How to make the Samsung Gear Fit work with other Android devices

by: Robert TriggsApril 14, 2014

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Samsung’s new Gear Fit smartwatch, fitness band combo is a pretty impressive little device. If you’re interested in purchasing one, Samsung has already stated that its fitness tracker will work with 17 different Galaxy handsets, including the Galaxy S5. But what if you own a handset from a different manufacturer?

Ordinarily you’d be out of luck, although you could root the original Galaxy Gear, but fortunately the folks over at 9to5Google have found a workaround for Samsung’s smallest wearable. All you’ll need is a copy of the official Samsung Gear Fit Manager to side load onto your handset, with the Fitness with Gear apk installed as well. The downloads can be found here and here.

To install the apks, make sure that installing from “unknown sources” is checked in your handset’s security options. Once you’ve installed both the apks, launch the Gear Fit Manager on your smartphone, follow the steps, and pair your two devices via Bluetooth. Here you can also adjust the look of your Gear Fit and control which notifications work with the device via the “Notifications” section. Once paired, boot up the Fitness app from within the manager, ignore the fact that you can’t sign up for a Samsung Account, if you want to check out the fitness tracking features.

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Now you are all good to go. However the quick reply notification function doesn’t appear to work correctly with non-Samsung handsets, although “show on device” and other notification functions seem to work fine. Any location based services also don’t work with this method, as they require specific Samsung services.

So far, the workaround has only been tested with HTC handsets running Android KitKat, but it should work with a range of other devices too. A word of caution though, your Gear Fit might require an update via a compatible Samsung device before it will work, so there’s no guarantee that you can just go out and buy a Gear Fit with the aim of running it alongside your HTC or Sony device. But if you happen to know someone with a Samsung handset who can update the Gear Fit for you, then this method should work fine.

Hopefully a more complete workaround will be found in the future.

  • asdfs

    when its available here i plan on purchasing the fit for my note 3

  • Anonymousfella

    When can we expect AA’s review of the Gear Fit?

    • We’re working on it right now. Good quality reviews take time.

      • THatch

        Are you going to get more involved on the everyday video front? I like the way you do things, and would enjoy it if you were one of the regulars on youtube.

  • Leonard Bryan

    Will this workaround also work for Gear 2/Neo? I’m getting an Xperia Z2 soon hence I would like to be able to use my Gear 2 Neo with it..

    • Dorian GrimStorm

      I Tested on the neo and fit and in fact, it does work. Going to test it on the gear 2 on Thursday (off tomorrow). Device LG g2 running kitkat

      • Leonard Bryan

        I’ve tested it with my Xperia Z2 and it did connect an worked with the push notifications.. BUT.. There aren’t any previews of the notification messages.. and you wont be able to take advantage of the other features like S-Voice which can prove useful for a smart watch

        • Dorian GrimStorm

          Correct svoice will not work. Funny you mentioned the push notifications, I get some. For instance my hangouts I can see but not my Google voice. Not sure why it works on some and not all. Overall I’m still happy with it. Beats my Sony smart watch.

          • Leonard Bryan

            My bad. I think I didn’t install it properly the first time. The message previews can now be read together with the notifications.. But yeah not all as other 3rd party apps naturally do not include the message preview with their notifications. :)

  • Colleen Schake

    Manager apk won’t install

  • Miraj Ali

    Do you need the fitness for gear apk

  • 9phil9

    Bluetooth will not connect with G4. Could there be a missing APK maybe? The first two mentioned here seemed to install correctly but without the ability of the manager to make the connection, no joy.

  • Jack Plating

    Just tried this with a Droid Turbo (Motorola) on Lollipop and the sideloaded APK crashes.

  • Julie Coyle Thompson

    Has any one found the solution to getting text messages to read on the gear fit from an LG G4?

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  • Geir Rambekk

    says it’s updating after my gear fit and sony xperia z5 is paired and connected but nothing is happening