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If you haven’t forked over the ~$30 yet to get your own Chromecast, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. However, it looks like Google is trying to find ways to sneak users over that $30 hurdle.  If Variety is correct, then Google is in cahoots with Vizio to effectively build Chromecast tech into TVs before they ship. And word on the street is that they might ship as early as this spring.

This streaming functionality would come sans any on-screen apps or interface. The television would function as seamlessly as Chromecast, leaning on wifi signal to allow users to directly cast content from their smartphone or tablet. Apparently Vizio isn’t the only company Google has been discussing this tech with, so we might see other brands picking up these features over the course of the year.

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The changes keep coming, however, because these Chromecast-infused TV sets will be futuristic in another way as well. Google is looking to bundle these TVs with tablets that would serve as the remote. These would, of course, be Android tablets, and Vizio is thinking about replacing the remote entirely with it. This decision hasn’t been made yet, and it could be the case that these TVs will come with both a tablet and a traditional remote.

This marks at least the third foray Google has made into the living room, with their first being the immensely successful (and thoroughly fun) Chromecast and the second being Android TV. Some have questioned why Google is taking this approach when they already have Android TV, a much more robust platform, already going strong. It doesn’t take a whole lot of consideration to work out the rationale, however. Android TV is pretty cool, but it hasn’t experienced the widespread adoption and love that Chromecast has received.

What are your thoughts regarding these tablet-savvy Vizio TVs? The way of the future, or just an interesting gimmick? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!


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  • Twelk

    Thus Android becomes more fractured but Google increases market share…

  • Kirk shelton

    I predicted this when they announced chromecast.

  • illregal


  • Aki I.

    Seemed like logical progression to me. I was wondering when this would happen.

  • Casey

    I have been casting stuff directly to my Vizio tv since June of 2015. That is when I bought the E65-C3. It works great, you don’t even have to change the input of the tv.

  • Richard Branches

    The only advantage I see is that at least we’ll have Dolby Digital 5.1 from netflix and maybe play movies directly from the TV through the HDMI-ARC or optical audio out to older home theaters since chromecast doesn’t provide that feature when connected to any HDMI input in any TV so far, it works only when connected to an audio receiver..

  • Michelle

    Vizio and Google should stick with each other.. and evolve together. woot