How to fast charge your Samsung Galaxy phone using any USB charger

by: Bams SadewoMarch 21, 2012
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If you’re like us, you probably check the battery status on your Samsung phone a dozen times a day, and breathe a sigh of relief when you see a green indicator instead of a red one. Consider it a quirk of living the modern life, where one depends on gadgets and gizmos that still run on, unfortunately, on non-nuclear batteries.

Things are even worse when your device comes with a proprietary charger. While you can still use some cheap, no-name charger, in many cases, devices are designed to only work optimally with original accessories. Thus, what usually takes 2-3 hours with a proprietary charger can easily extend to many hours of frustrating wait, if you, for some reason, don’t have the original accessory.

Let’s stop dwelling on the problem and start focusing on the solution, shall we? If you don’t want to invest in a pricey Samsung charger to use as a spare, a developer at XDA has come up with a workaround that requires just a little bit of DIY. Getting those generic USB wall chargers to work on Samsung Galaxy phones won’t be a problem anymore. A solution has been found to trick your device into accepting no-name chargers. Here’s what Trusselo, the developer behind the workaround, has to say, in his own words:

“The theory behind it is with samsung galaxy phones and “official chargers”: if the middle 2 data pins on the usb, while getting 5v to the outer 2 pins it tells the phone that it is an *official samsung* charger and enables full speed charging.”

Basically, when you use a non-Samsung charger, the phone will only get around 350mA of power instead of the full rate. By bending the two middle pins, this will trick your Samsung phone into believing that you’re using an official charger, thus, kicking into fast-charge mode, which happens at about 800 – 1000mA.

Do note that there are risks involved in following the procedure. One, you may end up with a damaged charger. Two, you’ll risk frying your Samsung device. Of course, it’s highly recommended to go to the original thread at XDA to get the full low down of the method, as well as some nice pictures. Remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t do anything that you are not really comfortable with.

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  • Level380

    Oh so many things wrong with this article….. For starters, this is not a ‘Samsung charging’ standard at all!! Its a USB charging standard, have a read about the USB standard for dedicated charging ports!!

    The Samsung chargers don’t do any special magic, they stick to the standard…. Which is to short data pins 2 and 3. Shock HTC and Motorola also follow this standard as well.

    Now as for Apple they don’t stick to the standards at all, infact they hack the crap out of the USB port and use voltages across the data pins to signal the type of current that can be accessed and the phone requests that amount etc. APPLE BREAKS THE STANDARDS!!

    As such using a android phone or any device looking for a dedicated charging port that is looking for data pin 2 and 3 shorted, they won’t find it using a apple charger and will only ‘slow’ charge as they think its a PC etc.

    Any android user who has any charger (car or wall) that is built for iphone, or works with iphone should give it away. These devices won’t allow AC charging mode (aka fast charging) on your device. You need to buy the car charger from htc/samsung/motorola etc. I use a Motorola P617 Rapid Dual USB Car Charger and give AC charging (aka fast charging) on both ports. While not the cheapest device, its known to work without issues!!

    @Bams – Please think about adjusting this article to reflect the true facts!!

    • Christian_Logay

      Exactly. Unless the phone owner wants to be the next Dr Frankenstein and has an unlimited phone budget where he can replace smartphones at will, i would surely steer clear of that kind of smartphone surgery

    • foxyshadis

      I suppose it wouldn’t even dent your frothing rage to know that Apple created its USB charging spec about 4 years before the USB charging standards came out. Hell, it even says so in the link you posted. Ignorant hate like that can’t be reckoned with.

      • Level380

        Why thank you for your comment to a comment I posted over 3 months ago. Your comment brought great value to this thread and added so much to it, I doubt know why you waited so long to post it!! /s

        Yes apple created there own standard before the official standard, the fact still remains that apple went outside of the USB standards at the time and did what they wanted!

        To this day apple products still ignore the USB *dedicated charging ports and don’t do fast charging, cause apple is just too good for standards not set by them!*

    • HaroldCallahan

      On my Galaxy Nexus, it is possible to activate fast USB charge mode in software on the phone. The kernel patch is by Chad0989 and it is included in many popular kernels such as LeanKernel and Franco Kernel. Flashing a kernel takes some skill but not as much as a hardware mod (IMO).

      Works really well for me and lets me get some benefit out of the numerous useless iPhone chargers that I have hanging around.

