Galaxy S7 will feature Snapdragon 820 in US and China, Exynos elsewhere: Korean report

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 2, 2015

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 AA

Qualcomm has reportedly secured SoC orders for certain versions of the Galaxy S7, coming in “early 2016.”

The report comes from Electronics Times, a trusted Korean publication, via Reuters. Citing anonymous industry sources, Electronic Times reports that Samsung is once again going to use a mix of Qualcomm and Exynos SoCs for its flagship phone.

In the US and China, the world’s two largest markets, the Galaxy S7 will reportedly be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC. In other markets, including in Europe and Asia, Samsung will use its own Exynos processor.

The report cites industry sources speculating that Qualcomm was able to secure Snapdragon 820 orders for the two most profitable markets by using its chip manufacturing orders as a negotiation argument. Put simply, Samsung gets lucrative chip foundry contracts from Qualcomm, and Qualcomm gets chip orders from Samsung.

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Samsung and Qualcomm refused to comment the report, but the Korean giant stated that its  “business and semiconductor business are totally separated, [so] supply agreement of AP and foundry business do not affect each other.”

Samsung famously snubbed Qualcomm for its flagships this year, opting for its own Exynos 7420 chip. The loss of a big client – and the Snapdragon 810 overheating PR disaster that followed – left Qualcomm bruised out. Samsung, on the other hand, avoided the overheating problems that plagued HTC, LG, or Sony, and bagged more profit thanks to the use of its own silicon.

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According to older reports, Samsung may use an Exynos 8890 processor on the Galaxy S7 (and presumably S7 Edge) units sold outside of US and China.

As for the Galaxy S7 release date, rumor has it, Samsung may have something to show us in early February. Following the early release of the Galaxy Note 5, a faster release of the S7 does make a lot of sense.

  • pjtpjt

    They can practice intimate relations with themselves.

  • 1213 1213

    What’s the main difference?
    I hear that the GPU is better for snapdragon, but other than that exynos is better?
    What about all the efficiency talk and stuff of snapdragon 820?

    • Toss3

      Nobody knows yet as the Exynos is likely going to be Samsung’s first custom core design, while the S820 is also a custom core but by Qualcomm (no devices yet = no benchmarks). Based on the last generations I’d venture a guess that the Exynos is going to have better single- and multithreaded performance, while the S820 is going to be better in the gpu-department.

  • Cakefish

    Europe best not be getting a second rate version. The Exynos better be perfect.

    • pjtpjt

      Exynos is perfect. It’s closed like Fort Knox (pun intended), but perfect.

  • Ranjit KR

    Thank God we get Exynos version In Europe,Exynos is Octacore Right?

    • Cakefish

      Most probably.

    • Tet Monboyo

      Being octocores with basic arm-designed cores is precisely what makes those chips slow and hot. So what’s the point ? Key markets get the Qualcomm chip, think about that.

  • Pathum Addarapathirana

    I’m actually happy it’s coming with a Snapdragon to the US

  • vsg

    For the people who didn’t know, another major difference between Exynos 7420 and Qcom’s SD820 is that Qualcomm has multi-band LTE Modem integrated with amazing speeds (Cat12 DL, Cat13 UL) while the Exynos only has integrated modem in the low/mid tier chip, not their flagship 7420 yet. With that being said, QCom’s SoC is amazing if you think about it, to custom own core design with impressive processing and GPU performance in addition to blazing fast modem integrated in one chip.. others are still playing catch up. Even Apple’s A9 uses external modem… a Qcom’s dedicated modem chip.

    Some people only look at SD820’s processor and forget that about the integrated modem.

    • Cicero

      Yes we are aware of modem integration soc of Qcom. Better see what your provider deliver and that you’ll see the real speed can be achived by. Future proof: yes.

  • Jerry Rich

    Just keep the chip COOL!!!

  • Cyberstriker

    Is the phone going to have a removable battery and SD card slot that’s what everybody really want to know.

    • Richard

      it will have a sd card but no removable battery because it will go full metal body.

  • Daniel Cho

    I hate Snapdragon chips. If this turns out to be true I’m importing one from Korea. Exynos is just better all-around.

  • Nicholas Heim

    Why don’t they just use a single chip for all S7 models? Using different chipsets just leads to a non-optimized skin and plenty of confusion. And if their own Exynos processor does better than the 820, then…..WHY NOT USE THE EXYNOS CHIP IN ALL THE PHONES??!?

    • Richard

      Samsung does it all the time and they sell so many phones that it cant make enough chips.

  • David Bugyi

    Damn, Exynos in Europe means crippled custom developement (like with my S6). So I think it’s bye-bye Samsung time.

  • Rob

    Once again Samsung shafts Europe. …