Google Play Games will soon log you in automatically without Google+

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 25, 2016

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Some pretty big changes are afoot where Google Play Games is concerned. In the coming months, the rather irritating necessity for a Google+ account will be removed, to be replaced by a new standalone player ID that does not require G+ to work. This new player ID will sign you in automatically and only need to be signed in once per account, not once per game.

The announcement comes via the Google Developers Blog, where a new model for Play Games APIs was announced with an admission that the old setup caused “sign-in friction and unnecessary permission requests”. Google’s endless attempts to resuscitate Google+ by forcing users to sign-up is clearly impacting on the uptake of its other services like Play Games.

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Unfortunately, the new sign-in system won’t benefit those players already using Play Games, as they will have already had to sign up for G+ in order to use the service. The new changes will, however, benefit a new generation of gamers that haven’t had their arm twisted already.

A new player will just have to sign in once to get a player ID and never have to sign in again. You will be automatically signed into new games but you can disable this is in the settings if you so wish. Existing users will retain their Google+ sign-in ID but will no longer have to sign in for every game.

There was no timeline given for the change other than “2016” so keep an eye out. If you’ve managed to hold off from using Play Games for this long because you didn’t want a Google+ account, hold on just a little while longer.

Do you use Play Games? Did you already use G+?

  • Diskus1

    I use a separate Google/Google+ account for games, not the account my phone uses. Bet Google will mess up all my games sync statuses…

  • Robert Nasiadek

    What’s the problem with G+? It’s just some account you don’t even have to use or anything.. It’s free and sign up is quick as far as I remember. I just don’t get all the hate.

    • Mavrik

      It’s terrible, pointless, and serves no purpose other than stealing your personal information for profit, while being insanely intrusive and annoying at every turn?

    • Cockie Sunburn

      I have no problem with G+ as a social network on its own, even though I don’t use it. But the fact that it was (is?) linked to other services was not only annoying, but completely unnecessary. Since I didn’t want just any game developer to have access to my friends list, I had to go through multiple steps to deselect the friends I wanted to share with a game. Thing like this are tedious, distracting, and have probably prevented many a developer from integrating Play Games in their games.

  • Leszek A. Szczepanowski

    G+ is dead since it’s born… sorry, Mark was first and better, so here Google cannot do anything. I would like to have a better integration with Facebook, instead of pushing us to use what is useless and looking so bad, and so on…

    • Darko Vrsic

      It’s not dead for me and millions of others. It doesn’t have as many users as FB, but it doesn’t mean it’s dead! :-)

  • McLaren F1P1

    Level 40 Puzzle Master here.. I know I’m an addict XD

    • Armaan Modi

      Me too! Level 40 Pinball Master!

  • saksham

    G+ sucks nobody uses it