Upgrade the Original Galaxy Tab P1000 to Ice Cream Sandwich via MIUI 4

by: Ken EastFebruary 10, 2012


Finally, the original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab gets to taste some Ice Cream Sandwich.  Thanks to a MIUI 4 port for the original Galaxy Tab P1000, the tablet can now enjoy some of the goodness of Android 4.0.

A member of XDA Developers, sinamosavi, was able to port the MIUI 4 ROM to the Galaxy Tab.  The ROM is based on CyanogenMod 9, which in turn is based on stock Android 4.0 code from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

The custom ROM for the Galaxy Tab is still an alpha build, so you can expect it to carry several bugs.  Among the known bugs included in the ROM are all bugs carried over from CyanogenMod 9.  Wi-Fi and SD mounts are also reportedly problematic.

Considering that the original Samsung Galaxy Tab is already an old device, it doesn’t have to be left behind on the latest Android version.  So, if you want to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich on your tablet, read on for the instructions on upgrading your Galaxy Tab P1000.

Requirements and Reminders

To be able to flash the MIUI 4 Alpha ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Root your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ and install ClockworkMod Recovery on it.
  • Fully charge your tablet’s battery.
  • Back up all important files and data on your device ( i.e. bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs, etc.).
  • Download the MIUI 4 Alpha ROM for the Galaxy Tab from here and save the file to your computer.
  • The procedure has been tested to work on the Galaxy Tab GT-P1000.  It may or may not work on other models.
  • Use the instructions at your own risk.  We shall not be held responsible for any damage to your phone if you follow these instructions.


Here’s how to install MIUI 4 ICS on your Galaxy Tab 7″:

  1. Connect your tablet to your PC.
  2. Copy the MIUI 4 ROM to your device’s internal storage.
  3. Disconnect your tablet from the PC.
  4. Turn off your tablet.
  5. Reboot the Galaxy Tab into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down the Volume Up key and the Power button simultaneously.
  6. Once the device has booted into ClockworkMod Recovery, create a backup of your currently working ROM.  You can do this from thestyle=”font-style: italic;”>Backup and Restore > Backupmenu.  This backup will come in handy in case you want to revert to the original ROM of your device.
  7. From the recovery menu, select “Wipe data/ factory reset” and confirm that you want to perform the action.
  8. Select “Wipe Cache partition” and confirm that you want to perform the action.
  9. Select “Advanced”, then “Wipe Dalvik cache” and confirm that you want to perform the action.
  10. With your phone data completely wiped, you may now install the MIUI 4 ROM.  From the recovery menu, select “Install zip from SD card”.
  11. Select “Choose zip from SD card” and choose the ROM file that you have copied to your tablet earlier.
  12. Confirm the installation by choosing “Yes”.  The ROM will be flashed after confirmation.
  13. Reboot your device.

Congratulations!  You now have Ice Cream Sandwich (via MIUI 4 Alpha) on your Galaxy Tab P1000.

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  • And how do you install “ClockworkMod Recovery” on the Original Galaxy Tab? And where do you download it (CWM)? I didn’t find a way yet! Do your research before you post articles! Or otherwise please amend this article instead of acting like CWM is installed by default!…PS: Please also link to your source article at XDA-developers or from whereever you got the information.

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        Obviously Philipp you did not research hard enough. There is a lot of valuable information on the top post dont whine if you dont know what you are doing. You shouldn’t even flash your tablet Im afraid youll brick it. You make the noob’s look bad. I wish they had a name for a prick noob like you. Haha I guess I just named it already. Remember Google is your friend. Cwm wouldnt exist if it hadnt already been discussed about in the past.

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    anybody succeed trying this?

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      tq.. ive tried with risk.. ang now using ice cream… mui..

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        no gsm communication… wifi bug isseu.. cant turn on.. will update more

  • Don’t do the update!
    – Keyboard don’t work
    – No network connection
    – No Wifi Connection
    – Chinese symbols on some applications

    • Shahedur Rahman

      I am faching same problem here. whats da salution?

