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Even when working from a garage in the Silicon Valley, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs never saw his products as mere pieces of tech. He had a very strong vision that shaped the way people look at technology. It was a mentality, as well as a way of life, something he later conveyed to the company’s followers. He was seen as some form of tech prophet. And if that’s the case, his company is also to be portrayed as some form of religion; Cupertino is its Mecca and Apple stores are the temples.

We have all heard of the “Cult of Apple”, but when we say this we usually just refer to the intense fervor Apple followers show towards the tech giant and its products. Most of us don’t dig into what really makes Apple some form of cult, but it turns out this company does take plenty of cues from the most popular religions on earth. At least this is what expert Historian and NYU professor Erica Robles-Anderson believes, and she backs up her argument with plenty of evidence.

“They feel iconic, like an emblem of the personal. And yet it’s a cult. Right? It’s so obviously a cult.” -Erica Robles-Anderson, Historian and NYU professor


Inclusion vs exclusivity

We have all seen manufacturers speak of their devices as some form of exclusive product. Apple has never portrayed itself that way. Even if they price their products at much higher rates, they always display a mentality that makes it seem as if iPhones and other Apple products are for everyone. These phones are always simple and natural. We obviously can’t forget that “it just works” phrase, which became some form of unofficial slogan for the company.

The whole point is that Apple makes you feel included. Everyone in this “cult” is working towards a common purpose – there’s some form of unity here. Robles-Anderson brings up the newer Samsung store at SoHo, one of New York’s important shopping districts. They launched with “giant ropes outside, as if anticipating a giant crowd, and big bouncer-looking people in fancy suits.” Needless to say results weren’t as expected, and she believes it’s partly because the Korean manufacturer took that secluding business approach.

“It was a deep misunderstanding about special access, as opposed to what Apple has built, which is the feeling of being in it together, as though you were fighting something, even though it’s the most valuable company in the world.” -Erica Robles-Anderson, Historian and NYU professor

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Apple’s cathedrals

In order to further help us understand how Apple achieved this unusual passion from its followers, Erica takes us back to temples. She states that cathedrals and other religious structures were pretty much technology in its times; they were works of art that went beyond what’s possible. And we can see the same influence in Apple’s products, as well as the architecture and interior design they choose for their stores.

The SoHo Apple store is especially unique. Customers have to walk through stone steps, which are wide and deep. Upon reaching the entrance you are met with unnecessarily large doors, which also happen to be quite heavy, similar to those in medieval churches. The store welcomes you with a large skylight and plenty of lights, making the space very bright. Right in front is a wide glass staircase that seems to challenge common sense. In addition, the store uses an excessive amount of clear surfaces, so people can always see each other. This makes both service and interaction with other people very personable.

Robles-Anderson claims places like this make you feel small. In addition, the design makes you feel as if you have entered a different place, and upon entering you feel as if something important is about to happen.


Many temples are built on levels, with different purpose on each floor. This is very common in Mormon temples, for example, in which different levels are used for different things, and you can find different types of religious representatives in each part. In this case, Erica compares Apple Geniuses to priests, and the second floor is where they can be found. In here, they share information and knowledge. It’s said to be more welcoming than the first floor, with plush chairs and a giant screen.


We can all guess where this is going, right? Apple and its followers definitely have some types of ritualistic behavior. Of course, there’s the whole deal with people camping out for days just to get an iPhone. This has become much more than a race to get the latest and greatest product; people do this as some kind of tradition. As Robles-Anderson said, they are working towards something together. They are part of something bigger – think of it as some form of pilgrimage.

She also compares this to biblical traditions like Passover, when Jewish people had to travel to Jerusalem and be at the Holy Temple for a sacrifice to god. She calls these “feast days”. Apple release dates are celebrations.

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The meaning of life?

Well, we won’t go as far as saying Apple answers the most important questions to humanity, but Erica does believe that when people come to Apple Stores they are looking for something much deeper than apps, calls and the like. Just head over to your local Apple store and look at the walls. These are adorned by pictures of planets, stars, nature and other imposing symbols being displayed by huge “monolithic devices”. Though they are small on your hand, these devices promise something huge – information.

Google, Android and its partners

There’s no doubt other companies can learn a lot from Apple’s marketing and strategies. Whether you will see the company as a cult or not, we can’t deny they hold a very tight grip on the market, even if Android manufacturers have proven time and again that they can often do a better job at making a gadget.

This is why Apple doesn’t need to be first at anything, they just have to make the strongest impression with what they do, something they are amazingly good at. They target your feelings, psychology, physiology and senses.

nexus 6 vs iphone 6 plus aa (17 of 24)

Let’s face it, most Android manufacturers are bad at marketing. Samsung is likely about the best at it, and as you can see they fail to make its followers very included. HTC makes amazingly built devices and some would say their designs are among the best, but they can’t make ends meet when convincing people to purchase their phones. And even new Chinese startups are starting to gain more hype than tech veterans like LG, Huawei, Sony and others.

