htc one m9+ press shot (1)

HTC today in Beijing introduced the newest member of the One family, the M9+, a larger M9-lookalike with a couple of key differentiating features.

The One M9+ features a 5.2-inch Quad HD LCD display (2560 x 1440), and not 5.5-inch, as some rumors have suggested. This makes it HTC’s second Quad HD device after the 5.5-inch One E9+, which was released just last week, and technically superior to the Full HD M9.

htc one m9+ press shot (4)

Inside, the M9+ features a 64-bit MediaTek Helio X10 (MT6795T) processor, with eight Cortex A53 cores running at up to 2.2GHz and integrated LTE, as well as 3GB of RAM.

Design-wise, the M9+ is very similar to the One M9, featuring the same two-tone silver/golden paintjob and similar styling. However, it will be easy to spot the M9+ out, thanks to two distinctive elements: the fingerprint sensor on the front and the Duo Camera on the back.

htc one m9+ press shot (3)

The fingerprint sensor is touch-based (no more swiping!), though its positioning and especially its Samsung-style appearance are a bit questionable. The Duo Camera on the back is comprised of a 20MP main shooter, along with a secondary depth sensor, just like on last year’s M8. Also like on the M8, the main camera is rounded, which arguably looks better than the square style on the M9. The front shooter remains a 4MP UltraPixel camera.

HTC has not revealed pricing or availability details, but it looks likely that the One M9+ will remain exclusive for China.

The One M9+ retains some of the other specifications of its smaller brother, including the BoomSound speakers with Dolby Audio enhancements and the 2840 mAh battery, though actual battery life will surely differ due to the higher density screen and different SoC.

The release of the M9+, even if it’s only pertaining to China, is a curious move by HTC. Releasing two very similar devices in quick succession is itself a questionable tactic, while the reasons for the adoption of the MediaTek processor are unclear.

Which device would you choose between the M9 and the M9+? Would you like HTC to make the M9+ available in more markets?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • roger’d

    HTC has given me a confused feeling like when Santa Claus failed to deliver gifts when I was away for Christmas one year.

    • KeepYourPlan

      That’s just because you haven’t seen the Flagship they will have coming out in May.

      • roger’d

        If what you’re saying is true then I will be a happy camper. Love my M8, waiting for the next big thing from them.

      • Lethal_1

        So what is their “Flagship” bringing out in May.? Do tell …

  • Tyler

    I was really excited when I saw this, until I learned it was only going to be sold in China. I guess I’ll just keep my M7 until the M10 comes out…

    • Johnny Grinter

      Me too.

    • Dr Varun

      Same here! My M7 is now more than 2 years old and still love it. Well, all except the Camera.In my opinion,sense UI is amazing. But looking at the series of failures HTC is giving us, I might just be tempted by some other brand. Waiting for the Oneplus Two.

      • KeepYourPlan

        Camera has been great on the M7…Good low light pictures, also like the wide angle format.

    • Teodor Andrei

      well. i see that we’re some people wishing to do that. or maybe i’ll move to the note 5 when it comes out

    • jayohe12

      The m9 is really a good upgrade for m7, trust me. one quick example…. They have a community dedicated to creating new themes for your phone! Actual users. The screen is also better and I’m addicted to messing with the face fusion camera software

      • KeepYourPlan

        Poor low light camera.

        • jayohe12

          Without the flash yeah… With the flash.. no

  • BatDroid

    E9+ looks better.

  • Kunal

    This is really outstanding
    I am loving HTC’s smartphones
    I wish i could get io otherwise i am having the M8 and i was eagerly waiting for this device
    I want one

  • namesib

    I’m bored of that design.

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      I could live with the design, but the useless black bezels are too much

      • hur

        The bezel isn’t even that big a deal

  • Zouhir Leemrani

    That black bar though, it’s so ugly.

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    Wow…. So bigger screen,sharper screen, but same capacity as the lackluster m9? The logic….I really hope HTC finds their groove soon otherwise 2015 will be their last hurrah.