      • Level380

        While this is a fix for the problem, it also means you can over stress USB ports on PCs and charges that are only designed for deliver 500ma

        The better solution is to spend a few dollars and buy the ‘right’ charger, amazon normally has a htc/moto/samsung oem charger for under $5.

        You can also buy cables that are modded that short the data pins within the cable, which does the same job. These cables would work on your apple chargers.

        • HaroldCallahan

          True that there is a danger of over-stressing USB ports on PCs. The iPhone charger won’t have problems since it’s officially rated for 1 amp. For PCs, you can turn the fast charge mode on and off using various apps such as the Galaxy Nexus Fast Charge app. Although, to be honest, I’ve been fast charging through my PC for many months without any problems.

  • Christian_Logay

    Cross connecting and soldering the 2 charging ends on the phones PCA?.. Thats more work (not to mention dangerous) than just buying this: and reading this:

  • Level380

    Don’t bother hacking your charger up, amazon has a samsung charger and usb cable for $1!!!

  • Sirwally

    Umm…you can buy a Samsung charger with cable on Amazon for around $3 plus S&H. Or you could do this and risk damaging the battery. I bought a bunch of them, and they are exactly the same as the OEM one that came with my phone for about $4.50 each, shipped.

    • Sirwally

      Heh…didn’t see the other responses before I commented. Obviously I am not alone in thinking this hack is silly.

  • Adrian

    if the phone is connected to an USB 3.0 port it will charge much faster than an USB 2.0 or 1.1 because the new USB can go from 1.5 to 5 A current

  • I had a different experience, the charger that came with my SG3 couldn’t keep up. Phone would die while in use even though plugged into wall. Simple fix, I had a spare no-name dual-usb charger I got for $8… problem solved.

  • byt3r

    Usb 2.0 have a 500mA current rating at 5 volts, but usually devices connected in a usb 2.0 pc port will drain about 450mA so, 500mA will be a stress for the small wires of the port. I would suggest anyone to create a diy usb charger. Nowadays is simple you only need a 12v battery with a capacity of your choice, a 5v voltage regulator for ex: L7805, a power transistor to boost the current if more than 1 usb port will be installed 2 resistors, 2 capacitors and a heatsink with a cooler.

  • jordan

    what does the purple indicator light mean on my charger

  • dsfdsfdsf

    Complete gigantic bullshit even ignoring the technovodoo i charge slower with an official samsung charger than a cheap one

  • Scott Cardone

    Can you modify the cable itself? I know this would cause it to not work for data any more, but that seems easier than cracking open the charger.

    • Level380

      You could Scott. Just find the data lines coming FROM the phone side, join them and away you go!

      There was also some adapters around that did the same thing a while ago. Haven’t seen them for a a while.

  • Darren Tomkins

    Ohh. Emm. Jee! I am truly shocked to have come across this page today. I advise any other visitor to this page to disregard the article for their own safety.

    Come on guys, are you really being serious here? Yes, I’m asking you, Bams Sadewo, author of this article. But I’m also asking the site editors of!

    Firstly, – how can you allow such a reckless article which offers advice which may put lives at risk to be published on your site? This should have been removed years ago.

    Secondly, Bams: How can you honestly justify writing an article advising people to take any kind of risk to their safety through amateur DIY electronics? Do you really think it’s enough to include your caveat at the end of the article? Surely it should be at the beginning? Think about it – people leave their phones to charge over night. I don’t think I need say any more. Reckless, ill-considered and bad advice. you should never have even thought about writing it in this way.

    I am surprised to see that even when this article first appeared, people who could afford a smart phone were desperate to save a few pennies. Phones come with a charger. That’s the charger to use. Unless a life depends on phone availability (in which case you will probably carry a portable power pack with you anyway) then you really can live without your phone until you can charge it again. Being off line for a few hours is not life or death. You may get bored on the bus home, but have a look at the world around you. See what is going on in front of you. Instead of updating your status to say you just got off the bus, say thank you to the driver, and smile at the person walking towards you – even say hello as you walk by. You’ll give them a lift to their day, and you’ll feel good about yourself too.

    JUST PLEASE DON’T TAMPER WITH CHARGER WIRING – you may not live to see just how quickly your device charged…

  • Jeff Bowerman

    I’m not complaining, because I like getting a good deal as much as anyone else, but I think it’s funny how this “diy article” turned into a “f#!ck it, buy it on Amazon advertisement”.