How to Update Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY with ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware

by: Richard GutierrezJanuary 12, 2012


There’s a new addition to the flavor of the Ice Cream Sandwich firmware of Sony Ericson Xperia Play.  When you update it with this firmware,  you’ll get a pre-rooted with Superuser and Busybox installed unit, included with ICS bootamination, deodexed ROM,  libs for baseband compatibility (will only work on -64 baseband, the ones from .62 firmware) and a added Trebuchet launcher (CM9 ICS 4.0.3 one).  These are just some of the features that you’ll surely enjoy . Should you want to experience ALL and I mean ALL features, then start with these easy steps in updating your firmware.


  • Make sure that your device battery is charge atleast 60%
  • Backup your device data into your computer.
  • Turn on USB Debugging, on your homescreen tap Menu> Settings> Application> Development. Then, make sure that USB debugging is checked.   


  • Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY with CWM Recovery
  • Computer
  • USB Data Cable
  1. First, Download ICS Android 4.0 Zip package.
  2. Then, Connect your phone to the computer using the USB Data Cable.
  3. Next, copy the downloaded zip file ( to the root directory of your SD card.
  4. Disconnect your phone to the computer and boot it in Clockworkmod Recovery.
  5. If you don’t have a CWM Recovery, just follow the method of installing CWM Recovery here.
  6. Once your in Clockworkmod Recovery make a Nandroid Backup just incase something goes wrong, you can restore it back easily. To do this, from the main menu select Backup and Restore> Nandroid Backup.  
  7. Then, go back to main menu select “Wipe data/factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition”.
  8. Next,  go back to main menu and select the option of  Install zip from sd cardChoose  zip from sd card> then choose to start updating your phone to Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware.
  9. Finally, after a successful update go back to the main menu and select  Reboot System Now.
  10. Congratulations you can now enjoy your newly updated phone.


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  • Garrett Dunn

    Okay so I have a little bit of an issue.. either there was a step that was forgotten to be mentioned or im an idiot.. but i think its the first option.. shouldnt i have done a wipe data/factory reset before i rebooted the system? cuz now my phone is kinda bricked until i download the flash tool and the original firmware..

    • Nfyefukeas

      i think you need to do that cos it bricked my phone too

  • Lazz_kopat_54

    Es were besser wen dieser person das mal richtig erklären könnte

  • dyeyz

    is this thing working??

  • Elspanish88

    dont forget to flash the kernel first or it will APPEAR bricked

    • Jonjon22

      i did all the steps and now my phone wont boot past the “Sony Ericsson” screen. Any suggestions?

  • Meirionw

    will i loose all my installed applications ?

  • Dineboy

    i looked up on other webs andit said that this developers update works but the camera on the phone and some other features wont work. is that true?

  • Raja afifi

    Does it guaranty save for my phone…?

  • sadas

    I followed all of the steps and now my phone won’t boot past the Sony Ericsson Screen. Any suggestions?

    • Blackdst

      You have to wait 5-10 minutes of boot logo the first time it’s on this way

  • Oznolanuj

    I did all the steps and rebooted afterwards. Sad to say, like some of the rest here I have a problem getting past the SE logo. How to we flash the kernel as one suggested? Please help me out here!!!

  • Joseph

    I am stuck at the SE logo!!!!!!!!!!

  • Striker_kevin23

    how can i get out of the SE logo

  • Clayton G 08

    people dont trust sits like this go to your phone shop and see what thay say ?

    • Derek Gillies

      Phone shop will say ‘fuck you for wanting to root your phone’

  • lolder

    When i try to install the rom it doesent appear on the Install from SD card list, i made sure its in my root folder

  • Raysorbak

    sad?! not working… :((

    • Raysorbak

      Got it working…
      Tried to install kernel first using fastboot

      after installing kernel, fastboot reboot and go to recovery menu by pressing back button when logo appears.

      install rom from sdcard

  • Ajkeady

    i can not get it to work??? any help please i did as the instructions said, and i am stuck on the SE screen..please help

  • Rume

    hey, i did everything as the thread said, but my phone will not boot up, its only showing the logo, anyone someone please be at my rescue, someone please help me…………

  • Rume
  • Anseyflores76

    fuck you

  • guest96

    my phone also stuck at the SE logo.. please help me get out of this problem.. my parent gonna kill me if they find out about this.. !!! :'(

  • fuck you fake

  • kieran rothery


  • kieran rothery

    If u have bricked ur phone like i did u can fix it by downloading th sonyericsson update service and install it. Then choose ur phone in the update sevice. Turn off ur phone for at least 30s then hold the back button continuously, plug in phone to pc let it do its fing.

  • Kayrin

    I already try.. And brick.. Stuck at Sony Ericsson.. I cry like a shit..
    But I won’t give up.. I try and try.. Now I’m already master a bit about rooting and upgrading to 4.0.3/ 4.0.4.. =)

  • your mom

    lol im sure this will fk up everything

  • shahn

    can you plz tell me how can i get out from th SE logo ???????

  • Arif Muradi

    I have followed every steps and did as It mentioned but now my phone has stopped at Sony Ericsson logo. can any please help me. it has been over 30 minutes and nothing has developed. please help

  • Bijo

    Same here. I tried yesterday, missed looking at the below comments. My bad luck.Its stuck at the SE screen. Can someone help? i am not able to get into the fast boot menu or any kind of screen. can someone please help?

  • Bijo

    I also faced this problem, I took it to a nearby Sony ericsson service center and they restored the phone back to the original condition. No data retrieved. In India, it costed me around $5