.2-inch Full HD display, the X Performance has a 5.0-inch Full HD display (the LG G5 also slightly decreased its screen size from the G4). The Z5 used last year’s flagship processor the Snapdragon 810, the X Performance touts this year’s standard flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 820. Both the Z5 and X Performance have 3 GB of RAM, 23 MP cameras, 32 GB ROMs with microSD expansion and fingerprint sensors in an elongated power button: so far so Sony.

sony xperia x performance aa 4

In all honesty, if the Xperia X Performance had come out under the Xperia Z6 name no one would have bat an eyelid. It would reproduce the same familiar Sony recipe: an 80% identical specs sheet with a couple minor changes and a slight design shift. Admittedly, the X Performance is the most different looking Xperia device I’ve seen in a while, but it’s not exactly hard to imagine the same design could have just as easily appeared on the Z6 instead.

Perhaps the two biggest “differentiators” in the new X Performance are an improved battery management system courtesy of Qnovo’s Adaptive Charging and a Predictive Hybrid Auto-Focus for the camera, a feature pulled straight from Sony’s excellent ɑ (Alpha) camera range. While these are nice additions to Sony’s feature-set, they really feel like things that would typically have been reserved for a flagship device. And that’s exactly what the X Performance feels like to me.

sony xperia x performance aa 8

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the Xperia Z6 was well into its production life before it had its early 2016 launch date pulled in favor of a more significant Z series upgrade one full year after the Xperia Z5. If I was Sony, I wouldn’t want to waste all that R&D so I would probably do the same thing: slap another brand name on it and hope no one noticed the similarities.

We may never know the truth, but I’m sure hoping the Xperia Z6 is significantly different from both the Xperia Z5 and the Xperia X Performance, otherwise it’s going to feel like Sony is still up to its same old tricks, just calling every second Xperia Z upgrade by another name.

What do you think? Is the Xperia X Performance a little too much like a six-months later update to the Xperia Z5 for you?

Kris Carlon
Kris Carlon is a Senior Editor at Android Authority. He is a half-British Australian who lives in Berlin, travels a lot and is always connected to a laptop, phone, smartwatch or tablet (and occasionally a book).
  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    Write a post on how the S7 is not an S6.. *sigh*

    • Dave

      Redefined design with smaller camera hump (Sony struggled with that but the metal back of the X series would have been a nice change to the Z series), WAY bigger battery people demanded (not the same or even smaller), processor upgrade, IP68, SD card slot. All these are very welcome changes that definately aren’t revolutionary but justify an ANNUAL upgrade.

      • I’m with Dave here. I have the Xperia z3+, which is btw a piece of crap. Bad performance, blurry camera, overheating and lagging. Samsung may have kept the design, which is just a year where as the Xperia line have basically had the same design since several years back. Their flagship will prob be released same time as the Z5 family, where I also find it too late.
        Again, I’m with the Dave as in, what the hell are Sony doing?!

      • inspire

        Justified upgrade? Yeah, one year remove the SD slot, remove water resistance (both were in s5 but not in s6) and then the other year put them back and people will say justified change.
        So what if xperia had it already since ever? Water resistance, SD slot, and now a new cam module and new battery tech and new materials and a bit refreshed ui…

        Not saying one is better over other. Just saying s6->s7 is not a groundbreaking change that one should point out xperia change.

        • Dave

          You know, we’re at a point where groundbreaking changes have become a rarity. The progress isn’t that fast anymore. What LG did is quite risky for them, they changed their design completely, they added these moduls which is quite risky as well as the average Joe might think it’s too geeky, ‘difficult’, troublesome or whatever. And although they changed that much one could still argue that it’s not a worthy upgrade as some things have gotten worse out of someone’s perspective. Nevertheless I hope things are working out for them.
          Of course Samsung removed these features which have already been present in the S5 but neither you nor I do know the engineering decisions that have been made. It could be that they just couldn’t finish water resistance before launch. Furthermore the lack of an SD card slot was a decision I personally can understand as they used UFS storage for the first which is A LOT faster than SD cards. Seems like they wanted to rule out the slow storage option which SD cards simply are. But they found out their customers wanted this expansion opportunity although it’s not the smartest move in regards to performance etc.
          I really like Sony, too, although I never owned a device. If they delivered a good phone I would definately take a closer look and if they did it the way I think they could do (SD820, 5,5″ with either FHD or QHD, 4GB RAM, 3500mAh, fingerprint reader, design of the X series) I guess I would buy it. As I said, the times of groundbreaking changes are gone. And if you have that in mind it doesn’t make sense to even release two flagships a year! Samsung did what they were able to this last year and still you argue that the upgrade is not really worth it. Then think about releasing two flagships a year and you have the answer to why two is one too much.
          Additionally it’s the market that demands Sony to make a change. They are struggeling to make profit and gain market share whereas Samsung is the market leader and their main problem is to not make a higher profit every year. They are the ones that might make some mistakes, don’t have to do anything on point, could be lazy and so on and still won’t have problems threatening their existence while Sony definately is in trouble. Releasing two SD810 phones where even one is too much won’t help that situation.
          So all in all I think Samsung made a much better job than Sony did although the upgrade is not groundbreaking from S6 to S7 neither.

