Smartphone growth sees Huawei announce a 35 percent revenue boost

by: Robert TriggsDecember 31, 2015


While a number of big smartphone manufacturers have been having another tough year, Huawei looks to have been one of 2015’s big winners. The company has just announced a few details about its full year profits, which have leapt up by 35 percent on the previous year.

Huawei Products 2015:

Huawei has declared that its full year revenue reached 390 billion Yuan, or USD$60.1 billion, and the company noted a “solid increase in profits and cash flow”. The company is a little light on exactly how its profits break down and doesn’t make a habit of releasing quarterly results, but strong smartphone sales appear to have played a major part in its revenue growth.

Back in December, Huawei announced that it had sold 100 million handsets in 2015, an increase of 33 percent over the previous year. The company also seems to have weathered the slowdown in the Chinese smartphone market rather well, partly thanks to the expansion of its Honor brand overseas. The company overtook Xiaomi to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in China this year, while Honor is the second biggest handset brand in Europe.

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The Honor brand will be entering the US market in 2016, which, along with the Nexus 6P, could give the company another big boost to shipments as we head into another year. There is still a way to go to catch up with the top two, but Huawei has risen to become a major player in the smartphone market this year.

  • mogelijk

    Looks like being selected to make the Nexus 6P has really helped Huawei.

    • s2weden2000

      not the 6p…

  • vmxr

    i’ve start seeing people around me moving from samsung to huawei phones

    • AbbyZFresh


  • Karly Johnston

    Samsung is the biggest brand in Europe, so you are saying more Honor phones are sold than iPhones?

    • AbbyZFresh

      They’re currently the biggest brand right now. But with Apple’s rising market share and Huawei being right behind them in Europe, the climate might look different next Christmas.

    • s2weden2000

      no , they are not saying the article again …

  • s2weden2000

    ePicness …

  • eliHd

    I am using honor 7 @ the moment. Im happy with it. The only downside with 99% of chinese phones are the camera is not as good as samsung/apple. If you want to have a good camera chinese phone get oppo f7a and upwards. I dont know why the chinese cant make good cameras!?

    • SharkGaming

      A camera isn’t the kind of thing that looks as good on a spec sheet as core count or a high clock speed