Samsung has really been leaning hard on their mobile payment service lately. Earlier this month, they announced that they’re rolling the service out to Australia, Singapore, Brazil, the UK, Spain, and China. Also, we’re expecting Samsung Pay to be available for online payments sometime this year. Now, a new commercial starring comedian Hannibal Buress has arrived that showcases how widely the service can be used.

The heft of the ad relies a little bit on you being familiar with Katz’s Deli, a renowned New York City delicatessen that has a reputation for being a little luddite. The sandwich shop was cash-only for decades – actually, it was cash-only for over 120 years! – before they finally broke down sometime around 2012 and got a simple credit card reader. When Hannibal arrives at the cash register with his phone out, the worker is wearing an expression only found on the faces of those who know they are about to be irritated.

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Samsung Pay expanding to Australia, Singapore and Brazil after the UK, Spain and China

January 6, 2016

The worker and even the manager insist that it won’t go through, but Hannibal argues that Samsung Pay works just about everywhere. When the payment is approved even on that “janky old thing,” as Hannibal calls it, they’re stunned.

The ad goes a long way in demonstrating to a less tech-savvy public what kind of readers the service will work with. It’s all well and good to have a payment system that works all over the place, but if people don’t know they can use it, they won’t even be trying.

Samsung Pay works by magic and uses dark energy crystals to exchange currency just about anywhere you could use a credit card.

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  • If only my Note 4 had the ability to do this.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      Thats why u must upgrade, wait till s7 release n price s6 n others will decrease

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Do not worry . You are good enough to use NFC pay method . That’s same as iphone guys do and they are proud and happy with that.

  • Jaime

    Awesome ?

  • moew


  • My Galaxy Prime

    I RARELY use my credit card after getting Samsung Pay. It’s just beyond amazing. I don’t have to pick and choose where to shop. It’s also hilarious seeing the faces of cashiers who tell me they don’t accept Apple Pay.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Great job Samsung!
    The whole point of mobile payment is only if you don’t need to carry your credit card with you.
    The iphone guys and the others can’t go out without it.
    So they use mobile pay only to show of , where they can. It’s just pathetic, and damn stupid. I LOL at them, they are so funny.
    In US there are 1 of 10 places to use NFC terminals. In EU is even less (if at all, in many countries)
    Only Samsung did it right. Hands down.

  • Emmet

    That was a big factor when choosing my next phone but I still went with my LG G4 for multiple other reasons but I am so mad that I can’t use my phone EVERYWHERE like Samsung pay.

  • b

    isn’t the manager a pretty famous actor

    • sallybanner

      Yeah, he was in the wire. Michael kostroff.

  • WrennS

    Yeah. Right. Until recently, you couldn’t use any form of payment other than cash at Katz’s. The last time I was there (a little over a month ago) you could only use plastic to buy bulk take out orders. (They have an ATM inside the store for those who don’t know that).

    I’m going to have to check in person (and I will, next time I’m downtown) but even if they now take plastic, THAT’S NOT WHERE YOU PAY. Not at the counter.