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Last year, Samsung found its way into a number of bleak articles proclaiming that the company’s mobile division was heading downward and that a big change was needed if the Korean giant wanted to stay on top. This criticism was mostly aimed at the Samsung Galaxy S5, which went on to perform quite modestly compared to initial projections for the device. Thankfully, with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung seems to have finally delivered the experience many were waiting for.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are garnering a lot of positive attention not only for the redesigned aesthetics, but for the less bloated software that finally helps TouchWiz perform on a similar level to other Android OEM skins. While it’s unclear exactly how well the GS6 and S6 Edge are doing so early into their releases, one thing is clear: the Galaxy S6 Edge seems to be the crowd favorite.

We have already written before about how the Galaxy S6 Edge is selling much better than Samsung initially predicted, leading to a global shortage, with Samsung doing its best to ramp up production. To further these efforts, Samsung has now begun production for its curved displays at a third factory. According to “people with direct knowledge” of Samsung’s plans, Production line A3 will allow Samsung Display to produce about 5 million screens a month, up from the current 2 million.

Samsung had always planned on using the plant for screen production, but it wasn’t supposed to go live until sometime in June. The demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge sped up those plans, however. So what does this mean for the Edge, long term? Basically it should mean that Samsung will be able to catch up with product demand sooner rather than later, and should go a long ways in helping Samsung achieve its goal of over 70 million sales for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge combined.

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What do you think of Samsung’s latest — are you in love with the Edge, or prefer the standard Galaxy S6? Conversely, do you feel that neither phone meets your expectations? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Marian Zamfir

    Standard Galaxy S6 looks better in my opinion :)

    • wiky

      Not better,But it’s worth the money

      • Marian Zamfir

        This is what I meant :)

    • Chris

      Scared of change?

      • Karly Johnston

        Scared of charge?

      • Marian Zamfir

        Doesn’t worth the extra money ;) Maybe next year the change will be bigger

  • James Theodore Retuya

    The edge is definitely the eye catcher between the two. It also apparently has a slightly better battery life.

  • Freddy Born

    i will so get this device in a year when its half price :)

    • Marian Zamfir

      both of us :))

  • Raghav Kapur

    I’m not surprised. People want a change in form factor, rather than small incremental updates as compared to their predecessors.

  • Degus Jacoby Pradana

    Yes s6 edge is a king of smartphone now, and Note edge 2 or perhabs note 5 edge will be the king of phablet. Cant wait 2nd may to get my preorder s6 edge in indonesia

    • Hans Pedersen

      Note 5 Edge 2? :D
      Yeah, I think it’ll simply be called Note 5 edge… :D

      • Marc Perrusquia

        He’s saying note edge 2 or note 5 edge. The original note edge was called the note edge not the bote 4 edge. Samsung changed that naming convention with the s6 edge by including the main phone’s name. So it’s kind of a tossup what Samsung will call the Note edge successor.

        • Hans Pedersen

          The boat edge? that sounds more like an LG phone to me….
          If you didn’t notice, I added moar numbers to his suggestions. Everything on teh internets doesn’t have to be serious, you know… :D

  • Pieter Uys

    I got the edge and it’s an awsome phone. Get one!

  • I’m waiting on the Note 5 edge

  • seattle tech

    Love the s6 edge. downside is bad standby. All it needs is a bigger battery. First phone that made me go back to small phones. Well until the note 5. This is the fastest phone i have ever used.

  • Francisco

    I love how the edge looks, such an eye catcher. I got myself an S6 because it feels somewhat better in hand, but based on the looks I would have gone edge all the way.