Small talk: Is the iPhone SE a serious size option in 2016?

by: Matthew BensonMarch 21, 2016


Earlier today, Apple announced its long-rumored small iPhone refresh, the iPhone SE. Practically speaking, it’s an iPhone 5S with the iPhone 6s’ key internals mixed in, as well as a few other small tweaks. The real appeal – depending on the person, of course – is that it has a relatively diminutive 4-inch display. In deciding to make such a product, Cupertino clearly believes there is a significant number of potential consumers who will indeed purchase such a proposition, even after the famous Fruit itself has decreed that bigger is better.

The problem of a lack of small smartphones can perhaps best be seen in considering a product like last year’s ZTE Axon Phone Mini: in 2015, a “Mini” phone has a 5.2-inch display. Chances are at for at least some members of the world’s population, that is not quite the definition of “mini” that readily comes to mind.

In a world where large screen phones are king, is there still a place in the market for smaller, yet essentially flagship spec’d, devices?

Small talk


As someone obviously quite interested in mobile technology, I usually make it a point to check what devices the people around me are using. While I see a number of different devices out in the wild, I find it interesting just how many people here in Tokyo are still using an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. This, despite the fact that carriers go out of their way to facilitate updating, sometimes even offering an entry storage model iPhone 6S for no money down.

Why are these folks using these older models? You might think it has something to do with pricing, but the answer I almost always get is simple: “I don’t want a big phone.”

Chances are if you’ve asked the same kinds of questions to random people using the older iPhones, the answers would be similar. But don’t take my word for it: Tim Cook himself has even drawn emphasis on this issue. In an earnings call earlier this year, the Apple CEO went on record by stating that an estimated 60% of current iPhone users have not upgraded beyond an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S:

We were blown away by the level of Android switchers that we had last quarter. It was the highest ever by far. And so we see that as a huge opportunity…The number of people who had an iPhone prior to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus announcements — and so this was in September of 2014 that have not yet upgraded to a 6, 6 Plus or 6s or 6s Plus is now 60%. So, another way to think about that is 40% have, 60% have not.

And just to dispel any beliefs that the reason for this trend is due to a massive shift from iOS to Android, Carolina Milansei, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, commented that, “Apple loyalty in the U.S. is at its highest since 2012, reinforcing the fact that customer retention is not an issue.” Outside the USA however, Apple has been loosing market share:


Logically speaking, it’s doubtful the international decrease in sales has much to do with screen size as will be explained in the following sections, however there could be a point made for the fact that if someone must consider a larger product on the whole, Android is more appealing than Apple. Going back to Mr. Cook’s comments however, it’s clear that a majority of older iPhone users are not necessarily thrilled with the size boost seen in the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus.

Size Matters


So Derek Zoolander went from this in 2001…

e2Save Mobiles

Let’s consider for a minute that, when Zoolander came out in 2001, one of the movie’s in-jokes made reference to the fact that small was all the rage. The titular character’s mobile was so minuscule that it managed to achieve the intended effect: laughter. Nowadays however, it’s not just Derek who has entered a new Galaxy, but the general public as well. Phablet sales are booming, and in turn tablet sales are slipping. Even Apple itself can’t escape the decline, something that it no doubt hopes to stem with the launch of today’s new 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Zoolander 2 Poster

…to this in 2016.

Starting with the Dell Streak, and then debuting in earnest with Samsung’s original Galaxy Note, the industry has changed so much that it’s hard to ever believe the original Nexus One was praised for having a big screen at just 3.7 inches. Indeed the Nexus line itself went gigantic with the 6-inch Nexus 6 in 2014 and even last year’s Nexus 6P, though it was a tad smaller at 5.7-inches.

Perhaps the greatest tell-tale sign that big is beautiful is the history of Motorola’s Moto X and Moto G lines. These products started out in the sub 5-inch category – the original Moto X was actually praised for being so “small” – and yet lo and behold in 2015 they were relatively gigantic.

A lack of choice

sony xperia z5 compact aa 11

These days there are precious few big brand small phones to chose from. Samsung has a sparse number of low-end devices, though there is a high-end clamshell phone for customers in China and someone might still be able to find a Galaxy Alpha. Indeed of the major smartphone OEMs, Sony is perhaps the only one that has made a concerted effort to power-pack a petite package when it released its Xperia Z3 Compact in 2014, and last year, the Xperia Z5 Compact. There are even smaller phones out there – some around 4 inches – but are often from unfamiliar OEMs that come with their own set of caveats, including generally less than impressive specs.

Indeed what is left to choose from for all those in the world who do, in fact, want a small phone? Especially if they want a high spec offering from a major, trusted manufacturer?

Making a mini

Evolution-Google-Smartphones Nexus 5 Nexus s Nexus one History

The Nexus line…before it broke the mold.

From a manufacturing standpoint, small phones present themselves with both a benefit and a challenge. Due to their size, it’s extremely difficult to fit cutting-edge components inside, along with a proper power call, and keep the package thin. The larger a phone is, the more spread out the internals can be and more room can accommodate a larger battery.

At the same time however, with respect to the display – always a major energy drainer – with a 4-inch phone there is absolutely no need to even go for Full HD let alone something like QHD. Indeed a “lowly” Standard HD (720p) panel would work perfectly. This means that OEMs could actually save money with respect to the display, and in turn save battery life, something that could then be diverted to the SoC and graphics.

Of course, there are a few important things to consider in counterpoint as to why the shrunken size may not be such a good idea:

  1. Web pages are more packed with content than ever before. Smaller screens makes it harder to see.
  2. Small screens are, on the whole, worse for one’s eye sight especially with prolonged staring.
  3. Games and many apps are best optimized for larger displays.
  4. The aforementioned problems of battery size and overall specs in a small package.

Obviously there are many other potential pitfalls, and some – or all – of them may not even be a valid concern for the individual user.