      • Svnjay

        “Redefined design with smaller camera hump”

        You mean the glass design that Sony has had since 2013 with no camera hump?

        “processor upgrade”

        Just like the Xperia X Performance

        ” IP68″

        Welcome to 2014. Xperia Z3 says hi.

        “SD card slot.”

        Welcome to 2007!

        • Dave

          Just take a look at my other comment here, I point it out a bit longer there.

      • oktay sözlü

        ahahahahahah revolutionary ahahahahahahahahah. revolahahahahahaha. dude these features are all being used for years :) samsung upgrading battery since 2013 still sony is at least 2x better. ( corner is here, tears you will bring from home )

        • Dave

          You get that I have written they AREN’T revolutionary, right?

  • Dave

    I don’t understand what the hell Sony is doing. It seems like they don’t want to be successful. They must have mentioned that their two flagship releases per year don’t work out for them, especially when they can’t even serve key markets in this half year with the ‘new’ flagship. This time it’s the same over again. I mean, a release in FOUR months?! Until then Google will have shown off Android N and these devices come with a soon to be outdated Android version, too. Furthermore the hardware is not new in any way as well.
    Sony, stick to one flagship each year and do this properly, not 5″ 1080p, 3GB RAM, 2700mAh but SD820. Rebranding this potential Z6 won’t bring it as well.

    • Dave

      For me the go to plan for Sony would look like this:
      – annual releases of every phone
      – release around March as most of the new tech is available then
      – simultaneous release in key markets two to four weeks after annoucement
      – one low end, one midrange, three flagship (small – 4,7″ to 5,0″, medium – 5,3″ to 5,5″ and large- 5,7″ to 6,0″) devices
      – better marketing with higher presence in media

  • Jazbec

    More like an arrow to the knee every six months…

    • Anthony Wignall

      Wait.. Sony is getting married! haha an arrow to the knee is usually a reference to a man/woman proposing to their significant other

      • Ben

        No, an arrow to the knee is a reference to one of the most successful video games of the last decade.

        • Anthony Wignall

          Yeh Skyrim. But the whole phrase… “I used to be an adventurer like you, till I took an email to the knee.”

          It’s the guard saying, I got married, had a family so can’t go adventuring anymore. But then there are enough people in the game saying it to the point that yes, maybe some did take an actual arrow, and others saying it meaning they got married.

  • akshayraj

    resolution 1080p ? and z6 wil have QuadHD

    • saksham

      not 4k ?? maybe 5k if it wants to upgrade their display

  • Maikel92

    I don’t understand why they’re releasing flagships every 6 months…

    • velcry

      I typed this in response to another comment earlier, but here’s my take on it:

      I think Sony severely underestimated the importance people attach to having future-proof devices.

      Sony had their eye on that segment of the population who end their contracts at odd times throughout the year and who are looking to get a new phone – in theory, if there was a “brand new” Xperia model out, even newer than say the next iPhone or Galaxy, Sony thought that these people would find it a no-brainer to buy the latest Xperia at that point.

      What Sony failed to see was that when they push out their flagships so quickly, people get fatigued, disillusioned, and confused. Most importantly, people get disappointed.

      People like you, in fact. People who buy a phone, then get told by the media machine in a few months that the phone they just bought has become outdated. Who likes that feeling? Who wants to feel like they just got taken for a ride?

      HTC did this a few years back, and eventually they realised too that it made more sense to produce a few great phones a year, instead of many good phones.

  • wabbies

    I don’t think this is the Z6, because the Z line is known for the waterproof phones and I don’t think this one is.. Considering they wanted to focus more on the high-end devices it wouldn’t be strange to bring out more high end devices. The price is a little bit to high though..

    • Juice Spammer

      XP is waterproof.

  • Sony Smartphones are both cool and boring, Sony is best in gaming and media players but in smartphones I’m never going with them

    • saksham

      lol my sister had the Z3 and after an year it lags like hell even tho all she did was whatsapp most of the time now i had the s5 till january 2016 and it has never had a slowdown

      • And also sony smartphones don’t have a large choices of Roms , in samsung S5 you can still find more than 30 Roms to flash and turn the phone into a beast. I’m pretty sure that you have already removed that stupid Touchwiz by rooting, and if not then you are lucky that S5 still don’t lags.

        • coach

          I think you should check xda and see if sony smartphones have ROM choices. Plenty of ROMs and Sony is one of the few OEM that support developers

          • But I cant’n find many roms for sony c2

      • Akand

        Just wait until the tirmware update. It will reboost the device.

      • Vincentius Phang

        I uses Z1 from its release until now. I install and uninstall games every now and then. Dip it in the water often. Drop it frequently. And sometimes having performance and application issue like google photos in early release. Up until now still performing too good that I can’t justify my self to buy a new one, even though I really want to buy a new one.

