If you live in the US and are are hopelessly addicted to taking photos and videos for your Instagram feed, you now have one more option. The company has now finally flipped the switch on live streaming from the popular social networking app, but just for the US market for now.

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4 weeks ago


The new feature allows users to stream up to one hour of live video at a time on their account. In order to access it, users can swipe to the right from their Instagram feed, which launches a camera. There should now be a “Start Live Video” button visible, and all folks have to do is tap that button and they can start their live streaming experience. If you simply want to see live video from your friends, they can be found by just checking out the big “LIVE” badge on top of their account.

Keep in mind that any video clips from the live streaming feature cannot be saved directly from within the app. Instagram joins the already pretty crowded number of videos that offer live streaming features, including Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube and more.

So far, there’s no word on when the live streaming feature will be offered for more Instagram users outside the US, but we’ll be sure to let you know when more details arise.

John Callaham
John was a newspaper reporter before becoming a technology and video/PC gaming writer in 2000. He lives in Greer, SC with his wife and five cats.
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  • Marius Tomas

    Nothing surprising, now every app has to do what other apps do, won’t be surprising is Instagram soon will get snapchat option and maybe Instagram payment too? 😂 Instagram nrws

    • Marius Tomas

      Oh seems Instagram already have snapchat option….

  • YJPT

    Messenger aswell…

  • Marius Tomas

    Twitter also….

    • Marius Tomas

      I mean live video…