How to Root Lenovo Idea PAD A1 – Tutorial with Super One Click Tool

by: Richard GutierrezDecember 16, 2011


This inexpensive but powerful tablet can now be rooted with the SUPER ONE CLICK TOOL. After you have rooted your tablet it will be more useful enabling you to install any application you want, to customize your phone, to increase your battery life and give you endless possibilities of what you can do. Just follow this simple steps, it doesn’t matter if you have zero knowledge about rooting you can never go wrong with just simple ONE CLICK.


  • Lenovo IdeaPAD A1
  • Computer
  • USB Data Cable
  1. First download Rooting Package for Lenovo Idea PAD A1 tablet
  2. Then extract it to a new folder via winzip/winrar.
  3. Next in the new folder double click the SUPER ONE CLICK ROOT to run the Program.
  4. Enable USB Debugging on your device. On your homescreen, tap Menu > Setting > Application > Development then click on USB Debugging.
  5. Connect your device to your computer via USB Data Cable.
  6. In Super one click program click the “Root” tab to start the process of rooting your device. 
  7. Once it’s finished your device is finally rooted.



XDA Developers Forum

  • Grunge1997

    Hey buddy i hav a prblem wth the usb device, My computer dont detect mi tab and i cant root them, u can help me please?

    • Go for settings–>options –> Usb connection –> Enable Media

  • AnnDroid

    Seems easy enough. What happens when Lenovo updates GPS drivers for instance?

  • Anders

    After a lot of driver issues both on windows xp + vista – I am still getting a “waiting for device…”Any ideas?

    • Dot

      try newer SUPER ONE CLICK tool

  • Ron

    does not work

  • Wuhru

    Someone is not home. The Rooting Package for Lenovo Idea PAD A1 tablet link doesn’t go anywhere. Hello???

  • Macsli1

    broken link for rooting package!

  • blah


  • javed032

    hi program reachin step 7 n program not respondin