Maybe there needs to be some kind of Genius lesson on how to do advertising and marketing right. Shall we have it at this SoHo Apple store?

Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive. Regardless of what he is working on, you can be sure he is always trying his best to bring you the best content. He will be dead honest and will bend to nothing.
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    owwwwkay, this is weird!

  • Jahanzaib Jamshed

    No point in denying the truth.

  • Razvan Fodor

    Well it makes sense

  • Basit Saeed

    Cult of Google, FTW!

    • Reed

      Why would you be proud of belonging to any cult? That’s where the name “sheep” comes from. It implies you can’t critically think and make decisions for yourself. It has nothing to do with the actual brand.

      • mobilemann

        which makes the irony of about 85% of these posts unbearable.

  • Degus Jacoby Pradana

    Apple is america product and u know how american worship their product

    • Reed

      Odd how Apple has stores around the world.

    • Jerry Rich

      It certainly is NOT an American product. Do some research before you post. Although the apple phone is designed in California, it is manufactured in places like; Mongolia, China, Korea and Taiwan. Samsung has manufactured the CPU’s for apple products.

      Apple actually outsources thousands of jobs to these countries that should be American jobs. They are IMO a disgusting company,

  • 497362 _

    True but exaggerated. Many companies use this strategy. It is impossible to attribute apples success to brainwashing alone. It just works better than android. Most importantly, it is smoother and stays that way, unlike android.That’s why I prefer windows phone over android. It just works better and does so on my cheap low end device – as opposed to ripoff apple.

    • JJameson

      Percentage of force closes, boot failure due to os/data corruption, and general hardware failure on apple devices prove they don’t just work; especially not better than their alternatives. If you compare lollipop to ios 8 and ios 9, lollipop, even with all of its faults, was a much less problematic update on release than either. I am curious to see the trend continue with marshmallow. Smooth OS transitions =/= speedy transition. It’s just pretty. Pretty is pointless and nothing more than a distraction. IOS and many Android skins are like powerpoint presentations where every slide has to have the most grandiose transition even when a simple transition will allow you to get to the page 2 or 3 times as quickly. This is why I disable the animation scale and speed up transitions on any android device. Windows phone is another matter entirely and doesn’t really compare to ios and android. Windows phone was built specifically with the lowest common denominator as the focal point, this is why it works so well with low end hardware and just flies on a flagship. If/when Windows gets better developer support, it will be a force to be reckoned with in mobile.

      • 497362 _

        agree. i have a bottom end WP as my daily driver because it is super reliable and does almost everything i need.

    • Hussein Abdullah

      WP sucks so badly it s not even a challenge try again next time, who the f…ck uses WP, look cheap, feel cheap, lack of good apps ect could go on for days

  • Hussein Abdullah

    to be honest, as a Nexus fan i somehow feel like i am in a cult some time when talking to other Nexus line fans lmao

    • neoand12

      They are known as the Nexus Elitist legends say.

    • Robert Kegel

      At least you can admit it. An apple fan will never admit they feel like they’re in a cult.

      • mobilemann

        i’m sure there are plenty:D

        • domepiece

          So go back to your circlejerk fest why the hell are you here? Nobody is even reading or upvoting your lunatical postings you’re just an arrogant idiot that loves the sound of his own voice.

          • mobilemann

            i forgot, you’re not allowed to like android if you correct idiots talking about platforms they don’t know about? Why are you people so fucking scared of learning something?

      • mobilemann

        Also, it’s pretty ironic, considering you are the same thing as an apple user. A non technical who’s loyal to a platform he knows, for dumb reasons he doesn’t even understand. You’re a fanboy.

    • Relaxing Tomato

      As a nexus 4 user, I find Android fans on websites like Reddit even more cultish than Apple users.

      Go on any Reddit thread about Apple and you’ll get cancer from the pro-android comments

  • Matt McNair

    This phenomenon is explained quite well in a book called Start With Why by Simon Sinek. People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. Apple has built a culture of why. People don’t buy their products because they are necessarily the best, they buy them because they self identify with the culture they’ve been trained that it represents.

  • qwyjibo

    I switched to the 6s plus because I was impressed by the 6 but by the time i got around to discovering the 6 , it was only a couple of months before they announced the 6s so I waited. Both OS are awesome. There’s some things i miss about android like rooting to get rid of ads, cheaper apps, the competition to make the best phone possible. I was with LG for the past few years. First the g2, then the G3, then the lg g flex 2. All great phones but they all lacked something. The g2 didn’t have expandable memory, the G3 and the g flex 2 cameras sucked bad. They started out quickly but then it took pictures slower and slower and the quality wasn’t that great. I have a kid and to be able to whip out the camera and take some decent pics is what I wanted. I liked the s6 edge plus when I tried it at the store but android is so saturated that prices go down so fast. If I wanted the s6 edge plus I could wait a couple of months and get it cheaper and with incentives.

