Look out Apple and Samsung: Huawei shipped over 100 million phones in 2015

by: Darcy LaCouveeDecember 18, 2015

Huawei Mate 8 AA-

When I got my hands on the Huawei Mate 7 for the first time, I knew that this company was on to something. Despite some glaring software issues, the phone was highly attractive, the hardware was excellent, and the rear fingerprint scanner was one of the best implementations I’d ever witnessed. Since then, Huawei has only went uphill, introducing the Huawei Mate S, and more recently the Nexus 6p and Mate 8. Not only is the hardware prowess on the upward march, so is consumer interest it seems.

Huawei has now announced it has shipped more than 100 million smartphones this year, putting in on ground that is almost even with major competitors Samsung and Apple.

The big difference between Huawei and the other ‘big two’ is that the bulk of the third largest phone manufacturer lies in China and other parts of Asia. That said, Huawei has made a push towards the western markets in 2015 and in 2016 is reportedly set to bring the Mate 8, Honor 5x, and other key products to the United States. Will this continued push allow Huawei to jump ahead of the current smartphone kings, Samsung and Apple? While it’s hard to say for sure, there is no denying that Huawei is on a roll, like them or not.

For Huawei, it likely will come down to marketing, and software. Huawei has proven that it has the hardware and design side of things down, with the Nexus 6p winning our “people’s choice” award for the best Android phone of the year. If Huawei can find a way to makes it software more western market friendly on its non-Nexus devices, things will only go up from here.

What do you think of Huawei? Impressed by what you’ve seen, or less optimistic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Got a Huawei P8 and in few ways I’m disappointed. Huawei is amazing and has a bright future, and will probably kick Samsung’s ass. The only disappointing aspect of my P8 is its battery which is kinda tiny. But that’s all! Huawei is perfect in my opinion. :)

  • Tony G.

    Yes, I am loving my 6P.

  • PC_Tool

    100 million all year, huh?

    Samsung shipped 84 Million in just Q3, Apple shipped 48 Million. That’s one quarter.

    I highly doubt they are worried….

    • TJ

      It’s still forward progress. This article is just pointless and poorly written.

    • jasonlowr

      Everyone thought xiaomi was a threat just over a year ago and look where is it now.

      • i hate flash sales

        xiaomi fault (the same as oneplus) is a limited way of purchasing it. It might be fun to buy online at certain time at first. But after a while, WHO CARES..

        XiaoMi need to stop the flash sales, and do normal sales with no STOCK OUT periodically show up.

      • AsterMK

        Xiaomi sells just as much as Huawei does in their home market, China.
        Once Xiaomi expands worldwide (since Huawei is still available in a lot more countries than Xiaomi is), they might just become the #1 OEM in the world sales wise.

        • Cicero

          No, Xiaomi can’t expand outside Asia because of legal problems about fees to pay for using some patents.

          • AsterMK

            And yet they’re being sold outside of Asia in certain countries just fine.

          • Cicero

            “certain countries” is different from being a worldwide player. This involves also customer care and service along with partners and direct sales.

          • AsterMK

            It also still refutes his statement about them not being able to expand outside Asia.

            But you’re right.

      • Airyl

        What’s wrong with Xiaomi? They seem pretty alive at the moment.


    Someone who writes about smartphones for a living, wrote “Huawei has now announced it has shipped more than 100 million smartphones this year, putting in on ground that is almost even with major competitors Samsung and Apple”

    Considering that Samsung sold 314 million phones in 2014 and Apple 193 million, this doesn’t really work does it?

    So, really it’s not even is it, and furthermore, Samsung and Apple aren’t even are they? Rounding a bit, this is 100 million, 200 million, 300 million (for Huawei, Apple and Samsung respectively).

    • Theresa

      Get the Nexus 5x, 6p and more now only on

    • apple huawei

      Huawei on the rise by big number
      Apple has hit the peak, and loosing momentum.

    • Bur

      You can’t see the big picture? Huawei is growing strong and it’s growing fast. They have grown from around 50 mil in 2013 tot 100 in 2015. Meanwhile, Samsung and Apple are floating around the same numbers. The Mate8 will rocketlaunch that number higher. If they also manage to surprise everybody with the p9 like the mate8 did, Huawei will soon be among the top brands.

      Another note: The CEO said he was aiming for 100 mil this year, and everybody commented that it was too optimistic for a brand like Huawei.

