Interview with Huawei at CES talks challenges, successes and more

by: John DyeJanuary 9, 2016

At CES 2016, our own Darcy LaCouvee interviewed Bill Plummer, the VP of External Affairs for Huawei. In their discussion, Plummer outlined the company’s success over the previous year. The two addressed the looming challenges of 2016 including concerns about how the company is perceived by Americans, the allure of the “interweb of stuff” – Plummer says he hates the term IoT – and even the insanity of US politics.

After touching briefly on the new Honor 5X, Plummer discussed the collaborative effort to develop the Nexus 6P between the Chinese company and Google. Plummer also hinted that collaboration on a future Nexus project may be in the cards for Huawei.

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From there, the two discussed the importance of building infrastructure to support the growing number of devices becoming active as part of the Internet of Things. Plummer said that if 3G can be thought of as a trickle of water, and 4G can be thought of as a river, then 5G will have to an ocean if it’s going to support technology as it continues to develop along current trends.

He also spoke of the importance of staying flexible, because although we will still have smartphones five to ten years down the road, ultimately we will drop these devices in favor of more integrated wearables. As a leader in infrastructure, Huawei is working to improve 4G worldwide while making preparations to make the inevitable leap to 5G sometime in the future.


As a final aside, Plummer, a former diplomat, commented on the US presidential election as “one of the weirdest campaigns [he’s] ever seen.” Be sure to give the full interview a watch for all the details, and click the button below to see all of our CES coverage. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!

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  • Grahaman27

    Great interview. I love finding these gems.

  • Rafael

    Congrats Darcy and keep those interviews coming, very enlightenment and the questions were very interesting and intriguing its response. Kudos. Nice tie too.

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    For those who can’t pronounce the name

    • RobotDavid

      Nope, it’s pronounced “wah-way.”
      They even say it in the video.

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        Ha ha ha

  • DrCarpy

    Darcy is the man! Love the fact that Android Authority is always working hard to be awesome! Thanks guys, it’s appreciated!

  • moew

    It’s like Darcy LaCouvee is talking to future Darcy LaCouvee! Nice interview, good to see highlights like this! (assuming that’s Darcy LaCouvee with the tie!)

  • Karly Johnston

    The US isn’t late to adopt technology. It is just a big country and takes massive infrastructure investment to deploy it.

    • James Maclean

      As opposed to China with it’s tiny land mass and population?

      • Karly Johnston

        China is trying to make the jump to 5G when it can’t deliver better than an average 2G speed. At least the US is clocking 36mbps average.