After letting the cat out of the bag a few days ago, Google has officially revealed its major revamp for Google Voice. It’s been years since it has received an update, and this new version for Android, iOS and the web includes an all-new user interface, as well as a few other tweaks long-time Voice users will appreciate.

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October 13, 2016

Google says that users will now see separate tabs for texts, calls and voicemails in their Google Voice inbox. In addition, group texting is now supported, with no need to use Hangouts. Also, Voice users can finally send photo MMS messages, which is something that’s been requested for a long time. The voicemail translation features have also been expanded to include support for Spanish.

Google is also working with wireless service providers to add RCS (Rich Communications Services) features to Google Voice sometime in the future.

The big Google Voice update is naturally coming to the Android mobile client first, followed by the iOS version and the web. The new look and features should be available for all users in the coming weeks. If you’re using Google Voice via Hangouts, the company says there is no immediate need to check out the update, but suggests that those users might want to try it out for size. Google claims that there will be new versions of Google Voice on a regular basis from now on, instead of waiting five years between updates.

Are you a Google Voice user, or have you abandoned the platform just like Google seemingly did for years? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the update in the comments below!

John Callaham
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  • TheLJGamer

    This is off topic, but are you guys aware that a lot of useres of the AA Android app have not had any articles posted in a few days? I think it’s something with the new update. I hope this gets fixed soon because no offense, but the website is extremely laggy and hard to navigate.

  • Marius Maries

    no apk for Andoid? I know, I should have patience and wait for the roll-out, but….

    also, the web page looks the same old way for my account

    • tim242

      Android Police always provides the APK. But this app sucks. Don’t waste your time.

      • Marius Maries

        I’m just using it to link my Google voice number to my carrier number. Yeah, the rest of it, not worth it. I use Hangouts otherwise.

        • tim242

          You can link them without the Voice app.

          • Marius Maries

            Oh, really? How is that done? I also want to use Google Voice as my voicemail.

    • Michael2011

      Get it from apkmirror.

      No this app doesn’t suck. It may still be lacking native VoIP but the update is welcomed: Switching from messages, calls, and voicemails is much easier and the app is faster.

  • Marius Maries

    If anyone else wants the .apk, Android Police has it

  • Heiro78

    i’m just glad it wasn’t canned. one of these android sites mentioned a potential g voice update and how it hopefully wont be shut down since thats the trend from google. it scared me.

  • melhiore

    US only I presume… Nothing changed here…

  • Google updating old products? Looks like hell has finally frozen over.

    • tim242

      Not really. It is lacking such basic functionality as setting up or changing voicemail, and deleting messages.

  • Graham Neill

    Still not available in Canada…shame!

  • C Lo

    Cool so I should use Google Voice again…err Hangouts, err Messanger, err Allo…hmm, I’m so confused.

    • tim242

      Don’t bother with this new app. You can’t even delete messages. No VOIP either.

      • C Lo

        Ah, good looking out.

    • noh1bvisas

      i’m got signed up to beta test tmo’s digits. it’s working, kinda.

  • Techngro

    I used to not be bothered by the way Google does things, but I’m getting really fed up now. I had been a Google Voice user for a long time, but then they released Hangouts and said that it had all of the features that people had been asking for that Voice didn’t have. And it seemed like Voice was dead. So I witched to Hangouts. Now they are updating Voice again and for what? Why? Do they really need two apps that do the same thing?

  • TheOracle

    Nice to hear but I’ve become an unrepentant fan of Hangouts. It’s by far the most feature rich messaging app out there. What I like most about it right now is that it allows me to answer both my GV numbers on the same phone. The GV app doesn’t allow two numbers as far as I know.

    I agree that everything should be rolled into one and right now that’s Hangouts. Duo, Allo wtf?

  • Yannick Ruile

    Now it’s Google calendars turn (web)..

  • Google Voice is finally a worthwhile app again. I’ve been using Google Hangouts app on android in place of Google Voice app for years now. I like the new refreshed interface and functionality. Great that you can send MMS picture messages now. It makes it easier to switch accounts. I am looking forward to more updates in the calling features and additional settings. Hopefully it will replace the need for the Hangouts app.