HTC One M10 reportedly will feature a 5.2-inch display

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 9, 2016


While most of the next-gen spotlight has found itself casted onto Samsung and LG, it’s only a matter of time before HTC also unveils its next flagship. It is still unclear if the phone will arrive at MWC later this month, though most rumors point to a release sometime thereafter. Despite a lack of launch timeframe details, we are starting to see a clearer picture of what to expect from HTC with the One M10, including the design – which is said to follow a similar path to the HTC One A9. One area that has been less clear is screen size, until now.

Initial rumors suggested we were looking at a larger 5.1-inch QHD display this time around, an upgrade from the 5-inch 1080p display on the One M9. According to well-known HTC-leaker @LlabTooFeR however, it appears that the screen will be even larger than originally suggested at 5.2-inches diagonal (QHD). We can’t say we are surprised by the claimed jump up .2-inches, as 5.2 to 5.5-inches has seemingly become the accepted standard for flagships over the last year.

Years ago, 5-inches was thought to be “massive”, and yet, ironically, it is increasingly becoming the screen size associated with “small handsets” these days, thanks in large part to ever shrinking bezels that allow manufacturers to pack larger displays into smaller spaces.

htc one a9 first impressions aa (12 of 45)See also: HTC One M10: Everything you need to know14

As for the HTC One M10’s other specs? While @LlabTooFeR brings us no new information, previous leaks suggest we’re looking at a Snapdragon 820 powered device with Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Sense on top. Little has been said in regards to battery, RAM, or storage configurations at this point.

What do you think, are you excited to see what HTC has up its sleeve in 2016? Or have you completely lost interest in the once-king of mobile?


  • tc

    Lost interest in HTC

  • maxm01

    HTC completely ruined the M10 for me by removing the front speakers

    • Shani

      Well besides the 6p, almost no other handset has stereo speakers. Also those speakers didn’t help HTC sell the m9 or even the M8 that much. I think they’re probably listening to customers a bit.

      I loved my m8 and i love stereo speakers. At the moment i own the A9, and will gladly go for this phone if everything else (besides the speakers) are good enough. I’m not saying they did a great job by removing the speakers but it might’ve been to remove those bezels everyone keeps talking about, and make way for the fingerprint scanner.

      • TeeJay1100

        Nothing has helped HTC sell anything. Without the people, they will dwindle away or someone will buy them out. These M flagships are just regurgitated efforts to please share holders. They aren’t putting forth any effort to survive.

        • daftrok

          I disagree. The only problem that the HTC One M series has were the cameras and they CONTINUALLY kept screwing that up. That stood out like a sore thumb and the fact that they have been through 3 major iterations without addressing it properly made them lose popularity. Now I will just be comparing this to the Xperia, which has front facing stereo speakers, its waterproof and has a much better camera. If the One M7 came out with an Ultrapixel that was 8MP instead of 4MP and made the sensor bigger (say 1/2.3″) with OIS, it would have been incredible.

          • Daleos

            Yep. I still have my M7. The only things wrong with is that it needed bigger battery and more pixels on the camera (but not at the expense on it’s great low light capabilities).

          • Andrewski

            Me too. Although, I’m stuck with the purple haze that affected a bunch of the m7 line. Anyway I still haven’t found a reason to upgrade since this is still a fast and spiffy little phone. maybe the m10. maybe the mi5.

      • No customers complained about BoomSound they probably complained about the size of the bezles in a flagship device. I just don’t accept how HTC decided to completely remove it instead of finding alternatives to keep the speakers.

        • Daleos

          I don’t care about bezels. I honestly would rather have a bigger phone with a bigger battery so it lasts longer. The number one problem with phones these days is that they just don’t last long enough. Yeah a battery may just about get you through an average day but what about long commutes, late trains, long flights, a few flash photos at a mate’s birthday party after work, forgetting to charge it one evening, etc. I’ve ran out of juice on all of these situations and more. Besides, bezels are also handy for keep podgy fingers from accidentally pressing screens when they shouldn’t.