    • Hyung-Woo Jung

      I have got an Xperia Z3 last year and moved to the Z5 Compact a little over a month ago, and I have been very happy with it: The stock-like software that is well optimized and fast, amazing battery life, good camera, etc. In my experience, Sony does a great job at making smartphones.

      However, I’m not thrilled with their short product release cycle and this time, they even seem like they went backwards on their strong points, with the lack of waterproofing(except for X Performance) and a large battery for their size: which the Z3 and Z5 Compact had. I want to put more faith in Sony Mobile, but this launch only makes me concerned on their direction.

  • Aboodi alzoubi

    Mmm let’s say : forget that there were something called xperia z and look to the new product : XPERIA X …X1….X2..X3..X4

  • Cakefish

    Sony lost me as a customer. I bought Z5 Compact last year. Suddenly Sony releases mid-rangers with better specifications. Sure, I’m not an idiot, I knew it would happen eventually but really so darn soon after your supposed flagship product? Mid-ranger with better specs than the flagship mere months later?!!! The worst part though is the fact that these mid-rangers have Marshmallow whereas my Z5 Compact is stuck on a very unoptimised Lollipop ROM. I feel abandoned by Sony. Very unhappy with the company. I’m getting myself an S7 and saying goodbye to Sony forever.

    • Hyung-Woo Jung

      Another Z5 Compact owner here, and I haven’t had any performance issues with it. In fact, I’m very happy they made a sub 5-inch flagship in 2015.

      Still, I agree that I’m out of words for what Sony is doing, releasing new products in a ridiculously short cycle with barely any updates except for the SoC and dialing back on some of their key features(big battery, waterproofing) is very concerning and gives me little confidence in what they may do in the future.

      I can still be happy with my Z5 Compact, but I’m worried that Sony Mobile might have a death wish.

      • Cakefish

        I’m not saying performance is bad because it’s not but my old Nexus 5 (which I still have lying around as the SIM tray is damaged thus meaning that I can’t sell it) has faster app launching than my Z5 Compact. That shouldn’t be the case and tells me that Lollipop is horribly optimised vs Marshmallow, which is why I feel so impatient for the update. No way should a 2013 phone be faster than a 2015 phone!

        • Hyung-Woo Jung

          I have never felt there was a problem with the app loading speed personally, but I see what you mean. Marshmallow update can’t come sooner though. It’s taken too long for sure.

      • Santana

        With all due respect how is Sony dialing back on battery? It’s new battery tech and the battery will last longer , really some of you need to relax. The phone industry is evolving fast and you either move with it or get left behind. At the end of the day this phone will be released in june and if you don’t want it fine but i’m intrigued as to how the sony concept marshmallow launcher has help the software team develop the skin. Instead of complaining and looking at the negatives look at the positives. Samsung releases the S series with differnt processors and i don’t hear ppl lament or writers on blogs call them out, S4 came with SD600 then later with SD800,S5 801 and then later with 805 and I’ll bet if SD brings a better processor than 820 later then samsung will re-release S7 with that processor and all will be fine. These tech sites aren’t that good at hiding their bias toward certain brands.

        • Hyung-Woo Jung

          Indeed battery tech improves and with devices get more efficient. However, I find troubling that the battery size of the three X lineup devices are nowhere near the size that Sony put in their devices since the Xperia Z1. The Z2 and Z3 had 3200 and 3100mAh battery, and even the sub 5-inch devices had the size increase from 2300mAh in the Z1 Compact to 2700mAh with the Z5 Compact. While the mid-range lineup like the M series didn’t have as big of a size, they still saw an increase in battery size.

          While Sony’s battery management is part of the key behind Xperia’s outstanding battery life, I’m sure the sheer size was behind it too. This time, we’re seeing some competitors such as Samsung increasing the size and improving efficiency, but Sony hasn’t this time. The X lineup all have sub 3000mAh battery, and that unfortunately concerns me. I believe Sony will make it great, but I fear they’re letting themselves get caught up in the game they played well.

    • Vincentius Phang

      Even if Sony didn’t release this flagship spec’ed phone, other manufacturers will. I don’t get the hate. Phone industry evolve every week.

      • Cakefish

        It’s the fact that these are mid-rangers with better specifications than my supposed flagship mere months later. Tells me that Sony didn’t bring their A game with the Z5 series and now are content with letting the ‘old’ Z5 series languish on Lollipop instead of Marshmallow that these ‘mid-range’ phones enjoy.

    • velcry

      I think Sony severely underestimated the importance people attach to having future-proof devices.

      Sony had their eye on that segment of the population who end their contracts at odd times throughout the year and who are looking to get a new phone – in theory, if there was a “brand new” Xperia model out, even newer than say the next iPhone or Galaxy, Sony thought that these people would find it a no-brainer to buy an Xperia.

      What Sony failed to see was that when they push out their flagships so quickly, people get fatigued, disillusioned, and confused. Most importantly, people get disappointed.

