(Update: $35,600!) Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition going for a truly intergalactic price

by: Matthew BensonMay 28, 2015
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There is a certain sense of irony in Samsung making an official website for a product it only produced 1,000 units of, and which is clearly marked as “Sold Out” already.

Update, May 28: It seems that we were shocked a bit too early as thanks to one of our intrepid Facebook readers (thanks MK Samanta) there is, in fact, a completed eBay auction that will by far take the cake for a positively preposterous price. Take a look at the following image:

iron man galaxy s6 edge ebay

Thats right, $35,600. This was obviously the product of a bidding war, and it remains to be seen if the buyer will in fact, go through with the auction, especially when there are several others now listed for a positively “modest” amount of a few thousand dollars.

It should also be asked just why anyone would spend such money on a Galaxy S6 Edge when they could have easily bought a Vertu phone complete with precious minerals and a lifetime worth of 24-7 personal concierge assistance.

Original post: Earlier this month Samsung announced plans to release a limited edition run of Iron Man-branded Galaxy S6 Edge units, and despite not having formally launched just yet, we’re already seeing the first units hit Ebay at quite extraordinary prices. As of the time of this writing, of the 7 different auctions for Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition, the highest is sitting pretty at $7,100, with over 2 days remaining before the auction ends. It needs to be clarified that this isn’t a “value proposition” by any means; said auction has 49 bids on it, which means that barring any potential default on payment, someone will be forking over the better part of 10K, if not more.

Iron Man Edge 6 eBay Auction

Yes that’s right. The current highest priced auction for the S6 Edge Iron Man Edition is going for no less than $7,100. WITH bids.

The high pricing is an example of supply and demand at its finest. The “supply” issue is indeed a problematic one, as there are just 1000 units produced for Korea, and unlike some other limited S6 Edge, the physical product itself is serially numbered. A certain sense of irony is also in place, as given the fact the phone hasn’t shipped yet to these sellers, none of these eager capitalists can know which of the thousand they actually will receive. Just imagine if the current top-dollar auction ends at close to $15,000 and winds up being serially numbered 973. At the very least number 1 (0001) or even 1000 would seek to command much higher price tags. Buyer beware, indeed.

Galaxy S6 Edge

It will be interesting to see what final price these auctions end at, and for that matter, how the pricing scale changes when the device launches next month in additional Asian territories. How much would you be willing to pay for such a limited edition item?

  • Scott Lowe

    The stupidity of some knows no bounds.

    • Rooney-

      ifan spotted! You wouldn have said the same if it was an iphone!

      • Scott Lowe

        Uhhh, no. I’m a proud owner of a Moto X 2014, as well as a Nexus 4, and a Nexus 10. And i would have said the same thing if it was anything other than made of solid gold.

        • Rooney-

          Oh! thumbs Up!

      • NewGuy

        samfan spotted! Only they can jump to ‘ifan’ conclusion for anything and everything :D

        • Camilla

          Well said!!!

        • it’s me tim-cock.

          But you are an isheep though.

          • mobilemann

            Yay! @RooneyK:disqus @banglaz_bless:disqus @NewGuy Look, a bunch of stupid fanboys who don’t understand the first thing about technology fighting over two great brands! Get over what’s in your pocket girls. It’s what you do with it.

        • Rooney-

          Better than isheeps thou!

      • Mike Bastable

        Apple would never stoop so low, even the dreaded U2 ipod was better than this monster

        • Xavier_NYC

          uhhhh $10,000 iWatch that will have outdate internals by next year… Funny how quickly we forget.

          • Hans Pedersen

            lol yeah, funny how short memory Apple apologists have. :D

          • mobilemann

            you are the same thing just the flipped side of the coin. What do you do with your smartphone hans?

          • Hans Pedersen

            The arch Apple troll is here. Nonsensical trolling as always, just because that’s the only thing your brainwashed mind is capable of.

          • mobilemann

            the arch? You know barley enough about android to talk about it; (let alone iOS) Name one thing i’ve been wrong about here?

            You’re a fanboy, it’s just funny to me. (as someone who needs to use more than 4 OS’s to do his job on a daily basis.)

