Following Huawei’s admission that there are multiple different memory configurations in use on the P10, the company has quietly removed mention of UFS 2.1 from the Mate 9’s product page. In yesterday’s statement, Huawei noted that in all of its P10 marketing material “there has been no commitment to the use of only one specific flash memory”. But Huawei did make such a claim for the Mate 9.

On previous versions of the official Mate 9 product page (which, coincidentally, uses the same Kirin 960 SoC as the P10), there was clear mention of both LPDDR4 and UFS 2.1, which you can see in the topmost image below. However, the section pertaining to UFS 2.1 has now been removed from several of Huawei’s global sites (I still see it on the US site, for example, but it’s gone on the UK site and several others).



While we’re not necessarily saying Huawei is up to anything nefarious – this missing detail could be due to any number of reasons – we do have something potentially relevant to mention. Following yesterday’s events, we ran the same Androbench test used on the P10 on three of our Mate 9 review units. Like the P10 units tested in China, our results varied widely. From around 250 MB/s on one device to 550 MB/s on another with a third hitting 830 MB/s. All tests were run multiple times.

As Huawei noted in its statement yesterday, “these scores are not applicable in actual use scenarios” and there are multiple factors at play that can affect the read speeds of a device’s flash memory. But if you have a Mate 9 we encourage you to run your own tests and see what kind of sequential read speed your device is getting. We’ve reached out to Huawei again for an explanation on the removal of UFS 2.1 from the Mate 9 product page and will update this post with any new information we receive.

– Thanks to Martijn for the tip!

Kris Carlon
Kris Carlon is a Senior Editor at Android Authority. He is a half-British Australian who lives in Berlin, travels a lot and is always connected to a laptop, phone, smartwatch or tablet (and occasionally a book).
  • 4Ui812

    AA’s story made them change it 👍

    • Goran

      No, AA adores huawei. They recently removed htc 10 to free space for P10(?????) as one of the best phones in 2017. With mate 9 already on the list. So with 2 cheaters phones on their list of best phones, AA actually screw their list completely. They are actually great Huawei lovers.

      • Andrés

        huawei is a solid brand – at least for now, they offer decent price/performance ratio. Also, their non-smartphone products (like 4G and GPON routers) are very good products.

        and, of course, it is “not” connected to Chinese military.

        • Goran

          You think exactly what they want you to think. I will tell you that any other Chinese manufacturer will give you better phone for less money. There is always crap in huawei, even in the most premium their phone, that is a big difference between them and top smartphone makers. Their DAC and audio components are the crappiest in the world. Their phones are overpriced the same for their price as other real flagships are for theirs. ZTE, op and lenovo do offer true value for the money. Huawei doesn’t. In some parts of the world they went mad with their prices after 6p. In my country P10 and mate 9 cost almost the same as S7 and S8. Mate S Is today priced the same as S7 after drop in price. Mate S Is the phone that couldn’t get android N, inferior Kirin , same as p8. They went mad and arrogant and this cold shower will show them their place. When they crack in China, their succes will be revealed. It’s all artificial with huawei. And a lot of lies.

          • Andrés

            well, i compare things like Huawei Note 8 (one can buy it for 370 EUR imported), compare that with 900 EUR for S8+. I agree that P9 and 10 got loose.

            the major issue of huaweis is the push notification problem – when notification don’t go through instantly, so the phones become usless if you want to stay in touch in real time.

          • Goran

            Sry man, but these phones are incomparable. Completely. True, s8+ is expensive, but that phone is top. I could say that S8+ shows with its fingerprint sensor location that sensors under the screen are close( location is obviously unhappy fast solution that shows Samsung had something else in mind). I am against dual cameras, pixel showed exactly how they should be donne, but something tells me, if not note 8, than S9 will be real surprise. Me personally, i pick metal phones, htc is my favourite brand but acting strange lately. I am against curves, glass, i need different kind of phone, reliable, durable, fast and future proof. Those who can deal with fancy glass, S8 is really great phone. Honestly, there is no better buy for the money today.

          • Andrés

            from the view of marketing department they are incomparable.

            for a person that is looking a decent screen size with some extra features, they are just possible options, and perfectly comparable.

