November 25, 2012

Some of us are content to simply use the version of Android supplied on our devices, along with any carrier-supplied updates. Some of us go a little further and run custom ROMs on our devices. But what if you want to go further? Thanks to the Android-x86 Project, you can now install Android on your PC.

Now keep in mind, this isn’t going to work as smoothly as installing a Linux distribution alongside your Windows installation, for example. Android, while based on Linux, isn’t aimed at running on PCs, so a number of things need to be reworked, and a lot of hardware may not be supported. Luckily, you can run Android off of a USB drive to make sure it works on your hardware before you decide to install anything.

If you’re interested, hit up the two source links below for a tutorial and links to everything you need to download. There is even a video tutorial that shows the whole process start to finish.

So how useful is this? Not very, for most people. For tinkerers and tech fans, however, it still may be worth doing, if only to say that you managed to install Android on your PC.

Kristofer Wouk
Kristofer Wouk is a tech writer, gadget reviewer, blogger, and whatever it's called when someone makes videos. In his free time, he likes to make music, read and write short fiction.
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