Will Apple start a new trend?

iPhone SE pricing

The question now, is how the market will respond to the iPhone SE. Based on Tim Cook’s estimations, Apple should see a gigantic increase in iPhone sales because there is such a large portion of its customer base who may finally feel compelled to upgrade. If this is the case – or perhaps even if it’s not – there will be undeniable evidence that people will buy smaller phones, even relatively expensive ones like an iPhone. This could itself lead to a new trend in the market, where suddenly OEMs start releasing a more diverse range of product sizes.

Even if there isn’t a major resurgence in the 4-inch product market, at the very least the release of an iPhone SE may in fact force OEMs to more contentiously consider making smaller products on the whole. I, for example, argued last year that Samsung is foolish for not releasing a Galaxy Note Mini: a 5-inch or smaller product that would bring the Note productivity suite and S-Pen stylus to potentially millions of potential customers who just feel 5.7-inches is too big for them.

Wrap Up

Personally, I think that while many people are happy with the current size situations of their smartphones, there is a very real part of the population that feels left out when they go to purchase a new phone. Maybe they don’t have large hands, maybe they don’t want a big phone, maybe they want something that can be easily pocketed, maybe they want something that has effortless one-handed use.

For these customers – and clearly there are a lot of them based on Apple’s math – there is really no choice whatsoever, despite the irony that there are over a thousand different smartphone OEMs in the world.

huawei mate 8 vs nexus 6p aa (3 of 6)

Definitely not small.

For these people, a small smartphone is something to savor. For these people, the iPhone SE – or perhaps an Android product like it – is exactly what they’ve been waiting for, perhaps for years no less. Maybe it’s time that more OEMs realize that one size doesn’t fit all, and that in order to get more customers, it’s prudent to bring some new size options to the table.

We at Android Authority would love to hear what your take is on the issue. Does a product like the iPhone SE stand a good chance at being a smash hit? Should OEMs start thinking more seriously about spectacular-speced small smartphones? Please feel free to take our survey and then leave your comments below!

  • A.K. S

    There is definitely a market for smaller phones, I see it all the time that people like their older phones for that reason. That said, I think it’s a step backwards for a company like apple to introduce a smaller model when they still have one on the market. The 5S is not outdated by any means, so why they want to compete with themselves is beyond me. It’s a pretty stupid move.

    • Boolean Corporation

      5S has been discontinued a week before SE’s shipping date.

    • Diego

      People wanted an upgrade from their 5/5s with out compromising the portability of their previous phone.

    • RiTCHiE

      Apple and stupid moves? yea right thats hwy they all want to be just like apple and watch samsung release a high end compact sized phone by the end of this year just to be like apple. And you forget that people want to spend money and if apple didn’t make a new compact sized model then buyers could swap brands and apple doesn’t want that.

  • The Doctor

    I don’t know if it’s about size more than about having an iPhone at a cheaper price point.

  • Bradley Uffner

    It doesn’t matter what Apple said in the past, it only matters what they say *now*. Right now, small is apparently good. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe triangles.

    • Ashish Patel

      rounded triangles. ;)

      • JDMillest

        i better patent that idea before apple does. ;)

    • monsterdonutkid

      Illuminati confirmed. For the 256368245821528th time on the Internet.

  • vmxr

    i can’t say No on behalf of everyone but i can say No for me at least

  • N

    I hope other companies will follow and will make small premium phones too!

    • RiTCHiE

      They will because this phablets are getting old and unhandy for females.

  • Diego

    Phablets are good, tho I still would like a 4 inch phone from time to time.

  • RiTCHiE

    WTF “Will Apple start a new trend?” Isn’t it fucked up that a company like Sony and now apple only makes them high ends compact sized phones that we all had 10 years ago? I mean this whole big dick contest bout bigger phones has to die some times and this is just proof it has started. To each his own but big phones are unhandy as shit and not needed when you have a nice tablet. Foe me it all comes down to good specs that i can control in 1 hand.

    • Airyl

      Just get a 5 inch device like the OnePlus X or Nexus 5X. The only reason you wouldn’t be able to use one of those single handedly would be because you have tiny hands.

      • Karly Johnston

        I would get the Mi 5 instead.

    • Swordylove

      I feel you, man. Exactly the same sentiment here.

    • benjamin owuye jagun

      It’s about choice and Apple catering to those that don’t want a big phone. Most people love big phones, I recently had a 5c and la 5s before that and until I tried and Lumia 535, I was happy with my 5s and although I hated WP and will never own or use a 535 ever again, I liked its size and when u went back to using my 5s, it seemed small in comparison either way I’m happy with the size of my 6s Plus, even though I’m a die hard iPhone, iOS and Apple fan,I’ve at least tried Android with a Moto G which I found too narrow for playing games and a Nexus 6 whille I enjoyed using it and its size, it was a little too big and it has a horrible screen to body ratio my 6s Plus feels just right when playing games and watch a movie or YouTube video. I’m happy that Apple is catering to a market it has neglected for a while now with the Nee iPhone SE, but I’ll never got back to using a 4 inch phone, it’s too small now and to cramped to use now.

      • Emil Vasilescu

        The Nexus 6 has a better screen-to-body ratio than the 6S+…

        • benjamin owuye jagun

          Maybe to you but not to me, as the 6s+ has the right screen to body ratio.

          • Replicant Jason Booth

            It has the worst screen to body ratio of any 5.5 inch device and it’s also one of the heaviest. These are facts

          • Phillip

            I know right prove look at the gs7 edge and look at that big ass iPhone both same size screen

          • benjamin owuye jagun

            Not not fact opinion , I love the screen to body ratio of my 6s Plus.

          • Replicant Jason Booth

            Have fun with that

          • Emil Vasilescu

            I don’t think you understand the difference between fact and opinion, nor what “best screen-to-body” means.

          • benjamin owuye jagun

            It is only the Android pews that say that, people on team Apple like me love every aspect of the 6s Plus.

          • Emil Vasilescu

            No….. To everyone. The Nexus 6 has a better screen-to-body ratio than the 6S+, that is an objective fact. It is not up to debate or personal opinion.

          • benjamin owuye jagun

            Only to every Android user, the iPhone 6s Plus has the better screen to body ratio that’s an opinion share by most iPhone users not just me. The screen should always be in the centre and both bezels must be even which they are not on the Nexus 6 and watching videos or movies on the iPhone 6s Plus is much better with its much better viewing angle than the Nexus 6 due to its hideously uneven bezels .

