Owners of the unlocked HTC 10 and HTC One M9 can look forward to downloading new updates this week. However, these downloads will only have some unnamed system improvements for these devices, along with the latest Android security updates from Google.

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February 10, 2017

For those of you who love to get down and dirty with the specifics, the HTC 10 update has the software version number of 2.38.617.6, and the file size is 609.58MB. The HTC One M9 update has the software version number of 4.19.617.1 and has a file size of 559.85MB. Both of these downloads are fairly sizable, and the change notes recommend that users get these updates through the use of a Wi-Fi connection.

Both the unlocked HTC 10 and the One M9 have previously received updates that upgraded the Android OS up to Android 7.0 Nougat. The carrier variants for those phones should begin to see those same updates sometime in early 2017. The recently announced HTC Bolt, known as the 10 evo in Europe, already runs on Google’s latest version of the OS.

HTC has also confirmed that Nougat will be released for the One A9 at some point, but there is no specific date for when that will actually happen.

John Callaham
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  • salman

    when is htc 10 international users getting the nougat update? the fact that US users got this update is seriously annoying the hell out of me

    • Jukka Palko

      Agreed, we are still left on August update. Having asked @HTC via Twitter I simply got the response: “The release of software updates varies per region. Please keep an eye out on our feeds for update rollout news.”

      I don’t mind that Nougat is rolling out slow to us but keeping us on a security issue riddled version of Marshmallow is not a whole lot of effort from them thus far.

  • Krill Siluroid

    Yep, I have an international unlocked 10 version and have not seen any N yet. HTC has been more talk than action.

  • Wizard QG

    what about the one x9 will it also get android 7.0 :( I thought I would get it.

  • Salman Al Awami

    We are in the middle of January and still, no N update for the 10. Not as promised by HTC..