Samsung is apparently right in the middle of its testing phase leading up to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow release for its Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 smartphones and some newly leaked screenshots show that Samsung has quite a few changes planned for its TouchWiz interface.

Coming from a Chinese preview build running on the Galaxy S6, the screenshots show that Samsung is continuing to flatten down the look of its user interface and seems to have made some major changes to its notification bar. The background and icons take on a white rather than blue theme this time around, and this vision looks to extend to a selection of Samsung’s apps and menus as well.

Galaxy-S6-Android-6.0-Marshmallow-TouchWiz (5)
Galaxy-S6-Android-6.0-Marshmallow-TouchWiz (4)

The leak also suggests that the Android Marshmallow update will bring a manual camera mode to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 as well. We can see new options to manually configure the camera shutter speed, ISO, exposure and white balance have all been added into the app’s interface, which is sure to please the photographers out there. It’s worth noting at these features are already available in the Note 5 version of Samsung’s flagship range.

Galaxy-S6-Android-6.0-Marshmallow-TouchWiz (3)
Galaxy-S6-Android-6.0-Marshmallow-TouchWiz (2)

The Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update is expected to arrive sometime next month. What do you think about Samsung’s new look with Android Marshmallow, is it better than the company’s Lollipop design?


Robert Triggs
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  • TGCFalex

    Looks kinda funky, Not sure if I like it or not

  • Nikkarus

    The more material the better!

  • wingzero0

    Much better, Samsung.

    Now to just remove those smiley faces for the missing contact photos…

    • A tech god

      I hate that face icon too lol

    • Rob nuttz

      Lmao.. Ikr so tacky. Get a clue Samsung.

    • Avieshek Rajkhowa

      Or maybe, they are faces of Joker

  • King_Android

    Whats up with the Froyo icons though. Samsung should fire all of the little girls that work in their UI design department.

    • cdm283813

      This is why I can’t buy a Samsung device anymore. I love the notification pulldowns on Lollipop but Samsung is stuck in the past.
      I hope one day Samsung will just stick with stock software and do what Motorola does. Or make it optional on first boot. Otherwise it’s only Nexus.

      • batia0121

        “This is why I can’t buy a Samsung device anymore”

        What a dumbass thing to say about android devices that takes 10 seconds to change an icon pack to whatever the buttfuck you want.

        • Nick Harrold

          sure you can change the launcher and the icon pack and even the theme, but without rooting (loosing your warranty and samsung pay) your stuck with the horrifically ugly notification draw, s-apps and not to mention how shitty the memory management (and for me battery life/standby time) has been on the s6.

          • Mehtab Mahir

            Don’t you know the s6 has a theme engine?

        • Avieshek Rajkhowa

          So, you buy 700 dollars flagship phone to install Nova launcher which can be used in any other android?
          Talk ab’t logic. Unless u r paying my bill.

  • Igy Tech

    LG G4 in Poland got today first update after got 6.0 a month ago.

    • T4rd

      The coolest of stories, bro. ;-)

    • Victor Creed

      Got 3 updates on my 6P already. So…

      • Igy Tech

        Nexus is league for itself.

      • Svnjay

        How’s that camera hump?

  • George Cerro

    What would be nice is if we could switch to a dark theme because all the white drains battery even more. I think a dark theme option would nice to be honest.

    • Roby

      You can just apply a black theme.

    • Hans Pedersen

      Get a different launcher on Google Play. Problem solved. :D
      Anyhoo, I guess they’ve stopped using black themes because the time spent in the launcher has little to no effect on the battery life.

      • mattdm

        Take a look at those screenshots. See the ones full of white? A different launcher would not change a single one of those. How exactly is that “problem solved”?

        • Hans Pedersen

          Take a look at my whole comment. Do you really spend hours every day in the settings menu? :P

          • mattdm

            You said “time spent in the launcher” which has nothing to do with the notification drawer or settings menu. Besides, my question still stands: How would a different launcher affect *any* of this new white space?

          • Hans Pedersen

            Really? You’re going to troll on that angle because the menu technically isn’t part of the launcher? Get a life instead. :D
            I bet you must have a fun time with your phones, sitting in the settings menu hour upon hour every day….

          • mattdm

            I don’t. And you may be right, it may have little to no impact on battery
            life. Personally I don’t care; I have no vested interest in whether or not the
            system UI is white.

            But what started all this was the question you
            still haven’t answered: What good would changing to a different launcher do in
            this situation?