  • Abdul Rahim Adam


    I’ve followed the guide precisely but my Galaxy Tab is not going pass the Galaxy Tab logo. I’ve reverted back the changes with the backup I made.

    Any further advise anyone can part to get ICS working on a P1000?

    • P-1000 expert

      Just clear the cache. Got this many times.
      Upgraded my phone so much dont know what was the version it came out with lol

    • madhur

      hey i also got stuk while flashin ROM on the logo,
      please help how do u restore ur back up as ma phne is not goin in recovery mode

  • So who exactly is this Ken East asswipe who posted instructions that don’t work?

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    I own a Galaxy Tablet p1000 system is based on cooked gingerbread “future.tab”.. Can I download this rom on my device? And what way?


    Is the Wi-Fi SIM Card and apps available in this ROM i have 2.3.3 Bloody Tab costum ROM and i would like to get ICS 4.0 on my tab

  • P-1000 expert

    Remember you must format /system/data and/cache from the mounts and storage just under the CWN main menu

  • Fuzzyskwerl

    Followed this to the T and it does not work. Went from clockwork mod and recovery to some funny recovery installed and tab won’t boot past the samsung logo. Time to go back to a ROM that works.

    • Fuzzyskwerl

      Reinstalled the ROM, restarted a few times and when it got to the Samsung logo I held the back button. This seems to have worked. But now that my tab is up and running there in no Wi-fi or network connectivity and the sd mount is not working. So in other words you can do NOTHING with the tab apart from look at how pretty ICS would be on it… If you can fix the network connection issues is would be great cause is runs smoothly.

  • Leb Mario

    I did it
    thank you very much guys…
    only camera is not working on my GT 1000 7″ and hope they could find a solution soon :D
    am enjoying it.. :)

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    Manage to install but having problem with mobile network. Error.

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    do not install this, no keyboard, no sd mount, no stability, screen disappointing about orinetation, etc etc.

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    i just follow the instruction..but just at the stating..no reaction…what should i do now??someone help my tab…

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    its not working at all samsung logo only comes but thanks for advicing backup hope you will fix this soon any one have idea about stable version?

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    All out of date wasted 3.99 on software not compatible with p1000

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    i’m planing to Upgrade the Original Galaxy Tab P1000 to Ice Cream Sandwich via MIUI 4.??

    please suggest me weather to upgrade or not ??

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    Fuck, my tab hang just like some of these people said. Now its useless!!!

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    I was followed the instruction n then my tab p1000 turned to nokia 3315?????so weird

  • muhammad sabri
  • Bill George

    Signature Verification failed,, Installation Aborted. Thats the message shown if followed ths procedure. please help.

  • no one download this is too bad you gonna brick your device i am xda member and i recommednd you all go to cyanmodgen

    • rab

      does the cm9 work on the galaxy tab 7″

  • pikisai

    this update doesn’t work, it looks nice on the icons but there is no network, no home menu, no wifi, no bluetooth

  • mike

    Plss help me why my samsung galaxy p1000 why can not apply sd card? From froyo rom. Installation aborted. ???? Plss help me why my samsung galaxy p1000 why can not apply sd card? From froyo rom. Installation aborted. ????

  • Guest

    Plss help me why my samsung galaxy p1000 why can not apply sd card? From froyo rom. Installation aborted. ????

  • Guest


    why my samsung galaxy tab why ca not read and apply sd card from the original froyo Rom? ?

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  • mike

    i own a Samsung galaxy tab p1000 i turn off the tab and then i reboot the galaxy tab into clockworkmod the original froyo ROM i select the apply sd card. Why can not apply sd card? Still installation aborted but i wipe factory reset and i wipe cache. But still install aborted agan. Plsss help. Me :( what the solution??

  • afan

    just go to the service centre of samsung you can upgrade your os bro

  • Nadun

    Hello, I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 (GT-P1000), after rooting I rebooted it, then there are various lines display on the Samsung logo, I’m unable to work with it , Please help me