Samsung Galaxy S3 gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow, courtesy of CyanogenMod 13

by: Preetam NathDecember 17, 2015


Do you happen to have a Galaxy S3 lying around? Guess what, you can now run Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the device, courtesy of CyanogenMod 13.

Samsung’s flagship smartphone of 2012, the one that sold over 50 million units by mid-2013, is hands-down one of the company’s most popular phones ever. Of course, in 2015 having a smartphone with a 4.8-inch HD (1280 x 720) Super AMOLED display, 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, an 8MP rear camera, and a 2,100mAh battery is hardly noteworthy. In fact, the best entry-level devices come close to beating most of the Galaxy S3’s spec sheet. However, at the time of its launch in 2012, the Galaxy S3’s spec sheet was good enough to make tech geeks drool.

cyanogenmod nexus 5 boot screen aa 2See also: CyanogenMod 13 nightlies now available for Android One devices2

The Galaxy S3 began its life with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, after which it was updated to the various versions of Jelly Bean. There was no hope for the Galaxy S3 getting the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Even CyanogenMod 12, based on Lollipop, was only released for some models. It skipped the international Galaxy S3 i9300 model altogether, but has made a comeback with CyanogenMod 13, which is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Do bear in mind that the CM13 release is just a nightly, which means it isn’t a stable release and is not recommended for daily usage. Oh well, something is better than nothing, right? Download the nightly from here.

cyanogenmod-nexus-5-boot-screen-aa-2-645x433Further reading: What is CyanogenMod?32

If you own a Galaxy S3 i9300 model and decide to try out CyanogenMod 13, do share your experience with us in the comments below.

  • Jonathan Kramer

    Interesting prospect though my GS3 is the I747/ATT model so it has 2 GB of RAM and has been rock solid from the first day. In fact the battery still lasts longer than most current phones, is removable and with Nova Launcher it’s snappy and does great on all fronts. I’ve never installed a ROM due to the possibility of bricking the phone. But being able to get Marshmallow is an curious proposition indeed though I’m unsure whether this release will work on the i747 from what this says.

    • kgb kgbb

      Same here, but I could never get CM to install EVER.

    • Christopher Morris

      I have the LG G3 VS985 (Verizon) with 3GB RAM. I’m running the latest CM 13, and I can tell you that it runs better than 12.1 even with a custom kernel ever did! Here’s to CM13!

  • Badelhas

    I’m very interested in this. Anyone tried it yet?

    • TheDude

      It works pretty good on my i9300, but there are still some bugs like the play store refusing to work claiming there’s no internet connection or chrome refusing to download things based on the same claims (although there clearly is a working connection).

      Also some more minor glitches that I’ve experienced, back to unofficial 12.1 for now.

      • Badelhas

        Thanks for your answer.

        • TheDude

          Oh, and the standby battery life is phenomenal, although Doze doesn’t really work because the S3 doesn’t have the low powered sensors needed to make it work.
          So I don’t know that the reason is… (lost 1% over 8-9 hours of standby).

  • I am still using my old s3 with CM12.1 unofficial builds. But i am happy with it. thinking about too early to try CM13 on it. But i will try it soon :)

    • I tried, nothing but battery drain. cos Doze Mode not work on it for now (beacuse of sensors gains more power) and they say it could never be happen. Smooth, stable but i will wait till battery drain fixed.

    • Zeeshan Ishaq

      link of cm12.1 rom….. which u r using?

  • Aki I.

    So if the best entry devices of today only come close to beating a 3 year old phone, isn’t that a testament to how good the 3 year old phone is? Which would make it note worthy

  • Yet the S6 doesn’t even have a CM12 ROM…

    • Karly Johnston

      Because there is no S6 with a Snapdragon.

      • My point still stands. I’m pretty sure more people are waiting for CM on the S6 than on the S3 at this point.

        • Karly Johnston

          Actually your point doesn’t stand since people that like to flash CM know not to buy an Exynos powered phone.

          • I know, that’s why I don’t own an S6. My point is that I wish they spent some time on the S6 instead of the S3.

            People have at least ported CM to exynos variants. It’s not impossible.

            I think there are more tech enthusiasts wanting CM on the S6 than the 3.5 year old S3. Let’s be honest.

          • Karly Johnston

            Yeah, and the wifi or something else important doesn’t work. It isn’t a viable option since Samsung doesn’t release source.

          • As with any early ROM for any device. If CM spent actual time on modern devices instead of wasting energy on the S3, I bet we’d have Cyanogen on the S6.

          • Bombaglad

            you clearly don’t understand how cm works..

          • TheDude

            Karly Johnston is incorrect: the S3 has an Exynos SoC….. the CM13 is for the international I9300 which has the Exynos 4412 SoC.

