Google Maps still available offline via “OK Maps” easter egg in Android app update

by: Chris SmithJuly 10, 2013
Google Maps

Google Maps offline easter egg: perform an “okay maps” search to save map for offline use | Image credit: TechCrunch

The Google Maps for Android update has arrived bringing a new design and new features, while removing others and sort-of hiding the offline mode.

Luckily, there’s a sort-of easter egg feature that will let you still enjoy offline maps whenever there’s no Internet connection available. The feature is called “OK Maps” – or better said that’s what you’ll have to search for inside the app to enable offline maps.

In order to save maps and access them offline, you’ll have to go to the map region that you want to save, type “ok maps” into the search bar (or “okay maps” as shown in the image above by TechCrunch) and the map area will be saved for offline browsing.

The feature may not be as straightforward as the old “make available offline” button, but it will still help you cache a copy of the area you want to access while offline using Google Maps. Naturally, Google Maps features that require an Internet connection will not work on the saved map.

Furthermore, the “My Maps” functionality is now available in this version, but should return in future updates of the app.

We did say that some Google Maps features have been removed from Google Maps and these are Latitude and check-ins. They’ll be retired from old Google Maps versions starting with August 9, so even if you don’t update to the most recent Google Maps version – or if your device isn’t compatible with the latest Google Maps update – you won’t be able to use them in the future.

  • brararsh

    That’s Great.. But where is Latitude option in maps?? Cant spy anyone anymore?? :p

  • Maher Salti

    Seems the caching option does not work in all locations, I tried caching Tokyo and it just says it is not available.. Can anyone confirm if it ever worked for Tokyo?

    • Wojciech Skrok

      Because its still “small area cache”, probably, like in old offline feature that U can save only squares circa 80 MB

      • Maher Salti


        other areas do precache, I get the error message “map pre-loading is not available in this area”

        try it out yourself..

        • コリン

          japan has not and is not available for offline viewing

          • Maher Salti

            unfortunately >_<

    • perseis

      for offline maps I prefer locus pro or sygic. it’s more reliable.
      but for online maps google is still the best.

      if you travel a lot you should keep at least 2-3 maps app in your phone..

    • emman

      just go to settings>application manager>downloaded>maps then touch it then uninstall it

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    I hope the Offline management will be back in some near update, this is quite annoying.

  • Watcher

    This does NOT work for me with the latest update.

  • Watcher

    It’s more effective to use the option that says “Make available offline” and then zoom in or out on the area you want to download for later use. Why use the tricks listed in this article when it’s much easier to use the direct method I’ve shown?

    • .

      if you read the article, you would see that “Make Available Offline” is no longer an option.

      • cristian donose

        It is available offline. Just tap the search bar and then scroll down to the bottom , there you will find Make offline available.

        • chix

          True, thanks Cristian, this is a much more convenient way…

        • Jeff

          It gives you no box displaying what portion of the map you will be taking. It doesn’t tell you that it will be too big until you try and it doesn’t let you see what you already have downloaded. Plus I need to dismiss the keyboard every single time I do this. That is not better than simply clicking a menu button. Google have something seriously wrong with their brains.

  • Darkflea

    Its the crappy IOS version!!! You can’t search for a location and then map it! You have to search for it with the intention of mapping it! POS!

  • Otto Andersson

    I downgraded my star rating for the maps down to 2 stars. I really don’t like some of the choices they made with this “upgrade”. I do like the arrow that shows the direct you are facing. That is helpful.

  • emman

    if you like the previous version>>>> just go to settings>application manager>downloaded>maps then touch it then uninstall it

    • Jeff

      Thank you. Saved me a lot of effort using the crappy new version.

  • Dani Silva

    As Christian donose said, the feature is available without the “ok maps” trick. Just tap the search bar, and scroll all the way down to “Make this map area available offline”.

    Since we still have this, only the “my maps” option is missing.

  • Google Can Sod Off

    What the hell is wrong with Google? I had been downloading maps for use whilst going away. Now it takes twice as long and there is no quick way of seeing what I already have downloaded. Wish I had of turned off auto-update. Every single bloody time Google ruin it.

  • Eduard Alexandrian

    We have posted an Indiegogo campaign asking Marissa Mayer to allow in flight use of Yahoo! 30k feet view maps.
    Maybe we will finally get them more open to the offline maps.
    No funding is necessary.

  • Sanders

    Another pointless interface and functionality change on the maps application. Google is turning more and more moronic each day.

  • Iqra

    I want offline google maps images for my application to store in database MySQL. From where will i find it?

  • Enough BS


  • Jon Langevin
  • andy

    Can you put up how to move apps from phone to external sd card on note 2.

    • MegaRa TwentyFour

      YES !! THAT is a good question. where is the ANSWER ?!!?

  • paul