          • Goran

            Anyone who goes for any huawei while you have lenovo p2, Moto z and play, OP3t, axon 7 on the other side is or naive or ignorant. These 2 phones are incomparable for the hardware inside, all the components, future proofnes, quality in every possible way. But i agree, not everyone need to have S8. Really. But it doesn’t mean they should end up with huawei:)

          • Goran II

            Gorane, brate, ne budi sivonja s tim Huawei hejtanjem

          • Goran

            Ej, kad vidim da mate S kod nas košta kao S7, da je mate 9 kao htc 10, skoro kao S8, moram. Iritirajući bezobrazluk. A da su dzulovi i da štede gde god mogu, jesu. Ne shvataj ovo lično. Bacio sam se na njih jer sam ubeđen da to potpuno zaslužuju.

          • Goran II

            E vjerovao ti ili ne, ja svog Matu 9 ne bih mijenjao za ništa, pobjegao sam od Samsunga i ne mislim se vraćati. Svaki mob ima svojih mušica, to ti mora biti jasno. Za mene osobno Mate 9 je vjerojatno najbolji uređaj trenutačno.
            Just tested my european Mate 9 with AndroBench and got 742 MB/s for sequential reading and 181 MB/s for seq writing, so no worries :)

          • Goran

            Čuj, kad čujem da se neko hvali da je njegov telefon brz, a ima bilo koji flagship, bilo koje kompanije, dodje mi da umrem od smeha. Svi su oni brzi. Samo su neki kao OP3t i huawei namešteni da varaju na uobičajenim testovima. Užas kako su ljudi naivni. Huawei uzme jeftini LCD, prepravi ga da podigne osvetljenje i kontrast i uništi tačnost boja, urniše ekran koji naplati kao najskuplji LCD koji pritom, nazalost, dobija pohvale jer je svetliji i sa jačim kontrastom. To je huawei sistem. Daj im ono sto traže, kako umeš i znaš ali da ne bude skupo.
            Ti zaista misliš da je mate 9 u stvarnom životu brzi i bolji od ostalih vrhunskih telefona koji ti za isti novac pružaju mnogo vise. Mate 9 je igrao na brzinu Jos prepravljanog 960 i baterije. I uspelo je jer su kupci kao ovčice. A ni ovi sto ih recenziraju, 80% nisu mnogo bolji.

          • Goran II

            Ovo sam gore izmjerio brzinu da vidim je li kod mene UFS 2.1 i jeste, znaci ovaj skandal me nije zahvatio…
            A sto se ostaloga tiče, neću ti pametovati jer vjerujem da znaš što pričaš, ali mene kao krajnjeg korisnika bole jajca dokle god mi je user experience dobar, a jeste – Mate 9 mi je bio pun pogodak, a mogao sam uzeti bilo koji flagship.

          • Goran

            Sta da ti kažem…Ponavljaj sam sebi to više puta na dan dok ne poveruješ:) pogrešio si, znam da to ne želiš da čuješ. Ako si uzeo Mate 9 za maximum 400€, onda OK. Taj telefon ne vredi više ni pare.

          • Goran II

            Nevjerojatan si, ponašaš se ko da su ti kinezi silovali i zapalili cijelo selo:)
            Jebeš telefone popij jednu pivu i opusti se malo :)

          • Goran

            E lepo si to podneo, svaka ti čast:) mada, nisu svi Kinezi isti, ali nisu ni kao ostale proverene marke. Ubuduće, preskoči huawei ako uzimaš vrhunske telefone. Za ove srednje manje, više, tu svi štede. Prijatan dan ti želim od srca.

          • Thomas Scarano

            My mate 9 side by side earphones Bluetooth sounds better the note 4 n S7….. Explain how with such cheap DAC.

          • Goran

            Well, maybe you should see an ORL specialist, clear your ears. DAC inside your phone has nothing to do with Bluetooth sound quality. It’s an digital to analog converter and plays role in wired audio. DAC and amp are(if) in your headphone so sound should be the same if both phones support same codecs. A d i think they do so sound should be the same. S8 has, with htc U coming, 5.0 Bluetooth. That should offer a bit better Bluetooth audio.

          • They have become arrogant….

