Gear S2 update brings unread notifications on watch face, new apps, and more

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 12, 2016

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Samsung’s well-received Gear S2 smartwatch is getting a small update that brings new apps, functionality additions, and performance improvements.

One of the biggest issues with joining Samsung’s Tizen-powered ecosystem is the relative lack of third-party apps. Over the past year, Samsung has worked hard to get developers to create apps for Tizen, ensuring that at least some big names are present on its platform. Clearly, that’s an ongoing effort, as the latest update to the Gear S2 brings three new apps – World Clock, EPSN, and News Briefing.

The update also adds several watch faces inspired by the work of Italian designer Alessandro Mendini, who also released straps and other accessories for Samsung’s smartwatch back in autumn.

New functionality coming to the Gear S2 is the ability to search through your contacts, a new screen time out session, and an unread notification indicator in the watch face. This last change in particular should prove useful. Also, you can now input emoji with the keyboard.

The 92MB update is rolling out now as an OTA. For more on the Gear S2, check out our review, as well as our follow up impressions.

  • Ichibanmugen

    imo still the prettiest looking smartwatch, wouldn’t mind owning one but for the price I cannot justify it at all. A smartwatch will never retain it’s value. A regular watch would.

  • rickinsav

    I read a review about the bluetooth connection between the S2 and the phone becoming disconnected and being difficult to reestablish. Has anyone experienced this? And has sammy come out with a fix?

    I’ve been holding out on this watch since I read that.

    • Andrew

      The disconnects are horrible.. I couldn’t even connect with my HTC M8 which Samsung clearly states it supports.

      • rickinsav

        That’s what I’m afraid of but hoping with my Note the connection issues are less of a problem.

    • poptartbandit

      I have not had that issue one bit. The only time mine disconnects is my S2 dies. After charging it immediately reconnects without an issue.

      • rickinsav

        What handset are you using with your S2?

    • GYamane

      I’ve had the Bluetooth disconnect but no problem reconnecting.

  • RA

    Download Mood Swinger for Samsung S2 Gear. Amazing App

  • Mehmet

    Still no sleep tracking mode, shame on you SAMSUNG!!!