Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge leaked and listed for sale online

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 16, 2016

samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-leak-2 Dubizzle

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have just been leaked in full and listed for sale on a website for the equivalent of $1,140 and $1,225 respectively. Perhaps not surprisingly, this is far from official but the devices – complete with boxes – certainly look legit.

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samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-leak-1 Dubizzle

The two devices, along with the LG G5, were listed on a classifieds site in Dubai called Dubizzle with the claim they were “imported from US” with valid IMEIs. It’s impossible to tell if they are the real deal or not some elaborate scam, but they’re certainly compelling, complete with charger, microUSB cable (rather than USB Type-C), what looks to be an adapter (perhaps for Type-C) and a mystery box that might contain headphones or be anther charger.

samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-leak-3 Dubizzle

If you’re of the “blindly throw money at something exciting whether it’s true or not” character, then you can hit the link below to visit the site and throw some money at these phones. Something tells me they’re not going to be sticking around very long, and we sure hope whoever buys them helps us get to the bottom of this very peculiar leak.

What do you think, are these legit?

  • Ira

    Samsung charges Apple prices, and fails to deliver Apple quality – especially timely updates. Not really a good way to go, considering we have premium handsets at much lower price; Samsung has bigger market share so same as Apple, people go for the brand and pay premium. Such shame HTC and Sony are in make-or-break stage, because they can deliver the premium and not overcharge. (minus few hiccups from both companies, be it marketing or device flaws)

    • akhil kumar

      lol HTC? doesnt over charge? Is that a joke? LOL, take their m9, with such a shitty mediatek chipset, its price is more than many other flagships now!! Morever, HTC doesnt reduce the prices of their phones with time. Thats it is in that stage.

    • Fred

      Seems like you did not see on Youtube all the crash/drop tests of IP6 VS Galaxy 6.

      • Ira

        Was I meant to? If I’m paying that much for a phone, I’ll be more than careful not to drop it – likewise with whole bendgate.
        My point still stands.

        • Izzy Ing

          t fuck u talking about, iPhone is expensive and offers less for the money. It has stable software and metal build, but that it. With the galaxy s6 for example u get 16mp camera with OIS (the iPhone doesn’t even have OIS only the plus variant), you get wireless charging, you get a gorgeous Amoled panel with QHD (instead 720p of the
          iPhone) . Samsung offers a whole lot for your money so i dont have any idea what u talking about even when it comes to overall quality. I’m not taking away anything from apple but it’s not worth that much money.

          • Ira

            Few “better” features don’t justify the higher price. QHD screen? As nice as it is, it’s also an overkill for a smartphone because it’s a battery hog – one of the reasons I loved the idea of Sony’s Compact series; 720p is enough for ~5″ phones, 1080p at best for phablets. AMOLED vs Retina is also debatable, because it boils down to preferences. They are good in their own right, and both have their flaws. Wireless charging? I still find it a niche, rather than a sought-for feature. Quick Charge is becoming a standard, and Wireless has been around for a couple of years now but failed to really hit off on a large scale.

            No, this doesn’t justify the price tag of around $1,000, when I can get Nexus 6P (128GB) for $649, and get timely updates. Stock Android not for everyone? Chances are other manufacturers will offer their premium handsets at around $600-800 at most – and they will have the features of S7 too, just for a lower price.

            If Samsung wants to charge Apple prices, they need to deliver quality. They may be “packed” with features, but: [1] Edge isn’t a deal-breaker yet (while 3D Touch has an upper hand; both small but incredibly handy features); [2] timely updates hugely in favour of Apple; [3] needs more unique features to make it stand out from the crowd (think BoomSound from HTC) – Edge is a good step forward.
            It may have the biggest market share out of all Android manufacturers, but that doesn’t make their devices perfect – just like you pointed out Apple isn’t worth that much money either, and yet they sell incredibly well.

          • Andreas Larsson

            “AMOLED vs Retina is also debatable”
            You meant amoled vs lcd is debatable, You do know retina is not a screen technology right?

          • Ira

            Yep, I know that. In the context of Samsung and Apple, I’d rather stick to calling them AMOLED and Retina. Although, there has been a talk of Apple going AMOLED at some point, which would be nice.

          • scoupdogg

            Poor apple Sheep,
            “Apple Quality” – what the shit you talking about?, most chinese phones are made in the same fucking factory which makes iphone.
            ofcourse there maybe another division, but you get the point, apple documentry they pay 12$ PER iphone as labour and xiaomi lenovo oppo, all use the same build quality.
            so apple quality is now a thing of the past.
            Timely Update??? might as well say, pony up another 1000$ Suckers apple sheep.
            they are still updating iphone 4s.
            Reason?- 4s cant work as a daily driver, Too Slow , TOO Buggy, thus User HAS to upgrade.
            ever heard of planned obsolescence?, apple kills its older iphone with updates, and not my experience, But EVERYONE of my known relative who has ever used iphone (in the ballpark of 100 users).
            Same , this bug, update fixed this, that bug… but have to buy an iphone to show status.
            Fucking sheeps.

            Nexus one , on the other hand Still usable.

