Galaxy Note 7 front vs Galaxy S7 Edge

As we approach the mid-point of the year, attention turns towards the handsets that are set to launch in the coming months, and, according to the recent rumour mill, Samsung will be one of the first out of the block with the Galaxy Note 7 in early August.

We’ve seen renders and diagrams before, coupled with information about the purported iris scanner, the confirmed name and some specs, but now we can exclusively reveal the first image of the front of the Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 Front Panel Iris Scanner Dual Edge Leak

Thanks to our exclusive tipster @onleaks – who has a long pedigree of accurate leaks – the image reveals Samsung’s next Note will have a dual edge panel and will measure 5.8-inches. Furthermore, looking at the top of the smartphone, we can see additional cutouts that weren’t present on the Galaxy S7 Edge which suggests that the iris scanner will be present.

A recent patent application by Samsung showed how its iris scanner would work and suggested that three lenses would be required for accurate recognition, which we can see by the three circular holes at the top of the Note 7. Considering that the iris scanner needs to be mounted above the display, the leak also reveals that Samsung is set to do-away with its logo on the front of the handset, in a bid to reduce the amount of bezel above the screen.

What else do we know about the Galaxy Note 7? Based on other reports, we can expect a 5.8-inch Quad HD dual-edge Super AMOLED display, 6GB of RAM, an improved 12-megapixel camera with dual-pixel phase detection autofocus, and a battery size of between 3,600mAh and 4,000mAh.

What do you think of the front of the Galaxy Note 7? Is an iris scanner a must-have technology in your next device or nothing more than a gimmick? Let us know your views in the comments below!

Nirave Gondhia
Nirave is one of the Managing Editors and a fan of travel. He's worked in technology for over ten years (including stints at two carriers in the UK) and reported on it for nearly nine years. In my spare time, A big football (soccer to those over the pond) fan and avid supporter of Man United for over 20 years, he reads a lot, loves a cocktails and blogs about travel.
  • vergilsyamato

    samsung back at it again with the gimmicks, the king of gimmicks is back haha

    • Jeshter

      Same old Same old Samsung bashing. Hard to find new things isn’t it…

      • vergilsyamato

        I could tell a lot of things shitty about samsung, TW is still shit no matter what, it is still laggy sometimes and just plain ugly, the speaker quality of samsung phones are freaking horrible, the music via headphone is standard at best, they still got no phone with usb-c ect there tons of things i dislike about samsung and that is why i won’t buy a Samsung ever again after many times i tried them out I had, the S, the S2, S3, S4, Note 1 -4, a couple of their tablets and so on and all of them were horrible, my old nexus 7 1st gen outperformed the Galaxy Tab S for fucks sake man haha

        • Phillip

          Obviously your in the minority cause they sell like crazy . I’m sorry your phone of choice gets no air time and your passed about that but most in the know have moved on from the old touch wiz jokes you my friend needs to keep up

          • vergilsyamato

            there are tons of phones which shit on your stupid galaxies, their are overprized junk not more not less, I got an S7 edge from work and I gave it my girlfriend cause it just sucks also of fucking course samsung phones sell good, those guys invest shit tons of money in marketing, it’s easier here in germany to get any high end samsung than high end Phones from china or a good old Nexus phone which are better than Samsuck in any possible way, go back sucking samy’s dick you lil fanboys

        • seattle tech

          Lol you had old samsung phones so you know how they perform now. I have 3 nexus 7 1st gen and its a piece of junk. The tab s is still considered one of the best android tablets out. Maybe install cm13. Don’t compare the junk screen/ poorly made nexus 7 to the tab s. Too bad you haven’t experienced any new samsung flagships because they are top notch. You know nothing about touchwiz in 2016

        • Indranil Majumder

          That’s a lot of Samsung phones you bought for a person who hates samsung

        • Mike Brown aka Charlie 1-3

          For someone who apparently hates Samsung you sure have owned quite a bit of them. I guess you were just giving them more and more chances huh? We all know the reason you don’t have a Note 5 or S7 Edge, S7 right?
          its because you can’t use them on your shitty prepaid plan since you can’t get the regular contract type plans from the Big 4 here right?? Pay your phone bills and maybe you could fuck stick