  • Goran

    The truth about Huawei is slowly coming out. It was about time. Their arrogance was annoying for those who already knew what kind of cheaters they are.

    • Anon

      seriously, these things happen all the time. the S8 IEMs that are branded AKG, are acutally made by Samsung.

      • Goran

        Actually, Samsung owns Harman (akg) now. Nothing is wrong with those earphones, they are still the best that come with a phone. Right with htc’s. Unlike leica and huawei story.
        There is a reviewer on youtube (techtrinkets) where his p10 will only reach 30Mbps on wifi while his other phones reach 150Mbps to 200Mbps

        • Anon

          lol no. Made by Samsung, not the AKG division. The AKG division merely tuned it. It’s pretty much exactly the same as when Huawei used a Chinese company lens that are approved by Leica with its standards, with Leica software included.

          • Goran

            As i said, these earphones are fine. Still the best that ever came with an phone. True, made by Samsung who now owns AKG. Better go on you tube and check tech trinkets video, 5 problems with P10.

          • Anon

            lul blatant double standards.

          • Goran

            Just see the you tube video pls

    • João Cardoso (Jo Hei)

      I actually think some suppliers were ripping Huawei off because they dont fabricate those chips. Chinese on the internet found out and Huawei tries to cover up. Or Huawei did it deliberality which it would super dumb and it seems kinda weird and impossible, knowing that its easy to find out…

      idk, but when buying a new phone, im being certain now if the units dont have this problem, i download movies a lot so read and write speed is important for me

  • First time, Kudos to AndroidAuthority.

  • Aaron

    the classic “bait and switch”. not sure how this is not a scam. 🤔

  • Matias Montenegro

    Well, i feel kinda disappointed.
    They aren’t even releasing updates of the Nougat 7.0 to 7.1 or 7.2 to improve some stuffs like battery or touch response.

    I feel really sad about this news…. inspite I still love it’s performance i must say.

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Why gamble? Just don’t get a Mate 9.

    • Goran

      But what with all those who listened to many reviewers and already bought the phone, including AAs, who encouraged them, saying “it’s the best note 7 alternative” or “the best phablet available’. No wonder Trump won in USA. Reviewers keep bashing htc Ultra (true for 3.5 removal) but actually, Ultra is way better phone than mate 9. A class above.

      • João Cardoso (Jo Hei)

        the U Ultra will be called the worst flagship of 2017. unless someone fks up even worse. Not even with super bias for HTC and against Huawei you can support that idea that the HTC U Ultra is remotily good phone.

        • Goran

          Believe it or not, Ultra is a great phone that easily could have been better, and htc deserves critics for it. But this phone is flawless in performance, screen is great, camera excelent, sound on video supreme, sound clear and loud on speakers, good on headphones ( this is where htc screwed up with removal of user friendly and better sounding their 3.5, a big screw). It looks really great even with big bezels. But in all main functions, Ultra is true htc flagship. Reviewers are unfer to Ultra to big extent. They praised P10, didn’t they? Only few noticed the problem with with wi fi speed, memory speed and screen issues. Trust me, ultra is better phone than mate 9 and P10 together.

        • Goran

          No, if there is a justice in this world, P10 will be called the worst flagship in 2017. With mediocre screen, cheating with storage and wi fi components, with its screaming iPhonish design P10 is an dissapointing phone in almost every way. Be fer.

      • Чубака Иванович

        It’s like an all glass LG V20. Nothing really exciting. And battery loses charge too fast.

        • Goran

          3000 mAh is small for that big phone, i agree, but in battery tests Ultra is holding quite fine, among the best. I agree, Ultra could have been easily much better. But it’s not a bad phone by any means. Dissapointing one, but not bad.

      • Thomas Scarano

        Say what…. Your probably one of the 10 people that purchased the U whatever that thinks that. Lol

        • Goran

          Well, i wouldn’t trade my glorious 3.5 on my 10 for Ultra USB C audio. And it’s chunky metal body for U fragile glass. But in term of internals, Ultra is improvement in screen brightness, speaker loudness, audio recording, camera, processor, battery efficiency. Still no 3.5 and glass won’t make me buy Ultra. But again, it’s a great phone otherwise, just with 2 fatal flaws from my point of view. And it is for sure better than any huawei.

