Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: possible press renders revealed

by: Matthew BensonJanuary 30, 2016

The hype train for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge arguably began the minute the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge launched last March. Unlike most phones however, this was as much a part of “the next big thing” as it was a reaction to some of the polarizing decisions Samsung made in its pair of flagship smartphone products: Gone was the user-replaceable battery, and gone was the support for microSD, two tenants that the Korean OEM had been a champion for over the years and whose previous design language arguably substantiated the removable plastic rear panel.

With respect to this year’s offerings, the leaks began last month, and have suggested numerous bits of information, some of which seems to be conflicting. It is basically “known” there will be a Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, with less certainty about a Galaxy S7+ and Galaxy S7 Edge+. The picture is further complicated by claims the S7 Edge+ has been canceled, that the S7 Edge will be larger than the S7, that the S7+ will release simultaneously, and so on and so forth.

Thanks to a new pair of leaks by Evan Blass (@evleaks) possible first press renders of the new devices have surfaced. Look, but not without some degree of skepticism for there is at least one questionable detail to be gleaned:

As the pictures contain a number of different, important issues, some analysis is necessary. To begin with the first picture:


This picture presents the most plausible possibility of being a Photoshop creation: note the presence of the fingerprint-sensing Home button, especially on the Galaxy S7 (left). The shape clearly looks deformed along the bottom portion. In addition, the Home button on the Galaxy S7 Edge (right) looks to be tilted slightly downwards. It is also worth pointing out that the front camera sensor on the S7 Edge looks somewhat larger than it does on the S7.

It would remain to be seen however, why someone would go through such lengths to fake the pair of images and yet leave such glaring “tells” for all to see. As a somewhat bizarre coincidence, a leak from last week presented a possible front panel for the S7 which included the same  misaligned, “bent” button:


Assuming these are the real deals however, there are some important points:

  1. The Fingerprint-sensing Home button has a slightly different shape than that seen on the S6 and S6 Edge, however it does not look like the narrow rectangular shape that was contained on leaks published in December.
  2. The phones look to be pure black in color, which actually goes along with the report of an all black variant. Last year’s models were released in a shade such that the phone appeared to be more blue than black in most lighting conditions.
  3. The lock screen time is set for 12:45 on February 21st. Based on past launches, it is expected that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S7 right before MWC, which this year will be held on February 22 to 25. As such, Sunday, February 21 would be right on target.
  4. There is a new wallpaper seen on the background. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge introduced a new type of wallpaper for the brand, with previous models having more of an artistic, creative vibe going on.
  5. The Galaxy S7 Edge (right) is clearly larger than the S7 which goes along with rumors suggesting it will have a 5.5-inch display and the standard model remaining with last year’s 5.1-inch size factor.

As for the second – arguably more perfect looking – leak today:


Despite the Home Button on the Galaxy S7 Edge (left) being a bit borderline, there are a few other good take away points:

  1. The background image clearly looks to be a “7” in a fashion not unlike what Google does with its Nexus packaging. As for if Samsung would include such a picture in the pre-installed gallery is another story.
  2. The Galaxy S7 (right) again appears to be the black variant, however in this light comes across as almost silver-grey, which might give a hint to the reflective surface tint. The frame appears to be more silver than black however, which might disappoint those hoping for a deep black metal encasing.
  3. In this image the front camera sizes look to be of the same size.
  4. There is no USB-C port, rather instead a standard option can clearly be seen. This is in direct contrast to a report that claimed to confirm the presence of USB-C in the product. Still, while SamMobile claimed to have confirmed the inclusion, things could have changed, or its source may have been mistaken.

Perhaps the big elephant in the room is that which has yet to be mentioned: the lack of a new design. For better or worse, reports have been leaking for weeks that indicate the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will reuse the same design language as last year’s models. Instead, the focus is said to have been made internally, with better cameras, a more powerful SoC, microSD support, a larger battery, water resistance, and more.

What to make of the pictures?

Despite the overall legitimate looking nature of these press renders, certain things don’t add up. The Home button for one thing, and the lack of USB Type-C for another. It is unknown as to what the back side will look like, as well. For reference, this is what the first leak of the phone looked like:

samsung galaxy s7 render cad

And a more recent leak, which @evleaks images do have a much stronger resemblance to:

Exclusive: Galaxy S7 leak Shai Mizrachi

In the above image however, the Galaxy S7 (center) is clearly shown to have a curved back side – like the Galaxy Note 5 – and this is not present in the second alleged press render from today. While it’s still unknown what the rear will look like, at the very least should the S7 have a rear curve, it would differentiate the design from the Galaxy S6.