      People like you, in fact. People who buy a phone, then get told by the media machine in a few months that the phone they just bought has become outdated. Who likes that feeling? Who wants to feel like they just got taken for a ride?

      HTC did this a few years back, and eventually they realised too that it made more sense to produce a few great phones a year, instead of many good phones.

      • Cakefish

        I thought that Sony had stopped doing this because they only released one Z Compact phone last year. But here we are with a new Z Compact in all but name just months later (and classed as mid-range at that).

        It’s very insulting that Sony are bragging about improving the camera firmware on these mid-rangers whilst not offering to update Z5 series with the improved camera firmware. Yet supposedly, Z series are the flagships?

    • wabbies

      Hey Cakefish,

      I can understand your frustration, although I don’t fully agree with what you are saying.. Please keep in mind this probably won’t replace the flagship series (the Z-series) and therefore you will still have the newest Sony flagship for a couple of months. Also, not all these Phones are medium-range smartphones, considering the high prices and specs of the Xperia X Performance this will be a high end smartphone with a high price. The xperia X is a mid-ranger, but won’t really have better specs than the Z5-series. Lastly, these phones will be released in 4 months from now, so don’t worry about being outperformed by newer Sony Phones anytime soon. Oh, and the new Marshmallow Update should be available for your Z5 compact soon (Beginning of march) depending on region etc.
      Hope I helped you out a bit, cheers.

      • Cakefish

        It doesn’t really mean anything if I have the supposed flagship Sony phone when their mid-ranger has better hardware! I understand the SOC (820 wasn’t available in 2015 I get that) but the improved camera firmware should be given to Z5 owners and not be exclusive to these mid-rangers. Mid-range with better camera than flagship is very frustrating for me seeing how much Sony hyped the camera up on the Z5 launch. I didn’t realise that these phones would release later this year, that makes me feel better knowing that at least Z5 will be getting Marshmallow before Sony’s mid-rangers do. Cheers for letting me know! :)

        Though I stand by my frustration on the camera side of things.

        • wabbies

          Once again, xperia X Performance isn’t meant to be a mid range smartphone at all and will have a higher price than the Z5 compact. :p

          On the camera side, the Update can still come to the Z line (unless Sony confirmed it won’t) and I sure hope so too! Would be very frustrating if not.

  • lonewolf

    so that the next z6 will have 5.5in 4k screen and their next generation cmos sensor!

  • Борис Михаилов

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with the writer of the post and the people all together. What the heck do you expect, a Q SD 850? A 50Mpx camera with 10x optical zoom? It’s a F*ing phone that has the latest technology that they offer. Why won’t you say that Alcatel are idiots that give us the same midrangers every 2 months? Omg they only incremented the camera a little, I wanted it to make me a professional photographer without having to put any effort.
    Oh btw, it isn’t z6 because it isn’t with glass on the back and that’s it. And they can name it Xperia AA if hey want to, and there is nothing that we can do about it.

    • balcobomber25

      Sony fan much lol? What people don’t understand about Sony is why they don’t focus on one flagship a year instead of three, and each one doesn’t improve on the last by that much. Look at the Z2 and Z3, it was practically the same phone with a new name, the Z4 was the same phone with a SD810 instead of a SD801. The company lacks innovation.

      • Борис Михаилов

        Okay, so if they are the same phones (talking about Z2 and Z3) is either of them left behind to rot or something? They get the same updates because of the same kernels and similar hardware (actually z3 has improved camera sensor, better display and better aluminium frame, but those things don’t matter, right). I know I’m a fan and I admit it, but it goes the same for the S7, 6S and so on. It’s basically the same phone, but improved marginally and if they don’t do that, the technology won’t move forward.
        So you think it’s wrong to use something that it’s better form before and they would need to wait another year to apply that technology in their next device? Also if they have the need to put the latest in their devices, you don’t have the need to buy them or something? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy user with the z3c, year and a half old device, it works way better than I’ve expected and still is head to head to some of the flagships today, but having the z5 with the not so popular 810 that was hated and flamed (pun intended) by everyone, why wouldn’t they go with a new better model with better hardware?

        • balcobomber25

          See you think people are attacking you for using a Sony phone. We aren’t, we are saying it makes no sense from a business point of view for Sony to operate this way. Samsung can get it away with it because they have 100x as many customers as Sony does. If Sony wants to continue to operate and make money they need to change their strategy or you won’t have anymore phones from them to love.

          • Борис Михаилов

            I really don’t think that people are attacking me and I had another long reply on this, but don’t see the point on going on. :)

          • balcobomber25

            So you think it’s a smart business move for Sony to release 2-3 flagships a year? Don’t think like a consumer think like a company trying to make money.

          • Борис Михаилов

            But really, how can I think like the company that is trying to make the money? There are other competitors that do basically the same thing, right? But Sony is a major company that has had great success before the iPhone era, so maybe that’s why people expect so much from them?
            Just a question, from a consumer point of view, which Sony phone have you owned in the past?

