Google Photos gets shared albums in latest update

by: Jimmy WestenbergDecember 10, 2015

Google Photos Shared Albums

Google Photos already makes it insanely easy to share photos with your friends and family, and now the service is getting even more handy sharing features. Today Google is rolling out shared albums in Google Photos, which is a fast and easy way to bring together everyone’s photos and videos in a single album.

Users have been able to send and receive full albums of photos through Google Photos in the past, but now Google is taking this feature up a notch. Now when you share an album with someone, that person will be able to join and add their own photos and videos to the album with just a few taps. You’ll also get notifications when new pictures are added. You’ll be able to save photos and videos from a shared album to your own Google Photos library, which is certainly a nice addition.

There’s no setup required to enable shared albums. All you need to do is select the media you want to share, send the link to whomever you’d like, and they can edit the album from there.

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The new shared albums feature is rolling out to Google Photos on Android, iOS and the web starting today. Follow the Play Store link below to grab the latest version!

Download Google Photos from the Play Store

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  • Antonio Diaz

    Yes! I have been waiting for this for a long time!

    • Randy N. Gaston

      They still don’t have a place for others to comment or like photos, but they promise that will be in the next update.

      • Richard

        why would you even want that? Its just a cloud service to store your phot’s not some social thing like crapbook.

        • Randy N. Gaston

          If you don’t want the feature, don’t use it… I would find it much more convenient than having to message them outside of the app just to say you liked the picture or to say thanks.

  • Gary Rudd

    BIG PRIVACY WARNING – IF you choose to share a picture or two the old way (sending a link – worked great and was easy) it creates and shares as a new album… be WARNED that if you share it with various people (just by sending the link) everyone can see who has “joined” the album. Sometimes you don’t want that and there isn’t a way I see to turn that off. I use it for business to share draft and portfolio work and don’t want clients/vendors to see each others names – of course there are also much more personal reason you could come up with!!