          • Ira

            Well done for taking things out of context, and even calling me an Apple sheep. You clearly didn’t even bother reading through it all.

            – No one said Apple *build* quality. Apple overcharges for the brand, and Samsung is going for the same – but Samsung fails with the “Apple quality” because it’s lagging behind Android releases (compared to Nexus getting them directly, i.e. like Apple), and doesn’t necessarily stand out from the crowd – be it features, design, or software.
            – Timely updates was in regards to getting your new Android update soon after it’s out, not four months after – Marshmallow has been out since late October ’15, Samsung is about to release is 4 months after. THAT is not timely, especially if we’re talking premium handsets. You mistook timely updates for device support (update wise).
            – I don’t care if Nexus One is still useable. With apps getting more resource demanding, it’s not exactly a [smart]phone fit to be used as a daily driver. Besides, you are talking custom ROMs and not everyone is willing to do it – or alone have the phone, after 6 years.

            Well done for making yourself look like a fool, because you take words out of context and jump into conclusions. If you only tried to look through my profile, you’d straight away see that I use Android phones and always have – Nexus 6P currently.

            That’s exactly why people hate fanboys. You jumped straight to Apple sheep, and you yourself look like an Android sheep – see mention of Apple compared to Android, and feel the must to defend your platform and start with personal comments, e.g. Apple sheep.

          • lilmoe2006

            “Well done for taking things out of context”

            He really didn’t. He countered all your arguments an turned them to cons, and rightfully so.

            – “Updates” aren’t only about the latest OS, they’re also about security and firmware updates, which Samsung delivers only almost monthly basis (and so do many other OEMs). No one cares for the latest version of the OS, especially if it bogs down the device like the case of Apple.

            – Build quality isn’t about “materials”, it’s about durability. Apple were forced to use slightly better materials than the extremely cheap stuff they used in the iPhone 6 and sold for a premium.

            – Most people who make huge investments in phones expect them to keep working for more than 2 years, in contrast to your use case. Apple devices are well known to go obsolete much earlier than others in the same class.

            – Galaxies don’t cost nearly as much as iPhones. This $1000 affair is an exception asked by someone who wants to make extra cash for a “leaked” device for those interested in early looks. Nexus devices outside the US/Canada cost just as much, and sometimes more, than Galaxies. The standard GS6 costs <$600 in most countries, while the Nexus is ~$700. You pay more for the "design" of the Edge, but that's completely unnecessary (I wouldn't buy one).

            You know, most pro-Apple arguments are factless, some are even ridiculous. If you're an Apple fan, just buy Apple stuff without giving everyone else a hard time. You can simply ignore those who try to give you a hard time as well……..

          • Fr

            ??? These Apple vs Android discussions is so hilarious!

          • abn

            Respectively your both right. But Sammy on the progressive. Without Steve Apple didn’t know where to go now. There devices will halt within the next few years Then they would do what you call a bust out.. They will unveil a device that people wont be able to touch for a while.

  • Luka Mlinar

    I really like the black one <3

    • jasonlowr

      Its pretty indeed, but would grab the gold one anyday over the black one.

    • Necdet Ali Özdür

      Thankfully, this time it’s real black, not some blue-ish sort of a black.

  • Žiga Štupar

    Well pictures look legit, but price looks like a scam becouse yes Samsung phones are expensive, but Samsung is not stupid too set so high price becouse its a suicide no sane person would give so much for a phone

    • JDMillest

      IPhone user will throw any amount to buy apple products lol

    • Mohamed Lebsir

      I think this price is just to get the prototype exclusively, it’s not for the end user (Consumer).

  • Goat Cheese

    People want iPhones. Not samsung toys.

    • My Galaxy Prime

      Samsung sells more devices than Apple and holds the most marketshare on this planet. Unfortunately, that directly conflicts with your statement.

    • JDMillest

      IPhone users will always buy iphone. Why would they go with any other brands? They will get lost.

  • Tag-line is:- Its not real S7 edge. Its looks like some kinda S6 edge with plastic built. Totally fake. May be I’m just wrong, but samsung is not going to step down in terms of built of the phone.

    • Angel AR

      Looks exactly like the renders. The leaks show a rounded back, which looks the same.

  • primus dabre

    $1,140 and $1,225 thats very high price. hope its upto $800

  • Zak Taylor

    As of 10:36am EST the “Ad has either expired, or been deleted” Nice grab on the photos though.

  • Andrew

    The “mystery box” has a model number on it that matches the S6 in-ear buds. GH59-14383E

  • Brock

    Everyone is going to have their opinions. There’s always going to be thing you like about one over the other. I’ve personal been a iPhone fan, went to a note 3 for about 2 years and then went back to the iPhone 5s. The note 3 seemed laggy to me. I like things to just work without hiccups, I will personally stay with the iPhone and jailbreak. I love to stay up to date on android because there is always some different. After Steve died the iPhone has fallen a bit, with the 6, 6s models I feel as they look like android devices. Opinions are opinions, we all will argue but no sense in calling other people idiots, stupid, etc.

  • basejumpbr

    In a previous leaked image. . GALAXY S7 was printed in the back. .

  • Brandon M


  • Fr

    Aaand, it’s gone….