        • MrSassyBritches

          There doesn’t need to be people complaining to logically remove a feature. Sometimes there are other reasons for removing it. But we don’t even know if its been removed yet. Its just speculation so far. And the bezels were not even close to bad ESPECIALLY when compared to other handsets.

      • SonOfKrpton

        Moto X Pure? Sony Xperia Z5? Nexus 6?

        • Mail carrier

          Love loud ringtones on my N6. Can hear music in work vehicle fairly decent. Thought about MXPE but no wireless charging, smaller battery.

      • Marc Perrusquia

        Well Sony puts front facing stereo speakers in their flagship z line, and Alcatel put apparently excellent ones in the idol 3 line, and are allegedly continuing them with idol 4 and 4s. It’s still far from mainstream, but it’s still disappointing to see HTC ditch them when they pioneered them.

      • echo1284

        I don’t think it was the Boomsound that was the main sales pitch to attract folks to buy it but it was the camera and the heavy blames of the overheating issue from the 810 chip that hurt the sales and therefore labeled it a bad buy. No one seemed to believe that the software updates could fix the camera and heating issues and from my point of view it did. I bought the M9 day one and it is a lot better now. I love the design the feel. The Dolby surround sound works and it’s awesome. Honestly, I couldn’t see myself carrying anything else. In my opinion, it’d perfect. Hoping the M10 stats true to its flawless design and doesn’t change and fall to copying the Apple design, I don’t think I could accept this bad decision from htc. They stand out now with their beautiful phones, if they copy apple again that’s an epic fail and fall.

        • Shane

          HTC has never copied Apple.

          • Idris Alsudani

            But it seems that what is going to do

        • MrSassyBritches

          Apple copied HTC’s One M7, They were still using glass panels on their phone at this time. But companies copying other companies is not bad move. They all do it. Its just a part of staying alive in the market. And not just for the smart phone market either. ALL companies do this.

      • Idris Alsudani

        Why HTC M9 has poor selling?
        They have to address the real issues and not to remove the unique features because of overheating or bad battery or other issues

    • retrospooty

      I like that part if it makes the bezels smaller. In 10+ years of using a smartphone, I think I listen to music via its speakers about…. Zero. Ever heard of Bluetooth?

      • Marc Perrusquia

        Ever heard of different users?

        • retrospooty

          Of course, and options are good. The OP said lack of front speakers ruined it “for me” and I said I use it zero. That would be 2 different use cases.

          • OBoi

            Yeah I had all htc m-line phones and used the speakers also..

      • Daleos

        Bluetooth speakers are shit for audio books. Too much bass and hopeless at low volumes. I’ve got 2 sets of Bluetooth Speakers (both sets over £100) and they’re both useless for anything other than music. You can’t even use them for video because of Bluetooth lag.

        Besides, other than my bedtime stories via Audible, I use my speakers a lot for handsfree use and my M7 is actually better at conference calls than the work’s standalone conference phone. It’s even loud enough to use it handsfree whilst cycling.

        • retrospooty

          Fair enough. Sounds like lack of Front speakers would affect you. I dont use it and hate hte huge bezels on the M7-9 , but that is just me.

        • Idris Alsudani

          If I have to use Bluetooth then why I buy HTC and not an other phone?

    • OBoi

      Ahhh it’s not out yet so how do you know the front speakers are removed… EV was wrong about the last phone, so why do you believe him now?

    • Gunther Mangelschots

      Wether they were removed or not we can only tell when the phone will be presented to the press. Personally I am ok with it. But last year evleaks was wrong too so who knows. Even I hope his leak is wrong because although he says to wait with our reactions, the initial leaked photo can’t excite me at all from a design point of view

      • Idris Alsudani

        The leaks stealed my hope in the HTC

    • Noel

      Instead of adding to what was good that kept many from abandoning ship…they take it out if it turns out to be true. So what else will they introduce on this device to make ppl who will be pissed cuz of no ffs, to make them stay put??? Is it price, the best camera on a phone ever or a humongous 5000+mAh battery???

  • Omar Katkit

    I dont want to speak highly or get Really dissapointet but I think Samsung mitt have outdone all competition this year! Seems like they have finally listened to the community.

