HTC One M9 on T-Mobile, Verizon to get Marshmallow next week

by: John DyeFebruary 12, 2016


If you’re like most Verizon or T-Mobile users with an HTC One M9, then you’ve been sitting alone in your darkened apartment, sighing heavily and staring out a window trickled over with rivulets of rainwater for at least the past month and a half solid. Yes, it was all the way back in December when Marshmallow began rolling out for unlocked variants of your device, but here you’ve been stuck with Lollipop well into the new year. Fear not! Your time of banishment is coming to an end, because HTC has announced that Marshmallow is coming to your One M9 starting next Tuesday!

Android 6.0 marshmallow logo DSC_0126See also: Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates roundup – February 12, 2016157

That’s right. Mo Versi, product manager at HTC, revealed via tweet that technical approval has been received for T-Mobile devices, and that the rollout would begin next week. Shortly thereafter, Versi confirmed that Verizon variants of the device too were slated for Marshmallowy rewards on the same day, February 16, 2016. These two carriers will be tied for second-place with the Marshmallow rollout on this device, as Sprint customers have been quietly gloating for the past week or two.

Are you an HTC One M9 owner on T-Mobile or Verizon? Let us know if you’re stoked about receiving the Marshmallow update in the comments below. Those of us who are still using Lollipop like Amish people can perhaps get some vicarious joy out of your excitement.

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  • Zeak

    I’m extremely excited! Been waiting for a long time (Verizon). Hopefully it improves the batterylife and overall snappiness of the phone as well!

    • Johnny Dwyer

      No disrespect, but if your hoping your M9 gets snappier, you just happen to have a bad device. I don’t know of a phone that’s smoother or snappier than a M9 or M8

      • Zeak

        Just like some stuttering In the running apps screen or waiting a couple seconds to type on my SwiftKey keyboard when I open it. I’m gonna reset my phone after the update anyway, so hopefully that helps. Just general hangups

  • Andrew Tinari

    M9’s are the most slow over heating app closing…bombing phones I’ve ever had…or is that just Android as a whole. This phone is junk.

    • Steve Steiner

      I’ve not had an issue with mine at all.

      • Rickyhaze

        I haven’t either.