          • TheDude

            It’s just a couple of CM maintainers who ported it to the i9300 and managed to make it official, they themselves use the S3 daily so it makes sense for them to port it to the device they use.

            The only resources that come from CM towards this ROM are the bot builder which now makes the nightly builds.

      • TheDude

        The S3 also has an Exynos SoC….. the CM13 is for the international I9300 which has the Exynos 4412 SoC.

  • Kushall Dayal


  • TheDude
  • Prashant Gyawali

    Does this work for S3 Korean version aka S3 SKT?

  • Odrel

    Cyanogen doesn’t have a stable release for Android 5.0 for the S3 yet, so I have little hope it will get Android M.

    • ByteManiak

      cyanogen doesnt have a stable cm12 for s3 because of its system requirements. cm13 supposedly uses less resources than cm12, and thus support for the s3 is back thanks to this

    • Danny Gunter

      I had a cm12.1 nightly it was stable enough now I got an unofficial cm 13 and so far it is flawless. S3 L710 d2spr virgin mobile.

  • Peace256

    I just installed cm13. It worked good before I installed gapps. Now sometimes screen (display) freezes (blinks). When I tried to install gapps, at first start it displayed an error message unfortunately system ui stopped working (i’m not pretty sure). After second try, the error dissapeared.
    Gapps were signed. Any suggestion (solution).

  • ismail

    I got the update in my Galaxy S3 i9300. Running nice and an awesome UI. System speed is also good. Display flickering, Problem with Google Play Services are some issues. Main thing to be mentioned here is that CM13 still misses the FM radio app!!

  • Danny Gunter

    I got 13.0 on my s3 L710 virgin mobile its soo swweet! Only had 12 for a month.

    • Jose Trejo

      How did you manage that? I currently have a virgin mobile s3 and I thought rooting was not possible let alone getting CM, please tell me how you did it

      • Danny Gunter

        Yes its rooted had cyanogenmod 12.1 for a month just flashed 13 and it is running sweet s3 L710 virgin mobile!

      • Danny Gunter

        Rooted with Kingo root.

      • Danny Gunter

        Rooted with Kingo root cyanogenmod 12.1 on cyanogenmod website. Cyanogenmod 13.0 unofficial build on XDA website.

  • Emanuel Gjini

    Hi to all, I updated from CM11 to CM13 right 6 hours after the first nightly became public. It was VERY awesome, BUT i lost the IMEI during the flash process and none of the tutorials around the web helped me to recover .
    My personal advice: YES flash your SGS3 with CM13, but backup everything especially the “efs folder” (make several backups) , just in case :)

  • Danny Gunter

    The S6 has lollipop and gets official updates the only reason I got cm13.0 on my phone is because of an unofficial build on S3 L710 d2spr . And there are a lot more S3’s than there are S6’s. My phones official upgrades ended at KitKat.

  • wydc

    I just installed the CM 13. Its not only fine its SUPER FINE as compared to CM 12. So far so good. But one thing sucks I can’t copy or move files between sdcard and ext sdcard. No file manager could solve it. Rooting didn’t help. I have to use computer to transfer files between the two storage. Anyway my phone is now so fast.

  • Stan

    I got cm13 since october 2015, and in the beginning there were a few bugs, but within a month everything was solved and i use it from then as my daily driver. And it’s very stable.

  • Omar

    Sgh-i747 runnin smooth! So far, soo good!

  • J.j. Evans

    SPH-L710T with Boost Mobile. I got the OctOS ROM (CM13 based)…having Marshmallow on my S3 is SWEET!! Hopefully that when Android 7.0 becomes an officially released thing and CyanogenMod gets CM14 underway, a variant will land with the folks at Team OctOS… especially for this beast.

    Would’ve been nice if lesser devices would’ve got KitKat, Lollipop, or Marshmallow (ex.: Galaxy Rush has pretty much nothing)…

  • Junior Galette

    Hi everyone! I have a SG gt-i9300 (int) and I’ve installed the android marshmallow 6.0.1 and it’s working good. But I don’t have much to complain for it is a nightly version and now I’m experiencing a lot of the instability like play store, google speech, google service and other apps don’t work and keeps popping all the time saying: the app has stopped working. I’ve also tried to install different gapps package but still nothing. If someone has any suggestions, I’ll be very pleased to receive and fix those bugs cause they’re really annoying and disturbing. Any solution, just e-mail me at: [email protected].
    Thanks and best regards,

  • salinda karunarathna

    CM 13 snapshot is now available!!

  • Gerald Marc

    Wishing my old galaxy note 3 can still get a snapshot build of cm13…. still powerful in this time.