          • abn

            Ohhhhh shit!
            there’s another me. I’M SCARED

          • vergilsyamato

            well i work for bmw in munich so we have no big four in contrast to you retarded poor guy i can afford myself any phone any time unlocked, cause we in germany dont need your stupid contract system, to me samsung sucks so before you spit some BS nonesense check your facts you f*cking nobody

        • Phillip Pugh

          and that’s why you have a choice get a different phone and stop trolling and hating on Samsung forum….peace

    • Jadoei1

      Better than a note without added functionality like the Note 5. And if you don’t find it useful you can just buy the normal S line

      • Luka Bulatović

        The S line has as much features as the Note line minus things related to the S Pen (and even then ridiculously you can find Air View and S Pen settings when you go to Nova, activities, settings)

    • Phillip

      yep and they keep selling shit loads of phones despite what trolls like you think …’s a thought get a iphone see just that easy

    • abn

      Lg holds that title.

  • Jon Targaryen

    There won’t be a Samsung logo in the front?! Not enough space for is as I see

    • Luka Bulatović

      Maybe if they raised the earpiece a bit, they would fit the logo, but they always keep it in line with the other sensors, so probably not gonna happen. But I guess that’s what the Chinese and Japanese market had for years and they were fine.

  • Joshua Suits

    I fail to see how that is a gimmick but to each their own I reckon.

  • Sukrith Krishnakumar

    dont see how its a gimmick! i thought people wanted more privacy and security as they did not want a terrorist phone to be unlocked thinking it will compromise their security as well… this is said to be more secure than finger prints so shouldnt all you privacy freaks out there applaud it?

    • Naga Tudor

      Yea, now besides your fingerprint they got your iris also, and they didn’t even have to make you go to the police station. Yay privacy!

      • My Galaxy Prime

        Who is “they”?

        • Heiro78

          the MAN, man! That’s they!… i kid i don’t know who Naga is talking about.

        • abn

          Yea I hear they all the time. I NEVER SEE they. Roddy Piper seen them in that movie with those glasses. Do we need those glasses he had?

        • Naga Tudor

          Anyone who wnats that information basically

          • My Galaxy Prime

            But that information is stored on the phone.

    • Richard Markert

      US law enforcement can’t compel you to reveal passwords or pins. But they CAN force you, physically if needed, to use biometrics. I don’t even use the fingerprint reader on my note 4.

      • Steve Brain

        Same, much prefer a pattern.

      • AvalancheRyder

        Most smartphones with fingerprint readers require you to enter the pin when the phone is restarted. I guess if you’re regularly engaged in criminal activity (not implying you are, just making a point) and the police could bust down your door at any second, maybe don’t use it. For the rest of us, if you’re being pulled over or the police knock at your door, just take the 2 seconds to power off your phone.

    • Heiro78

      i think it’s more a gimmick unless it’s much faster to unlock the phone than the fingerprint scanner or a pin/pattern. if it takes even 10 seconds to hold the phone up close then it’s a waste of time.

      • Disqus_deez

        I agree. I think that it’s going to be just like facial recognition.

        • eazi25

          Have you used facial recognition lately? It’s really fast

          • Disqus_deez

            I’ve had it on an older device can’t remember which one butnitntook forever to unlock. Almost 5 to 10 seconds.

          • vcarvega

            Yea, you haven’t used it in a while. Takes less than a second now.

      • Ethan

        3 cameras devoted to the iris scanner! I think it will work.

        • Heiro78

          I’m sure it will work but will it be as fast if not nearly as fast as putting in a PIN, or using a fingerprint? I’ve tried the fingerprint scanner on samsung’s S6 and S7. and both are very quick. Faster than me entering a PIN. But bringing the phone close enough or up to eye level then waiting for it to scan seems like it would take longer than the first 2 methods.

          • Ethan

            I can almost guarantee you it will be faster than useing a PIN but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

            And I also don’t want a super thick phone.

          • vcarvega

            Definitely faster than entering a PIN. Not sure whether faster than a fingerprint though, because those are pretty fast too. The iris scanner is more secure than a fingerprint however.

      • vcarvega

        Facial recognition on stock Android takes 1 second or less. Windows Hello on Windows 10 takes less than a second. It’s a pretty cool feature, and much more convenient than any other login method I’ve used on any of my devices.