    • JGaLaXY

      theyre so stupid for this one

  • ElkHair14

    Which device would you choose between the M9 and the M9+?
    The M9 is NOT on my short list, however the M9+ WOULD BE, if available in the US of A.

  • Marty

    “HTC has not revealed pricing or availability details, but it looks likely that the One M9+ will remain exclusive for China.”

    If true, I’m glad I shunned HTC for Samsung. That’s intolerable…releasing such nice hardware and not letting everyone have it.

  • Lethal_1

    What the hell is wrong with “Battery” technology these days.? 2840mAh is just pathetic!! – This should be around or over the 3,500+ mAh area for “smartphones” of today! – I’m itching for a new phone, & I’ve had 3 Htc phones myself, but this M9 or M9+ is NOT doing it for me this round. Feels like their doing an “iPhone or Samsung”, IE; Bring out a new phone with shithouse specs being subpar to what else you can get out there! Tho I’m not buying, the OPPO Find 7, Saygus v² , & the Energy Phone Pro QI, do have my attention. So WAKEUP HTC, you’re doing it wrong!

    • kris

      You complain about battery capacity but if they made a bigger battery you’d be whining about how bulky the device is smh

      • Lethal_1

        Typical response to someone you don’t know! Do you feel better now.?
        You’re “assuming” I am 1 of those people, so I can assure you, I am NOT.

  • dangerousgaming

    wtf 5.2inch? Was gonna buy it if it’s 5.5. Dealbreaker

    • Ismail Akram

      You in China ;)

    • Akhilesh Kelkar

      Then take a look at E9+. Same specs as M9+ but a little slower processor at 2GHz and 2 GB ram only. But with a 5.5 inch 2560*1440 pixel display as you need.

  • eilegz

    mediatek or mtk? this thing its gonna lag so bad. i wonder if this its a mid low device to deceive the chinese market

    • Lord_Kaizer

      lol so true but i think Mediatek step up there game with this new SOC

  • IKE

    Tyler – I feel the same way. I might even start to explore another brand. I am hoping another announcement to tell us that they will release this to other location other than just China.

  • thepeddle

    Makes you wonder a) why wasn’t this the original M9 release b) why go Media Tek if the 8 core snapdragon 64 bit 810 is as good as people say. I think they weren’t ready for the release and now realize like Samsung did that the 810 had issues.

    • Lord_Kaizer

      810 is seriously bugged just think about it,how can LG go back to older 808 for their G4 which supposed to be the answer to the S6

  • mahdi

    i want buy a smart phone after the 7 years! hehe
    now i love m9 +! -_-
    looklike they sell in china! -_-
    no other country just china hehehehe -_- :'(
    i dont know lugh or cry! :D -_-

  • McLaren F1P1

    Home button, but on screen buttons as well? Now possible to make round style camera, but not on flagship M9? Useless black bar still present! Samsung inspired home button, but couldn’t launch a shape of their own? Triple sound speakers or 1 fake defying further good symmetry?
    Shows their arrogance!! I’m no longer an HTC fan after the M9 and now this ugly thing!
    Wish you all the worst, arrogant HTC!!
    A company like that shouldn’t even survive in this market with irrelevant design irks, very arrogant and the worst advertisements ever and ever!

    • guest

      A round camera opposed to a square one is really a big deal? Lol seriously. The black HTC bezel is not as big a deal as ppl make it seem.

  • Calvin Goff

    You all act like the m9+ is so much better than the M9. All it has is a finger print scanner and better screen resolution, which in most cases, drains the battery way to fast anyway. Also the Snapdragon 810 is doing amazing. I had the s6 edge and I couldn’t open 2 apps without the thing lagging. I was always waiting for it to do what I wanted. I returned it and got the HTC one m9 and nothing has gone wrong and the battery is so much better. Samsung just didn’t do a good job with making the processor battery and ram efficient. Over 80% of the ram on the s6 is always in use. Even without doing anything on the device.