          • Mike Bastable

            Actually I think, and hear confirmation from sources available, that the Apple Watch is pretty much as is… That means it will not engage in a specification war like with handsets. The watch will receive software renewals but we won’t see yearly watch2,3,4 reinvents like with the phones. Apparently Apple is also preparing for battery replacements in the future, as battery tech improves.
            So the thing becoming obsolete in 12 months is not gonna happen.
            Smart move really, someone has to stop the silly spec war and focus more on adding functionality to existing hardware. If you look at LG, for instance, each of their watches is made obsolete by the new one… All rather silly for such young products.
            The Apple Watch is a very different platform to any other product they have ever launched.
            Android Wear, which I own, is great… But it has different ambitions and different target customers.

          • Xavier_NYC

            Even though I think that’s a croc of sh… you think that justifies paying 10k for it? This is not a Rolex we’re talkinga bout here. At least with a Rolex, it will last for decades and can even been handed down to different generations. Technology is always advancing and sooner or later there will be a better screen, better battery, faster processor etc so I highly doubt it will remain the same. By keeping something the same that doesn’t make it profitable for apple. Companies are in business to make money wether that’s Samsung, LG, or Apple, it’s all about making money. Why do you think they make the next iteration of whatever it is that much better? By not releasing a new one every year they don’t make any profit and that’s a silly business model. Look at iPhones for example, they sell the same product with minor tweaks in a different package and it sells. If that’s been working for them for years, what makes you think they’d stop doing that now? The source you speak of, is it a credible one or some random blog you saw online?

          • Mike Bastable

            Thanks for the Croc remark… The watch follows a different business model. Others make it some huge thing to Apple it is watch, a range will be released over time.
            If you follow my posts you will be aware that my sources are both credible and reliable, not random blogs.
            Your points are well made but again, mine was to point out that the spec war scenario is not relevant to the Apple Watch.

          • Rooney-

            “So the thing becoming obsolete in 12 months is not gonna happen.”

            Yes, they arent going to become obsolete since they already are.

            “If you look at LG, for instance, each of their watches is made obsolete by the new one.”

            Hope you know the word called “Advancement” or “Improvement”.

          • Mike Bastable

            Again, i think a Rolex from 1980 has an intrinsic quality and value, and as a product of its time has not necessarily been improved upon. With the Apple watch they have definitely tried to create a product that has an intrinsic value and is esthetically pleasing for a longer period than a 12 month refresh cycle. I own an Android Wear device because it suits my needs: As a product and a piece of design it is inferior in quality and ambition (to the Apple watch). This Galaxy Iron Man thing is just a kids idea of an Iron Man phone sadly. Samsung HAS PROVED it can create great design, so it IS a shame (they seem to be under HUGE pressure to get sales and column inches because the sales of the S6 is less than they expected) that they created this monstrosity. It could and should have been awesome, now it is just a cartoon phone (sure people will look so bragging rights are assured) but it has no soul, just wallpaper, transfers and a fug ugly charger.
            I loved my Halo limited edition xbox for 2 months, until the green looked silly in my house…
            Bit of a rambling reply Rooney (sorry) but i hope you get my point.

          • Rooney-

            Just forget it!

          • Mike Bastable


          • Mike Bastable

            Just been reading some of your other posts, should have Don that earlier really, since you obviously are here to just troll people and not to actually discuss stuff. Good luck with the Velocoraptor S6 4x Edge Limited Edition…..you will inevitably buy. A fool and his money are ………,.welcomed by Samsung.

          • Rooney-

            Thats so nice of you reading my comments!
            Stating facts isn’t trolling. And, FYI, i never have mentioned any where that i would buy this phone!

        • it’s me tim-cock.

          The $17000 apple watch is outdated by today’s standard, but I don’t see you bitching about that though. If someone wants to nid for the iron man edition s6, so be it. What is it to you?

          • Mike Bastable

            Hey Cock, I would certainly be crazy to pay for the luxury version Apple Watch. However I would need to be committed to a lunatic asylum if I even dropped a dollar extra for that child’s toy monstrosity from Sammy.

          • it’s me tim-cock.

            You summon your master? On your knees and have some of cock’s, juice your favorite. The apple watch is garbage no matter how you try to swing it, go bitch elsewhere.

          • Mike Bastable

            Do you actually read the shit you write? offensive little man.

        • Dee

          Lmao you say that while Apple is trying to close down Spotify so they can monopolize the music streaming business or them charging 5 figures for their limited addition Apple Watches? Yeah right.