        • Heiro78

          I’ve never tried facial recognition on my windows 10 laptop. I’ll have to give it a shot. But if the iris scanner can’t be at that same level then it’s not convinient. It’ll be an added level of security sure but many people i believe would rather have another killer functional feature than this.

    • zombiecidal

      It WOULD compromise their security also. But let’s face it security on phones in general is a facade. They don’t have to unlock your phone to access it. All they have to do is shoot through your data connection to get the info they want. I however love the idea of iris scanner tech being used on phones because it will push the tech to new advancements which can be used in other industries such as locks on house doors,safes,etc.

    • stupifiery

      The only problem is until Google and android adopt iris as a good security option it won’t gain traction

  • rritambhar

    dont care about iris, apart from that everything else is spot on for me to consider an upgrade :) just hoping the battery will be at least 4000mAh…

    • I think 5.5 inch S7 edge got 3600mah .. So 5.8 inch note 7 should have 4000 Man or more

    • Joonho Jung

      The Note line always had amazing battery life, even with a standard battery and a big, higher resoulution screen. The Note 5 had 3000mah, so it is honestly more than enough for the Note 7 to have 3600mah

  • Kris Carlon

    Well done Samsung, to squeeze that much stuff in the top bezel and not make it fat as hell. I’m very impressed.

    • But it’s also a big device, with the screen itself at 5.8. So, the bezels are ought to have a psychological effect of thinness with respect to the size of the phone.

      • TheMysteryMan

        Its curved screen, this will have footprint of other 5.5″ devices as sides are curving down.

        • The thing is, people are complaining curve screen. But it’s wonderful, it feels futuristic among my friends.

          • Alejandro Delgado

            It may feel “futuristic” but its field of view is terrible. I cant stand watching a video that curves around the edges

          • The photo posted here seems subtle in being edge. Maybe, the newer models is set to improve.

          • Alejandro Delgado

            Indeed it looks a little more subtle and that would be an improvement. I do like the size though, im all for big phones

          • I welcome the size.

          • vcarvega

            I’ve enjoyed the S6 & S7 Edge phones I’ve seen around the office… Beautiful. In fact, I almost bought the S7 Edge but wanted to hold out to see what the Note would bring.

      • A. Rojas

        Tell that to Apple, with their giant bezels. Nothing wrong with praising Samsung for doing it right.

        • Apple is adopting Samsung’s AMOLED anyways… Next year.

          • r4ymonf

            And even next year will they stick giant top and bottom bezels with just a speaker, camera, and a home button.

          • Hahaha.. maybe

          • Alejandro Delgado

            Problem with apple is they stick way too much to it’s symmetry. So the same ammount of space needed to fit the touch id will go on top of the phone even though it only has the damn speaker, camera and various sensors :|

          • I’ve been reading ab’t their integrated fingerprint recognition for next year. Maybe, that’s when it wouldn’t matter.

          • paul barton

            Id rather have the symmetry and strong design language. Hold an iPhone in landscape and it just looks right with the screen central. Smaller bezels would, of course, always be nice.

          • Josh Walker

            Dear, ANYWAYS is not a word…

          • Ethan

            Apple has never been known to use good display panels, so I’m sceptical on this leak.

          • They’ll use the good. What they don’t use is the best.

        • Ethan


    • Grant Ding

      IKR? After the video they released earlier, I was terrified of a massive upper bezel.

      • Heiro78

        what video?

        • saswat nayak

          maybe he’s talking about the new Touzhwiz ui video which is done on Note 5 & he thought it as note 7 xD

  • Mikko Karekivi

    Why do they add these iris scanners? I would be more exited if the ear piece would be a front facing speaker.

    • When they’ll need ideas for the next design, maybe the S8, one can demand at that probable time.

    • hc792

      I couldn’t care less about front-facing speakers.

      • Nice profile pic.

        • Driss BIYA

          I couldn’t care less about both of them !!

      • Camilla-Cheers love

        I couldn’t care less about iris scanner.

        • theforevermachine

          i couldn’t not care less about being careless

          • careless whisper

            couldn’t I care less?

      • Driss BIYA

        I couldn’t care less about both of them !!!

      • IT_guY11

        I couldn’t care less to care less about caring less

      • James

        Until you have a phone that has them.

