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Update (March 1st): After receiving shipment notifications from T-Mobile just yesterday, many customers were obviously excited that they may receive their new Galaxy S7 before the official release date given by Samsung. However, T-Mobile had been silent on the matter, so no-one could be quite sure if these emails were accurate or just being sent out in preparation of the release date.

It turns out that the shipment notices were on point, as some Galaxy S7 units have already made their way into lucky customers’ hands. T-Mobile’s Twitter account has also piped up and responded to a question about the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge delivery dates, stating that “the official launch date is 3/11 and we’re working to get them out as quickly as possible. You may even get it before.” Furthermore, a number of T-Mobile representatives have told expectant customers that the company is actively shipping out the S7 and S7 Edge as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S7 owners have even begun posting up pictures of their new deliveries to tantalise us, and comment sections, including our own, suggest that more devices are heading out for delivery too. Enjoy your new phone T-Mobile customers. It looks like the rest of us will be waiting until the official March 11th release date.

Galaxy S7 pre-order shipped 3
Galaxy S7 pre-order shipped 1
Galaxy S7 pre-order shipped 2


The new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are two of the best smartphones to come out in recent months, so it’s no wonder why folks are chomping at the bit to get their orders in. Pre-orders for both of these devices just began a few days ago, with the official launch not taking place until Friday, March 11th. That may be true if you pre-ordered a device from Verizon, Sprint or AT&T, but not T-Mobile. According to a few users on Reddit, T-Mobile has already begun shipping out Galaxy S7 and S7 edge pre-orders. The users who have spoken up on Reddit claim that their devices should arrive by the end of the week, which is just about a whole week before the official launch date. Not bad!

It’s not entirely clear as to whether or not Samsung has given the Un-carrier the OK to begin shipping these devices to users. Either way, it looks like T-Mobile customers will be getting their devices early, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Did you pre-order either the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge? If so, let us know if you’ve received your shipping confirmation from any of the major carriers.


US carriers start taking Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge pre-orders

February 24, 2016
Jimmy Westenberg
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  • Daniel Ibañez

    My pre order would have been shipped, were it not for a local car dealership charging me wrong and leaving me with no money when T-Mobile attempted to charge me.

    • mploc

      Same happened to me I immediately called and gave them a new credit card number, but after 24hours, they have not tried to run it again.

  • Nolan

    Got my shipping confirmation this morning. Be here tomorrow.

  • mcdonsco

    Mine is due to be delivered today :-)

  • Jimmy Donta

    Mine is out for delivery today ; ^)

  • Alberto Antonio Rocha

    already got mine, waiting for lunch to mess with it :P

  • Anthony S

    I just got my 2 s7’s and my 1 S7 edge for thee of my lines on my tmobile account. Can’t wait to finish my day to get to play with them.

    • Downtoearth2

      Can you do a mini review of the s7edge edge about what you like the most ?

      • Anthony S

        Well I currently have the s6 edge plus. And I love it. It’s mostly the immersive screen experience when watching media content. I’m huge into that aspect of the phones. Normally I would wait till September when they announce the Note line. But I like the bigger battery, the better processed, micro sd slot, and the cooling system on the s7 and s7 edge. As far as how they work real world, I’ll have to get back to you on that. But I doubt I’ll be disappointed.


    Got mine about 2 hours ago

    • Downtoearth2

      Can you share some thoughts about the device?

  • Rick Thompson

    My Edge arrived at 9:30 AM PST. IT’S AWESOME!

    • amyechols

      which day did you order? online or in store? trying to Guage when mine might appear lol

      • Rick Thompson

        I ordered online last Tuesday from T-Mobile. Shipped Sunday, and got it Monday at 9:30 AM.

        • amyechols

          awesome, thankyou! we ordered mine on the 26th in store, and it listed the 27th as the official order date .a week or so most likely lol

    • Ethan

      I’m sooooooo jealous!!!

  • tansuperman

    Not mine. Wish I did get it early

  • xtriker360

    What’s total memory available?

    • Mark

      32gb internal for US. I put my 200gb Sandisk for external storage in it and it’s working just fine.They also included a USB adapter and it works well so far. The phone is quite snappy with the Snapdragon 820. Still playing with all the features and looking for the advantages of the Marshmallow OS. I compared the size and feel of the s7 to the s6 and I like the difference. The s7 is easier to hold in one hand due to curved edges on the back and the width and height is a little bit less. The low-light photos are definitely true to the hype.I took some last night and I’m impressed, a feature I’ve been waiting to see for awhile.

  • Mark Rangel

    I received the tracking number but it doesn’t look like mine left the warehouse yet. Patience… needed

  • Michael

    I got my pre-order from t-mobile today. Love it so far

    • Phillip

      You have the phone already do tell …how is it so far

  • David

    Yeah where do u guys stay at?
    I’m in cali

  • Phillip

    All you guys that got it early you lucky dogs give us a mini review please mine is on the way att it’ll be late haha

  • JP

    TMO unboxing….”Wooohooo, the S7 came in a week early….now to spend a week trying to find a signal……”

    • I’m sorry…. do you still live in 2013? I have a consistently strong T-Mobile signal all the places I go, Full bars LTE, 60-110Mbps speeds, Absolutely no dropped calls, and always receive my messages. It’s incredible just how much Energy some people use, just to spew inaccurate Negativity…. Pathetic lol I believe it’s time you update your thinking….

      • Ronald Butts

        I am a big T-Mobile supporter. Have been with them for 10 years now. However, I am not entirely please with their network capabilities. Just measured my speed with Speed test and am getting 3.88mb download and I am not in remote area, this is in Denver/Aurora Colorado.