    • cizzlen

      For real. The HTC M7 and 5/5s are the best designed phones I’ve ever seen and felt IMO. Along with their unique feature set; HTC with ultra pixel camera that I took some damn good pictures on and Apple with Touch ID for instance. Now all it is is “big”… that’s pretty much it.

  • Modman

    This retarded. I came here for android news.

    • Diego

      You could have easily ignored this article if you wanted.
      Your phone allows you to do so.

      • Phillip

        Guys this dude is the biggest apple troll that shows up on every android forums now he’s trying to sell you on a old ass iPhone 5 for $500 …..?

  • Ashish Patel

    499 is way overpriced for a phone of that size and spec. this is at best a 250 phone and that’s pushing it.

    • =

      $250 only because the Apple logo, in normal situation- under $175…

      In fact 4″ phone can’t be used as a smartphone today… For calling & texting 4” is OK but this is everything- simple things like reading blogs or using facebook demands at least 5″…

      • SP1966

        How many of those $250 phones come with a metal build, great camera, and the Snapdragon 810? I agree $499 is overpriced, but this isn’t the same as your typical mid-range Android phone that skimps on build quality, camera quality, and uses either older and/or lesser processors. The SE really isn’t a direct comparison.

        • Osakwe tochukwu

          The android ones offer u removable battery micro sd card and killer camera too. I’drather buy xiaomi mi5 than this garbage.

          • mobilemann

            that’s because you’re a fanboy.

          • Osakwe tochukwu

            And ur not?

          • mobilemann


          • Osakwe tochukwu

            So how did u know that am a fanboy since im typing with my 6splus

          • mobilemann

            easy, you didn’t.

          • Osakwe tochukwu

            Well unless ur a sorcere which im sure ur not dont let ur assumptions lead u astray

          • mobilemann

            it’s garbage but you bought it? My assumptions are based on what you type, and it’s that you’re an idiot. What do you do with your mobile devices? Let’s play a game.

          • Osakwe tochukwu

            Lol…well i do virtually everything you do with ur smartphone .already calling names…typical idiot…im guessing ur a fan already…clearly not android fan.

          • mobilemann

            I love android, I just hate fanboys. and lol child, no, you can’t look at your phone, view feeds of your home, then just say “hey siri turn off the kitchen lights and watch them react, because there’s not frameworks or API’s to do that, (i’ve done some of it with tasker, but it only half works, no feed back, and due to the google now API i used, it would also search for whatever i was trying to turn on and off.)

            There’s a lot of things you can’t do that i can do:D Sorry!

          • Osakwe tochukwu

            Well i have a samsung note 4…i take best of both worlds each os has its strenghts and weakneses so where one fails i catch up with the other.

          • mobilemann

            That’s actually completely true, fair enough! (see there, where i show you how i feel without insults, fairly? That’s why i’m not a fanboy, are you are, or were acting like one)

          • cizzlen

            Yes this. Glad there are rational non fanboys out there who can look at both sides objectively without being blinded by bias. I used Android since my first smartphone up until the 6 came out and now an Apple lover but doesn’t mean I don’t love Android and beautiful phones such as the HTC M7 I used to have…

        • Ashish Patel

          idols 4, you can pick up two s7’s for the price of one. a galaxy s6 is going for under 400. all of which offer better build and camera quality.

          • SP1966

            People buy this for the small screen size, none of those have that. As the comment after yours said, there is only one other phone that I am aware of that could be considered small, and yet have top end components and build.

        • monsterdonutkid

          You can get a 32GB Galaxy S6 for $450 on Amazon. Sure, it has its flaws but it’s a high end Android flagship with excellent build quality, camera and SoC.

          • Pm

            But it’s large. The point is that you can’t sell large phones to people that want small phones. It doesn’t matter if the larger one is cheaper.

          • SP1966

            The problem with that is this attraction of this iPhone is to people who don’t want the large screen. The iPhone SE is almost a 6S in a 5S body.

          • SP1966

            How does that benefit those who want a small screen?

        • Replicant Jason Booth

          Xperia z5 compact. Full stop.

          • Phillip

            I’m with you on. The Sony. It is criminal that Apple can rehash this old ass phone from the dead and resale it as new . I have a old 5s that I haven’t used in for ever but the experience I’m sure will be the same

      • Jonny Tosh

        given the amount of people still using a 4″ 5/5S, I’d guess a lot of people are managing to use a 4″ phone as a smartphone.

      • Sarah

        Not sure. I’m still browsing the web, using tumblr, facebook and apps on a 4” just fine. I probably don’t mind because if anything I still switch to my laptop. But I can understand 5” being the basic for some who don’t have other devices.

    • Brad Fortin

      Yeah, it’s “only” faster than 99% of the phones on the market today, but it’s “at best” only worth $250 and “that’s pushing it”.

      • Say What??

        Just because it’s faster doesn’t mean it should cost that much.

        • Brad Fortin

          “Just because it’s faster doesn’t mean it should cost more.”

          That’s pretty much how technology works. Old, slow technology is cheap. New, fast technology is expensive. I guess you’ve never tried to build your own computer?

          • Say What??

            Of course I have. When I build a PC, normally the faster the hardware the more it costs. I could run a cheaper cpu and only need 1gb of ram if I decide to use XP. The performance would still be great. Should that cost as much as a computer with a fast cpu and 8gb of ram just because it’s as fast?

          • Brad Fortin

            “When I build a PC, normally the faster the hardware the more it costs.”


            “I could run a cheaper cpu and only need 1gb of ram if I decide to use XP. The performance would still be great.”

            The performance would be acceptable at best on an old Pentium III, but it wouldn’t even come close to something like an i7, i5, or even a low-end i3, especially if you’re trying to use software written in the past decade.

            So, yeah, the new machine is going to cost more, because it does more, and faster.

    • Joshua Hill

      Please don’t make Android fans look like idiots!!!

    • Diego

      no other 4 inch android phone has that good of a camera, that SOc, that finger print sensor, and receives monthly software updates.