    • retrospooty

      I get why you want that, but most people don’t want FF speakers. Most people don’t even listen to music on their phones speakers at all. They use headphones when mobile and bluetooth when in car or at home for that. It’s never going to be a big seller on flagships.

      • The phone does ring right?.. Incoming call. Samsung’s traditional design is speakers at the back.

        • retrospooty

          Its not official, but probably safe to say that yes, it does ring just like the S7 and S7E. ?

          • So, when people think of speaker placement, it’s not only ab’t music.

          • retrospooty

            Most phones ring just fine without FF speakers. FF speakers has always been a rarrity on phones. HTC One dumped it and they were one of the last. Like I said, I get why some people want it, but most don’t. Adding it, adds way too much bezel space when most people dont want or care about it.

          • Hmm.. I understand.

        • Phillip

          Yeah the phone rings the speakers are on the bottom of the phone …gezz guys this is a technology site try to keep up

          • Yeah, mostly everyone is aware of that scientific explanation.. Geez guys, this is an android fansite, try to keep up with the sarcasm.

          • Juan F Peña Jr.

            Lol…I was like “Samsung traditional placement of speaker near the rear camera reduces the sound” wtf???

          • This guy can’t understand :D

      • Mikko Karekivi

        I disagree on that. Even apple is now starting to make stereo speakers on an iphone and dropping the headphone jack

        • James Theodore Retuya

          Dropping the headphone jack does not in any way mean apple or any other oem thinking of doing the same supports the notion that phone speakers > quality earphones. Besides, apple isn’t jumping the front-facing speakers bandwagon. And earphone usage will still be supported through the lightning port with an adaptor.

          • Mikko Karekivi

            Still apple is adding stereo speakers so it means it values the speaker quality. This is my point. Not that they are front facing.

          • Nymenon

            Front facing speakers make the phone look ugly imo. So no thank you.

          • James

            No they dont. Only an idiot wouldn’t want front facing stereo speakers and not have a protective case on the phone hiding anyways its ugliness.

          • Nymenon

            It is ugly period. It’s why a aesthetic driven company like Apple would never have dual front speakers.

          • You could have the next Android N.

          • Juan F Peña Jr.

            Exactly !! Dropping the 3.5 mm headphone jack doesn’t mean they’re removing the ability to use wired headphones !! It will just become proprietary through their lightning jack PLUS there will be adapters available for those who refuse to buy new headphones…. Front facing speakers aren’t needed, I can’t stand listening to someone playing video games or watching media on their phones, pick up some friggen headphones !!

          • Tina E

            Agree. I only use my phone speaker for conference calls at work.

          • Jun Yang

            I agree I can’t stand idiots who blast their tiny smartphone speakers in the store when you’re in line to pay or on the street thinking they’re cool, exactly the opposite actually

        • A. Rojas

          At least that’s the rumor, and people are already having a fit about the possibility of no headphone jack.

        • Phillip

          The iPhone speakers sound like shit the worse I’ve heard which iphone are you talking about. And since the phone is not out yet you don’t know that for sure do you

        • Hans Pedersen

          And if Apple jumped off a bridge, which I’d say their iPhone 5sos release earlier this year symbolises, i assume you’d follow them? :)

          • abn

            Thier working on the delaware BRIDGE today.
            All jumpings are postponed.

      • IT_guY11

        FF speakers just take up space that could be implemented with something useful, and honestly who listens to music without headphones? Just use your laptop if you’re going to want “stereo speakers” lol

      • Lex

        You guys are nuts, I’m not giving up my front facing speakers.

        • abn

          Then its over for u.

          • Lex

            What’s more functional than two front facing speakers on the front? Fingerprint scanner can be just as functional on the back.

          • retrospooty

            I think he meant that there arent many (any?) major OEM’s doing FF speakers anymore. The HTC One was a big one, and now they stopped too. Who else makes it?

          • Lex

            Yeah, that’s probably why i will stick with what I have until death. Or I’ll just start my own company and build my own damn phone. Lol

        • retrospooty

          How is choosing nice small bezels (meaning more screen and less bulk) over FF speakers nuts? I hardly ever use my phone for music… When I do, It’s in my car or home via good bluetooth speakers, not tiny phone speakers. I just dont want it, the tradeoff isnt worth it. Seeing as how the one major OEM that sold alot of FF speaker models (HTC One) stopped doing it on the latest model, it isnt a very big draw.

