(Update: visits TENAA, photos added) This is probably Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2

by: Matthew BensonJune 3, 2015

Update, June 3: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is one step closer to a real announcement, having just passed through TENAA in China. As is usually the case, TENAA has posted a few new images of the tablet, as well as a short specs list. Hit the gallery at the bottom of this article to see it all.

Update, May 12: @onleaks released two new renders showing the Galaxy Tab S2; these are actually renders based on accurate schematics of the tablet, according to the source, so there could be some cosmetic differences in the real product.

samsung galaxy tab s2 render (2) samsung galaxy tab s2 render (1)

Several months ago rumors began to mention the next generation Galaxy Tab S products. In particular, the talk of the town was teaching us that Samsung would be utilizing a 4:3 aspect ratio, premium materials (a metal frame essentially) and the latest and greatest specs. As the weeks have passed, information has slowly leaked out, and now we find ourselves with what might be a first look at the finished product. Albeit it a press render.

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S2-9.7 OnLeaks

This leaks comes to us via @onleaks, and as you can see, the tablet looks… A lot like the Galaxy Tab A series which has already been announced and released in several key markets around the world. Assuming this is the final product, it raises a somewhat odd question coming from Samsung: why does this premier premium product look like a baseline-budget one? Last year’s Galaxy Tab S series featured an exclusive design (reminiscent of the Galaxy S5) that looked night-and-day different from the Galaxy Tab 4, Galaxy Tab Pro, and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014/Pro 12.2 devices which came before it.

When last we heard, it is expected that in addition to a QHD SuperAMOLED screen, the Tab S2 series will come with an Exynos 5433 32-Bit CPU, but it may be replaced with the 7420 given the latter’s 64-bit processing — something that will come in handy with the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop build that they will be running on. Category 6 LTE will be supported on cellular models. The device will include 3GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage with microSD support up to 128GB. The 8-inch model will have a 3,580 mAh battery, the 9.7 inch, a 5,870 mAh unit. Both models will have an 8 megapixel rear camera and 2.1 front camera, according to the leaks.

Galaxy Tab S

Assuming this leak is genuine, could Samsung be standardizing its tablet offerings? Might we be missing something (like the possibility of a glass back)? Moreover, what would this mean for Samsung products released later this year? Will they look similar to the S6?

TENAA photos of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2


  • Gilles LeBlanc

    Anyone care? Nope… cause phablet is the the new tablet?

    • Martin Lane

      Phablet is no replacement for a tablet.

      • V-Phuc

        Need much better specs than these? What happens to the follow-up of the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Ed? The latter is a beast. Absolutely loved it with its S-pen.

    • getReal

      Some people don’t like phablets… so they carry small phones.

      • Iron Man

        This is true. My Galaxy S6 has the perfect size at 5.1″ 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm and i also own an iPad air 2.

  • Martin Lane

    Needs Exynos 7420 and a 16:10 aspect ratio, I can’t image this being very successful otherwise.

  • asjames12

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  • Keith Taylor

    Why do they feel like they have to copy Apple. I dont want a 9.7 inch tab. I have used this size before and for me prefer the 10.5 size. I guess I will just wait till X mas and get a Tab S when they are dirt cheap. Oh yeah Samsung your Tab A sucks, I used one the other day. The display is from 5 years ago. 1.5 Gs of RAM really.

    • Brian Dong Min Kim

      Because a 4:3 aspect ratio makes much more sense? Also, Apple wasn’t the first to come up with that ratio so Samsung isn’t copying them. Google and HTC made the Nexus 9’s display a 4:3. It’s just how the standard is changing within the Android ecosystem.

      • wat

        It isn’t going to change to become standard.

      • KingofPing

        I certainly hope not…

      • Martin Lane

        It makes less sense, users generally use tablets for media consumption which is mostly in widescreen.

        The 16:10 ratio generally works quite well, with 4:3 being a little better suited for reading and browsing the internet but not for anything else.

        • Dinsy Jones

          Do they? Or just the users that are not buying Apple tablets (i.e, a minority) ?

      • Diskus1

        He was talking about screen size, not aspect ratio.