        • Travis

          Apparently the network there isn’t ‘blazing’ like the rest of the city

  • Got my S7 Edge from T-mobile today, They said my S7 would ship the same time, but it hasn’t been picked up.

  • Manny Casas

    I pre-ordered the S7 edge tmobile on the 24th with Jump on Demand from my S6 edge plus and haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation. Maybe in a day or two I will hopefully. Already bought a 64 gb sd card and a few cases on amazon to go with my new device soon.

  • Yash Patil

    Ill be getting mine tomorrow! :D S7 Edge

  • Prizm

    Haha lucky. I ordered mine straight from Samsung, so at least I won’t get all that phone carrier malware.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      No you didn’t Samsung doesn’t sell it directly.

      • Prizm

        Maybe not in your country, but in Australia our mobile phone market seems to have more freedom than in the US.

        • Marc Perrusquia

          Then why are you commenting about a US carrier shipping the US version? It’s well known the US gets screwed over by carriers and OEM’s. Why would you bring up your Australian version in response to a T-Mobile US version shipping?

          • Prizm

            Don’t get all defensive now.

  • Yosef Elgart

    what speed its charging the s7 V and amper

  • KeyserSoze

    Where are the silver S7’s gadamit, I want silver!

    • Ladyhawke80

      I got that one! Its gorgeous!

      • KeyserSoze

        Lucky bastid!

        • Ladyhawke80


  • I got my GS7 Edge yesterday and wow….. what a nice device. It’s a Beast,
    already has killer battery, and feels Absolutely incredible in my hand.

  • Chris Wells

    Mine will be here today :)

  • Kev In

    My Galaxy S7 edge (black onyx) is scheduled for delivery today (March 1)… According to the UPS tracking #, it is enroute right now.

    • Ryan

      I ordered black and label was made the 27th but it hasn’t shipped yet

  • Nicholas Fu

    Mine arrived yesterday (March 1st) at 2:00 pm

  • Ronald Butts

    From Colorado: I pre-ordered the S7 Edge last Wednesday through T-Mobile but no notifications of shipping so far. Sad sad!

  • Mavis

    Got mine last night

  • Krys Brown

    Using mine to write this post =) already threw it in the pool too haha

  • Ryan

    Come on VERIZON!

  • JJ

    I wonder if the other carriers will follow.

  • SimonSezz

    Refreshes shipment tracking page…
    Unboxes Galaxy S7. Yeah!
    Starts looking at Galaxy S8 news updates.

    • Faryal Mallick

      epic… lol

  • Jenske Bug

    I am with Sprint and just got a confirmation email that my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge has been shipped.

  • Nguyen

    I pre-order in feb 24, pick up at best buy. :(((((( 10 day count down

  • Kings

    My S7 edge in Silver just arrived. Thanks TMOB. I love it. I am putting it through its paces. I wish I could share a picture.

  • Brian-Miguel Underwood

    I ordered mine on February 24, 2016. It said next day air when it shipped yesterday. But it hasn’t come yet today. ? DO you think it will get delivered on March, 11?

    • ruqayyah

      Even though it is shipped overnight, the UPS website states that delivery can take up to 2 business days. I ordered two gold s7 edges in TM store last Tuesday, I think.New York State. It says ready for ups 3/1 and delivery estimated for 3/2/16 by 3pm. No other updates and it doesn’t look like ups has even picked up my phones. We shall see.

  • Homieslick

    Mine arrived, but no Gear VR. HELP!

    • James Williamson

      You don’t get the vr shipped with the phone. Go to Samsung website, read directions

  • Kersten

    My order (directly placed on Samsung’s Germany website) ships today.

  • Victoria Carbajal

    I preordered on the 24th two phones. One for me and my fiancé. and my boss preordered two days after me. She received her phone on Monday and I am barely getting notifications that my phone is Ready for UPS. it is in Kentucky. sooooo I am hoping I get my phone tomorrow? I go that notification last night at 8:33 pm. Here in Colorado!

  • J.r. Markey

    My status yesterday and this morning were “should ship between March 2 and March 4, and now it say between March 7 and March 8.
    Totally messed with my emotions!

    • James Williamson

      Same for me exactly. I was crushed :(

      • J.r. Markey

        I’ve never preordered before but had to cause of the VR pack deal. I don’t know if I ever will again due to my current emotional state. I’m a phone junkie and I want my fix!

  • Victoria Carbajal

    Just saw I have an email saying my phones will be shipping overnight. SO what I am curious is if I will get my phone tonight based off of what the T mobile email says or what the UPS app says. OMGOSH!!! I hope tonight!!!

  • Victoria Carbajal

    It is 11:42 pm and I received an update that my phones are now shipping and will arrive 3/3/16 at 12:35 pm. So I hope they do arrive!!!

  • Mike Metz

    Got my gold s7 an hour ago! Beautiful!! Next, how to root it??

  • Angel Frost

    I got mine Tuesday and returned it today.. I wasn’t satisfied with it at all. Not much different then my S6 Edge+ I will say it definitely had a better camera quality but much smaller screen. Just not for me

  • Michael Bravos

    Anyone got the black one and feel like returning it to get the silver color?

    • Gaby

      I am getting the silver cause it’s beautiful.

  • Foosnark

    I ordered mine from T-Mobile’s site on March 4 because my old phone died. The order is “processing”, with nothing saying it was backordered — I had to go *here* to see that — and no details about an estimated ship date. With no working smartphone I feel like I’ve fallen back to 1995.

  • James Malone

    Pre ordered S7 Edge got a email the day of the release saying not shipping till 3-17 / 3/23