    That being said its hard to get used to the apple ecosystem. I had all of my google stuff perfectly setup but with time I’ll be used to iOS. The camera is great. Zero lag on everything. Battery is okay. Seemed like my G3 and g flex 2 were better except for standby. Build quality is phenomenal.

    It is disturbing to see so many people camped out and going bananas over the phone. I preordered from Best Buy and they screwed me and so many others over by not letting us know they didn’t have enough supply until launch day at 5pm. I woke up the next day , went to the apple website and reserved the exact phone i wanted to be picked up the same day. Went to the store , walked in and was out in 15 minutes with my new iPhone. Only drawback as always is the pricing for the memory 200 dollars to go from 16gb to 128 is bad. I bought the 128. Those are the breaks when buying from Apple. I’m still happy with my purchase and wish we all got along. I’m curious to see what Google announces today. I’ll always like android. I hate waiting for updates though especially on carrier models. That’s one main reason I went to Apple. 4 year old phones still get updates so I think the 6s plus will last me a while.

    /end long wall of text. I’m at work now so getting paid to write comments is awesome.

    • DBS93

      So you got caught by the cult

      • mobilemann

        you know the irony in your post? Youre the same thing. Free your fucking mind, and don’t be loyal to ANY platform, you fucking tool

        • domepiece

          Stop replying to every comment you butthurt iSheep cult fanatic.

          • mobilemann

            i own more android devices than you do. You should check out my flickr feed and see what someone who actually cares about technology and isn’t just a cheerleader for whatever they have in their pocket looks like.

          • OWA

            “I own more android devices than you.” That’s what you said. And you’re calling this other guy a tool? Pathetic.

          • mobilemann

            angry because someone who knows more than you doesn’t share the same views. Understandable for kids.

    • A.M

      like you said Android has rooting etc so with that you wouldn’t hav to wait for the carrier update XDA will have a ROM & you’ll be good to go…LG has stated that G2 & up will get M

      • mobilemann

        yeah go AOSP! loose all your cam drivers, and anything else that was custom to your phone!

        you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

      • mobilemann

        no reply? because you know that when you flash and ASOP rom you WILL loose all the OEM features, but you still tell people they can do this; lying to their faces about how android actually works. Why are you such a dim fanboy?

    • mobilemann

      i’ve been saying this for years, but no one cares. Most of AA’s readers follow the “whatever is in my pocket is clearly best, because reasons” mantra. Irony considering most of them do nothing but post to FB with these 6-700 dollar phones.

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    God, how do Apple products feel so good. There’s something that makes you buy them, something that attracts you.

    • Agreed. It pains me to say this, being an Android user, but there’s more than hardware in what Apple makes. It just feels better, and once you jailbreak… There’s almost no reason to switch from one to another.

      • domepiece

        Rooting and flashing is more powerful than simply jailbreaking.

        • Not sure I see a difference in the long run, personally. Never bothered to use either for anything else than convenience.

  • MH Maun

    you should seriously think of writing a book. You have serious talent , no doubt.

  • madmax

    The people I know (quite a few) who embrace Apple products tend to have a strong newbie mentality. They know little about the underlying system, care little about the politics of tech (surveillance, data-warehousing, how apathy is agreeing with civil rights violations).

    Android users tend to be more demanding of the software, tweakers, more willing to take shots at Google (from surveillance to no microSD).

    Windows users, except for modern day new%ag newbies, the most demanding. We’ve never been fans. We threaten, redo our systems with the most demanding apps, rightfully burn Microsoft (another self-serving big business violating rights for dollars) at every turn.

    I got tired of my fights with MS, switched to Linux full-time. Still fighting Android (rooted, adaway, firewall, etc). Could never immerse myself into the naive, ignorant – design-first – world of Apple. They feel like a bunch of apes in hipster clothing.

    • Faizan Ahmad Khan

      The only good Linux mobile OS I know of is Maemo. Hell, it’s like a pc + telephony. It is. MeeGo is good to, but nowhere close to Maemo.

      • mobilemann

        that ish is Debian and Gnome! who wouldn’t like a mobile phone with -aptget ;D I wish stuff like that would catch on!

        • Faizan Ahmad Khan

          Right now Sailfish OS looks like the best alternative OS to me.

    • iPawnmaggot

      Apple should be considered a Cult.
      There are some iPhone Fanboys that ruin everything.
      And their prices makes you cringe.
      I would never buy an Apple product.