          • Lex

            That’s why I love Android, so many different opinions and options for everyone. I use my speakers for videos and movies. I also use Bluetooth in my car for music.

      • Phillip

        This guy gets it ….The front facing speakers removable battery guys just need to move on no top phone has that and they still sale millions

    • bOgGaRt

      It’s first of its kind! May be it’ll turn out to be a great thing or may be another failed experiment! Only time will tell..
      I would still love to see a seamless integration of different unlocking mechanism working together with this one!

    • Phillip

      Are you could just buy a htc see just that easy …..front facing speakers phones don’t sell …why cause it’s not that important to the average person. …headphones is what’s up in 2016

      • James

        The average person is a moron basically.

        • Hans Pedersen

          The reality: the average person plays games, listens to music and watches movies using earphones or headphones. Because slightly less bad sounding speakers are still terrible speakers.

        • abn

          Leave Lg fans outta this.

    • Face


  • Who took tbis picture, LEGO Joker?

  • Grant

    To be honest I will really be disappointed if the new Note 7 has less then 4000mAh battery. I watched most of the new phone launches and wether it’s Samsung or iPhone or any other cellphone company. At the beginning of all their keynotes they always say they are listening to their customers. But my point as far as I know, no customer is asking for thinner phones. What I do hear is people asking for better battery life. So please Samsung, Apple, Sony please stop going thinner and fit a damn battery that can at least run longer then a day. I don’t care about how thin the phone is.

    • Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, 5000mAh battery.

    • Yes.. 4000 or More!!

    • ZxyLady

      Grant, I was thinking about that EXACT SAME THING! Who at these companies think that we still need even thinner phones? I mean our phones are at a great thickness now as we still have a comfortable hold on our phones, some of the thinner phones feel cheap and too thin to comfortably hold… How many Apple fans would prefer a bigger battery AND a headphone jack… I don’t know who keeps demanding thinner phones but I find it HIGHLY UNLIKELY it is the mass public, and their customers!

  • 20 Hour video playback at full brightness on Note 7 with 3600 mah battery? I think Note 7 will be solar powered ;)

  • Mah

    Not enough to make me jump from my s7 edge.

  • Andrew White

    Iris scanning..isn’t this the most secure biometic?
    Good move sammy, but the flagship price still has to be reasonable.
    I thought the Note series had to be leading edge and was hoping a 4k screen to be included, which would work well with very fast charging.
    And a non-‘Edge’ version with grip on the sides.
    Maybe next season.

    • theforevermachine

      You do know there are rumors stating there will be a non-edge version as well, right?

  • Marco Antonio

    What about the IR Blaster?

    • A. Rojas

      Sadly, everyone but LG seem to have dropped the IR blaster and removable batteries. that’s why one of my phone is a G5.

      • Iz Zoo

        That’s what I thought when I bought my LG v10 until that Damn rebooting crap after 4 months. Had to get a refurbished. No more Lg for me. Apparently all their flagships have had this problem

        • A. Rojas

          I’m not familiar with this issue as far as being wide spread. My LG G5 is my first LG phone and I haven’t had any issues. I’ll keep an eye on it though. my nephew has been very happy with his V10 and I enjoy the G5. Sure the G5 is not as fancy looking as a S7, but I don’t buy my phone as gain statements. As far as performance it a fantastic device. Though I am disappointed there are no modules I’m interested in except the HiFi DAC, and that one’s not available in the U.S.

          Flagship performance, IR blaster, removable battery, MicroSD card shot, very good camera… check, check, check, check & check. Not to mention I really like the fear mounted fingerprint scanner.

          • Iz Zoo

            I loved all those things also until it crapped out. Now I’m afraid it may crap out again

    • IT_guY11

      Negative on the IR Blaster

    • Phillip

      What about it…..LG has it and they can’t give the g5 away … get a LG are use the remote control that came with your new flat screen TV it works just fine

      • Disqus_deez

        Exactly. What’s with the ir blather. Just use a remote. Plain and simple.

  • James Theodore Retuya

    Looks beautiful!