          • Hans Pedersen

            Here’s the only relevant questing left. Why is it, trolls like you just can’t let go when even you yourself realise how dumb your argumentation is, spinning with your usual weak attempts to find negative angles about anything not-your-favourite-toy-brand? Grow up. Learn to understand when enough is enough, please.

            Yes, I know you will keep “replying”, no matter how dumb you come across. Because you apparently think it’s about getting the last comment to be “right”. For you it’s really not about what you pretend to discuss. Too bad for you, I’m just going to ignore this one from here on.

          • mattdm

            Haha I haven’t checked my Disqus notifications in a few months, and I forgot about this.

            Let me say this: I wasn’t “spinning” anything. I don’t have anything against Samsung. 5 of my last 6 phones have been Samsung phones. I wasn’t “trolling”.

            Here’s what happened: the screenshots showed white space in the battery settings, the notification drawer, and (I think) the SVoice screen. Someone complained about the white space. You replied and said “Get a different launcher on Google Play. Problem solved.” I asked how switching to a different launcher would eliminate any of the white space shown.

            Now, are you going to continue to “pretend to discuss” this while calling me a troll, or are you going to answer my question?

          • Gwe8613

            The Theme store on new Samsung phones does change the setting icons, colors and everything.

        • DW Duck

          The S6 and the note 5 have themes, you can change the whole phone look with a quick download… It’s been like the that since March

    • A tech god

      There are more than 10 black themes available

    • Erik Brokstad

      So just change your theme it’s not like it’s hard

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    Samsung needs to cut the shit with all the girly and kiddish color and icon choices. I mean good god.

    • fukovzonavabich

      this seems to be trendy in the Asian market tho. hopefully the US en EU versions are less kiddy.

      • nikolas ostropolskiy

        Yea and the fact that we have custom themes makes it better, but still I’d accept typical android cartoonish over girl and colorful.

  • Gwe8613

    To the Author, the s6 has had Manuel Camera modes for some time now. Depending on the carrier almost as long as the Note 5 has been out.

    • Azzy


  • Alicemad

    I like it yes. Except from some parts. I like this TW there I said it. Would prefer other icons though and no blur effects on power menu. I’m even Ok with the white color. Looks better now. I suppose with Nova Launcher It will look more “materialistic”. I heard it performs way better than the 5.1.1 skin.

  • Adam

    Oh man I hope these are fake. It looks like I’m staring at my sons little kids tablet

  • TW gets crapped on for a reason. This really doesnt help the ammo others have on them. They really need to make TW more mature….and lightweight. Imagine the Note 5 with a nearly stock experience.

    • Eric Horchuck

      If the S6 came in a Google Play Edition I would have it right now. Not to say that I’m not thrilled with my Nexus 6p, its just that the S6 came out months before so I know I would have gotten it.

  • Svnjay

    Such Touchwiz, much ugly.

  • joe_nat

    Does Samsung still bundle their redundant apps that can’t be uninstalled?

  • joe_nat

    do they still bundle all their redundant apps that can’t be uninstalled?

  • Rob nuttz

    Samsungs software is about as ugly as it gets.

  • Mark Kendrick

    What’s with all the crying? Hit up the theme store damn it’s that simple, tons of variety can be found. You get different looks with all the functionality of touch wiz.

  • scott

    Woah, I saw my tablet has an update, but I didn’t check to see what it was till older nexus 7 has marshmallow!

  • Techngro

    That just looks like an MIUI clone. I don’t Samsung would go that way. But I could be wrong.

  • Daggett Beaver

    You Touchwiz haters — you do realize that everyone else actually loves it, right? That you’re a bunch of weenie nerds who comprise about 0.0001% of the market? You realize that all your stupid comments here aren’t going to make any difference in Samsung sales? Just wondering how delusional you are.

    • Guest123

      If they are they not haters then they must be everyone else. Question is, are there more haters or lovers of TW. And actually these people makes a difference in Samsung sale, just that Samsung still hold more sales than the others but they realize they are losing them gradually and if they don’t do something about it, it’s going down more. Nokia was a good example of thinking people still love their phones.

  • Rob Miles

    Hope there’s a dark mode for the UI

  • SimonC

    too much white

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    ….And, Samsung incurs more losses; and than, not sure wh’t to do, copies Apple, Blackberry, Sony and even flap phones from Adele’s ‘Hello’.

  • An Droid

    Liking the lighter theme. My S6 edge camera already has a manual mode called “Pro” mode.

    To all the hating trolls commenting on this article: your phone is NOT the most important thing in your life, so stop being such a little bitch about it!