(Update: first teaser!) Yes, a special Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition is coming!

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 15, 2015
iron man galaxy s6 edge samsung

Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers Edition concept

Update, May 15: Samsung just released on Twitter the first teaser for the Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge. The retail box features a red and gold paint job and the device itself will likely be the same. The device is “coming soon” according to the tweet, though availability will vary by region. Like what you see?

samsung galaxy S6 edge iron man edition

Original post, May 5:

Samsung and Marvel are two of the world’s savviest companies when it comes to marketing. Now they are teaming up for their flashiest and likely most lucrative collaboration yet.

Fresh out of a viewing of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, a Samsung executive told the Korean press that a special Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge is coming soon.

“Samsung is prepping up to rollout the Iron Man edition of the S6 Edge, which will be in red,” EVP of mobile Lee Young-hee told a crowd of about 50 reporters that accompanied Samsung’s brass at the movies.

The Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge will launch at the end of May at the earliest, or sometime in June. It’s not clear if the device will be just a red version of the S6 Edge or will feature other customizations. Lee said Samsung is yet to iron out all the details with Marvel.

Back in March, a Korean designer published his concept of an “Avengers Edition” Galaxy S6 Edge collection, featuring color schemes matching the characters from Marvel’s blockbuster, including a red and gold Iron Man edition. But there’s no guarantee that Samsung’s special edition will feature a similar design.

galaxy s6 avengers (1)

Samsung’s marketing partnership with Marvel gave its products prominent placement in Age of Ultron. According to the brand tracking firm Concave, Samsung is the most visible brand in the action flick, outshining Audi, Under Armour, and Harley-Davidson.

Samsung has several Avengers themes for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, but creating a special Iron Man version would take the brand connection to the next level.

There’s no word yet on special editions for the other Avengers, though we suspect Samsung will at least consider it, if the Iron Man S6 Edge turns out to be a hit. And why wouldn’t it?

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  • Downtoearth2

    No sim card, no removable battery no buy.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      No sim card? Usb OTG
      No remove bat? Fastcharger, power bank wireles, power bank case
      Problem solved

      • Farid Abbasbayli

        I’m assuming you both meant SD card, not SIM card…

        • Degus Jacoby Pradana

          Oh sorry bro you’re right , wrong word

      • Eddie J. Camacho

        Why carry all that extra shit, he is right no removable battery nor SD card no sale, sad cause Iron Man is my favorite.

        • Degus Jacoby Pradana

          So dont buy it

        • jasonlowr

          Dont buy it, let someone who is crazy over this phone to actually able to buy it. So stay away from it! :D

      • neoand12

        It’s funny. People said this for every other phone back then. For Nexus, HTC One m7, OnePlus One, and So on…anyway of you want those SD slots and Removable batteries it’s time to move to LG or wait until there is a variant of the S6 like the S6 Active.

        • Chris

          m8/m9 has sd

      • none

        That solves neither problem of significant design deficiency.. Just a kludge to try to work around it.

      • Chris

        usb> you have got to be kidding me.,.,.

    • shivansh

      some people can never get satisfied, first everyone wants metal ,ohh samshit is cheap , now they come with metallic design still,people are cussing samsung with no memory card,no removable battery no buy .you guys are just hilarious.

      • Camilla

        Well his got a point, no SD card no buy!

      • JDMillest

        When Samsung put SD card n removable battery, metal n glass the works… It will be too expensive. Lol

        • casualsuede

          Or too fat…cause it WILL increase thickness.

          • MrQ

            No it won’t. Z3 has metal/glass build too and has microSD also. But thickness is roughly same as S6.
            Samsung removed microSD for only 1 reason – they know Apple’s strategy of upselling to 64GB, 128GB etc. is very very profitable and thus they are doing the same thing now

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        Yup human

      • Dark_Laser

        It’s almost as if those are completely different people with differing opinions.

      • MrQ

        People want metal/glass AND microSD from Samsung. Like Sony Z3.

    • jasonlowr

      DON’T BUY, so I can get it easier rather than have to search everywhere for it. Thanks! :D

    • das

      yuh samsung dont care for the 1% of the consumers who do want SD card and removable battery ,while samsung run out of stock as we speak

  • nik1988

    I’d totally buy this but let’s be honest if you pull this bad boy out on a date she’s walking home.

    • Camilla

      True story,i would

      • Joe Tischer

        For one -The colors are awesome, and 2 – If a chick (Or dude) blows you off because of having an Iron Man colored phone, they aren’t for you anyways…

        • Camilla

          I know I was sarcastic, I don’t care what color of the phone that the guy I seeing have, I also don’t care what phone he’s having, if his a good guy ,I don’t care about any of that.

        • Chris

          like I said, they wont have a girl anyway. nerdfs spend their life in the basements

    • joey crofts

      If she judges you that hard because of the phone you have, she’s not worth anything anyway.

      • Chris

        its ok. no guy who would get this phone will even have a girlfriend. nerds in the basements.,

      • jasonlowr

        Guys just want a fuck. Lol. Nothing more.

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    • Kanoosh

      true..what happens when the world is in need of your powers and jarvis is calling you?..gotta take that call..a superhero’s priorities are first..huamn’s with no powers, second. :)

    • Lance Johnson

      How the hell are all you coming to such ridiculous conclusions like this? If anyone has any bit of since here, it’s Joey. I’ve dated many girls and I direly want this phone. Many of my friends (girls) actually really like the beauty and uniqueness of these phones so I seriously doubt a girl would break up with you just by having this phone. If anything, it’d be the opposite.

  • chanman

    The Black Widow one actually has the nicest color scheme haha. Superhero wise I’d still want a Captain America one though… Maybe with the shield on the back?

  • illiarspls

    Those who bought the S6 edge before this be crying XD

    • Chris

      nope. not everyone is a nerd

  • faddy

    the fury one looks the best and thor

  • flye

    Wow, I love the green one

  • HTC_m789

    Iron Man Edition should be HTC One m9 because Robert Downey Jr., love HTC!

    • casualsuede

      Htc is dumb. They secured rdj but samsung worked with marvel and Disney and got what makes rdj actually appealing…..tony stark/iron man!

      • Chris

        only for the nerds who have no life outside their mothers 1970s era basement,

  • Zachary Helfrich

    i wish there was more information on this as i just got my s6 and really tempted to return for an iron man version

  • monkey god

    Make a non-edge version and I’ll buy it

  • iron man

    Should be able to wake up the iron man version saying “Jarvis”

  • IchigoLover

    I NEED that Captain America one. They really shouldn’t tease us like this tho. :(

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  • Whimseeplis

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  • Camilla

    Hawkeye one looks really pretty,but still must be really geek to buy one of those.

  • Chris

    stupid. but I guess with no women in these nerds life, this phone will give them that erection…

    • Slaughter

      Not that stupid, regarding the hype theses concepts gets when first released.
      Even if I’m not interested in this kind of custom, I think it’s a good move from samsung, they listened to a customer request and we can’t blame them for that.
      Regarding how others OEM listen to their customers request ( hello HTC @Blackbar)…

  • Adrian Diaz

    They give me Jarvis as a Personal voice assistant and I’ll seriously not think too much about it.

  • Ltdrev

    HTC & Downey Jr be like: whaaaaaat?!

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  • Vitor Herculano Morais

    Iron man and Fury look awesome

  • beacha

    “Lee said Samsung is yet to iron out all the details with Marvel.” I see what you did there, IRON, iron?, get it

  • chris

    Prob have to pay full retail for it. I don’t think carriers will get them.