          • balcobomber25

            The problem is Sony Mobile isn’t making money, they continue to post losses each quarter. Other competitors are profitable, Sony Mobile is not. Samsung can do the same thing because their phones actually sell well. People aren’t expecting much from Sony, they are curious as to their business decisions.

            I owned an Xperia Z1 and it was a decent phone. The camera was good, the design was good but the UI was a mess.

          • Борис Михаилов

            Well at that period, the software overall was a mess. Tell me, do you think Samsung had a better UI at the time Z1 was released? Do you think that the Z1 UI is a mess now, with the latest updates?
            I understand your point of view when it comes to business decisions, but how can they fight the market if they don’t offer the latest they have? And when it comes to sales, I really think we have hit the peak with smartphones and maybe manufacturers “strategy” now is to focus more on the midrange market (see the C5 and M5 or the now announced XA and X) and check if they could get a nice spot there? Haven’t owned anything from their midrange, but I’ve heard that they behave like their flagships when it comes to UX, but don’t know if the prices are low enough to compete.

          • balcobomber25

            I think Samsung’s UI is terrible. From what I have seen from the newest Sony phones the UI is improved but a lot of legacy issues still exist.

            The fight the market by focusing on three models each year: a flagship, a midrange and a budget phone. The last two are much more important than a flagship. Most phone sales are in the budget market. The costs to manufacture, design, ship, advertise and sell multiple flagships a year is why Sony is losing money.

          • Борис Михаилов

            Yeap, true, but knowing them, is the build quality the same (or at least similar) with the premium models as well? I mean, they have midrangers with waterproofing which I would think it costs more to make it like that? If that’s the case, wouldn’t they earn less with every sold “cheap” phone?
            Maybe that’s why they focus on the premium market?
            Again, I’m not the person to talk business, I see everything from the technical point of view and stand by it. :)

          • Evang3los

            I think one every 10 months would be better. It wouldn’t directly compete with Samsung or apple and would be a nice alternative.

          • Eklavya Verma

            Lol. “People” are not attacking him, Its mostly just you and him in this conversation. Please only speak for yourself. Other people have their own voices, and are also quite capable of using it themselves.

          • balcobomber25

            I meant people as in the writer of this and other articles. The exact thing he was replying to. There are more people in this world than just you.

          • Eklavya Verma

            And I’m glad you realize that :)

          • balcobomber25

            The only thing I realize is that you added absolutely nothing to this conversation other than a failed attempt to make yourself look important.

          • Eklavya Verma

            Haha, you mean like what you did when you butted into someone else’s comment by negating their point of view and then calling them ‘Sony fan much’? I’m not the one trying to be “important” here buddy

          • Eklavya Verma

            :) I realize this has gone too long. Just ignore me

        • David M Hunsinger

          You just droned on and I didn’t feel like reading it. But Sony is messing up big time, just like my favorite company (HTC)

          • Борис Михаилов

            Well htc was doing the opposite of Sony. They only had the Mx flagship devices. So which one would be a better strategy then?

      • Shamoy Rahman

        Z3 was a major step up over the Z2 in display brightness and power consumption. The 750 nit brightness fares MUCH better than the Z2 in sunlight.

    • Magwheelz

      Not too long ago places like this were trying to tell us Sony was going to be shutting down their phone division.

      I’ve noticed too the lack of ridicule when it comes to other companies doing the same or worse.

    • Ryan Neely

      3 GB of RAM in a flagship is so 2015.

      • David M Hunsinger

        Does a phone really need 6 GB of ram, though?

      • David M Hunsinger

        It’s really only older ram so it’s not that big of a deal it’s DDR4 Ram so boosting it won’t make that noticeable of a difference to anyone who knows what to look for

      • Борис Михаилов

        Why would you need more? I have 2GB ram and my phone keeps up to 20 apps in memory without reloading.
        At least they are doing something right in the software department.

      • Bashar Shehab

        2GB for Almost-stock android is over kill

        Why would you need a million GBs of ram? Agh…

    • Shaun McCarthy

      Agreed. I really don’t understand why people hate on Sony so much. I mean, the Z3 was pretty easily the best phone of it’s generation, but even for that one the reviewers said it beat or matched all the competition in almost every aspect and then somehow still rated it a 7/10. It’s like they all have a problem with it, they just don’t know what it is. I will say they are terrible at naming and releasing them correctly though lol

  • balcobomber25

    Knowing Sony there will be a new Z6 in two months with marginally better specs. This is a company in dire need of leadership and direction.

  • Lim Ming Quan

    Problem is, idk what u guys want Sony to improve on. Yes the 6 months cycle is a little weird, but phones nowadays can only be improved by that much. I honestly think Sony is doing a good job and I’ll continue to support them.

    • Hyung-Woo Jung

      They have been making great phones, but with this one, I’m concerned that they’re dialing back on their strong features. Only the X Performance is waterproof, and none of the three have battery that are big for their size. The Z3’s 3100mAh and Z5 Compact’s 2700mAh battery, aided by Sony’s excellent optimization, has helped me get amazing battery life with them.