      • Phillip

        And no other budget android phone cost $500 you my friend is the ultimate apple troll .the fact that you even trying to make since of a 3 year old design that’s no better are worse then a used iPhone 5s for half the price. Well I’m sure on day one you’ll be in line with the rest of the Tinny bopper and grandparents of the world

        • HobgoblinTruth

          You forgot to mention that those budget androids won’t be getting any updates so you have to buy new one next year or sooner.

        • cizzlen

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the 5s design, which was great and loved by many, cheap for Apple and the consumer with great form factor and functionality not to mention nearly everything they build is in house.

    • Sayed ahamed

      The thing is Apple A9 beats exynos 8890 and SD820 in graphics performance and NAND performance and Their memory management is top-notch and they get updates for 5 years and have considerable resale value and IOS has better apps just think about ResearchKIt and CareKIt

      • Ashish Patel

        5 years of half backed updates. it’s like getting a security patch. which i get the new version of android it get the WHOLE THING. not some watered down version.

        this is a 4 inch phone graphics performance on a sub 720p is a joke.

        ios has the same apps as android. carekit and researchkit are jokes.

        • mobilemann

          the api’s are way better, (carekit, homekit) 326ppi should honestly be fine, (see diminishing returns) You’re just a massive fanboy, who probably can’t do more with his phone than facebook and snapchat anyone. Those frameworks you laugh at enable the iphone to do quite a bit more. What do you actually do with your phone?

        • HobgoblinTruth

          So if I go and buy 300-400 euro android phone you give me guarantees it’s going to get updates? I know from an experience that’s not going to happen I will be forced to buy new phone next year if I want to have secure phone.

        • benjamin owuye jagun

          You and your comment are a joke just like Android is a joke of OS that’s fragmented and a malware paradise. iPhone and iOS have always been and continues to be better than Android, fanboy.

        • cizzlen

          Half baked updates? Lol no. At least iOS is secure, stable and doesn’t look like a cartoony mess that is Android every year. Google doesn’t know how to run the platform properly.

    • Peter

      And yet it’s still faster and more fluid than your 8-core android phone with 4gb of RAM…

      • cizzlen

        My dad’s old hand me down 5 is running 9.3 just fine. Some lag but not nearly as much as my moms year old Note 5 and almost brand new Tab. Both of which probably have or had the latest “specs” at one point, which is the only thing Android fan boys can argue at this point.

  • Modman

    There have been android phones of all shapes and sizes since the dawn of time. and specs. opx other huawei phones. They are desecrating android authority with apple iripoff news!

  • Fernando Ortiz

    Apple is getting crazy! Howcome apple is going to stand up against Sony with z1 compact, which has lolipop 2gbt ram snapdragon 800 20 megapixel cámara, 4.3 inches, that is about 200 bucks. Even z3, z5 compact.

    • Diego

      dude, its apple against sony.
      Sony isn’t even stable on the smartphone market to begin with.

    • tiger

      You obviously know NOTHING about tech. Let me guess, you believe that Ghz is everything? Megapixel is da bomb, right?! :D

      • Fernando Ortiz

        Ok go get a 1 megapixel cámara and tell yourself “megapixel is not everything”

  • Mike Bastable

    They will loads of these…. My partner moved from iPhone to Android and haten the big screen.. Actually he watched the news just now and seemed genuine pleased to announced that he wanted one. Usually he hates tech… So I hope LG and Samsung also get some decent smaller phones to market soon.

  • Fernando Ortiz

    Apple is copying Sony!

    • Brad Fortin

      Yeah! How dare Apple use the exact same form factor they’ve been using since the iPhone 5 came out in 2012! Apple’s clearly copying the 2014 Z3 Compact and 2015 Z5 Compact by using the same design they were using before those phones came out!

      • josuearisty

        You didnt get the joke!

        • Brad Fortin


          • Phillip

            That’s cause your to busy trolling for Apple as if they need more trolls . Here’s a thought why don’t you must buy my old ass iPhone 5s save yourself 250

          • Brad Fortin


      • Fernando Ortiz

        Ok, all android smartphone by 2012 has 4 or even less inches. Don’t even mention the z1 compact

        • Brad Fortin

          Z1 Compact came out in 2014, still 2 years after the iPhone 5.

    • Diego

      how so?

  • rc1138

    Back in 2012 I bought note 2 because it’s easier to read(and type) on a big screen. Now I use OPO with the same screen size and no way in hell I would go for a smaller(bigger) phone just because of a fad.
    P.S. Overall the phone is good(more like Iphone 5s was good). If someone wanted an Iphone 5ss they would be thrilled. Giving another option is admirable for a company that used to have just “one” phone

  • analadditct

    overpriced and completely stupid. this phone is dumb on every level. its for girls and guys with tiny whopper hands.

    • tiger

      Yet, you prefer overheating sack of crap that throttles you after a few seconds of gaming?

      • analadditct

        Um what? My Nexus does nothing of the sort idiot.

      • analadditct

        You mean, your mom? Yeah that sack of crap overheats and throttles after a few seconds of gaming.

  • Trysta

    I’ll be curious to see if 4″ really works. To me, even when I did prefer small phones for one handed use the 4″ iPhone was still way too small. And it looks exactly like a 5s so people who held out for a small iPhone are going to be upgrading to a phone that looks just like their old one. Seems strange but I guess we’ll see.

    • tiger

      Why not? The 5s looks great till this day! Now with a whole bunch of muscle infused.

  • SP1966

    My father had an old iPhone 4S for years, I kept telling him with his contract he could get a new phone for free. He wouldn’t because his $5 case won’t fit. Finally, about a year ago he dropped it and broke the screen!! He called AT&T and they managed to dig up a refurbed 4S and SELL it to him.

    I give up.

    • Easy

      You shouldn’t force your opinion on people.

      • Diego Opazo SV-Cross

        You shouldn’t force your opinion about forcing opinions on people.

        • Easy

          I did not say he mustn’t force his opinion, I only said he shouldn’t do it. I never forced or implied force. :^)

          • Diego Opazo SV-Cross

            You are right, buddy.

