Galaxy Note 5 Impressions (from a Galaxy user)

by: Nirave GondhiaSeptember 21, 2015
samsung galaxy note 5 review aa (9 of 32)

If you’ve been listening in on our Android Authority Podcast or following the web, you’ll know that I’ve lamented on more than one ocassion the fact that Samsung weren’t bringing the Galaxy Note 5 to Europe. As someone who has owned every Galaxy Note smartphone, Samsung’s decision was certainly frustrating, especially as it was very likely I would end up getting one.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’ve been using the Note 5 as my main smartphone for the past week. How does it compare to past Galaxy Note devices and is it a true Galaxy Note device? Let’s take a closer look as I share my first thoughts on Samsung’s latest phablet.


samsung galaxy note 5 review second batch aa (1 of 15)

Like previous years, the Note 5 follows a similar design to the Galaxy S6 and offers a Gorilla Glass 4 backed front and rear with a metal frame holding everything together. One key difference is the back, which is curved like the Galaxy S6 Edge and I personally think this design makes the handset a lot easier to use.

One of the biggest issues I found with the Galaxy Note 4 was the flat back and thin profile, which made the handset quite difficult to use in one hand. The curved edges on the rear of the Note 5 change this and mean that when it’s in your hands, the back sits naturally within the contours of the palm. The design itself is something that I thought I would be unhappy with, but once you begin to use it, you realise just how natural it actually feels.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Unboxing-11

While the curve design of the rear is nice, the glass finish is less so; past Galaxy Note devices have often had a leather back, which improved grip and I’ve definitely noticed that the Galaxy Note 5 is rather slippery in the hand. As someone who doesn’t use a case – mainly because it will make a large smartphone appear even larger – the leather back provided much needed grip but the slippery Galaxy Note 5 has already tried to escape my hands (thankfully, it didn’t succeed!)

At 7.6mm thick, the Note 5 is certainly the thinnest Note device ever made and by a considerable amount; while 1mm or 0.7mm may not seem like a lot, in smartphone terms, they were the difference between sleek and thick. At 8.6mm thick, the Note 4 felt premium in the hand and quite sturdy and was slightly thicker than the Note 3 (8.3mm), thanks to a tweak in the design and slightly larger battery.

samsung galaxy note 5 review aa (1 of 32)

Despite the smaller thickness of the Note 5, it still feels sturdy in the hand but a key question (that I hope I never have to answer) is whether it can handle being dropped. I’ve previously dropped each Note at least once and while they’ve all survived – and the Note 4 survived without as much as a dent – I do think the Note 5 will be less fortunate.

Turning to the front, Samsung has clearly tried to make the Note 5 as small as possible. Previous years has seen Note devices offer large displays (with large bezels surrounding them) but with the Note 5, Samsung has been conscious about the overall size of the smartphone. As a result, the Note 5 is slightly shorter and thinner than the Note 4 and with a 75.9% screen-to-body ratio, it’s clear that Samsung couldn’t have made the phablet any smaller without reducing the screen size.

samsung galaxy note 5 review aa (10 of 32)

Personally, the smaller profile of the Note 5 actually means it is easier to use. In past years, I’ve often struggled to use the Note in one hand but aside from stretching to reach the top left corner (when the phone is in my right hand), the Note 5 is easy enough to use with one hand. A point to note however, is that it does feel like it might slip when used in one hand but this is likely to apply to many large screen devices.

Overall, the design of the Note 5 feels like a Galaxy Note device but it does have a few key differences. The curved back is more ergonomically friendly than I expected it to be, the slightly smaller profile of the handset makes one-handed use easier, but the glass finish on the back remains a concern.

verus-note-5-caseSee also: Best Galaxy Note 5 cases22
samsung galaxy note 5 review aa (16 of 32)

The contentious changes

As with all previous Note devices, there are a few things that set the Note range apart from the rest of the Galaxy family and in the Galaxy Note 5, these have been changed. How do they impact on the ‘Galaxy Note experience’?


The lack of removable battery and back cover means the Galaxy Note 5 is no longer a traditional Note in the sense of previous devices. A key part of the Note experience was being able to strip off the back cover and swap the battery when it was running low, but the biggest criticism of the Note 5 has been the lack of removable battery.

samsung galaxy note 5 review aa (3 of 32)

Like the Galaxy S6 series earlier this year, the Note 5 is now a unibody device with no removable back cover and with a smaller battery than previous years, the battery is something that many are – understandably – concerned about.

Samsung claims the 3000mAh battery can last a full day’s usage, but does it deliver? With previous Notes, I’ve often struggled to get a full days’ usage (at least with the Note 3 and Note 4) and they had larger batteries, so the Note 5 battery was something I was quite concerned with.