  • H-Chi Town

    omg cant wait ?

  • Jai Raymon Ritter

    They can put a stupid iris scanner in but not an ir blaster? Seriously who’s that paranoid tags they need an iris scanner or even a finger print scanner.

    • A. Rojas

      I never used a lock screen, until a got a phone with a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. it’s very convenient for unlocking/turning on the screen. can say I care about the iris scanner, but hey, cudos to them pushing the envelope.

    • abn

      Jokingly, you need a ir blaster that bad?

      • Jai Raymon Ritter

        Do you have kids? If you did you’d understand. Remotes don’t last long with small children

      • Jai Raymon Ritter

        Don’t get me wrong I’m still upgrading to one from my note 4 and I can Control the majority of my devices through wifi bit the ir blaster has been a life saver in the past. Especially with older TV’s and stereos etc

    • Juan F Peña Jr.

      The IR blaster was awesome !!! I agree!!

  • keithbe

    Yay…I can go back to a note again. Very cool smart move!

  • GunMetal21

    Any word on the official reveal date?

    • IT_guY11

      August 2nd. and the release date is the 15th

  • saksham

    i would be really happy if the iris scanner is fast and that would be my lock screen then

  • Adrián Iriarte

    3500 mah as standard is coming… Note 7 suposed to have a 4000mah one. Could be amazing… 2 days of normal usage and Android N incoming…

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I can already see the glare.. Not yet sold on the curved screen for note range.

  • CarlosSW

    WHY THE HELL is the note going to have the same design as the edge? WTH sammy?? if i wanted that id just go for the s7 edge… what i want is a larger phone that mirrors the s7…. which would have been the note. Ugh… yet another phone company giving us specs nobody wants

    • Phillip

      except for the 25 million gs7 sold already so there doing something right ….you just need to pick a different phone and be happy

      • CarlosSW

        do you like the curved edge?

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    IR Blaster whiners – check
    Front facing speakers whiners – check

    Yup, this is a Samsung thread.

    • 2kool4skool

      And also lets not forget touchwiz whiners.

    • Mike

      Trolls with nothing to add to the conversation? Check

  • Hooterville

    100% a Gimmick !

    • Phillip

      so says a guy from hooterville. .I see a nice boring iphone in your future see just that easy

  • Don Barron

    Note 4 forever.

  • barua debashis

    iris scanner, 5.8 inch,6 GB ram,12 megapixel, 3600 mAh-4000 mAh…..but where is the IP68 Certification???? is it gone?????

  • barua debashis

    where is the IP68 certification??? is it gone???

    • IT_guY11

      IP68 cert is still there :)

  • HanumanBob

    The scanner will only work some of the time for sure. I wish they didn’t have the edge thing.

  • dave miller

    I just hope it has the ir blaster my galaxy note edge has it and i use it everyday.

    • IT_guY11

      Negative ghost rider, it will not have the IR Blaster

      • dave miller

        Thats to bad ill stick with what i have then thats a deal breaker plus mine has a removeable battery and extended memory.

        • Whoknows

          I see no reason to “upgrade” for less features, or added features I’ll never use. IR blaster is a must have for me.

    • Phillip

      For once for all there will be know ir blasters are removable battery haha you guys Co email here every year hoping for something that Samsung has moved from ….you want all that get a LG

  • mcdonsco

    Please have a non edge version Samsung.

    • BritishGuy94

      You have to admit that panel looks beautiful

    • It’s almost negligible. Samsung has learned from their initial stage.

    • seeteedub

      I’m right there with you.

  • Dzenan Kotoric

    what happened to Note 6?

    • Phill Sharpe

      same question i asked

  • JohnOne

    I’m really excited for the Note 7 my S6 is getting really slow

    • Jun Yang

      install Nova launcher on it, it fixed my bro’s problems

  • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez

    They make it so bad for us to get screenprotectors with these curves front panels, is ridiculous

  • seattle tech

    Still upset with the battery size if true. LOL but that top bezel though is nice. Without the samsung logo and in black it will look clean

  • Face

    Blah blah where’s my IR blaster???

    • Heiro78

      please be a proper note for a power user!

  • Heiro78

    blah blah blah iris scanner. not gonna mention how this confirms the edge display for the note 7? i would have hoped that the regular flat display would have been shown but instead we get the edge giving more fuel to there only being 1 note and it being a double edged note at that.