        • Anon

          it doesnt work that way brah

    • Islam

      am going try to force people to get between 5″ inch and 5.5″ inch phones.
      Apple iphone over priced.
      best flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
      best budget Huawei Honor 5X

  • Mark

    A big yes! I’m happy for all the people that love >5″ phones – there is near infinite choice available for you. For the rest of us, for years now, the only high performance/flagship-ish option available with a screen size below 5″ has been Sony’s compact series. And that is terribly bare for a market as diverse as the smartphone market. For all the reasons examined in the article above.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Well, let’s be honest.
    If Apple were not so greedy, they could put at least 4.3″ new better display on the same iphone5 body- and it would be a killer iphone with huge sale. Even if Apple were charging $100 more for the SE.
    Samsung should take a note here. They should make now Galaxy Edge7 mini with high specs and same size as iphone SE but 4.5″ AMOLED display to take down the Apple.
    There is market for that, because Galaxy minis are selling good in US and EU(well, asians prefer large screens though)

  • AbbyZFresh

    If Apple decides to make an SE type phone for only $249-$299 off contract. It’s over for Android’s market share.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Android users can not live in jail, with handicap functionality and old tech components. Even if Apple give them iphones for free

      • AbbyZFresh

        It’s all about the user experience though. Which Apple has consistently shown to excel in using “old tech components” than Android phones using 4GB RAM.

        • The-Sailor-Man

          What about the best display? The best camera? USB OTG? NFS that works with everything? Battery and USMode? File sharing? Multi Window? S-Pen? Customizing? One hand ? Fast charging?
          If iphone support all that will need more RAM. Right?
          As more functionality Apple add to iOS as more buggy become. Apple should re-write the iOS from the scratch to meet this.

          • Diego

            You cannot enjoy all of those if your phone’s software is complete shit.

          • The-Sailor-Man

            TW is the best thing that happened to Android , and main reason Android to rule !
            And yeah, we really enjoy all those.

          • tiger

            Best display? Samsung only. But then you deal with TouchWiz.

            Multi-window…lets just fix memory management first before you list those other crap that does not work half the time!!

            Need RAM? Kidding right?! Have you seen Android and RAM usage?!

            Android…is that Android even native?

          • The-Sailor-Man

            It works all the time. Everything I listed.
            And yes, it needs power. One day when(if) you have all that on iOS we’ll talk again.
            Meanwhile Apple must re-write the iOS from the scratch, because is getting more and more buggy only with every small feature they give you..

      • tiger

        Old tech? How so?

    • nebulaoperator

      I was so excited reading your post until I looked over UK’s apple store : 16GB £359 and 64GB £439 . I would ..would consider getting SE but not at that pricing.

      • Cakefish

        Sony Z5 Compact is currently £300 on Amazon. Kind of makes life difficult for the iPhone SE with its 16GB base storage.

        • tiger

          Z5 Compact is competitive how? It sucks air and blows heat as it overheats. Sony UI is horrible. Camera is horrible despite specs.

          • Cakefish

            I agree the camera is not as good as I had hoped it would be with the Z5C when I first bought it, which is one reason why I’ve since moved on to the Galaxy S7, but calling it horrible is an exaggeration. It’s not bad, just nothing truly special when compared to Samsung’s and LG’s cameras from last year.

            Mine didn’t overheat. It got a bit warm when web browsing heavily or charging but it never got dangerously warm. Performance was vastly improved with the Marshmallow update, though it still admittedly is not quite as snappy as my new S7.

            So yeah, I think the Z5 Compact is a decent little phone from my experience using it so that’s why I think it’s very competitive at the £300 price point.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    “Will Apple start a new trend?” ?????WTF I just read in so called ‘android’ site???
    Android OEMs are making ‘mini’ versions since years? And even with 4.3″ displays not bigger than iPhone SE.
    I could give credit Apple only because the specs are not cut down.
    Apple NEVER start new trend. Every trend is made by the Wall Street and the media. Because APPL stock is the favorite Pyramid for them, having brainless zombies always on line.

    • tiger

      My 2 years old 5s runs faster and better than any “mini” Android device. And in gaming my 5s kills CURRENT flagships on Android. Oh yeah, my 5s audio DAC is also better than any Android to date.

      • dk

        did you try all mini Android phone?

      • The-Sailor-Man

        No !
        And doesn’t do much.

  • Caitlin Bestler

    There are only two smart phone scenarios that make sense to me:
    * A minimal spec smart phone that is good enough for Maps and making calls, but which can tether.
    That is combined with a wifi tablet or laptop.
    * A Phablet that is big enough to read email / browse web / watch video so I don’t need to carry a tablet or laptop all the time.

    In 2015 I worked with a Nexus 9 and Moto-E. I’m now on an LG V10.

    I think I prefer the phablet solution. But it is a tradeoff. Low end android phone *and* a wifi tablet
    end up costing less than a phablet.

  • caa3rd

    Definitely not a new trend. Just a rehash of old crap with an updated processor and screen.

    • tiger

      How is it old crap?

  • Darktanone

    I have the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro and, unlike The Donald, big hands. So these big devices suit me just fine. My daughters, however, have small hands and this device would suit them well. Plus they have the under pinnings of the larger iPhones. They are powerful and premium devices for those who prefer a smaller device.

  • Cakefish

    I was going to get this phone but one thing stopped me – the camera. I went for the Galaxy S7 instead once I saw the iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S7 camera comparisons, as it was obvious Apple would never include a better camera than the 6S in this iPhone SE. That’s the only reason I didn’t go Apple this time round. I love small phones.

  • Joshua Hill

    I already have a spectacularly spec’d small phone :) The Z3 compact and before that I had the Z1 compact which you seem to have forgotten about.

    • tiger

      Sony compacts cannot hold a candle to 5s…much less SE!

      • Joshua Hill

        The camera in the Sony Compacts is superior to the 5s and the SOC is comparable. Yes the SE is better but try and get your facts straight or use less hyperbole. All you do is discredit your argument by making false claims.

        Not to mention the battery life is almost twice as good as an iPhone of any generation!

