Samsung Galaxy Tab S experiencing overheating issues, resulting in warped back covers

July 17, 2014

We were quite impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, back when we reviewed it, due to its thin and sleek design, solid battery life, and stunning 2560 x 1600 high resolution AMOLED display. Unfortunately though, it looks like Samsung might not have struck the perfect hardware balance with the Galaxy Tab S, as the tablet is reportedly suffering from overheating issues.

Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru is reporting that the Galaxy Tab S’ Exynos 5420 processor, which also powers the Galaxy Note 3, is heating up quite substantially during heavy load. Whilst warm temperatures aren’t completely unusual for mobile devices, the Tab S is heating up so much that it is deforming the back cover of the tablet.

The higher resolution display is likely putting a lot more stress on the Mali-T628 GPU than lower resolution devices would, which could be responsible for the additional heat. Combined with a choice of back cover materials that don’t appear to respond to well to high temperatures, and you are left with a bit of a cosmetic disaster.

You can see a few photos of the warping on the 8.4 inch version of the Galaxy Tab S below. The bumps are not overly noticeable, but the look, and importantly feel, of the tablet has clearly been altered by the heat.

Galaxy Tab S back cover warped  Galaxy Tab S overheating

Samsung has not yet responded to the complaint, so we will be sure to keep our eye out for an official statement. It is unclear, at this point, how widespread the issue is, so if you have noticed overly high levels of heat or a similar back cover issue yourself, please let us know in the comments below.


  • abazigal

    Good lord, Appleinsider and Macrumours are going to have a field day over this one.

    At any rate, chalk one up for the use of aluminium as a material. Better heat conductivity, and less prone to being warped by heat.

    • rad

      It might be something underneath the plastic back that got warped, if that’s the case changing to aluminium won’t suffice.

      • ezyrider


    • Javier Peralta

      Yea, no one in Macrumors or Appleinsider seems to care(not 1 single article). There is more hate from android users than from apple users…

  • Miong

    What about the snapdragon version? Waiting for it to arrive… I was really excited but this scares me.

    • Aaron K

      Me too, I want Snapdragon version. I want the S Pen too…

  • Foosa Noble

    Crap I just bought one………..but so far so good………… far….

    • Lazzam

      I would not worry. There is a display at best buy running 24 hrs a day with a demo running since launch…. Still has not warped.

      • Tiltasauras

        That’s not remotely under load

        • krym73

          Yes it is, kids go and download games on them all the times, they stay running demo on 24/7 and they also download alot of Samsung applications into them, I’m not referring to the ones that come already on there either.

    • Foosa Noble

      No issues yet I use mine for 3-4 hours at a time just web browsing and google docs or reading, not even remotely warm. Granted I’m not doing a shadow gun marathon. But over all I’m McLoving my S 8.4

  • hunt goes on

    Once again, Samsung Exynos have an over heat issue like Exynos in Galaxy S4 S5 Noteel

    But then Samsung would hire bloggers and tech reviewers to praise Exynos again (at least in my country, Samsung did this)

    Why wouldn’t Samsung just use only Snapdragon like other OEMs.

    • Aaron K

      Agreed! Snapdragon!

    • Positive Kei

      Erica Griffin, will she praise Exynos again?

    • Loki

      You can’t win against thermodynamics..

  • TheBlur

    My Tab Pro 10.1 also becomes hot at stress… .

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Expected iBashing. Always when Samsung make great product. (there are always faulty devices of any brand, though)
    iAnand is next.
    Remember the dirty attacks when the great Note 3 came??? LOL

  • shamatuu

    I’m amazed how Samsung didn’t catch that in their testing. They don’t seem to test them in actual use at all.

  • sistery

    Xda forums hasn’t reported anything similar yet

  • Term

    I wonder how many people commenting actually own the real tablet? I’m writing this on it now (Tab S 10.5), and daily, I push mine to the limit running project m and other extremely graphic intensive apps and have yet to encounter ANY overheating or heat to the touch from the back of the tablet on my hand. This is the best tablet I’ve ever owned, and yes i have owned an iPad as well and it comes nowhere near the awesome of this tablet. When or if i start overheating I’ll let you know but so far really good. And “I” kids, your iPad gets stomped by this thing, I’m a believer.

    • hunt

      well, my family own Exynos device. My mom have Exynos note 3 my sister have Exynos S5 and they have that issue.

      • Paul

        No issues for me on 10.5 or note 3

  • Eric S

    Yep, bought one yesterday (8.4) and whilst setting it up had
    to put it down as it was uncomfortable to hold. No sign of any distortion on
    the shiny slippery back plate yet. Additionally, this has more bloatware than
    any other device that I have owned. Even by Samsung standards it seems

  • Paul

    No issues with my 10.5

  • jose bernal

    Yeah I have the same problem with my galaxy tab s 8.4 but it not too noticeably but the bumps are near the charging ports also I been having issues with WiFi connection don’t know what to do does anyone else have the same issue like me 2

  • SuperRando

    Bought a 10.5, had a problem with casting to Chromecast, systemui would crash forcing a hard reset. Too much lag also. Returned it for an 8.4, same issues.

  • doremi

    I got the Tab S 8.4. Charged the tablet. Turned on the unit. The unit started downloading all the apps I had on my Note Pro 12. I noticed the is a some warmth (not hot) on the back side of my Tab S but dismissed it as normal. When I was installing the tablet case, that’s when I noticed that the bottom left corner of the back side is sort of “peeled” of less than 1 mm. I suspected that the unit has warping problem. This site confirmed my suspicion. Staples was gracious enough to give me a refund since I had the Tab S only for 2 days. Also, for those planning to buy a stylus for the Tab S 8.4, fine tipped stylus does not work. The “eraser”-like tip will work… These are my observations. I would have love the Tab S’s if note for these problems… My Note Pro 12 is working just fine… It’s feels heavy on the chest after a few minutes when using it lying down…. sigh….

  • Bradley Groot

    I can say from my experience with the galaxy Note 10.1 2014(exonos 4) and my galaxy note 3(snapdragon 800) The tablet get much much hotter to the touch then my phone ever gets. Playing x-com I can kill the battery in under two hours on the note 10.1. It gets very hot up on the back in the top right corner.

    Only specific games this will happen.

  • Ahmed Farouk

    Agreed, the battery life for Samsung TAB S 8.4″ is becoming very short and stays for only 4 hours max ?!
    The percentage of the remaining battery decreased by 10% at once every 10 min. ?!
    The battery is becoming very hot and screen is flashing ?!
    The new Samsung update patch didn’t solve the issue.
    Now I am trying the following :
    1- using the battery till it ‘s completely getting empty.
    2-Power off the Device
    3-Charging it till Full
    Will let you know the results