          • Mike Bastable

            I do not condemn any company for trying to outwit it’s competitors, ever.

        • Some human


          • Mike Bastable

            Apple Watch dude

        • Rooney-

          Oh! Just incase you forgot the iphone!

      • mobilemann

        idiot spotted. I like apple stuff and i think this is ridiculous. I would think the same thing if it was an iphone. Stop making everything partisan. The sad thing is people like you barely know how to use facebook on a phone.

        • Rooney-

          I dont even want to reply you!

          • mobilemann

            Then don’t? How about you spend some time learning about the shit you talk about?

          • Rooney-

            Dude, not interested in learning about you. Sorry.

          • mobilemann

            learning about the mobile tech you speak of, not me. You are dense.

          • Rooney-

            Dude, you said shit..not mobile tech! Be clear bud!

          • mobilemann

            reading comprehension is not your strong suit, it was perfectly clear the first time.

    • Guest123

      Definitely stupid, they could have spend tens of millions to buy all the machinery, do R&D and manufacture themselves.

    • Camilla

      Only two things are infinite the universe and the human stupidity!

    • Some human


    • maruto789 .

      beacuse it is rare

  • DjangoRaijin

    I love how slapping a number and a different coat of paint on something makes it worth 10 times more than the original price. To answer the question I might pay $1000 for this but only because Im a huge Iron man fan. I would never pay $7000 for it. Unless Im Elon Musk or something and I gain $7,000 back in like a minute.

    • Skimshaddy

      I like how you slapped your mouth over this. It’s limited. They also probably paid a lot of money to Marvel to have Iron man on their phones. It’s definite not a toy for us. The rich buy them as a collection just as the way you kids buy silly baseball and basketball cards thinking some days you gonna make millions of $$ lol.

      • Mike Bastable

        Actually there does not seem to be a market for Limited Edition (or even Classic) handsets being colected by the “Rich” (sic). People see any return on these things only in the extremely short term. Pure sales based on Desire not Investment. Classic handsets can be found anywhere online real cheap. I try to collect awesome handsets (Xelibri, Toshiba G450, Lg BL40 etc) but i rarely come across others who do the same (feel free to donate any unuuual models to my collection guys!).

      • DjangoRaijin

        Why the hell are you being offensive? I didnt once say anything even slightly insulting to either party. But you know what? I like how you slapped your ignorant little mouth over this as well. You see up top where they asked us to post their opinion? Thats what I did. I dont see where it said “attack your fellow readers” anywhere up there. No shit its a rich toy. Rich people collect million dollar cars you think a phone would be anywhere out of their reach? Also “you kids” must mean you werent talking to me because I dont find much value in collecting cards hoping to strike it rich one day either. Ill assume its personal experience. Ive never once said there was anything wrong with their hobby but I guess they must be letting you in on their Iron Man club to get you to come to the comments and start being ignorant.

  • Degus Jacoby Pradana

    @for all hater : Its limited edition, thats why is expensive , its basic marketing tricks, if u cant afford dont be such a faggot whining all the time, sit down n let rich people do whatever they want with their money

    • tiggerlator

      So have you bid on it then nob jockey? I bet not, so why don’t you shut it too

    • Mark Mann

      hm…i’m what you call a faggot, and i’m not whining about people paying this amount of money for something…where are these “faggots” you refer to?

  • LOL

    Who wants to buy my limited edition Nexus 6 ?

  • godutch

    i would pay less for such a hideous design

    • realtrojan

      LOL! Obviously, there are plenty others who do not feel it’s a hideous design to submit those bids. What’s more, you won’t be able to put your hands on it, anyway.

      • velu

        This samedung project is for korean kids !!!
        Not for humans !!!

        • pablo

          I am a Korean kid and no just no

        • realtrojan

          velu = An Indian humanoid that’s extremely famished to get an S6 but can’t afford one…LMAO!!!

          • velu

            Butt hurt samedung employee !!!

  • JDMillest

    1000 is good price for what your getting, but damn peoples are trying to get lucky and make a huge profit.

  • fain67

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  • Choda Boy

    I hope these do not have the same problems as other S6 Edge phones (e.g. scratched screen, burned out orientation sensor, etc.)