Wrap Up

At this point in time, the idea that the Galaxy S7 Edge will be larger than its standard sibling is further reinforced, along with the presence of an all-black color variant. It remains to be seen however, just what the final products look like. Until Samsung formally announces the new pair of smartphones, the world can only wait with baited breath.

For all the details about the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, be sure to check out our comprehensive rumor round-up here.


  • Michael Monroe

    Hey, I just downloaded marshmallow to my HTC ONE M8

    • Ismail Akram

      I did almost 40 ago ;) on my HTC One M8. I just wish M8 get one last major update too.. which I doubt it

      • Kody

        40 what? Seconds, minutes, hours?

        • Ismail Akram

          sorry my bad 40days ago

  • That’s a weird wallpaper choice for Samsung. They typically have the most beautiful stock wallpapers but this is… ordinary.

    • Ismail Akram

      I think samsung always uses bad wallpaper for there devices. especially default wallpapers

      • Hans Pedersen

        Samsung’s wallpapers are amongst the most downloaded. Check your eyes, maybe?
        Yes, Samsung always use a very abstract wallpaper as a default. For the obvious reason. They understand marketing, you don’t.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      No OEM releases phone with the best wallpaper. The good thing about Android is that you can change it to whatever you want. If you’re too inept to change the wallpaper and just stick with whichever one came with your phone, then you probably need to go with an old flip phone or something from Apple.

    • Chris

      Maybe because it’s not official?

  • Michael Monroe

    I’m in GA

  • nebulaoperator

    Is Samsung getting rid off ugly bagrounds scheme and maybe more attractive touchwiz !?

    • Chris

      You can always change the background if you don’t like it as well as the launcher

      • nebulaoperator


  • Jason Kim

    NO USB-C …… why???

    I always thought how comfortable it will be to charge my current Note 5 (if it had USB-C) with my MacBook 12 inch charger….

    • Žiga Štupar

      Well firstly this is not official render so S7 could have USB-C

      • Jason Kim

        I wish it had some unique features …… Samsung is making some dull products (well I think Apple is boring as well, always using same design for two years -_-)
        Currently, I use Note 5 Gold and iPhone 6s Rose Gold.
        I believe (correct me if I am wrong) USB C is one of the new support for marshmallow…
        Samsung these days make great phones like Note 5 but I don’t see big improvements (just incremental)…

        • FroBro

          well thats the thing with tech. Something new is invented, and then for the next 5-10 years its just improved on, nothing new just made more powerful but does the same thing. In the mean time we pay more and more, and some silly buggers waste money every 12 months or less, getting the latest phone which does…… exactly the same as their last phone.

          • Žiga Štupar

            well tech in phones has reaching its limits so its mostly improving now

          • Sweet Note

            Im sorry, why do you think like that? Technology on phones, has barely even started ot be exploited. Potential applications such as ultra long range communications in both connectivity and new signal waves, highly durable new materials and performance from supercomputing investigation, the topic AA just covered on graphene isnt an improvement if implemented, its a totally new type of technology. Wireless Charging and Bendable surfaces are just a scratch of what is still possible. In the future, a phone could potentially even control an entire household, independent of the user. Improving is heavily needed, yes, but there are still extraordinary things, that have been left untapped. Its understandable tough, the costs are insanely high to meet the global market with such tech.

          • RiTCHiE

            yea those are the people with the biggest mouth bout are just brand sheep in my vision. But samsung has never been good in making original products like apple has and while i hate both, i still have some respect for apple. But for me its sony for now and maybe LG or huawei in the future.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            I thought the Note series was pretty original given how no other
            previous smartphone had a stylus that could actually write and capture
            text. I also thought moving towards a phablet-sized phone was also
            original given that Samsung was the first to do so. Samsung also was
            the first to dramatically change the hardware design of their phones in a
            way that had never been done before on smartphones by creating a
            rounded edge screen. No other phone looked like this. You can call it a
            gimmick if you want to but they could have just as easily left out the
            edge functions and just went with the design change to differentiate the
            phone from all others. Call me crazy but I think I just refuted your
            claim that “Samsung has never been good in making original products”.
            Go ahead and stick with Sony. I like their products. Nothing original
            though about adding a fingerprint sensor a year later and then removing
            it for the U.S. market or including a 4K screen that really doesn’t do
            4k full time.

            If I’m not mistaken, Samsung had started making really good smart TV’s as far back as 2009-2010, and they looked good too! But you go ahead and stick with LG and Huawei in the future.

          • Chris

            If I recall wasn’t the Dell streak the first phablet sized phone? 5″ back in 2011 was huge and the ratio didn’t help much or the fact it was from Dell..