        • Goran

          Well, i see now why u need to convince yourself that Ultra is terrible phone. You need to find worse one than your huawei:) well it’s gonna be harder than u think. Those who bought Ultra, bought better phone.They will be angry probably bcs price droped so soon , but…Life is a bitch. Isn’t it mate:):)

  • Derek

    My Mate 9 runs like a dream and I’m going to keep on using Huawei phones because they are some of the best phones on the market.

    • Goran

      Keep repeating that to yourself.

      • Thomas Scarano

        Com on Goran. I’m a big HTC guy but the U is a joke. They took about 4 or 5 things other manufacturers used and put it in the U. HTC already dropped the price 150 bucks after what. 2 weeks. Lol

        • Goran

          I didn’t say that it’s priced right. HTC phones are expensive. Not original in some areas, very original but fragile back. It’s bashed, htc already has problematic sales so drop is surprising but expected. I will tell you that in my oppinion, htc 10 is still the best their phone, and Ultra is not good all arounder as 10. 3.5 removal is insane. But that phone is not bad. Not at all.

  • Carlvondj

    UFS 2.1 is now also gone from US site :D

  • Sasa Jevric

    Should we sue them? :)

  • Happy

    The first non-Chinese hands-on Youtube videos about the new Mi6 were mainly from Russian tech vloggers and I really enjoy them as the Russians turned out to be quite entertaining. When Xiaomi was showing some sample photos which looked impressive, the Russian vlogger was saying: “Yes, impressive, but for sure there has been a lot of photoshopping. The Chinese are cunning guys so they know how to deceive.” And when the phone was shown another vlogger was saying: “And here it is with a design straight from 2016.”

  • Kevin Davis

    BUSTED, and Disappointing.

    Huawei, you’re not exactly endearing yourselves for product placement in US carrier stores with extremely shady moves like this.

  • Gator352

    This is why i don’t buy Chinese.

  • Ferenc Morvai

    I think this is a completely unnecessary to worry about.
    until these benchmark results not have been compared no one even noticed anything about this
    I did run the benchmark on my p10 plus and these are just numbers.

    • Ivelin Ognyanov

      For inatance games will load 2-3 times faster on ufs 2.1. The difference is there and while emmc 5.1 is ok, it’s not fair to have such different parts. Also the fact they advertised it as ufs 2.1 (mate 9) and if it turn out there are units with emmc 5.1 – there is a law suits coming for sure.

  • Dusit Mark

    As a recent convert from Samsung to Huawei, (I have the P9) I’m extremely unhappy to find out that they are just another deceitful Chinese company. This is a serious breach of trust and I will look elsewhere for my next phone and tablet purchases. The dodgy excuses may work on Chinese customers but not with Western ones. They better start rethinking their whole attitude to their customers. United Airways learned the hard way about “re-accommodating” their customers!

    • maniac62

      No, as a Chinese, I can say these excuses are not going to work on Chinese customers either. The Chinese customers are quite furious on the Chinese websites now.

    • Anon

      You may have to convert away from Samsung again for the same reason.

      android authority new article : Samsung also removes UFS 2.1 mention on Galaxy S8 spec

  • bboyheat

    No different than your local Chinese take out restaurant.

    You paid for chicken and got pigeon.

    Same bait and switch as with any Chinese transaction.

    • SoHot!

      Hey dude.. please don’t go down the slippery slope.

    • Anon

      android authority new article : Samsung also removes UFS 2.1 mention on Galaxy S8 spec

  • Powsniffer0110

    Not surprising honestly.

  • Abid Hassan

    Damn all the fancy words. Its a SCAM. Period

  • bloodless

    Sketchy company. What else are they not telling us ? Chinese back-door stealing personal info from the phones ?

  • Boontarin Charoenthitiwong

    Just Chinese company being a Chinese company

  • dlgh

    As a diehard huawei fan, I’m so disappointed in them. This is theft!!

  • James Bryant

    Hmm I’m getting 550 on my mate 9. What, if anything does this indicate?

  • Karly Johnston

    Another case of fraud by Huawei confirmed.