      • mobilemann

        considering your name i’m not surprised. I love apple products, but also own 10+ samsung devices since the gnex, an 8x and a lumia 830. And you know what? My fav phone by far is the 6s.

        Labeling an entire platform of users as in a cult though, screams “fucking idiot” to me, as Android is just another icon, that people, like yourself, are overly devoted too.

        “people I know (quite a few) who embrace Apple products tend to have a strong newbie mentality.”

        This is why anecdotal evidence is anecdotal. I know a lot of very advanced iOS users. Even when rooting, jailbreaking actually afforded me more options. (for example, tasker / xposed / autovoice vs activator / as if / homekit) There’s a ton of stuff that one OS can do that the other one can’t. (i can’t even with tasker, setup a task that allows my apps to check what WIFI network they are on, and then connect to a VPN to access network resources, i can do that with activator)

        To get my android devices in line with my apple ones with power consumption i normally install greenify, the module for it and WLD. That’s ridiculous.

        All rhetoric is brought in by insecure users of the platform, again like yourself, and many users of this website. But please tell me about how you have a new launcher.

      • mobilemann

        you should also add “i won’t respond to obviously more intelligent users from other platforms for fear of being shown for the shill that i am” to your comment. So many techno tough guys on these forums know fucking dick about technology.

      • domepiece

        $650 for 16Gb FTW!

    • mobilemann

      irony, considering you care more about who your software comes from and what it looks like, and yet call other’s hipster. You are the definition. And iOS users tweak just as much, and jailbreakers get 20x the content that any android user ever will. You may think i’m a troll, but i’m a dev, and a tinkerer, and most dylib’s made for jailbreakers works across all iOS devices running a common OS, meaning a much larger audience.

      But i know what i’m talking about, and you’re some flag waving kid, who freaked out at his first ubuntu install. Irony, considering how naive and ignorant that comment is.

  • Reed

    I love their hardware designs. Its definitely a constant source of temptation. But their software really is the farthest thing from “Just Working.” iOS has long been a source of my frustration. There’s always bugs, limitations, and pure functional absences. It’s an OS based on workarounds for power users.

    • mobilemann

      what do you do with your tech, that’s so “tech-ie” I’m willing to bet i do 10x more of that on my iphone than you’ll ever do on your android device.

      • domepiece

        WTF is wrong with you iTard, the guy gave his personal opinion and experience and yet you still chide him, stop posting walls of text, grow the fuck up, shut up and keep using your inferior products.

        • mobilemann

          Are you stupid? I use all platforms, it’s just iOS is currently the best for what i’m into (automation) and it’s got the best app’s by a few miles. I still love and use android. (and was able to do my automation before home kit came out, it just sucked a lot more)

          What do you do with your products that you judge mine to be inferior? I’m up for a laugh.

  • Robert Kegel

    I’ve been saying this for years. Religions like Christianity and even fake religions like Scientology plead for your money. If you believe you will give, if you love God you will give…if you love apple you will buy our products (or you will give). Most device makers hope you’ll buy their new product every year but apple seems to demand it, not by adding better tech each year but when they make an update to the OS the older phone you update doesn’t quite work the same, its not as fast, not all the new small features work. The way the people talk about apple it sounds the same way when you talk to someone really into a religion. They call their products by name instead of just “hand me my phone” they say “hand me my iphone”. They are made to do free advertising because of the round cut out on their devices to show everyone that they’re using an apple product. An apple fan tends to mention the company several times a day, every day like a born again christian will talk about God. If you don’t have an apple product or if you say anything bad about apple to a fanboy you’ll get an ear full just like if you’re an agnostic or atheist and you say you don’t believe in God to someone who’s really religious.

    apple doesn’t make the best products but they’ve gotten their fans to believe they do. They get them to believe their the easiest and the most sturdy even though they’re not. They get their users to think they will never get a virus which isn’t true.

    The thing I think about apple is unlike a religion which is burned into peoples faith, one big enough mistake can make apple crumble down. If they get a big enough virus scare or if apple pay gets hacked and peoples money gets stolen, or anything like this will let people see the cracks in apple’s skin. Will something like this happen in a year, or 10 years who knows but I don’t think apples reign will last forever. Someone will come along with something that does something so great that people will move on or apple will make such a huge mistake it won’t be able to come back from it. It will happen, just when.

    • mobilemann

      it’s cool. You’ve been saying it for years because you have no idea what you’re talking about, and can’t be bothered to learn before making large posts about it.

      But yeah, the masses are idiots, and you’ve got it figured out. The sad thing? I do more with my iphone than you do with your i7. What a joke

  • Jerry Rich

    Apple users that drink the kool-aid worship the “feel” of the product, Android users mostly care about the “tech” of the product.

