Give your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge grip and texture with dbrand skins

by: PromotedMarch 18, 2016

dbrand skin galaxy s7 edge (2)

Look, we get it. The Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge are beautiful without any addition, just as Samsung intended.

But while the pair looks stunning in press renders and store displays, five minutes of that pesky thing called “real life” reveals the big downside of all that beautiful glass – it gets smudgy as heck.

Now you’re free to wear your smudges with pride. Just go naked, fingerprints be damned. That’s fine. But smudges don’t just make your $700 device look cheap and slimy, they also make it (even more) slippery. And we all know what happens when phones get slippery.

If you don’t want to hide your phone in a case, your best option is to wrap it one of the thin and attractive Galaxy S7 skins from dbrand. From carbon-fiber-textured skins, to metallic textures, to skins that look just like natural leather, dbrand has a variety of skins for your Galaxy and Galaxy S7 Edge.

dbrand skin galaxy s7 edge (3)

You can pick from several colors and finishes, and you can mix and match them to make your Galaxy stand out. You can even pick a separate color for the camera module, perfect to add an accent to your personal color scheme. Finishes include carbon fiber, matte, metal, leather, true color, and wood, so you can make your phone look as funky or as classy as you want.

You can find the perfect skin combo with dbrand’s interactive customizer, and the next step – installation – isn’t that complicated either. Check out how simple it is to deck out your smartphone:

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge skins at dbrand cost just $18.85 for the full package (or $9.95 for the back, $7.95 for the front, and $0.95 for the camera). Not bad for a solution that rids you of smudges, protects your phone, and makes it stand out in a crowd of glossy slates.

dbrand guarantees that no residue will remain on your phone if you decide to remove or replace the skins, so you don’t risk anything.

Happy shopping!


  • Mr Mop


  • benoita74

    One doesn’t get rid of dbrands marketing, it already was the herpes of YouTube tech reviewers, and now it seems like the plea is spreading!

  • BossMining

    DBrand is nothing more than an overhyped, over-marketed peice of crap. I Won’t EVER buy into their products because of their HORRIBLE marketing team that decides to pay everyone and their mother to advertise for their products. Gawd awful

  • Christian Silva

    I think skins look cheap as hell. I much rather have an ultra thin transparent case, which still going to look different from the naked phone, but much better than this cheap as carbon fiber imitation.

  • meir

    For my Galaxy s7 Edge: RINGKE FUSION CLEAR CASE.

    • benoita74

      I do agree ringke is great quality at a pretty low price!

  • Ahmed

    Look really nice too bad I have lost interest in Samsung & there flip flop attitude

  • Dusan

    I don’t understand DBrand hate. I’m using black carbon on my gold S6 Edge+ and it’s great so far. Had it for about 3 months, still looks like it was just applied. It was the first and only DBrand Product I used.
    Originally I had issues with how slipper S6 Edge+ is. It’s really, really slippery. DBrand skin solved that problem adding no thickness to the phone. Also, while gold color on it was nice, the back was very reflective and a fingerprint magnet. I didn’t cover the front as that part doesn’t need to be covered.

    I would never use a case on my phone. It makes the phones bulky and are usually way uglier than the phones itself. Protection? Nah, don’t drop your phone.
    Dropped your phone and it cracked? Hope you got Insurance. Don’t have insurance? Why burn all your money on such an expensive phone and can’t afford insurance?

    • BossMining

      They might have excellent skins, it’s their customer service and their marketing tactics that gets me mad and is the reason why I won’t EVER buy anything from again. Almost everywhere someone’s screaming DBrand. My YouTube feed, my Instagram feed, heck even my news feed. Pretty much all of the ‘tech’ Youtubers that I follow both on Instagram and Youtube post about one DBrand video/picture AT LEAST once a week, if not more. And this has been going on for a few years now. See my point now? I’m tired of reading DBrand this and DBrand that. There are a ton of other great skin manufacturers that aren’t getting enough credit. I could go on, but you probably get my point.

      • Dusan

        Valid points. I live in Scandinavia, DBrant might not be as invasive there as (I assume) they are in NA.

      • Christo

        Same here, I order something for D-brand a year ago, but never got my skin… customer service don’t reply, on mail, fb, or fb messenger. So I don’t recommend buy from them!

      • Rog

        dbrand is SHIT customer service and a terrible company. CRAP PRODUCTS

  • rj5555

    I would consider it if they had a transparent / translucent version but I’m Not going to put my phone made of premium materials into cheap plastic…

    • Impheatus

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking.
      I want a clear mate skin on the soon-to-be-mine S7.

  • King_Android

    I love skins just to give the phone a different look when I put a transparent case over it. I dont understand the hate. Plus theyre cheap af but last for months maybe even a year at least. So why do people hate on dBrand so much.

    • BossMining

      See my above comment on why I hate DBrand … You should understand

      • King_Android

        Got ya

  • Sơn

    Is there any way to apply both skin and screen protector? I’m using Spigen Crystal screen protector

  • Jonathan Koscik

    That’s funny. I’m on the fence. Just got mine and the ‘metal’ grey skin seems slipperier than glass… Also the camera cuttouts are not consistent. Note the image attached…

  • Drake Dodson

    I find it ironic when phone reviewers say that they don’t use cases because the phone was designed to look a certain way, but yet they’ll put a skin on their phone? I’m all about being able to see my phone as it was designed, and for me the best way to do that is to use a clear case. Right now I’m partial to Poetic cases, but there’s some other good ones out there too.