      With the competitors now stepping up the game in Sony’s key features: for example, Galaxy S7, I’m worried Sony is ditching their efforts that kept them afloat.

      • neonix

        It seems like most people don’t really value waterproofing as a main selling point. Look at iPhones and Galaxies (yes, the S5 and the S7 had/has an IP rating, but Galaxies, such as the S6, sell just as well regardless of an IP rating).

        The X Perf has an IP rating for those who really want the cream of the crop, but the X and XA are to cater towards the majority of people, I think.

        The ever-decreasing battery size does irk me quite a bit, though.

    • JayDDeeeee

      the fact that they put in a smaller battery than the z3 is a bad one and for whatever reason after the first z3 update the speaker volume is way too quiet. From reviews of all sony phones since then most people complain about it being too quiet

  • oktay sözlü

    what the actual fuck editor??

    ”Sony is still up to its same old tricks, just calling every second Xperia Z upgrade by another name” ?????

    i think its a way to tell the world ” Im dumbie” .
    your lovely samsung have 30+ device that %99 same specs. and they even not care about their android version. why the fucck sony’s new name fucked your ass so bad? they produce phone. they give name to it. why in the world they should listen your fuccked braindead opinions?? do they really have to name it z6?? I dont think so.

    maybe sony trying to do something special for z6 their ”ONLY ONE FLAGSHIP” . why the hell you disturbed about the names mr braindead?

    you get it lil editor? only one flagship :) no note, no plus, no edge, no edge plus, no edge plus neo no note edge plus neo zeo keo feo.
    you get it lil braindead editor :) only one flagship.

    • Bashar Shehab

      I died of laugh ???????????? oh man you made my day ?

    • Kanan Nallainathan

      you fucking glorious bastard! ~thumbs up~

  • Tim

    Always been a Sony fan, but I feel like Sony is good at pissing its customers off.

    I know they needed to release something to compete with the S7, but after releasing the ‘X Performance’ you pretty much f up the Z series line.

    Samsung’s mid ranger is the Alpha I believe and none of them have better specs than the S series nor Note in the same cycle.

    • Cakefish

      My feelings exactly. Mid-rangers with better specs than Z5 series, the supposed flagships, just months later leaves a bitter taste in my mouth as a Z5 Compact owner.

      • Tim

        Exactly, had the Z1, then Z2 came out so quick.

        Jumped to the Z3 ,then Z3 plus came out.

        Got the Z5C 2 months ago and now X Performance.
        Sony believe ‘lets f up your joy with a cheaper phone’ will attract more customers…AFAIK Z5 camera is only 0.03 faster than the X to AF. wow whoopie.

  • Sohaib Ikram

    The thing is people are just so damn crazy they want everything beyond reality. this phone is excellent but doesnt really is a PERFORMANCE phone . 4gigs ram is new standard. 64/128gb should have been an option. Other changes are fine (Battery Camera) and design .. so thats why customers and fans are (maybe) pissed off

  • Stoffsprenger

    Maybe Sony should offer something completely new, like Samsung did last year and LG this year.
    And being an enormous company, they should have the necessary money to finance the development and marketing.

    • wabbies

      Thats the thing.. Sony can either choose to spend a lot of money in their mobile division to compete with LG and Samsung, with a fair chance of losing a lot of money (mobile market is very hard). Or they can opt to invest little, and make little profits. This way they won’t sell many devices, but they have a bigger chance of making profits. The problem is they don’t have the money for big R&D projects and innovations like Samsung or LG. It looks like they opted for the last one.

    • Shaun McCarthy

      But why pour a bunch of money into changing something just for the sake of changing it? There’s really hasn’t been a whole lot to improve on since the Z3. Really there’s just be incremental updates to the specs, which is what they’ve done

  • Zachary Num Nums Gilbert

    Its not the sony xperia z6 because the sony xperia x performance doesnt even shoot 4k

    • wabbies

      Pretty sure it does.

    • Liam

      Wait, hold on. You’re saying that the Xperia X Performance runs on Snapdragon 820, but can’t record in 4K? If even the Snapdragon 650 processor supports 4K recording, then Qualcomm’s flagship chip should not have problems with 4K.

  • HA559

    Soon every manufacturer will have their x series device it seems.

  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    Here’s a possible explanation of Sony’s 6-months cycle. The thing with Sony is, it’s a Japanese company, and its biggest market is still in Japan. The phone industry in Japan is dictated by the 3 main carriers (Docomo, Softbank, AU), and they usually released new phone line every 6 months. Kinda like fashion brand, where you have Spring-Summer Line and Fall-Winter Line. Because of that, Sony needs to release flagship every 6 months in order to keep up with the demand of the market in Japan. That’s why now, even though it’s said that Sony is going to release 1 flagship per year, it still needs to have another flagship-levelled phone to keep up with the demand in Japan.

    • neonix

      That would make a lot of sense. In essence, the X is like their “s” release.

    • Chris James

      And when I lived in Japan almost every person I met used an Iphone. It is by a country mile the most popular phone out there. You go in any electronics store and they have isles upon isles of iphone stuff.

      • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

        iPhone is popular because Japan still look up to America for fashion or trend. Also, iPhone doesn’t have all of those carrier’s bloatware added by the carrier to other android phone, so it’s cleaner.

        But between Android phones, Sony is still the best seller phone in Japan. Samsung didn’t sell much in Japan, even they tried to rebrand themselves by dropping the samsung brand and just sold it as Galaxy S6. It didn’t really help because in the end Japan didn’t even get Note 5.

      • kin p

        Are u sure about that? I hope you did visit Japan.

        • Marc

          Currently living in Japan. It’s true. Everyday I go in the train and 7/10 are with iphones. It’s not because of the bloatware argument. It’s because they promote iPhone so much and it’s so damn cheap for an iPhone here. It’s literally free… You don’t pay for a phone when you sign up for a contact.

          Other phones I see are old Samsung phones (note 3, s5). Btw note was not so popular here (hence only note edge was released)

    • kin p

      We also i have to know that Apple is a very undemocratic company. If we really want to see who bulds a better phone let everyone use your operating system. Android rules. Welcome to the 22nd century :)

  • Torera Williams

    I am really disappointed in Sony. I was expecting a huge bump up from the Xperia Z5 but they just made matters worse. I am a die hard fan for Sony but with this they have killed my spirit. I just hope they get to realise soon that they are really going down the mobile line. They need to develop a new design language and specs also try to change the camera design

    • Shaun McCarthy

      But what exactly would a huge bump up be? They already had every feature you could really look for and now top of the line specs… I think the author of this article is just trying to stir up hate by expecting something unreasonable, and something that the other manufacturers (except LG) didn’t do either

  • kin p

    Please cry a river :) people. I see so many business women and men and CEOs here. Also this editor should be promoted to CEO of Sony Mobile. Long live Androidauthority (hopefully)

  • Peterxv

    Having to be a Sony Xperia z3 user, this phone ( especially yhe x performance) is something customers like me have waited for. Not a 4.6 or 5.2 screen, something just right. You guys can complain all you guys want about the new line, but in all honesty, this type of release is what gets people talking and excited. I can see this competiting with the premium mobile giants to an extent because people don’t want too have to settle for the same galaxy or the tweaked iPhone. This line will allow the mass consumers to try a Sony smartphone without have such a huge screen. Simple, elegant and trendy which im excited to trade my z3 for thw x performance.
    It’s easy to complain when you’re a consumer, but as a highly recognizable brand, this may be genius. You guys who complain aren’t real Sony supporters, you guys sound like Samsung fangirls. Please go join their market and leave the xperias to us supporters.

    • AvLa

      I fully agree… I also have a Sony Z3 and although I really like the phone I sometimes have issues with the 16Gb internal memory (mainly due to certain apps not able to store on the SD card), the use of the camera when shooting video (overheats easily) and the fact it is just a little bit too big. I also have the Sony M2 as a backup phone and that size hits the sweet spot. So a phone with a 5″ screen, 32Gb, SD card slot, latest SD820,Marshmallow and as a bonus future proofed with the fingerprint scanner (not a biggie for me) is actually the phone I have been waiting for for over a year. Well done Sony (who cares the X performance is a marketing gimmick disguising it is actually a Z5+), a shame we have to wait 3-4 months though.

    • Shaun McCarthy

      Same here. I’ve hung onto my Z3 for about a year and a half now because there hasn’t been anything released that compares to it. And prior to it I upgraded at /least/ yearly. Usually twice a year. This and the S7 are the first things I’ve seen that are finally making me consider replacing it. Although unfortunately I might go with the S7 since rooting the Z3 was kind of a nightmare with the DRM nonsense they like to use.

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    I’m a Sony fan, and I loved this new series. I think they should forget about Z line and start over. The problem is that people get used to just tell that Sony does nothing good anymore and there is all this hate on them. We know that their business strategy is a mess and their products are overpriced. But even with the huge money losses they still trying to do great feeling products, with nice design and materials.

  • Da_James

    Difference between the X Performance and Z6 : no updates (lol).

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Happy to see Sony sell a high specced phone as top end of mid-range. Just a practically compelling choice with no real bells and whistles. They would be shooting themselves in the foot if they price it as high as the Samsung flagships. The X series give Sony a chance to be more bold with the Z series. Hope they make something good out that opportunity.

  • Marco Lorenzo

    Personally, I like the two flagships a year approach. Otherwise, if I was on a two year contract that ends in August for example, it becomes a bit awkward because I either have to wait until early next year to get a new phone or get something that came out several months ago. Having two flagships a year means that new users will always have the latest technology but older customers also don’t have to be too peefed since the difference isn’t huge.
    Now the problem was that they couldn’t keep it up. Having a release schedule like this requires precision and they simply couldn’t manage it. The whole Z4/Z5 debacle hurt them a lot and the overheating issues caused by the SD810 also didn’t help. Otherwise, their flagships are usually as good as any other, if not better, with best-in-class battery life, camera and one of the smoothest Android interfaces out there.
    IMO, they need to shake up their design a bit more. I love the metal backing on these X phones, much better than the plasticky-glass, fingerprint magnet, scratch prone backs from past devices but I think they need to also decrease the top and bottom bezels. Still keep the front speakers but simply decreasing the top and bottom bezels by half a centimeter should ensure a radically different looking phone. I don’t know how feasible this is to pull off from an engineering perspective but it would be great to see.