  • nebulaoperator

    UK pricing 16GB £359 and 64GB £439. I know people will buy it’s nice little companion. But wtf 4″ 64GB at £439. I can’t reason that I simply can not.

    • tiger

      Look at the processor, camera, audio DAC, etc.. There is NO competition.

      It will likely be the FASTEST iPhone to date.

      • nebulaoperator

        Maybe but the phone is too small. I can’t reason that pricing for such a small hardware. There are other phones that beats this phone in this price segment and even cheaper.

        • tiger

          Beat it? How?

          • nebulaoperator

            Price , features, , size, customizability. No?!

          • tiger


          • nebulaoperator

            Beat Nexus 5x

          • tiger

            SE has better camera, much much better processor, and better audio (esp with headphones). Better resale value. 3rd party support from basically everyone. Better privacy and security.

            But, you guys have floating fishes for wallpaper…yiippee!!

          • nebulaoperator

            5x has better camera in low light. 5X has larger and higher res screen. 5X has best in class finger print reader. 5X is way cheaper and has more memory than base model of SE. You can customize system without rooting/jailbreaking( for Iph) . Iphones mostly come locked Nexus is free to use for any network. You can upload anything on your phone. You can drag and drop files on PC . Itunes suck big time Mess at it’s best. I had MAc And Iphone 6 I am telling you not biased opinion.

            You hardly found any truly reasonable point that would justify SE price tag.. This phone is way overpriced

            Move icon to the button of the screen. When succeed let me know :)

          • tiger

            5x camera is better in low light? How so? So, 5x camera is better than 6s camera?????? Uh no.

            Best in class fingerprint? Better than 6s? Right now, no one knows which fingerprint reader is in SE…if it is 6s reader, then no.

            iPhones are unlocked dude…if you buy it from Apple. It may even support more LTE than 5x! I have not bothered to compare.

            Drag and drop…sorry, i use CLOUD services.

            I use iTunes to backup my phone. How does that work again on Android? LOL It is so cool to be able to put EVERYTHING on your new phone identical to your old. So nice.

            SE has better camera, much much better processor, and better audio (esp with headphones). Better resale value. 3rd party support from basically everyone. Better privacy and security.

          • nebulaoperator

            Yes, low light it is better than 6s.
            Yes, fingerprint scanner it is better. Faster and as precise if not better.Beats 6s too.
            Well if you buy from a carrier in UK it is locked. Buy Nexus from a career it’s not locked.
            Everybody can use cloud service but you can’t simply and conveniently drag and drop files.
            Even more you can’t upload videos on iphone, same with ebooks that has to go via Itunes. You asked what it does have to do with Android? Simply it is designed in mind to enforce restrictions. Let alone it’s pain in the ass to use Iphone with windows but it is a breeze to use Android. That’s my point.
            More prone to shutter display.

            SE doesn’t beat in low light. Stop trolling please. So how does your processor gives upper hand in low light? Does it expand memory? I don’t think so. IOS is very well optimised . They could have chucked an older CPU on that phone and still it would fly and charge cheaper.

            And why do you repeat “facts” that are not valid anymore?

            Basically SE is overpriced phone that does less than 5x.

          • Osakwe tochukwu

            Have you forgotten nexus 6p fingerpring scanner is faster than iphone 6splus same rech in 5x. Dont argue this one u will crash and burn. Camerawise 5x beats it.

          • benjamin owuye jagun

            The Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the 6s and 6s Plus are the fastest around, faster than any Android phone.

          • nebulaoperator

            No it’s not true. 5x and 6p has slight upper hand and as decent if not better accuracy than 6s. 6 uses older sensor so its out of equation. YouTube it.

          • Replicant Jason Booth

            Not true

          • Osakwe tochukwu

            Maybe you should visit youtube and checkout android authority nexus6p vs iphone 6splus then u can rephrase ur sentence. Go on i will wait

          • Phillip

            Nope not anymore check out all the latest YouTube video iPhone vs gs7 edge and see for yourself. And even beat apple on opening apps . Much better screen faster and way better camera and video and audio . Body to screen ratio is a joke with iPhone 6 plus nest to the gs7 edge. Don’t take my word for it go look for yourself oh and the battery is miles better on the gs7 edge only the facts here

          • Replicant Jason Booth

            It’s using the original 5s 2013 sensor… ?

          • Phillip

            No we get it out of you your a apple troll trolling on a android Webb cite trying to justify paying $500 for what is essentially a glorified iPhone 5S. And your doing good it all while keeping a straight face wow . Well we know that you’ll be the first one to pre-order come tomorrow morning let use know how that turns out. God can sell you guys anything with there logo on it hahaha

          • Phillip

            And you know all this cause what apple told you. Who’s the buyer for this phone there’s is know way most that have a 5 are 5s would spend $500 to upgrade for the same damn phone. When for a $100 they can get a 6s are a used 6 and save $200 . I much rather buy a new are used gs6 ,g4,Sony, all with a better camera bigger battery much much better screen 720 is a joke in 2016 . 16 gigs is criminal today . Sony has been making this phone phone the last 3 years . But apple bring back a dinosaur from the past and everybody goes ape shit

      • Phillip

        There plenty of android phones that match this old design phone heck that screen was to damn little early years ago. I can’t believe you guys are even considering this thing . There’s plenty of used iPhone 5s out there that are just as fast . And a whole lot cheaper

  • Shootfire

    There are so many articles about this and there are always so many comments from a contingency of people who want a small, high-end phone, myself included. I have a Z3 Compact and love it. I am holding on to it because there is nothing else quite like it out there right now.
    Give me a 4.3-4.5″ 720p screen, great camera with OIS, decent processor, 3GB Ram, and a micro SD slot and I’d be in heaven.

  • I know a lot of people will buy this phone, and I liked the 5s design more than the 6. I just think the size of too small. Purely subjective though. :)

    • Osakwe tochukwu

      The main reason i didnt like iphones of the past is cos of the display size and those iritating bezels that piss me off.

  • Elfsiren

    Where’s the straight ‘No’ option? I won’t buy something that small, and I don’t know anyone who would.