  • ack

    There was an article recently on the Verge about the “Apple bias” where they justified favouring the iphone – in effect, lying – in their reviews. Jeebus! It’s easy to tell which sites are Apple-sponsored/cultists – they ignored or tried to suppress Bendgate (or any iphone problems for that matter), which sadly, is the vast majority of the American reviews.

    • mobilemann

      i read that article, and honestly, your comment is 20x more a reflection on your own bias than anything you said. The verge are pretty good. They aren’t going to report on only android like AA. There are other platforms. Thanks for the reminder that children are fucking stupid.

      • ack

        LOL… a cult is a cult. Justifying bias is a sure sign of Stockholm Syndrome. All the signs are there. If you don’t believe me, check what brand of phone and laptop these supposed “objective” reviewers use.

        • mobilemann

          I did. I asked them in a post, and despite fanboys screaming to the hills that they are 90% iOS, i got nearly 100% of the staff to respond. They are over 50% android. If you want to see it, go to the meta section in the forums. It’s the most popular post in there.

          That’s what happens when you aren’t just a hypocrite troll, looking for conformation bias, like yourself. Information is power. The power to make people look stupid.

          • ack

            And nearly 100% Mac users. I remember seeing that only one of the editors a few years back was a PC guy. That whole article read as a propaganda piece for the Apple cult.

            Where’s the counter article discussing how Apple’s dominance hurts competition, how they limit choice and freedom, how they go against industry standards, and milk the consumer for whatever they can get away with, etc., etc.? Where were the iphone 6 reviews that talked about failing the 3-point stress test? A German magazine did it, and got banned by Apple. You really think most so-called tech review sites would risk that?

            We’re talking money and power, and Apple can apply both to any site/vendor it chooses to. Most sites fall in line without a single shot being fired. Sites like the Verge must cater to their clientele, which is mostly Apple and its fans. There’s no “journalistic integrity”; it’s all about generating revenue. How many negative articles have you read about Apple from Verge or most other (especially American) sites? Basically none. Not with money and careers at stake.

            So did you question the pro-Apple article? Not just the points, but the entire premise of it? Do you see the big picture how Apple exercises its cult influence? You think I’m trolling, that’s fine. But I hope you see the nature of power and its dangers.

          • mobilemann

            tom warren works for them, and apple has no dominance in the PC industry, and no dominance in the mobile one either. They covered “bend-gate” extensively, and i think not only that they are much, much further down the middle then you do, i think it’s funny you argue this from a android blog.

            I think it’s funny you only pay attention to the bad, and don’t see the bad in Android OEMs, or even google to some extent.

            Giz seems to be fine despite earning apple’s ire, and covers apple stuff regularly without to much fanfare or bias either. But i guess that’s not as much fun as an apple conspiracy, because reasons.

          • ack

            Well, we agree to disagree. I think that American tech sites are so pro-Apple that there is no “middle” anymore. Or that Android sites are about as close to the middle as it gets on American sites. At least here you can discuss Apple issues with being drowned out by Apple cultists. xD

            There’s a big difference between covering a story and seeking the truth. If Giz was actually interested in finding the answer, all they had to do was validate the German results (the answer was 44 lbs. of force, btw). There are so many American tech sites, and yet I had to get the answer from a German one. If it wasn’t bias, then what was it? Collective incompetence? I highly doubt that.

            It’ s not some grand conspiracy or something. There’s a simple explanation. It’s the “home team” bias. If you don’t believe me, go check out Samsung articles in Korea. Replace the word “Samsung” with “Apple”, and I think you’ll see the American parallels.

            Or another example. The Xperia Z5 has a new, innovative tech called “closed-loop actuator”. It’s probably the most advanced, exciting piece of technology in a smartphone this year. So where are all the American tech websites rushing to review and dissect it? Have you even heard about it? I had to go to a website in Taiwan to read up on it. Yes, Taiwan. No favouritism, right? Instead, we get a sea of iphone articles that pander to Apple. Reviews are not done on principle; they serve the purpose of generating revenue for a business. And Apple is where the money is, particular in the US, where Apple is so dominant. So when you see a good article on the closed-loop actuator, you can prove me wrong.

          • mobilemann

            ” Or that Android sites are about as close to the middle as it gets on American sites”

            i’m ok with us disagreeing, but this is ridiculous. This is the kinda site that posts pictures of little cartoon androids pee’ing on apples, because kids.

            also, i find it funny everyone and there mother tests it to 78lbs or w/e and you pick the one that’s 44lbs. You cherry pick because you are inherently biased. And you know what? Apple should have made it stronger regardless. They quickly learned their lesson, and sorted it.

            This doesn’t make a company bad. It means they listen. And you need to learn what dominant is, in the US they approach 50% market share, just like google.