  • Gumbopudding

    So how close do you have to hold the phone to use the iris scanner?

  • ScienceguyLabs

    While the iris scanner is cool tech for consumers to be able to use, it just didn’t beat a fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader on my 6P consistently beats the iris scanner on my Lumia 950 XL. I guess Samsung just wants to cover all of the security bases. ha ha

  • lsh99

    This thing is going to be a monster.

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    No question nothing beats SAMSUNG or the Galaxy Note products. The Note 7 closes out 2016 with SAMSUNG on top as usual for the android platform. It’s as I’ve always said SAMSUNG is android and technology everything else is obsolete.

    • seattle tech

      Where have you been? You need to post more :)

    • abn

      LG fans are currently marching upon the city my lord. Prepare for battle. I agree 100% with u. But the haters are coming the haters are coming.
      Long live Samsung

  • Isaac Suberjr

    Can’t wait

  • siddharth nair

    TBH it’s looking a bit ugly with those big sensor holes and it’ll look even worse on the white and gold color variants.

  • Marcus Mak

    why would u pay more for an iris scanner? and pls have a non curved version. it is a pain to use a curved screen

  • abn

    YESSSS. sammmm, Over here over here.
    Take my money now.


  • A. Rojas

    apparently the iris scanner will use triple camera array. This sounds like it would be a bit expensive to implement. if this phone a crazy expensive I for one will lose interest. Flagship are already quite pricy, and I’m not willing to pay extra for a tech I’m not really interested in.

  • ivy

    Terrifying that people are allowing and encouraging this. Do not give up your rights, your privacy is being breached!!!

    • Jon

      Oh???? Crap is THAT what that is, I just thought I sat on the remote.

    • abn

      Your breached right now fuzz nuts.

  • Jon

    I wonder if it will fit in the Gear VR

  • MathewSullivan

    Like many have said before me, those top and bottom bezels <3 <3 <3
    This is one of the biggest reasons I chose to buy the Note 5 when I did. Great screen to body ratio, especially when considering the buttons are incorporated into the bezel.

    I'm incredibly happy that they were able to keep the device tallness basically the same while bringing new tech to the device and possibly a slightly bigger screen. Still gonna be insanely disappointed if the battery s only 3,600mah though :/

  • Bon Winkle

    Sooo they are we skipping the Note 6?

    • Bon Winkle


      • Jun Yang

        I think it’s marketing strategy, you know because some people get confused so they’re trying to unify model names

  • I love it, can’t wait until the Note 7 Edge is released

  • John T

    fake to me

  • 902dr

    Ime sick of seeing photos of bits and pieces of the phone. Just produce the dam thing or dont bother

  • Yazat Baghel

    should i wait for note 7 or go for s7 edge

    • BritishGuy94

      Wait for Note 7 for sure

  • Brad

    the rounded edges kill it for me. so disappointed.

  • bobbiac

    Dear Samsung,

    Please stop makingg ways to have excuses to why your devices are expensive as balls.

    • retrospooty

      A high end flagship like this will cost $650 to $750 depending on the model… Whether they add an iris scanner or not, it will still cost the same. With that said, I dont care about the iris scanner and I doubt it will be as fast and easy as the current fingerprint reader. If it is, I might like it though.

  • joe cool

    well i passed on the note 5 so this was worth the wait to jump from note 4 to note 7 can’t wait

  • Jayair

    My biggest hope was Sammy to have dual front facing speakers, have their fingerprint sensor embedded on the screen now thats what i call progress.

  • Jayair


  • Fartemis

    What makes Samsung think they can pull off a retina scanner when they can’t even do the fingerprint scanner properly?
    I predict this being more useless bloat that I’ll uninstall after a week like the heart rate monitor app.

  • Scoops

    I switched to the 6P after the Note 4. I couldn’t handle the bloatware. I’d jump back to Samsung if they didn’t install so much.

  • Ethan

    Why are they removing the SAMSUNG logo on the top! They still have room and it kinda looks like a no name device. I’m still buying it!

  • vcarvega

    I’m ready for them to open pre-orders already. Between all the rumor confirmations and the updates to Touchwiz… I’m ready to switch back to Samsung. Super excited for the Note 7.