  • ajftl250

    So? Whatever it is ITS AWESOME.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    This certainly isn’t the Z6 but it is a nice range of mid-end phones. The Z6 should come out in June with a new curved metal design according to Rikke Gersten.

  • Peter

    I wonder if Sony is even going to release another Z series phone ? Maybe Xperia X is a silent rebranding technique and we won’t see another Z phone ? Personally not a fan of the new design, too rounded while still rectangular ( if that makes sense ). Kinda disappointed here and hoping Z series is still going to see its successor.

  • Andrew

    Oh god, why Android OEMs just cant get their shit together when it comes to design ? Why make 9 icons round and then the last one rectangular ? And then talk about attention to details and precision… Consistency and a coherent UI, at least with 1st party apps, is really not that difficult!

  • inspire

    What’s the point the writer is trying to make? 80% identical spec sheet, huh? What groundbreaking differences did you notice in galaxy s6 and s7 and respective edge models?
    I bet the number if differences galaxy made, have been made by xperia as well. Just because it’s Sony so you’d bi***?

    Moreover, being from tech press, you should know that x performance is not meant for main eu markets ( the UK and Germany), it’s a east Asia focused device where people want new flagship grade devices pretty frequently.

    • Btort

      true but the z all the way to the z5 almost all look the same with just 10-15% differences with how it looks and just different SoC’s…..

  • richardar6

    I’ve been disappointed by Sony for a couple of years, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. Yes, the design is similar- I agree, but however slight, it is an improvement. My opinion means nothing, yet I like it better than the LG G5, plus it’s water-resistant. If it come to the US, I might get it just to be different and not follow Samsung,LG, and Apple trends. But my dilemma is as yours- where does this leave the big “Z”? Where can they go from here? I’m pissed because now I have to wait and see.

  • Lucy Heartfillia

    Easy bro …
    I think An upgraded flagship after every 6 month is not a bad idea at all. Just because Sony can doesnt mean that we always have to complain.
    Xperia X Performance is not bad, looks beautiful, hoping that it will perform better. Why so much hate?

  • Bryan Tuyor

    a country with a great innovation but not on the phone hahaha

  • Shaun McCarthy

    I don’t really understand the flak that Sony gets when they release a phone that’s just a marginal update on the previous one, while at the same time people rejoice at Samsung re-adding major features it’s phone was missing. Features the Z series has had all along. Really, Sony achieved near-perfection (minus durability) with the Z3, so why is not changing it (for the sake of changing it) a bad thing? What exactly are they supposed to be adding?

    • Evang3los

      Z3 is tied with the g2 as the best device ever made. Only downside of both were the camera sensors.

  • Evang3los

    If you have ever use a Sony day in and day out, you would understand their greatness. I have had the z, z1s, z3, z ultra, tablet z, z2 tablet, and now z4 tablet and they’re really amazing mobile devices.(minus the z1s, it kinda sucked) I have also used many other android devices from HTC(m7, m8, m9) and lg(g2,g3,g4, v10) and Samsung(s2, s3, s5, s6, s6 edge) and Iphone 6s. I can say that the best daily driver is the Xperia z3. In terms of speed and functionality. It just works and never slows down. And that has an 801, so imagine what they can do with the 820! The 810 in my tablet does get hot but it’s manageable and still so fast! So unless you have used a sony, why are you complaining?

    Also, Sony is streamlined so it doesn’t need 4 gigs of ram.

  • fredphoesh

    Disappointing article. It seems you’re set on making a point and overlook anything good about the phone.

  • carlozano

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • I love my Z2. I want to replace it with a phone that is slightly smaller, and has the same great battery life. I think the X performance might be for me, but I’ll wait to read some reviews.

  • I have a Xperia Z2 with a 3200mah battery. I bought it because of the battery life, and its the main reason that I think its a good phone.

    The X Performance only has a 2700mah battery. I bet the battery life is significantly worse.

    The Xperia line’s USP was the good battery life. I don’t care about quick-charging, I just want it to have great battery life. Am I the only one?

  • Green Spaces

    Why there is such a big fuss about 6 month cycle . Just let things be . Relax . Xperia x looks like a really genuine effort by a brand that is struggling to survive in the mobile business. I really like xperia X . Sony has finally created a nice phone that I want to buy . I wish they had given diffent screen size options too .

  • superseiyan

    I have a Z3 Compact that I was going to upgrade to the Z5 compact but I was shocked at how similar the specs were. There was barely any change. But I like the size of the Z3 compact, a pity that the entire X line is the huge 5″ stuff :(