            I know this was your attempt at a “down the middle comment” but you are simply far to biased to even recognize what that is. I use all thee mobile OS’s and desktop OS’s daily, (although admittedly, i don’t spend much time in linux besides SSH’ing into a box that does a few services from me and my Pi’s) I’m sorry but you come off as a pure fanboy.

          • ack

            LOL… you obviously do not see the extreme American pro-Apple bias. It’s like Americans saying that arming students with guns is the best way to protect them. It’s so ingrained in the culture that it’s the norm. If you lived in Korea, I’m sure you would think that they were far too pro-Samsung, while the Koreans would think otherwise. Them cultural differences.

            It was obvious that the weak point was along the volume buttons, and the 3-point stress test proved that. That’s not called cherry picking; that’s called proper scientific testing. The only lesson Apple learned was that their cult followers would make sure to drown out all complaints, and no recall or class-action lawsuit would be needed. They even shut down websites tracking bent iphones. Welcome to 1984.

            If you don’t see the pervasive pro-Apple media in the US, then hey, oh well. Another day, and another series of feel-good Apple stories. Still nothing on that closed-loop actuator from the American tech sites. Guess I’ll have wait for European or Asian sites for more info. Far less Apple worshipping overseas. Try reading some non-English tech sites, and see what I mean.

          • mobilemann

            Ahh, so American’s in general are just “too stupid” to see what you see. The entire country. Personally, i don’t group people and insult them, as there are stupid and smart people everywhere, you’re a prime example. Not american, but pretty fucking amazingly stupid. You know in general, you’re also wrong, especially with asian blogs. (who tend to fucking love apple way more than giz or engadget)

            but you’re entire premise and line of thought is ridiculous. The only company that has actual monopoly like mind share currently, is still MS on the desktop, and google in search. Apple has no real monopoly on anything. And it’s not just american reviews that praise apple (not to mention every blog you hate on have massive international correspondents, (verge / engadget)

            not to mention ALL the big platforms ARE american. DNS master servers, are also american. ARM holdings, who makes the plans for all your android processors, was created by apple and acorn, a british company. Without quicktime, windows wouldn’t have had 30fps video in windows xp. Without DX9 we wouldnt have metal. You know fuck all about technology, you just think you know a villain. They are all villains, and you’re an idiot.

            Know, that you are not down the middle. You are a biased fanboy, who is so far up his own ass, that he doesn’t even see the line anymore. You might as well have pom poms.

          • ack

            Geez, don’t have to be rude. You believe I’m trolling, and I believe you are a typical American Apple fan who’s cheering for the home team. I never said anything about anyone being stupid. There are many people who are highly religious and are well educated (you know, like the Pope, duh!).

            But if you don’t think Apple has a grip on the US tech sector, you haven’t been reading the news. Every day, it’s constant upbeat Apple stories, and news about every tiny thing that Apple did, does or did not do (e.g. the iphone is *almost* waterproof. So amazing!! Let’s write a dozen articles about it!).

            I’m glad the rest of the world is not so obsessed, although it is impossible to avoid it entirely these days. And not joining the Apple cult does not make me a “fanboy” for some other company. Sorry, but I’m not interested in a locked down, locked in ecosystem. I like choice and freedom.

            So there’s no point to discussing it further. You like Apple; I don’t. As simple as that.

          • mobilemann

            my frustration comes from you not understanding my points after reading them. again, they are all the “home” team.

            May i ask where you come from? What services you use? You probably need american tech companies, you rely on intel / amd / microsoft / google / apple / cisco etc) not to mention aforementioned DNS.

            I label you fanboy because you dislike apple for no reason, and while i’m a fan of apple, I also have owned a sgs2/3/5/gnex/note3 (fan of samsung, despite them being convicted of bribery and corruption) and a fan of microsofts, (not on the mobile front admittedly.

          • ack

            I understand your points, just as you understand mine. We simply do not see eye-to-eye.

            It’s like Samsung vs. LG in Korea and iphone vs. Android in the US. The tech sites favour one company over the other. I’m not bashing American companies. I’m bashing the Apple cult that’s perpetuated by the pro-Apple media/tech sites (that barely pretend to be unbiased). Most of those sites happen to be American.

            I’ve used Apple products since the Apple II. I do not like what Apple has become. If you do not understand why “freedom” and “choice” are important, then I have no reasons for you.

          • mobilemann

            I’m sorry but we don’t see eye to eye, as i think you’re take on it is not based in reality. Apple has not morphed into much, tim cook is a pretty left leaning man, who’s more pro human rights than any other tech in CEO. (unless maybe you dislike homosexuality?)

            If you think buying an apple product means you have no choice (i’m a very happy multi platform user, there is no more vendor lock in with one OEM to another. And apple is just another OEM.

            In the end, you’re right in that i don’t understand your hate, but that’s all. Apple is if anything, far more moral than your average OEM.

