How to Root Nook Color 1.2 and Access Amazon App Store and Add Market

by: Richard GutierrezDecember 2, 2011
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Nook Color is one of the cheapest Android tablet. To maximize its capability you need to root it. In this article you will learn how to Root your Nook Color 1.2 and how to gain access to the Amazon app store and Android Market.


  • Nook Color 1.2
  • USB Card Reader
  • Computer
  1. First, download the right clockworkmod img that match your device:
  2. Also download this: Nook CWM file.
  3. Next, extract Nook CWM file to a new folder via winzip/winrar.
  4. Download this Minirooter zip file.
  5. Get the memory card of your Nook Color and put it in your USB Card Reader.
  6. Connect your USB Card Reader to your Computer.
  7. Next, download this file Disk imager.
  8. Then extract it to a new folder via winzip/winrar.
  9. Open the folder, search and double click the Win32DiskImager.exe to run the program.
  10. Click the folder icon to browse the file you downloaded earlier in the step 1 and click the image file.
  11. Now click the dropdown menu beside the folder icon of the diskimager program and choose the drive of your SDcard.
  12. Next, click the Write button and wait for it to finish.
  13. Open the extracted folder in step 2 and rename the uRecImg file to uImage.
  14. Copy it to the root of your SDcard overwriting the uImage file in there.
  15. Also copy the file you downloaded in step 4 (Minirooter) to your SDcard.
  16. After this, remove your SDcard to your computer.
  17. Turn off your Nook Color and insert the SDcard.
  18. Next, turn it on and install the Recovery.
  19. Once you are in CWM recovery select install zip from SDcard.
  20. Then select “choose” from SDcard.
  21. Select MiniRooterV2-BN1.2-OC and select YES.
  22. After it has finished, go back and select reboot.
  23. Next, Remove your SDcard and let it reboot.
  24. That’s it! Your phone is finally Rooted!

NOTE: Format your SDcard before you insert it back to your Nook Color

Now you can install any APK file succesfully like android market and amazon app store.

To install go to File manager and search for the download APK file and it will install.



  • creamsical

    #24 your phone is finally rooted.

  • plusos

    The MiniRooter link is not working. Can you please provide a working link? Thanks!

  • Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  • boogeyman510

    the minirooter link is not working

  • Mickey Bliss

    Okay got it to work as per above, up to Step 23. but it’s kind of weird, especially step 24, as the nook colour is not a phone. That aside, how do you do the final step “go to file manager and search for the download” to get the APK’s to work ? Where is this “file manager”, my newly rooted nook colour does not have a file manger on it that I can see

  • Dylanajjparton

    followed directions to the tee. But don’t see android market anywhere! help!

  • Againagain09

    The disk imager link is not working

  • Againagain09

    one can find the disk imager here