          • RiTCHiE

            Sound like you where hired by samsung to do some propaganda.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            I looked up propaganda and thought I’d add the definition for you right here so you’ll know when and when not to accuse someone of using propaganda.

            noun: propaganda; noun: Propaganda
            especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or
            publicize a particular political cause or point of view

            There’s nothing biased or misleading about my Samsung comment because they did come out with the first large sized phone. Samsung did come out with the first stylus that was meant for capturing handwriting. They did come out with one of the first smart TV’s. And Samsung was the first to release curved edged screens which was an innovation when all the other OEM’s were still differentiating their designs focusing on the rest of the phone casing. These facts simply show that Samsung indeed has been known to make original products or innovations of established products.

            So please read over the definition a few more times so that it sinks in so that you’ll know this wasn’t the time to use the word propaganda.

            After reviewing your previous comments on other articles I noticed you used derogatory terms like “Crapsung” or “Samsung Sheep” which clearly falls into the propaganda or paid fanboy category. If you want to add something useful to the conversation or at least come across as having some semblance of intelligence, make sure you back your opinions up with facts that support why you have the opinion.

          • Chris

            The good thing with Apple is the software and hardware are made by them and software updates come from Apple. No need to wait for the carrier.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            True. That’s Apple’s one saving grace…and their app eco system. One thing terrible about Google’s Nexus program is that it took way too long to come out with an amazing phone. It’s really sad that such a small percentage of phones have Marshmallow given how long it has been out. This fragmentation thing is horrendous and it will remain so just as long as the carriers are allowed to stand in the way of updates. Google definitely has to rethink its program if it ever wants to start winning over large numbers of Iphone users.

          • Andreas Larsson

            You mean original like implementing a wacom stylus or making a different kind of design on the usual flat screen? Tell me one company that has made a more original phone than the note or the edge?

        • ASYOUTHIA

          Why do you use a pink iPhone bro?

        • Chris

          Again nothing is official. Wait till the phone actully comes out before making complaints

  • Joshua Simpson

    Exactly the same old tired design as ever…

    • Žiga Štupar

      well this design is Samsung-s signature so if you expect complete change of design bad luck it wont happen

    • SnakeSplitskin

      tired? Please explain. I think you’re too much of a One Plus fan which looks like the same old tired design of most black slabs.

      • Jomo

        Sammy fanboy calm down, he’s just stating the obvious that the S7 is just an spec upgrade of the the S6.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Jomo, calm down. You’re getting way too uppity jumping into someone else’s convo thinking that you have some sort of insight into what someone else was trying to say. Let me be the first to tell you that you don’t. joshua said “same old tired design as ever” as if the GS6’s design had been around for the last several Galaxy iterations. It happens to be the first and it’s quite a nice one compared to GS5 and previous models.

          I said he’s a One Plus fan because all of his previous posts where he positively mentions a phone it’s always the One Plus. So please calm down and do us a favor and just kindly stfu. thank you.

      • Joshua Simpson

        I think the One brought a fresh design into the smartphone world. The Two was a bit of a letdown for me. However my real problem with Samsung’s design is that I can’t tell any of their phones apart. The differences are so marginal. Plus I just don’t like how they’re holding onto that home button and the weird Samsung function buttons that got pretty much carried over from Bada OS. They could be replaced with more subtle, identical and reprogrammable soft keys, or even on-screen keys. (As per the users taste.)

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Hmm. I went ahead and took a look at Samsung’s 2015 releases across high,mid, and low-range phones and compared them to each other. Then compared those same phones to Samsung’s 2014 lineup. Then I took a look at LG, HTC, Motorola, and Iphones for 2014 and 2015. What I found was that each manufacturer maintained a consistent design language varying only slightly from 2014 to 2015. In 2015 Samsung made a drastic change from plastic housing to glass & aluminum. However, viewing these phones from the front you would still recognize them as a Samsung phone with the same design language including the edge variants. But this comes as no surprise. It would be in the best interest of any manufacturer to build products that are instantly recognizable to the consumer rather than create iterations of their phones that are of a completely different design. So I’d have to disagree with you that it’s the same old “tired” design. If that’s true then all manufacturers have the same old tired design.

          As for the home buttons and function buttons, they’re pretty much the only manufacturer to stick with that kind of configuration. If your phone has them then you know you’re probably holding a Samsung phone versus anything else. And if they work properly, don’t impede the user experience or the aesthetic of the phone then I can’t see anything wrong with them. There’s no need to replace them with on-screen keys. Are all the on-screen keys on other phones programmable? I don’t think so. Therefore no reason to knock Samsung for not making theirs programmable. But if you personally don’t like the Samsung keys then I hear you loud and clear and I won’t knock you for having your own personal taste.