          • ack

            “Apple has not morphed into much?” You obviously haven’t been an Apple user from the beginning. Woz and Jobs – function + form. Without Woz, Apple morphed into a totally different company.

            It’s the Apple cult that’s the problem, and the biased tech sites that bend over backwards to support Apple. If you don’t understand the “freedom” I’m talking about, here’s a link. Apple is not “just another OEM”.


            Google is not definitely not a saint, but at least the Android platform is open enough that anyone can change the OS to prevent being totally controlled and manipulated. I’m glad to see you’re not a total Apple fan, but many people do not understand how Apple’s restrictions and exclusionary practices stifles freedom, which affects even non-Apple users. The more powerful Apple becomes, the less choice and freedom we have – like the way Microsoft damaged competition back in the 90s. We must be careful not to let that kinda thing happen again.

          • mobilemann

            i’ve supported their products since the Mac SE, (yay internal HDs!) (given several factual inaccuracies you’ve already made, i wouldn’t argue much more, that it was the case for you)

            And no, no one can take android from google, without google play services, half the apps in the playstore break, and it’s closed source, along with the majority of other differentiating factors. (remember i was an android user with it being my daily driver for 4 years!)

            I love how you give everyone but apple the benefit of the doubt. You don’t even know how much you prove my points with every post.

            and i’m glad you realize no one is a saint:D But i don’t understand what lock in you talk about. I much more locked to my carrier than i am my platform:D

            I actually agree with you that we can’t let a MS of the 90s happening again. Although i think you would disagree with me when i said google is closer to MS then, than anyone else.

          • ack

            Factual inaccuracies? More like difference of opinion. Both Android and iphone are dangerous, but iphone is more so. With Android, you can always load a different ROM and sideload what you want. Apple controls and restricts every aspect of the iphone. Your freedom for an iphone. If you think one of the foremost experts on internet freedom, Tim Wu, is wrong, then nothing more needs to be said.

            You’re from the post-Woz era, so I don’t think you really understand what I’m getting at. But oh well, thanks for the discussion.

          • mobilemann

            you continually respond like I didn’t use Android for years.

            “With Android, you can always load a different ROM and sideload what you want”

            this can be true (although not for the majority of americans, who are on carriers that enforce complete locking of bootloaders, including the best of them, verizon)

            But Yeah, i used to be the type to flash dailies on my galaxies, ASOP on exynos got me about half the battery life, much worse picture qualities, and less features. The same is true across all lines of phones apart from the nexus, which isn’t popular enough to be called the face of android (honestly samsung by shipment volume)

            Now onto iOS, i’ll use myself as an example, I use an App called protube, which was taken down after they found you could save youtube videos local. However, i had it for years, and had a copy on my computer. As long as i keep that ipa, i can install it.

            Don’t have the IPA? you can do it with a custom profile, and what part of i used to work on Mac SE’s (68000 / 4mhz /4mb max, 80mb HD) makes you think i’m from the post woz era? That shit had High Density Floppy support!

            again, stuff you should know if you’re talking about both indepth.

          • ack

            It’s not that you can’t jailbreak an iphone as well, but the level of customization is generally far better and easier on Android (also, stuff like Cyanogenmod). I forgot how bad those American carriers are. I’m used to buying phones in Asia, where there are far fewer restrictions. Plus, dual-sim phones and phone-enabled tablets are common out there. There are far fewer phones available in US/Canada because of the Apple domination.

            Anyway, back to the original point – the Apple cult. The American tech media is really a problem in my opinion. I don’t think you can convince me otherwise, or vice-versa.

            As for the Mac SE, if it had a hard drive, then you’re too young to know. Sorry. xD FYI, Woz had already left Apple for 2 years before the Mac SE even started production.

          • mobilemann

            To be fair, that was my first work, not my first experiences. And honestly, there are more jailbreak tweaks than xposed modules or android roms (because all JB tweaks run on almost all of the common hardware, where as xposed modules are specific mostly to rom’s etc.

            And it’s the carriers that control what phones are here, not the media and apple. I still think this is rather delusional, but otherwise, an interesting talk.

          • ack

            The carriers choose the phones, yes, but they do not control the market forces. And I’m certainly not the only one who views Apple as a threat to freedom (and Google is also becoming more dangerous). If you believe those who think that are “delusional”, that’s your choice.

            We have very different opinions because we each see the technology sector from a very different angle. It’s interesting how each person chooses the facts he/she lives by. But that’s a different discussion for another time. Stay nerdy, fanboy. ;)

          • mobilemann

            apple’s global marketshare is in the teens, If you were actually worried, you would be worried about google. Only in the US and Japan does apple really get to near monopoly status, but that’s if you go by the numbers, that’s where my delusional comment comes from, but it was harsh.

            I’m not playing to a specific set of numbers, i value all data. You can call me johnny5.