      I like this news a lot, competition is healthy for brands, Sammy and Apple need some pressure (especially Apple)

      • ERYREB

        Read the quoted statement above, it’s factually incorrect. Your prediction about the future is irrelevant. Just last year the press wouldn’t stop talking about Xiaomi and how fast they were growing. Huawei may well pass Apple in a few years, but they haven’t yet, and they will need to double their volumes to do so, not an easy task (albeit Huawei is not Xiaomi and have a much better chance of doing so).

    • Andye82

      You forgot that we are talking about momentum here. If Huawei growth rate is more than 100% and both Apple and Samsung are close to 0 or even negative they really do need to get worried since they are losing market share now

      • ERYREB

        Please point out where I stated that Apple and especially Samsung are not concerned about Huawei’s growth. Huawei is presently 1/3 the size of Samsung in terms of Smartphone sales, and 1/2 the size of Apple. They are not equivalent, despite what this author says. In a slowing market, to double or triple in size is going to be a challenge. Huawei unlike Xiaomi, can leverage their extensive carrier relationships to expand globally, and in my personal opinion have a much better chance of passing Apple than Xiaomi ever did.

        • Karly Johnston

          What carrier relationships? The overseas sales are sold unlocked.

          • ERYREB

            I’m not talking handsets. Huawei is the largest telecomm equipment provider in the world. I know that T-Mobile in the US use their gear. In Europe, BT, Vodafone and Orange amongst many others use their equipment.

          • Karly Johnston

            That relationship doesn’t crossover into handset bloatware relationship.

          • ERYREB

            I’m not sure where you get your information. I get mine firsthand. I was in the telecomm industry for almost 20 years and I can tell you emphatically that you’re wrong.

          • Karly Johnston

            I started my telco career back when you were in diapers. Currently I lobby for them in Washington and can guarantee there are no Chinese relations going on with the Big Four. It isn’t worth the hassle to them to deal with companies suspected of espionage. The only reason the 6P is dealt with is thanks to Google’s hand washing.

          • Airyl

            “No Chinese relations” huh? Pray tell then, which company manufactures their equipment?

          • Karly Johnston

            Alcatel-Lucent is a big one. Huawei Technologies is banned from selling network equipment in the US.

  • Benni Bennetsen

    Difference between h. And Samsung is that h. Is in asia.. ? good luck with that statement..

    • ERYREB

      Poorly written article. I think the author was trying to say that the vast majority of Huawei’s sales are in China.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Huawei is really gunning up for the top.

    All they need is software improvements and boom, Samsung and Apple have to be legimiately afraid.

    • Cicero

      If Samsung will do some software improvements of TW and bring back some features like micro SD, what do you think abou market sahre of Samsung?

      • Airyl

        It’s not going to change.

  • Paydrow

    Nexus 6p is absolutely astonishing. Bought it a week ago and I’m still amazed how awesome I find it. Huawei has a bright future indeed.

    • systemupdate

      I have been getting defective products and keep on replacing them. Maybe they should improve their QC.

      • Victor Creed


        • systemupdate

          Haha. That has got to be the most immature reply I have ever read (so far). Do a little research and you will see the kinds of defects people have been having with their devices. For instance, the volume rocker rattle and bottom panel being uneven.
          Don’t get me wrong I am ordering until I get a good device but that is the reality.

          • Airyl

            And? Just about every company under the sun releases defective products every so often. The main reason we hear a lot about Huawei defects (as well as Samsung and Apple defects) is because these companies sell many more units than their competitors.

          • Itamar Baum

            mostly true, but the 6p does have a few design flaws, nothing major. (in my opinion it is nothing compared to the AntenaGate on the iPhone 4, or the stylus on the note 5) but enough that i would get the extended warranty they offer.

  • abazigal

    Still trumpeting the merits of market share over profits, I see?

    Weren’t we in an identical scenario 2 years back, only with Samsung in place of Huawei?

    • Andreas Larsson

      Profit say only how much a company can fool consumers while market share tells how popular a brand is

  • charlie Jason

    I love my 6P, but they have to first put stock android on their non nexus phones for me to seriously consider their other offerings.

  • Say What??

    I predicted this over six months ago that if Huawei can take their smartphone business here to the states then Samsung and Apple will be worried (even if they say they’re aren’t, they are) Better pricing and well built phones will help them be relevant here in the US. The give the consumer what the consumer wants, not what they think we want. Having a huge battery and removable storage is crucial to a lot of people. A good camera on top of that and and being so slim with a 78 percent screen to body ratio is a winner. I’m buying the Mate 8 over the Galaxy A9.

  • tiggerlator

    mate 8 phone of year, best looking phone of year