Samsung Galaxy Tab S devices proven to carry the best tablet displays

by: Edgar CervantesJune 24, 2014

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S series came busting through the doors with some of the best-specced tablets we have seen in a long time. Even more impressive are the displays the devices carry, marking the epic return of Samsung’s OLED tablet screens. These looked amazing during our hands-on tests with the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and Galaxy Tab S 8.4, but we never imagined they would take on the whole industry.

The 2560×1600 display resolution will no doubt keep your images and text as sharp as a scalpel, but there is much more to look at when aiming for a great screen. Color accuracy, viewing angles, brightness and saturation are but a few factors in the list.

Screen professionals from Display Mate go through most popular devices, testing them to their limits and sharing their results with the world. It turns out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 don’t only have gorgeous display panels, they happen to have the “best performing tablet displays that they have ever tested”.

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In fact, Samsung’s new tablet displays go right in line with their Galaxy S5 OLED display, which offers nearly identical experiences. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S displays beat every other tablet in everything! It has the highest color accuracy, infinite contrast ratio, the lowest screen reflectance and the smallest brightness variation with viewing angles.

Nokia did take the Samsung tablets’ crown in one department. The Nokia Lumia beat the Samsung Galaxy Tab S displays in brightness, emitting 684 nits. Samsung’s devices can only reach 546 nits of brightness. Otherwise, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S displays stand as the best all-around displays.

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These are simply numbers and performance tests, though. Just like with any other products or devices, only you can decide which screen is best for you. While I prefer the deep blacks and lively colors of OLED displays, we know some of you would rather take advantage of the accurate whites and natural colors.

Which types of screens do you prefer?

  • abqnm

    While I wouldn’t say you can really “prove” a subjective statistic, I would believe it is a fantastic display for a tablet.

    I have not seen this display, but from their report, it is pretty close to the S5, which looks pretty good, except in direct sunlight it still needs some help. And since tablets are usually tend to be used indoors and quite often for video playback, it makes sense that an HDSAMOLED panel would be fantastic in a tablet.

    • Bone

      Set brightness to auto +5 and the S5 will be the best screen ever made for outdoor use. That is possible because of the combination of class leading low reflectance, very high screen brightness, and superb contrast ratio, you can add superb viewing angles too as you always have to play with the angles with gadgets under the sun.

    • wizard

      Reviews say it’s good in direct sunlight but I need to seem them screens in person and im sure ill be blown away by it

      • abqnm

        The S5 is definitely the best AMOLED screen in full sunlight, to date. There are still LCD screens that are brighter, but the S5 is really good.

        • hung2900

          Man, brighter doesn’t mean better outdoor visibility. One time went travelling, 2 Nexus 5 of my friends looked garbage outdoor, even somewhat worse than the dim-on-paper display of Note 2 (as I remember about 280 nits)

          • abqnm

            I never said it did, though bright LCD screens generally tend to do better in bright light. Only recently did AMOLED screens offer decent outdoor readability. Previously they were just OK on most devices (Note 2 is an exception due to the rgb subpixel arrangement which does better than penile matrix AMOLED). AMOLED panels have traditionally suffered outdoors due to the subdued and dull whites produced compared to LCD. Newer subpixel arrangements and screen manufacturing processes have helped AMOLED greatly in this area. Obviously the quality of the display, the technology used, the glass and coatings used (reflectivity) and the distance between the glass and the display panel itself all affect outdoor visibility in addition to brightness. Comparing my GS4 vs my HTC One M7, in bright light the HTC is much more readable. The GS5, however, beats my One’s display outdoors. Thinner gorilla glass 3 with a good anti reflective coating helps this tremendously. Plus it is bright.

  • Jonathan TAM

    2K at this size makes much more sense than in >6′ screens

  • Andrew T Roach

    AMOLED displays still get punished when surfing the web because of all the whites. Sure, blacks are deep and beautiful. But I’m not willing to give up 3 hours of battery life when web browsing is all I use a tablet for.

  • Abd

    Displaymate Galaxy S5 lab report:
    ★Best Smartphone Display: Based on our extensive Lab tests and measurements, the Galaxy S5 is the Best performing Smartphone display that we have ever tested. It has a long list of new records for best Smartphone display performance including: ★Highest Brightness, ★Lowest Reflectance, ★Highest Color Accuracy, Infinite Contrast Ratio, ★Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light, and smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle. The Galaxy S5 has raised the bar for top display performance up by another notch – an impressive achievement for OLED technology!

    ★Most Accurate Colors: The Galaxy S5 Cinema Mode has the most accurate colors for any Smartphone
    or Tablet

  • Discuss

    Samsung is just killin it. And the dimple back works much better at this size. I’d still say they need a new design team to replace the one that did the S5 lol.

  • namesib

    But not the best processor. :( I don’t want the tech used in Autumn 2013!

  • Mystery Man

    I’ll wait for the refurbished listings in 2 months

  • bakakun028

    Displaymate’s method of testing is apparently very flawed. I regard the testing with a grain of salt.

  • Krunksky

    give us doze stock wallpapers