    • DDT

      Because samsung feels themselves “higher than law” and they think they have right to use other companies inventions as theirs, then they will say how they had innovated and how they are ” digital craftsman”

      And that’s true especially now when iPhone 6 kicked them in face they are desperate for more money.

      • randomdog

        IPhone 6 was the most egregious example of copying the competition… But it is a nice phone.

    • MattEgansHairLine

      I’d be more worried why it comes with old software that may never be updated, read the last two weeks of articles that AA have posted stating Androids built-in obsolescence.

      Also, most of the users who are giving you advice are fake experts.

      They will tell you 4:3 ratio just so happens to becoming Androids preferred ratio, when a couple of months ago they were telling you how 4:3 is terrible and 16:9 is the only one to use. Even though 4:3 has always been the ratio of choice by all that know how the human eye perceives the world around it.

      The human eye hasn’t changed since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, or the launch of the iPad, or when Roid tried to come to each party late, the human eye still hasn’t changed.

      Photo sensors are 4:3, Hasselblad, Canon, PhaseOne, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm all agree, so these no mark wannabes know more than professional imaging experts, yeah right.

      • Hectoron

        Actually almost all the modern day DSLRS (atleast from the 2 big players- Canon & Nikon) have a 3:2 ratio sensor which is taller (in landscape) than 16:10 but shorter than 4:3 …..

    • Jamie Johnson

      Then I would highly advise you don’t buy one if you don’t want one. Pretty simple. The Tab A is supposed to be a budget line -_-

      • Keith Taylor

        Yep a budget line that cost to damn much…and you can keep your advice.

  • Stanley Anthonymuthu

    4:3 is good for a tablet, but AMOLED are known for how badass it is for viewing multimedia content which is mostly 16:9 – 21:9. So for ME it’s a turn off. :/

    • Iron Man

      Samsung always sets the standards. that’s why my GALAXY S6 is so awesome, and samsung will make this tab awesome too. Its going to have the most powerful CPU and the fastest storage, and Samsung will set 4:3 as the standard.

      • Martin Lane

        Kind of wish they wouldn’t, I much prefer the 16:10 ratio.

        Why can’t they just release two versions? one in 4:3 and one in 16:10?

        • Stanley Anthonymuthu


      • Wjdzm

        clone alert

      • MattEgansHairLine

        So they are setting the standard set by Apple, nothing new there then!

  • wat

    Waiting for a refresh of the note pro still

    • mybigelephant

      I think Samsung has abandoned that product line.

      my Note 8 is still running with Android 4.1.2 and the last Note pro tablet has been released more than one year and half ago

  • averymlewis

    For me the 4:3 aspect ratio is just way more comfortable to hold in the hand for an extended period of time. The reason I despise current Galaxy Tabs is because when you rotate them they tend to be top heavy whereas an iPad or should I say a 4:3 tab can be used either way MUCH BETTER!!! But I love Android so this is probably FINALLY the Tab for me. By the way gotta love them iPad Mini’s lol :)

    • Marty

      I prefer a 4:3 aspect ration for navigation. It’s purely aesthetic for me, but 4:3 does it for me…see more of the map screen.

      • Pedro Nieto

        Great point. When I use to have an iPad, the 4:3 ratio was good for navigation. How do you have your tablet mounted in your car?

        • Marty

          CD mount. And Bluetooth connected to the stereo.

  • LisaJLutz

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  • Coven1993

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  • droidtomtom

    I have the Tab Pro 8.4 but after using it and my wife’s iPad Air side by side I prefer the 4:3 format overall. Don’t get me wrong 16:9 is superior for dash mounted navigation and watching Netflix, all more enjoyable on my Tab Pro. But the trade off would be worth it for everything else I use it for.

    If this has USB-C and 64GB of UFS 2.0 storage then I am definitely getting it.

  • Dan EE

    It looks like it will have the 64bit Exynos 7420 Octa processor. The FCC site just put up the approval today for the 8″ SMT715 with the clock listed at 2.1 GHz. There are two models listed for the 9.7″. The SMT815 lists 1.9GHz which would be the 32bit 5433, however there is also a SMT817Y that shows a 2.1GHz clock.