Honor 7 now getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow [Europe]

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 27, 2016


The Honor 7 was meant to get its Android 6.0 Marshmallow sometime before the end of February. Of course, that didn’t happen (at least for everyone). But don’t worry; today your patience is paying off… if you are in Europe.

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Honor’s European Twitter page has announced the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update is now beginning to hit Honor 7 devices across the continent.

No details have emerged just yet, but you can expect all the awesome features Android 6.0 Marshmallow is known for. These include a new app drawer, an improved lock screen, Google Now on Tap, Doze Mode and more.


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As it goes with these updates, you can probably expect to see the upgrade roll out periodically. Just be patient! Of course, you can also check for updates in the settings. You know, just to make sure.

Have any of you gotten the update yet? Hit the comments and let us know how it’s treating you.

  • Kunal


  • Steven Fox

    Super nice :)

  • prusiner

    Has anyone got the update OTA?

  • eliHd

    No update yet. I got my honor 7 from vmall uk

  • Tobyjugg Price

    just a question guys, has anyone else found there phone is bending where the volume button is – i keep having to straighten mine

  • Anders Karlsson

    no sweden

  • Petar Vučetić

    Nothing in Croatia, I’ve got the chinese version from oppomart though, don’t know if it will receive this update :/

    • AdiMercury

      This is the update for the EU version, not the Chinese.

  • Gazza

    Nothing in the uk yet :(

  • prusiner

    It’s supposed to be released “in stages” but, as far as I see, first stage is still to come…

  • prusiner

    Not in Spain

  • Kushal Kumar

    Not in finland.

  • Filip Madalin

    still nothing

  • John Smith

    Still nothing in the UK

  • Dahlsv1

    Nothing in Scandinavia yet ..

  • Johan Gustafsson

    still nothing here either :( , sweden…

  • niels

    still nothing in the Netherlans

  • Mazza

    Still not in Norway

  • dont know

    Still nothing in Sweden……

  • kobax

    In contrary to the title of the article, it’s NOT getting it…
    Still nothing in Europe (Hungary) – it’s almost May! Come on! What’s up with the guys at Honor / Huawei…???!!! Are you kidding me???
    If you wait much longer, you may as well skip Android 6 and go straight for Android 7…!!

  • Иван Тодоринов

    Nothing still in UK, strange.

  • rokal

    Nothing in Poland, too :-(

  • goldfries

    No update here from Malaysia.

  • Anders Karlsson

    still no update in Sweden haha omg

  • Jj

    no update in sweden and slovakia

  • Dulo

    Bloody Liers

  • Valdas

    Not in Lithuania


    Are we still waiting for this update? Bought the phone today and still can’t update it to 6.0.

  • Anjo

    Done in LV, from 8 august.

  • Usman Qayyum

    Still nothing in pakistan.