    Except for their crappy software departement, no updates and IF there are Any updates it takes several years for them ti release, feels like it though!

    • Daleos

      Anything but a Samsung for me. They may have great hardware but I really can’t bare Touchwiz.

      • jasonlowr

        I love touchwiz. And they are doing something different about their software updates this year. Just wait.

      • Badelhas

        Me too. Hate the lag particularly

      • MrSassyBritches

        Same here, TouchWiz is just so ugly for me. An eye sore.

  • Scott Lowe

    I don’t care what OEM makes it. I’m not buying a $650-$700 phone.

  • It’ll be interesting, as usual, to see what they bring to the table.

    But ever since I heard those HTC Nexus rumors, I have little interest in the M10.

    Doesn’t help it looks like M10 won’t have Boom Sound.. No doubt all major reviewers will bring this up. And hopefully HTC re-adds BoomSound to their upcoming Nexus device.

    • Daleos

      If it looks like an A9 and has no Boomsound, I may be heading the HTC Nexus route myself. Those ‘leaked’ pics leave me cold

  • fourthstooge

    This “Perfume” device might just end up smelling worse than roses for HTC. I currently have a One M9 (gold and silver). This device looks great, is built well, and performs well. But the next gen should be better. The One M10 should take all of the greatness of the M9 and add: wireless charging, USB-typeC, a fingerprint reader or other biometric reader (which should have been part of the M9), a longer-lasting battery, improved camera capability, including IOS, and improved camera software, a faster processor, and anything else that is possible. That is how to make a winning device that everyone will want.

    However, any company that removes a great feature like front-facing STEREO speakers from an existing product on its next iteration has engineers with mushy brains. If this ends up being true, then it’s likely that the “Perfume” phone will be another weak seller, like its predecessor. Even Samsung is expected to bring back a microSD slot on the Galaxy S7. There are NO good reasons to remove the stereo speakers. Right? One keeps improving, not removing good stuff. Time will tell us how mushy those brains are. UPDATE: I just realized that the Perfume is supposed to be “waterproof.” If so, maybe the front facing grilles were removed to achieve full waterproofing. And if this decision was made, then those engineers are still stupid – choosing waterproofing over exceptional stereo sound that comes with video playback on an HD screen. Say it’s not so.

    Update2: If smartphone users think that stereo speakers should not be part of their multi-media experience when using the device, then they should ask themselves, “would they buy a TV without stereo speakers – like it was in the 70s – great mono sound?” If the smartphone plays back HD video, then the smartphone should play back stereo sound. It just makes sense. Of course, both large and small multi-media smart devices should also have jacks for earplugs or headphones when privacy is required. This just makes sense too. Right?

    • Badelhas

      Tight. I love my m8 and feel no need to upgrade to be honest

      • brian watkins

        I’m using a custom rom on my m8, it’s like a nexus on steroids. Battery lasts all day, speakers sound amazing and I haven’t seen one reason to upgrade. On a side note, why do people need a finger print sensor on a phone? I’ve never locked mine, I’m not a spy or carrying top secret documents. Seems useless to me. I’d rather have the speakers.

        • MrSassyBritches

          I agree with you on the fingerprint sensor. I use it to authorize payments in apps and in my LastPass app. it’s no necessity, but its a nice convenience.

  • David M Hunsinger

    I’m excited for it because I think we’re being thrown off course by them saying boom sound is gone, even if it is, would a powerful bottom mounted speaker be that bad if it was loud and clear? I mean the M9 was much quieter than the M8 even with stereo speakers. I’ll give it a chance.

  • Avatar.

    Got to have BoomSound.

  • I’m admittedly a HTC fangirl, so I’m awaiting the release with bated breath. So far, the rumours have only served to make me more excited about the release, except for one… I really hope the rumours they’ve ditched the BoomSound speaker setup aren’t true. But I guess we’ll just have to wait & see.

  • zest

    5.2 isgood….

  • Cellphone Fiend

    why does HTC keep making their M-series suck just a little bit more with every release?