playstation vue

Sony has added Chromecast support for PlayStation Vue, its TV streaming service. It’s no big surprise really, since Sony had teased the coming of this feature back in November. However, the caveat is that this feature can only be enjoyed by iOS users. Why? That’s because PlayStation Vue doesn’t have an Android app as of yet, and there’s no word on when we’re getting one.

At launch, PlayStation Vue was only available to PS3 and PS4 users. Since then, Sony worked hard to bring their subscription TV streaming service to more platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, iPhone, and iPad. The subscription service differentiates itself from others by allowing users to pick the TV channels that they would like to watch, and pay for them accordingly. It is more economical though to go for one of the various TV packages listed on Sony’s website.

A $49.99/month plan would grant you access to over 50 top channels from live TV, movies, and sports genres. Have a larger appetite for watching TV shows? You could go for the $64.99/month Elite plan, which gives you access to over 85 channels. What’s more, you can save thousands of hours of your favourite shows to Sony’s cloud DVR, from where you can stream it later.

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