          The truth is, we all have our likes, dislikes, and “wish they had” opinions about all smartphones. Personally, I wish Samsung had more timely OS updates. I also wish they could release a product that is already complete with their advertised features instead of making users wait months (Samsung Pay). Even with those flaws,I still think Samsung offers great value in their phones in terms of features, functions, and aesthetics. I can’t think of a better looking phone than the Edge Plus or a more elegant but professional looking phone than the Note 5. And it’s okay to me if all their other phones across the S, A, and J series look alike. I don’t really knock a phone because its sibling phones look similar to it. But that’s just me.

          • Joshua Simpson

            I still feel like other manufacturers manage to differentiate a bit more between devices than Samsung does. Especially between iterations of the same device. Eg.: Moto x 2013 -> 2014 -> Pure/Play, LG G2 -> G3 even -> G4 (although that was fairly subtle) and of course OnePlus One -> 2. Hell, I know an iPhone’s an iPhone but they manage to come up with something new every 2 years and yet, you know it’s an iPhone. I’m saying if you have a look at an SGS 3, then 4, then 5… It’s hard to spot differences. Of course the 6 is made of different materials, but now look at the 7. You’d be really hard pressed to tell the difference between 6 and 7.

            The reprogrammable keys was really just an idea of sorts, (inspired by OnePlus.) I mean I respect that the 3 keys are part of Samsung’s design language, but I think they could do with a refresh in that department, because it feels old. I think that probably is more personal than anything, but still, I know many people who don’t like Samsung because it’s so obviously Samsung. I wouldn’t mind seeing a full 180° from them. Not just a build materials refresh.

            As for the rest of the Samsung experience, I can’t say much, because I’ve never had one of them. Partly because I don’t like the looks, partly because price, partly because I know I would’ve been frustrated with touchwiz and all the unnecessary Samsung apps included in it. I feel like they have all the means to fly high over any other manufacturer in all departments, but they stick to “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it”. Which is fair enough, but again, I’d like to see a bit more recklessness, especially from a company who can afford it.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Well, all I can say in response to your last comment is that I think Samsung is taking who their user base is into account. If they remove the physical home button and menu/back keys, then they totally change the hardware experience their large customer base has come to enjoy. Imagine using the previous 3 iterations of Samsung flagships and then all of a sudden you’re forced to change how you go back to the previous screen or change the way you pull up a menu, etc. Those things are staples of the Samsung experience and branding. It’s not playing it safe, it’s playing it smart and understanding the customer.

            Looking at the GS3, GS4, and GS5 you can definitely see that they are different phones that retain the same design language. This is basic brand marketing. Apple gets it which is why you still see a round home button on the hardware. It’s instantly recognizable as an Iphone. Otherwise it would be just another slab among many slabs in the industry. In 2015 we did see a welcomed departure from plastic materials in the Samsung flagship lineup. Comparatively, the GS3-GS5 were hideous. So it makes no sense to dramatically alter the new design language for 2016. What does make sense is to improve upon the design which is exactly what Samsung has done. The changes are definitely noticeable. The back of the S7 edges are rounded similar to the Note 5 except there is rounding also on the top and bottom edges. Add to that the added bulk of the phone which is also easily recognizable because of the increased battery size. So this change in design improves the handling of the phone as well as the battery performance. To me, it seems that Samsung is doing everything right.

            Looking over at LG and the G5, they certainly refreshed the line but now it doesn’t look like an LG branded phone. It looks nice but the design is still kind of dated. Gone are the rear volume rockers which were a signature hardware feature for LG. So time will only tell whether their new design language will actually translate into a recognizable product line or if it’s just going to be a frankenstein approach to a product line vis-a-vis V-10.

    • Chris

      Arn’t all smartphones the same? Just a slab of glass and metal/glass/plastic?

  • kenneth escalona

    Spigen and Ringke case for S7. Looks like a usb C from the Ringke Case. Camera Hump is smaller.

  • RiTCHiE

    Nothing to shocking but still think them metal corners on the edge looks like ass but that normal s7 look oke.

  • charlie Jason

    I always love Samsung’s super slim bezels

  • aaloo

    Side profile looks like iPhone copy. Straight up, it looks like Samsung’s.

  • KLoNe1

    Err, Galaxy S3 sequel?

  • Douglas McGhee

    Seems like a lot of wasted time pondering what may or may not be the next big thing. Why not wait for the stupid thing to have an official press release? Oh, Silly me. Then you would have nothing to write about. You gotta love (not really) internet journalism.


    When is 6.0 be released for the Galaxy Note 3?