  • Gumbopudding

    They seem to think this is desired because people didn’t upgrade from that size. Why is it that they feel people need to upgrade often? They boast how amazing their phones are but act shocked if people don’t want to upgrade from it. Doesn’t make sense.
    They like their phone, it does all the need it to do. That’s why no upgrade.

    I’ll pass on these new Trump phones.

  • Luuk

    For me, personally, the “perfect” size for a smartphone screen is 5″. It’s one hand friendly, but also big enough for contents to be enjoyable.

  • Martin

    4‘’ screen ? that’s utterly useless, what am i going to do with screen that small ? typing would be inconvenient, checking websites or reading PDFs would be nearly impossible. so bad

  • Selçuk Estel

    I would buy a small sized phone maybe for someone else, but not for $400 unlocked!!!

  • mjed mazga

    What is this? A cell phone for ANTS!?!

  • Jason Wilson

    Cousin won’t part with his iPhone 4S. Thing has been running like crap lately but he won’t leave iOS and doesn’t want anything much bigger.

    He was thrilled at today’s announcement.

    • KeyserSoze

      “Cousin won’t part with his iPhone 4S. Thing has been running like crap lately but he won’t leave iOS and doesn’t want anything much bigger. He was thrilled at today’s announcement.”

      So what, all this proves is that stupid tech-illiterate people make stupid purchasing decisions and smart people just poke fun at them like we always do then we leave them to self-destruct on their own for our further amusement.

      • HobgoblinTruth

        “So what, all this proves is that stupid tech-illiterate people make stupid purchasing decisions”

        Purchasing something what does what is needed and get’s updates for years to come is smart use of money.

        ” then we leave them to self-destruct on their own for our further amusement.”

        It’s self-destructing to buy android phones (especially in age of mobile banking, payments, etc) what are full of security holes and never get updates… especially if people buy something what cost less than 400 doles.

  • Don Draper

    The worst thing is that people are actually gonna buy that! And, as the 16GB version is much cheaper, people will wind up with a super small display and 10GB of available storage. Sounds like a joke when you know Android, but still, they’re gonna sell lots of those

  • AP

    I am not sure I agree with Apple’s reasoning here. Many people buy the older / smaller iPhones because they are way cheaper than the 6/6s. For e.g. the 16GB 5s sells for 255 USD in India, while the 16GB iPhone 6 costs twice as much.

    Apple has priced the iPhone SE at 585 USD in India. I am reasonably sure this isn’t going to be a big hit, at least in places like India.

  • Josh

    those who use their phones mainly for making calls, and listening to musics wouldn’t mind having a smaller phone. but if you read a lot or texting etc, you would really want to throw away a 4″ phone. minimum 5″ is necessary for content consumption and playing games etc.

  • Jigs

    There are a large amount of people who would go for a phone of this type. I mean, we really quite dig into the newest specs, but how about compactness and portability of a smaller sized phone? No, I would not go for anything smaller than 4 inches, but hey, it would really be a sweet satisfaction if there was a 4 inch Android flagship( a Nexus 5P of my dreams.) There really is something that makes not only me, but a whole lot of people there, yearn for a compact but powerful device. I really do wish Google is listening right now and produce a Galaxy Nexus sized flagship this year. That would be an absolute two thumbs up.

  • jshag899

    The one thing that Apple had going for it was that when you saw someone on the train/bus with the phone, you KNEW if it was a newer version. You’d look at your old 4s and see someone with the sleeker 5 and go “awwwww…. I don’t have that…”.

    With the 5 to the 5s, the change was a tiny ring showing that it had a fingerprint scanner.

    With the 6 to the 6s, there was zero difference in look.

    Now with the SE, it looks like the old 5! They’ve gone BACKWARDS!

    They lost the most inexpensive and effective mode of advertising. Get your shit together!!!

  • Steven Fox

    The answer was the curved phone, I have an LG Flex 2 which is the most comfortable phone to talk on(fits perfectly on your face and ear). That is the problem with most bigger phones, that it’s not natural to hold it against your ear and talk to it(for browsing and other stuff its great). The reason why most people prefer the smaller 4 inch device is that they use it mostly to talk on, and are not very active web/social users.

  • abazigal

    It makes sense that there would still be people who want a smaller phone. Else, they would have switched to a larger Android phone back when Apple was still stuck on smaller phones. Perhaps they really are content with a smaller screen, and if Apple is simply offering one more option, what’s wrong with that?

  • Karly Johnston

    I can’t go below 4.7 inches. My dream is 5′ with no bezel.

  • Goran

    Apple just made Nokia move:)

  • Rohit Raja

    Looks pretty good though. My folks are irritatted with carrying a 5 incher phone. For them the SE might be perfect…but it aint Android though…….

  • Peter

    Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. release a mini or a compact phone – Android fans: “hurrah! android gives choice, fk apple!”. Apple updates its own ‘compact’ phone – Android fans: “lame, who needs such a small device! fk apple!”.

    Typical AA hypocrisy…

    • KeyserSoze

      Hahaha, you iTards are too dense to know the difference between 4.6″ and 4″. Let me give you a clue. The 4.6″ Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is almost the same size as your larger 4.7″ iPhone 6S which is a trillion times more usable than your piece of sht iPhone 5/SE’s puny 4″ screen. People don’t still use the outdated inferior iPhone 5 because they think its tiny 4″ screen is better, they use it because it’s the only way they can afford the expensive Apple logo.

  • peerpressure

    I went from a 5.5″ OPO to a 4.7″ Fire Phone. It was a downgrade in every sense of the word, but it’s more comfortable to hold and manage. I’ve realized that I enjoy a phone that can easily fit in my pockets, then that extra smidgen of screen space. Now, 4″ is too small for me (5″ is that sweet spot). I had to use an old iphone 4S while I waited for a new phone to replace a broken one, and that 3.5″ screen was maddening. I don’t think 4″ would be much better.

