Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android now available through Google Play

by: David GonzalesDecember 6, 2012

GTA VC for Android

As part of its 10 year anniversary celebration, Rockstar Games, in cooperation with War Drum Studios, has finally released Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android. The game features high-resolution graphics, updated controls, and a number of interesting new features such as MoGa Wireless Game Controller compatibility and fully adjustable graphic settings. It can be purchased for only $4.99 and downloaded through Google Play.

In case you’re not familiar with GTA: Vice City, all you need to know is that it’s an “open world” type game set in the 1980s wherein you play characters that lead lives of crime in order to get by. The end goal is to rise all the way to the top of the crime syndicate. And you’ll reach that goal by the end of the game, even if it takes a stolen car or two (or three).

Currently, the game seems to have been pulled from Google Play due to a number of problems. Rockstar’s servers for it appear to be down so those who have downloaded it are unable to install it on compatible devices. Speaking of which, the list of compatible devices is still not that extensive. To know if it works, it’s best to see for yourself.

  • toliyn

    Removed from play :(

  • bolo

    “R” say game is not redy yet