Note-5-Battery1 Note-5-Battery2 Note-5-Battery3

Having used the phablet for a few days now, I can safely say that the battery is not a concern. At least from first testing, I’ve struggled to drain more than 80 percent of the battery in a full day’s usage. As usage varies according to each person, here’s a quick run through of how my phone is currently set up:

  • Downloaded Apps: 48
  • Email Accounts: 9 (all Gmail)
  • Screen Brightness: 60%

So what’s the average battery life? In almost a week of testing, I can say it’s approximately 15 to 18 hours with around 4 to 4.5 hours of screen on time. Yes, it is better than previous Note devices (no doubt due to optimisation), but the lack of removable battery means you can’t swap it out when the battery gets low.

Note-5-Battery4 Note-5-Battery5 Note-5-Battery6

Samsung went to great pains to highlight that the Note 5 (and the S6 Edge+ for that matter) charges a lot faster and while it certainly does charge faster, it’s a small consolation for the lack of removable battery. I’m yet to hit the stage where I really miss the removable battery, but it’s only a matter of time. Until then, at least, the lack of removable battery and the overall battery life on the Note 5 is not something I’m concerned about.


Removing the back cover and the swappable battery also means that Samsung followed the design of the Galaxy S6 by removing the microSD card slot. The Galaxy S6 came with either 32GB, 64GB or 128GB storage but with the Note 5, Samsung has dropped the largest storage option.

I’ve got the 32GB version of the Note 5 and before this, I had the 64GB version of the Galaxy S6 Edge. When transferring everything over to the Note 5, the smaller storage option became an issue as I couldn’t transfer over my videos (my S6 Edge has 30GB worth of photos and videos).

samsung galaxy note 5 review aa (19 of 32)

This is quite frustrating as in previous years, a memory card would have solved this issue and while it was easy enough to clean up my photos and remove the rubbish that had accumulated there, it was quite frustrating that I had to do this. Having previously insisted that a lack of space was something that never affected me, this was a reality check that was probably needed.

Given that I stream music and only install a handful of apps, my storage is mainly used by photos and videos and I fully expect that the lack of storage on my Note 5 will affect me sooner, rather than later. Granted, cloud storage makes it easy to offload everything to the cloud to free up space, but I can already see that 32GB may not quite cut it for me.

samsung galaxy note 5 review second batch aa (2 of 15)See also: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 International Giveaway!202

One thing I have noticed across both the Note 5 and the S6 Edge is Samsung’s reasoning behind dropping the expandable storage; the company claims that microSD cards slow a handset down and also claims that its UFS storage is up to 4 times faster than a microSD card and I agree with both.

On my Note 4, I remember the handset becoming quite slow when I loaded over 30GB worth of data onto the microSD card, but with the S6 Edge and Note 5 having the faster storage, I’ve noticed it’s a lot faster to access anything stored. That being said, if you’re thinking of picking up the Galaxy Note 5, be sure to carefully consider how much storage you need and spring for the higher capacity version.


samsung galaxy note 5 review second batch aa (2 of 15)

With every iteration of the Galaxy Note, Samsung seeks to improve the S-Pen experience and the Galaxy Note 5 is no different, with the redesign delivering an S-Pen that feels closer to a more traditional pen than ever before.

Before we look at what the new S-Pen can do, let’s clear one thing up: PenGate. Call it what you will but the bad press suffered by Samsung thanks to the ability to insert it ‘backwards’ or the ‘wrong way around’ is certainly enough to put people off on buying the handset.

Having used the S-Pen all I will say is: this is making a mountain out of a molehill. Yes, you can insert it backwards and I’m sure somewhere a designer at Samsung has been spoken to but come on: it’s not exactly difficult to know that the thin nib end goes in first and even in the dark, I’ve not yet once tried to insert it the wrong way. Like I said: much ado about nothing.

samsung galaxy note 5 review second batch aa (9 of 15)

Now to the new features and having been quite impressed by the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 4, the new pen certainly needs to be a marked improvement. For the most part it is, with the new push eject system making it quite easy (and reassuring) to pop the pen out. Once you do, the new Air Command menu is much nicer than the old one, mainly because it blocks out the background and from there you have a range of options:

  • Action Memo: Very similar to the Note 4, the Action Memo lets you scribble a note with ease. A particularly cool feature is being able to take the pen out and write a quick memo on the screen while it’s switched off but you’ll find that you actually disable this feature pretty quickly.
  • Smart Select: Just like previous years, you can select a small section of the screen and then share/edit it and the lasso tool especially, is a welcome improvement to the Smart Select experience.
  • Screen Write: This has to be one of my favourite features on the S-Pen, as you can take a screenshot of a page and then scribble any notes on top of this. A particular cool new feature inside Screen Write is the ability to scroll capture, which means you can capture an entire webpage or book, even if its not all displayed on the screen.
  • App Shortcuts: This is an interesting addition to the S-Pen as you can now set shortcuts to your three favourite apps. I have this set up to be S-Note, Twitter and Instagram but I hardly use those shortcuts from there; instead, an alternative is to use apps that are compatible with the S-Pen, such as Evernote, OneNote and S-Note.