      • domepiece

        Umm genius AA’s job is to report on all things Android, it’s in the fuckin’ name and it’s also their slogan lol damn are you this thick headed and conceited?

  • DeathWarmedOver

    From a technical perspective, Apple is just following the business model of AOL. Picking off the low hanging fruit, otherwise known as the non-technical.

    • mobilemann

      it’s totally not the case, but if it makes you feel better!

      • DeathWarmedOver

        Being in support across multiple platforms and dealing with Apple reps, I can tell you it is the case. But I have experience and you have an opinion.

        • mobilemann

          i’m in Corporate IT for 20 years, you know dick, even your AOL model is wrong. But please, give me a citation, prove your point. (do you even know where AOL makes it’s money?)

          Knowledge is power man, the power to make people like you look fucking stupid.

          • DeathWarmedOver

            Well when you resort to insulting the person and not rebutting the point, its an indicator of your defensiveness and the weakness of your argument. I don’t feel a compelling need to discuss anything with that kind of person. So have a fun time looking not only like a troll, but an uncivilized one.

          • mobilemann

            your opening statement was an an insult to an entire platform of users, while saying another group was more in the know. To continue going down that road is obviously, painfully hypocritical.

            You don’t need to discuss and expose yourself for the hapless snapchat user you really are, and don’t want to compare projects with someone who’s clearly more technical than yourself, all while being on iOS. You’re sad.

          • domepiece

            He’s just a disturbed and insecure little Tim Cock lovin’ nerd don’t take anything he says seriously.

          • DeathWarmedOver

            And judging from your comment history in this thread alone, you my dear fan boi are living, commenting proof of the rabidity that your Cult engenders.

          • mobilemann

            I do the same thing to Apple insider kids. Again, you not seeing what a massive hypocrite you are is rather cute, the fact that you felt so insulted as to double post back is also rather cute.

            i’m shocked you couldn’t have googled where aol makes it’s money in the time between these posts.

            if you want me to show you my flickr, it has all sorts of android and iOS tinkering screenshots, as well as iOS jailbreak launcher’s i’ve written.

            I love people like you, talk all sorts of shit, and primarily use their devices for snapchat and facebook. Have fun on social networking sites, and don’t let it bother you that I have cooler projects with my iphone than you are capable of on your Android device:P

          • domepiece

            mobilemann is sad and pathetic, look at how far he’s willing go just to defend his fruity company by replying to every comment lol this guy is seriously the most fanatical iFag I’ve ever seen.

          • DeathWarmedOver

            Yep. And given the fact that he’s come back to reply to me over several days and received zero response, I bet he’s one starving troll. :D

    • 404

      And there are a lot of the low-hanging fruit too

      • DeathWarmedOver

        True. I don’t say that as a bad thing though. Catering tech to the unsavvy has its uses. I personally hate having to answer the same question over and over. If someone is not interested enough to learn tech, I steer them away from Linux. If they’re not interested enough to learn basic operating stuff and have no aspiration to work in an office, I steer them away from Windows. Which pretty much leaves wizard heavy OS’es that hide almost everything from the user. My original comment was an allusion to the old adage, which anyone with over 10 years of corporate work would know, “Apple is to computing as AOL was to the Internet.”

  • Robert Kegel

    “I do more with my iphone than you do with your i7. What a joke”

    Dream on. Your head is in the sky buddy.

    I think you got lost, here you go, talk with the rest of your brainwashed friends.

    • mobilemann

      The sad thing is kid, i’m not fucking kidding. People like you, who generalize entire groups of people via platform, are always the biggest fucking idiots on a forum. For example: you can’t even reply correctly, or even tag me in your response.

      and then you link cult of mac, another website with users just like you, without realizing what an incredibly hypocrite you are. Who think they know that other people are dumber via what platform they are.

      Let me know what you do with your smartphone that makes you so awesome. my last project was a nodejs server that connects homekit to my existing home automation and car starter. Does google now turn your car on? Would you even know where to start? (xposed / autovoice / tasker with a billion modules and plugins.)

      You’re a child, with a sense of superiority. I’m here to tell you you’re a fucking simpleton. Let me know what you do.

    • domepiece

      Yeah I cracked up when the brainwashed moron said that, this guy is unintentionally hilarious haha

  • InternetSavage

    Because Apple generally writes their software for computer illiterates I do feel excluded, not that I care.

  • Henning Büns

    For me Apple isn’t a status symbol. After years of iOS usage I bought an OnePlus Two and a few weeks later I still prefer an iPhone. Why? Because it just works and I don’t have to find workarounds for things which should work. (Sure, OxygenOS has definitely more bugs than other UI’s). Also iOS is running so much smoother. But I will stick to Android because I’m not willing to pay such absurd prices when devices for just 399€/$ can do the same things.