HTC One M10 could land in the US in May

by: Nirave GondhiaFebruary 11, 2016

HTC One M10 could look similar to the One A9, pictured here

HTC may have failed with its flagship efforts last year, but the mid-range One A9 heralded a new era of design for the Taiwanese manufacturer. This year, the company has its sights set firmly on the flagship market, and today we’re hearing that the new HTC One M10 could launch in the US in early May.

HTC in video:

The One M10 was initially expected to make its debut at MWC 2016 in ten days’ time but recent rumours first suggested, a launch in March, before the current plans for an announcement in London on April 11th leaked into the wild. Today’s rumour comes from perennial tipster evleaks, who has a long track record of accurate leaks and suggests we’ll see the M10 hit retail stores across the US around May 9th.

What the One M10 will be called however, is another question: while HTC is expected to stick with the One branding for its new flagship, the “M10” moniker is expected to make way for another, as yet unknown, moniker. The company could potentially stick with the M-branding but with the premium model for Asia – the One X9 – using the X-branding, we could yet see the company move away from the M naming convention.

The One M10 is rumoured to look similar to the One A9 and is expected to sport a 5.1-inch QHD AMOLED display and a 12MP Ultrapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilisation and laser autofocus. It will run Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Sense 8 on top and will be powered by a Snapdragon 820 in Europe or an unspecified MediaTek chipset if you’re in Asia.

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On paper the specs list certainly sounds impressive enough to pose a real threat to devices from Samsung and LG  but do you think the One M10 is enough for HTC to realise its comeback aims? What do you think the handset will be named when it launches and are you planning to buy one? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Mark Hirst

    I think M10 is probably what they will call it, their imagination has run out. If it looks anything like every device HTC has rolled out since the M7, then it won’t do anything for their turnover or reputation. Pretty much all devices currently available have similar specs to the ones mentioned here, there’s only the design which sets them apart. What happened to HTC’s design department – are they all on strike?

  • Rob Phillips

    HTC has one of the best designs and premium builds of any smartphone. It’s a solid phone. Where HTC has fallen way behind is obviously the camera department with no optical Image stabilization and horrible Toshiba sensors that. But adding OIS and having better sensors this time around hopefully will but them in the same category as Samsung and LG. Although that would be quite an accomplishment in itself if they could pull that off. But even if they was on par with other manufacturers on the camera they have rumored to ditch the boom sound speakers which in my opinion set there phone apart from everyone. If only HTC could put all the specs and hardware into 1 phone they would be back in the race. Add that with poor marketing strategies

    • King_Android

      I personally love the design of Galaxy phones over HTC newly revamped design. I dont too much care for a phone that now resembles an iPhone. Xiaomi has a similar design, at a much much cheaper price point if design is what people care most about. But due to such a late release date, this phone is already DOA.

    • RockStar2005

      I agree with EVERYTHING you just said

    • I honestly do think they Boomsound is their differentiator; however, I really ponder did that reach outside of their core, loyal fanbase, or not. Like was it a necessity for all users outside of us techies? I loved HTC Boomsound, but honestly, I never really used it. I used headphones. Some people work and/or are in school (younger demographic like myself), and typically you put your smartphone on vibrate/silent. Then, I think would someone really choose external speakers over headphones. So I’m indecisive on that. I think it’s great they did incorporate it on the software side when you plug in your headphones.

      I think it would’ve been a great idea if they incorporated the little slit front-facing dual stereo speakers like on the HTC Desire Eye, if it was a design issues. Not sure how much space those take up vs the ones on the HTC One M9.

  • sonicboomin

    May, i’m not waiting until May. Looks like LG and Samsung will have first grabs and HTC will get the leftovers. For me wouldnt have mattered. no Plus size, No HTC, FAIL

  • balcobomber25

    Problem for HTC is they are always priced way too high for what they offer. This will probably launch for around $750.

    • I doubt it. The HTC One M9 was priced higher, but it was only $650. I can’t seem them launching it at $750. Possibly $650 again though, and that’s possibly primarily because of how much of a loss they took financially last year.

      • balcobomber25

        $750 was more of an exaggeration of how overpriced their phones have become (although in several countries overseas the price came very close to or exceeded that figure). HTC isn’t Samsung, LG or Apple to where they can charge a premium for their brand name. These phones should be at most $450, and even that is pushing it.

  • King_Android

    Author how is this gonna compete with the S7 and the G5 when they are set to be release in a few days not months down the road? This is horrible news if I was an HTC investor. WHo will want this when the S7 and the G5 has been out for months and all of the normal consumers friends would already have the latest and greatest telling them all about it. Not to mention the moves Samsung is making with Samsung Pay. HTC is basically dead in the water if they continue with these horrible business decisions such as releasing a flagship with specs similar or worse than phones that has been out for months already with a healthy following. They need to just sell off their mobile division, facilities and partnerships to a company that will know how to bring them back from the dead.

  • charles smith


    • Shane

      My m8 & m9 have no camera issues. Sorry about your bad luck

  • sateeshk

    Dont know what HTC is thinking about the market strategy by launching the phone much later, by the time i believe LG and Samsung would have acquired most of the android players, also if we know how the design and the actual specs might be people can wait for M10, if it sounds comparatively in pricing and having good hardware specs. If not then HTC will be shutting down its Mobile operations soon.

  • Btort

    So many HTC rumors….they are probably all wrong

  • steadymobb

    I’ve played with it. No boomsound iPhone clone. I do like the touch fingerprint scanner on the front though. It’s not an actual push button.