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We are in Shenzhen, China celebrating Honor’s 2-year anniversary, but they couldn’t just break a piñata, eat some cake and call it a day. Instead, we are sitting in a group interview with CEO George Zhao where he is teasing that the company is making its way into the US market with an announcement to come during CES.

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October 25, 2015

This is great news, as Honor’s entrance to the States has been one long awaited event. But which phones are they bringing to America? Honor did mention they are bringing region-specific devices to the USA, but the initial launch will mostly focus on the company’s international devices. We will be getting all the awesome phones we know and love, such as the Honor 7 and Honor 6 Plus.


Huawei’s sub-brand has been all about changing the image of the company and their products, in order to further influence other areas. After all, most people don’t even know how “Huawei” is pronounced. And Honor phones do seem much less tailored for the Asian tastes, as opposed to most Huawei phones.

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We really don’t know much else about those upcoming phones, but you can bet we will be all over Honor during CES 2016, next month. Until then, hit the comments and let us know how you feel about Honor phones. Will you be considering buying one?

Edgar Cervantes
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  • AbbyZFresh

    Smart strategy. This will make Huawei more marketable to the average American taste despite having a weird name. The Honor brand is simple and more Westernized.

    However, the software inside needs a lot of work.

    • Armaan Modi

      Huawei is a nice name,and better than your username.

  • saksham

    i wonder if it will sell at all in the US.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Highly doubt it for two reasons.

      1. There’s the American stigma of Chinese products being crappy quality and national security concerns. That’s hard to overcome.
      2. Another problem are the phone carriers, most phones are sold via carrier stores and if the carriers do not like the Honor phone, the customer will not buy them as they are not promoted in-store.

      • chanman

        Believe it or not, the exact same things were said about Japanese and Korean products not that long ago. Even in the 90s, buying a Kia or Hyundai was basically like telling people you had a ticking time bomb strapped to your chest, and through the 2000s a Samsung was that crappy phone you could get for free from your carrier when what you really wanted was a RAZR

        • calcy

          Kind of amazing how South Korea has traded places with Japan over the past decade or so. Can’t remember the last time anyone wanted anything from Sony or Panasonic in the consumer electronic space. Samsung and LG seem to be the ones really innovating and pushing the technologies they’re in where as Japan now follows.

    • [A]dri[A]n

      I think they might. Huawei has helped itself a lot this past year by producing some very good devices. The Nexus 6P has helped Huawei a lot here in the states. I have the Ascend Mate 2 and it’s probably one of the best phone’s I’ve ever used.

  • patstar5

    I’m waiting for xiaomi, my sister has a huawei p8 lite, while I would never buy one over a moto g or alcatel idol 3, she likes it and it mimics ios (which she likes).

    • Armaan Modi

      your sis is smart.(for buying Huawei,not for mimicing ios)

  • Chong Wen Hao

    “Honor phones do seem much less tailored for the Asian tastes, as opposed to most Huawei phones.”

    Not true. The higher hand honor phones may be more suitable for people outside of China but the lower and mid end phones are still targeted at people in China.

  • Topper Love

    I have Honor 7. Best phone ever.

  • Jura

    Now if we can just get OPPO to bring their phones to the US, that’d be cool.