    • Lord_Kaizer

      Test have shown Samsung new 14nm SOC is freaking awesome on battery life it beat out alot of 1080p phones for battery life it probably can outpaced M9 with that bugged 810

  • Hector Nomak

    wtf! why they get back to duel camera? this is really confusing!

  • Rick_Deckard

    So let me get this straight… HTC released the M9, which is the M8.1 to the entire world… Now HTC has released the M9plus, the real M9 only to China!!!??? That’s pathetic…

  • Noel Kelly

    Meh, they dun’ f***ed up. What have they done to that thing? Why did they make it look like a Samsung? Looks so far like yet another year will go by of me seeing phones that just make me appreciate my Nexus 5…

  • ifixitScott

    They chopped the speaker in two and put in the fingerprint scanner. They could have removed the dumb HTC black bar and put it there.

    • Lord_Kaizer

      I know right lol

  • Vincent Weiskopff

    The build quality was the only thing that put htc in a different class. Well, that and sound. Which Samsung has now rectified the build. If htc doesn’t pull the proverbial rabbit out of it’s hat, and soon. Samsung will solve the sound gap.
    I love htc and have owned four of them. I beg htc to please keep the premium build. Design a thinner front facing duel speaker and remove the black bar. Give us the same size phone with larger screen real estate and 2k resolution. This will shut down samsungs amoled lead. Keep the micro sd, that they failed to do and that’s it. All I’m trying to say is…..If you build it, they will come.

  • John

    The only problem is that I don’t want the htc logo on the front. It just wastes the space for the screen to just be there.

    • prano

      It makea space for the actual boomsound speaker which everyone loves.

  • Ben Edwards

    I would take this over the “regular” M9 if not for the physical home button (seriously, who cares about a fingerprint scanner?!) and the Mediatek processor.

    Oh and the Chinese-market only availability.

  • Mohd Ashfaq Ahmed

    Guys u can get a full specifications of HTC One M9+

  • Derek Lee

    I am very confused and annoyed by the HTC market strategy, it really makes its fans lost faith in them. Dual camera is their flagship major feature, now with dual 20 megapixel camera only launch in China without letting fans from other places to have it, what a shame.

    • Lethal_1

      Why couldn’t they have put the Duo Camera & Fingerprint Scanner in the M9 first.? They’re not the only reasons, but I agree, I’ve lost faith now .. I’ve been loyal for the past 3 Htc devices, & these 2 flagships (M9 & M9+) have lost it for me. They’re turning into “iphones & samsungs”, ie; new phone, same shit … Already looking elsewhere for well established unknowns with the same or better specs here, but a cheaper price!

  • fraserb64

    Bad business decision to limit the market to China especially when the Local big brands do well.
    HTC, don’t ignore the rest of the world for the benefit of one country especially when you are not one of the market leaders anywhere.
    Even Apple had to release 2 handsets globally.

  • Infidel Gastro

    I don’t know what the big deal is about with the black bar, I never even noticed it until some people started complaining about it. It wouldn’t bother me in the least.

  • Akhilesh Kelkar

    HTC One M9+ launched in India (Not china specific) for INR 52500(Approx 843$). Should hit the stores in May(Edit: 3 May to be exact). Even E9+ is launched (No pricing given)

  • Marcus Crescini

    Stupid ass HTC, the M9 Plus should have just been the regular M9 in the first place!

  • Zoltan

    M9+ should have been the upgrade to the M8. At least that is what people were looking for. HTC’s CEO Cher Wang made the brilliant decision M9 was good enough for North American an EU markets. While M9+ was more for China and India. Essentially telling the rest of the market “you’re only worth 80% of a One M device”.Brilliant :
    Cheers M8

  • 2569kinseb

    This is one reason HTC does really bad know making exclusive phones,all the different HTC phones they made in America exclusive for a carrier is why I will not buy a HTC phone again forget how many turn to crap after a year