  • seeteedub

    The dual edge is an absolute deal killer for me. I have no interest in that.

  • Dee Roche

    Frankly, biometric security is useless on these devices. To get to a simple, and inferior password security routine, all you have to do is reboot the phone. I don’t get it. But all the extra scanning equipment is just a waste of space. I’d rather have a bigger battery.

  • Pam Mastin

    Any idea on the overall width and height compared to the Galaxy note 5?

  • Nélio Caldeira

    Surprised they have the iris scanner big upgrade! Not so keen on a QHD it’s going to use a lot battery and there’s no point using it on a 5.8 screen!! Just hope it’s water and dust resistant like the s7!

  • stupifiery

    Sweet. Looks good. Let’s see the body, come on IR blaster!

  • Michael Anthony Dennique

    I already have the note 4 and it takes great photos but has memory related issues. There fore I would want a battery that is more than just 3220mAh and I don’t believe that 3600mAh will cut it. Specially if the Note 7 allegedly comes with a laptop docking station. I don’t want to see the Note 7 contain the same camera as the S7. That’s just Samsung’s was of cheating us out of a better camera. If the rumours at true about the Note 7 having a double edge then I want to see a defined edge configurations. And what is this the Note 7 will not come in white? How rude is that.

  • Phyl O Butoyi

    It seems like it would be easier to force you to unlock your phone but maybe if yoy could create secret accounts on top of the security features

  • Rob hoy

    What does improved mean Re camera

  • Rom Ned

    I dont want it to automatically unlock when I look at it. What if I am next to someone that I don’t want seeing my screen or don’t want them to know I can unlock it. Or if I want to look at it just like that without using it. Turning the feature off feels like a waste though, so much space on the top for the scanner.

  • Larry E

    The Galaxy Note 7 and S7 Edge are definitely going to be the best Android phones on the market. But, without removable battery, I’ll be forced to go with the LG V10. I’ve tried buying a Note 4 off Ebay twice and both times I got bad phones.

    If I decide to get non-removable, I’ll just join my wife and son with an iPhone. Plus, the resell on iPhones is much better.

  • FlossiMae B. DownThaStreet

    I can’t wait for it to be released! I also wouldn’t mind if they brought back the HDMI option. I miss it.

  • Diverjet

    Beautiful looking device retinal scan is the next step to securing. Personally I can’t wait to get myself this years model.

  • James Baker

    I don’t really care for eye scanner, finger print scanner, etc. I get that one day it will be nice to hold up your phone with a locked screen and within miliseconds the phone reconizes you and it would be like not even having a lock on it at all, which ties in to my complaint….the front facing camera. Why in the world, do we have all this work going into the next generation phones, and we can’t figure out how to get at least a usable 8 mega pixel front facing camera? LG has one. I’m not a teenager taking selfies either, far from it….but sometimes I want to take family photos or high quality video using my front facing camera cause I want to actually be in it. Is the best they can do 5? I’ve found the sweet spot for sensors these size to be 8 mega pixels. Nothing much more, and definently nothing less. And yet I’m going to buy a 800 dollar phone that sports a 5 mega pixel cam? I have a note 4, passed on the 5 for the 6 or now “7”, and if they cant give me a decent front camera then I’m going to have to go with LG from now on. It’s a shame cause I’m a HUGE supporter of Gear VR and I’m just at the point where taking a family pic with me in it is more important. Hope someone at Samsung listens to this. We have come to accept low quality front cams as the norm. Trust me it’s very doable. Put the rear camera on a swivel maybe? There’s a thought. Only need one cam then. But we don’t even need to do that much Samsung, 8 mp is perfect. It will allow for 4K video as well. Hope you get back to the basics soon.

  • Eibon Music

    How about instead of new (creepy) method of unlocking our phones, They give us front facing stereo speakers. You know.. . Something useful.

  • William Steppan

    Iris scanner would be great for unlocking the phone while it is docked in a car mount

  • wargamer1969

    Still hating on the hand me down camera from the S7. Couldn’t come up with a better original camera than that Sammy? I know more megapixels doesn’t mean better but come on.

  • BanPC

    It appears as if it has that retarded edge display. No buy, just like the last one.