  • Diego Opazo SV-Cross

    I like big phones and i can not lie
    You other users can’t deny
    That when a buddy walks in with a 5.5 inch screen
    And a little bezel in your face
    You get screened, wanna charge your phone
    ‘Cause you notice that battery is going low
    Deep in my jeans it’s ringing
    I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
    Oh nexus, I wanna get with you
    And then look at pictures
    The reviews tried to warn me
    But that screen you got makes me stary
    Ooh, Rump-o’-smooth-cover
    You say you wanna scratch my keychain?
    Well, use it, use it
    ‘Cause it ain’t that average cover
    I’ve seen them glowin’
    To hell with HD
    It’s hot, 2k,
    Got it goin’ like a amoled ‘Vette
    I’m tired of Iphones
    Sayin’ little screen are the thing
    Take the average power user and ask him that
    It’s gotta battery powerpack
    So, users!(Yeah!)users!(Yeah!)
    Has your phone got the size?(Hell yeah!)
    Tell ’em to look it! (look it!) (look it! (look it!)
    Look that density ha!
    Big screens are the hack!

  • Pm

    I’d instantaneously buy and Android phone with the specs of the SE, even for some hundred dollars more. A iOS phone, no thanks. But that’s not the point. The point is that even if I don’t have small hands, I don’t want a heavy and large phone. I have large screens at home and I need something small and light when I’m not at home. Play games… don’t care.

  • Raul Andrei

    My device history: IPhone 5- My first smartphone(i did not buy that phone, I won it on a giveaway). After 3 months I traded it for an Galaxy S3. I broke my S3 after about 7 months and I didn’t have money for a new one so I ended up with a 90$ Galaxy S. Then I bought an Galaxy S4 and that was my device for an year. (I only bought Samsung devices after I saw how easy can you root them). In Octomber 2015 I traded my GS4 for an HTC One M8 and I was very happy with it. In January I got my hands on the Nexus 5X for under 300$(in Romania that was a really good deal) and I sold the One M8. My next phone will be either the Nexus 6P, either the next Nexus. From my experience, once you go big, you never go back. User experience is much better on a bigger screen. I would only buy a “compact” phone if it were for me to use only for phone calls and some messages. Z5 Compact looks good for a secondary device.

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    I don’t see how people will be compelled to by product that they essentially already have with updated specs that Apple customers don’t care about. They should’ve updated the design to match their current form. I don’t think this is going to convert those that already have the 5s or even the 5.the design is virtually the same.

  • Phillip

    It’s a amazing to me that were even talking about a old ass phone design that came out 3 year ago. If anyone else came out with this little ass phone wed dismiss it in a minute. Only cause it’s apple . Who I guess can sell some folks shit on stick with a apple logo on it. Wow . I can get a clean iPhone 5 for $129 why on earth would you even think of this

    • HobgoblinTruth

      “It’s a amazing to me that were even talking about a old ass phone design that came out 3 year ago. ”

      Is there something wrong with the iPhone 5 design? I have handled it in stores and it feels quite good.

      “If anyone else came out with this little ass phone wed dismiss it in a minute.”

      Samsungs new flagships look quite similar to their last years offerings. Only difference is that they rounded those phones little bit like Apple does with SE.

      “I can get a clean iPhone 5 for $129 why on earth would you even think of this”

      Because SE is a lot more powerful? I’m sure you know that already if you have read the news.

    • cizzlen

      You’re one of “those” guys who needs everything to be new. You should consider yourself lucky to be able to witness all this tech in the first place that way you won’t bitch about dumb shit like Apple using a premium yet only 3 year old design.

  • aaloo

    just wait and see samsung release a flagship 4.2inch phone. lol.

  • monsterdonutkid

    iPhone SE = (S)mall (E)dition

    OMG how have I not noticed this earlier?

  • J.C.

    Bigger is not always better. I still prefer my mother’s iPhone 5 in terms of size. I have really small hands (not gonna lie, it’s not easy for us techie girls in the smartphone world when more and more phones are increasing in size each new release) and really don’t need a bigger phone than 5″ because that’s why tablets exist for me if I do get that need. A pals 5.5″ smartphone barely fits in my palm… I do, however, like how Sony handled the situation with ‘compact’ editions offering smaller sized phones with the same specs now there’s a smart move. Seems like these days it’s all about ‘bigger better faster’ while it doesn’t necessarily need to be the best solution in the end.

    • cizzlen

      “That’s why tablets exist”… exactly. Not everyone needs a huge phone but there is +- to both small and large screen size. I prefer smaller one handed use with nice form factor and design. So the SE is perfect for a guy like me.

  • ichuck7

    I don’t mind the option for other people, but I hope it doesn’t cannibalize larger screen phones. 4.7 is the absolute smallest size phone I would want to buy. I think the Galaxy S6/Edge is the screen size sweet spot.

  • teomor

    My current phone is a Galaxy A3 (2016) which is 4.7″ and very thin. I still think it’s a little too big, though. But it’s the best performance I could find at this size (not to mention how cheap it was).

  • Alec

    I think there is a market for the 4inch flagship phone, but I don’t think the phone that’s going to kick start it is the 4SE. I think people will be put off by the same design. People still want to stand out and they don’t want to be seen carrying a brand new phone that looks like it’s been out for 3 years…

  • Kattz

    I found my 3GS the other day. I charged it just to see if it still works. I know that it’s only 3.5″ but still…I couldn’t use a 4″ phone either. All that scrolling will give you carpal tunnel.

  • Sue

    I’m typing this on my Samsung galaxy ace 3.its a 4 inch phone.a spare that I never connected. Dont like it. Too small. I agree it would be great to carry around with you but im sticking to my Samsung galaxy s5.that would be the biggest size id use because its pretty big when you add a case. Ideally,something like the sony xperia z3 compact would be the perfect size. I had that phone but gave it away. Too many phones

  • Elijah C

    For me, 5 inches is perfect. 5.5 inches is okay, but anything more is too big. Anything less then 5 inches feels cramped.

  • JayArby

    My 2 cents: I hate the giant phone trend. I would really like to switch to Android next time I get a phone, but I only will if I can find a phone that I can hold in one hand and reach every corner of the screen comfortably with my thumb. 5s was the perfect size. (And for what it’s worth, I have larger than average hands.)