  • Mark Allan

    Got to really love iron man to get this device or a serious geek

  • Mike Bastable

    1000 units sounds about right.
    Absolutely hideous design. Hideous. Childish and without any semblance of a design. Worth 1000 cents…

  • aaloo

    lol. Seriously, you think that a serial number should determine the phone price.

    • le_lutin

      If people are crazy enough to spend 7k on a limited edition phone you can bet your bottom dollar that having the the serial number 1 (or 1000) would matter to them.

    • Mark Mann

      if you buy numbered items, the number matters…even numbers are worth more than odd numbers, and the lower the number, the more it’s worth, except in instances where there can be a multiple of a high number(500 for example)…and numbers 1 and 1000 of 1000 are extremely pricey…also, if they’re rich, except in certain instances of being born into it, they’re not stupid

  • Thomas Lauria

    The amount of money people waste amazes me. You can’t fix stupid !!!!!!

    • James Do

      I have to agree it is a waste, but I can’t on the stupid part….I mean, if you can blow that much money, im sure it’s a only a miniscule drop in a gigantic bucket for them….I just wish I had that kinda money lol

    • it’s me tim-cock.

      $10,000 is like a $1 for these people. Rich people have to spend the money on something lol.

  • Lindle

    Only Iron Man himself would be able to afford these :)))

    • Camilla

      LMAO ,Tony Stark could build a better device ,he don’t need to pay Samsung for cripple device with out SD card and removable battery.

      • tiggerlator

        Yeah but you get 100gb of “free” cloud storage lmfao

      • Alan Wang

        Camilla do u have a life though cuz it seems like u spend your time just bitching in the comment sections

  • Camilla

    No SD card no removable battery? Even iron man can’t save that device from being total flop!

    • It’s already sold out how is it a flop [email protected]

      • Camilla

        You’re mother must be so proud ,calling ppl [email protected] online ,really mature!!! Btw the s6 models selling slower than he s5 models from last year,ppl are smarter than what Samsung think they are ,because they understand samsung trying to fool them with this joke that called S6.

        • We are talking about the Iron Man edition which is “Sold Out”

          • Camilla

            Selling out limited edition device,yes really blowing mind!

  • tiggerlator

    Can’t believe some fucking moron would pay that much for a phone. Iron man is a fucking dick as a superhero and as portrayed in the films.

    • Rick_Deckard

      crazy rich people… lol

  • Ivan Budiutama

    why I have a feeling this is just a play from Samsung, like they sell it themselves, meanwhile they also bid higher themselves. You know, marketing and sh*t. They lost nothing meanwhile they also get spotlight for free

  • Ciel

    looks cool in so many ways the wireless charger dock thing is super sexy hands down, but the price dayum just buy a car or i don’t know a shirt maybe just saying

  • tiggerlator

    Hello He is fictional

  • tiggerlator

    Hypothetically, his universe is different from ours, were this phone does not exist. :p

  • gkim66

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  • Rick_Deckard

    Crazy rich people lol

  • jc

    lol. PLOT TWIST : samsung made the account and samsung also bought the item.and it’s all about advertising xD

  • neoand12

    with this kind of money you could have kickstarted your own Android personal phone.

  • Arman

    Nice that’s the new trend!! Now phone makers will invest their time in making unique phone to make big buck instead of improving their regular phones.

  • Meir Cohen


  • MattEgansHairLine

    Auction has ended, unsold.

    Iron Pram more than Iron Man.

    Maybe everyone noticed the 18 month of software support they get and decided to buy a 18k Apple Watch and an iPhone with the Money?

  • Not1Not2Not3

    If there were no outrageous expensive things to buy like this, there would be no point to being rich.

  • IchigoLover

    I was just looking at these on Ebay last night! :D They are going up to 7k right now at auction and buy it now from 2k and up. I reallyyyy want one, but im NOT paying 1000 for a phone. Maybe if it was captain america…maybe.

  • Sid

    Sorry Android and Samsung fans, it (may) appears that a guy who win this bid is just a teenager in Thailand who bidding for nothing. – -”

    He didn’t intend to buy it at all. (And, of course, he don’t have thait 35,600$). He just did it for fun and think there’re bidders come and beat his fake bid at last. But there is not. That’s it. Just a very stupid guy.


    Try to translate this news from Thai > Eng in Google translate. You guys will understand. :)