Samsung hasn’t brought the Note 5 to Europe (at least, not yet) and while the company is yet to reveal exactly what prompted this decision, one rumour suggests it is because people apparently don’t use the S-Pen in Europe. Do you need the S-Pen? In a word: Yes.

Note-5-Screenshots-AirCommand1 Note-5-Screenshots-AirCommand2 Note-5-Screenshots-AirCommand3

While it won’t be essential to some, I particularly like using for everything from jotting down notes, scrolling long pages and even occasionally typing, while holding the Note 5 at a distance. The pressure sensitivity has been improved on this year’s S-Pen and simply put, if you’ve liked any previous version of the S-Pen, you’ll enjoy this years’ iteration.

Other Changes

So what about other changes in the Note 5 experience? There’s a few key differences that I’ve noticed – not least in the camera and the performance – that form a key part of the experience.


After the impressive performance of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge earlier this year, it was to be expected that Samsung would keep mostly the same internals for the Note 5. That means we have an octa-core 64-bit Exynos 7420 processor with two pairs of four cores and a Mali-T760MP8 GPU.

samsung galaxy note 5 review second batch aa (12 of 15)

A key difference is the additional GB of RAM in the Note 5 and this makes all the difference; while my Galaxy S6 Edge did eventually shows signs of struggling, the Galaxy Note 5 is still as fast as when I first started using it, despite having all of my data and apps on it.

Like all smartphones, the Galaxy Note 5 will eventually slow down but 4GB RAM means it should take much longer than previous years to do so. The extra RAM also means having 15+ apps open in the background doesn’t impact the performance of the smartphone, and this is certainly a welcome improvement.

samsung galaxy note 5 review aa (15 of 32)


As we touched on in the Android Authority Podcast last month, the Galaxy Note 4 is arguably an iconic smartphone because it was the first time Samsung smartphone cameras could challenge any other device. Samsung followed this up with a very impressive Galaxy S6/Edge camera and this same camera comes to the Note 5, so you could reasonably expect it to be better than the Note 4, right?


With OIS turned on (not all images are shaky)

One of the features that transformed the Note 4 camera was Optical Image Stabilisation, which meant images captured were no longer full of noise (like on the Galaxy Note 3). Naturally, this came to the S6 and Edge along with the Note 5 and while the S6 Edge had a great camera, I’m less than impressed with the Note 5.

Whether it’s down to this particular unit, the design of the Note 5 or the size but OIS doesn’t seem to be doing as good a job as it did on both of the previous devices. Instead, images occasionally come out quite shaky (which would suggest this is down to OIS, which is enabled in the camera settings). On most occasions, however, the Note 5 camera certainly impresses as you can see below.

When you do get a non-noisy image, the images themselves are excellent and Samsung has definitely bought the quality of the S6 and S6 Edge camera to the larger form factor. Overall, the camera is probably one of the best you can get on an Android smartphone and if the camera on your smartphone is important to you, the Note 5 probably won’t disappoint.

samsung galaxy note 5 review second batch aa (13 of 15)

Final Thoughts – is the Note 5, a real Galaxy Note?

When Samsung announced the Note 5, many people reacted by bemoaning the lack of removable battery and expandable storage and saying the Note 5 wasn’t a real Galaxy Note device. As I say though, you can never judge a handset by the specs list and the Note 5 is firmly in this category.

On paper, it may not seem like a true Galaxy Note device (mainly due to the storage and battery) but in person, it’s very much a Note handset and possibly my favourite handset in the range. Yes, for some users, the lack of expandable storage and removable battery will be a concern but for me, it’s a happy compromise for a better design, that’s actually smaller and easier to manage than the Note 4.

Having shown the Note 5 to a handful of Note 4 users, the jury is out whether the Note 5 is worth the upgrade. Out of five people, three said they liked the handset while two said they preferred the Note 4. Whichever way you look at it; the Note 5 is definitely a real Galaxy Note but whether it’s for you depends on whether you can handle the compromise.

What do you think of the Galaxy Note 5 and are you a Galaxy Note user? Would you upgrade/buy the Galaxy Note 5? Let us know your views in the comments below guys and don’t forget to check out our full Galaxy Note 5 review.


  • calvin35

    I read upto the point where the author said the phone had 15 apps open in the background. Clearly the author of this article hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about.

    • Red Card Kat

      Neither do you. Yes after 6 apps opened, older ones will stop, but once you get to them, the page you are in just reloads, but it does not start the app from scratch, so you pretty much wait an extra second to open an old app in the task manager.

      • calvin35

        I’ve had the phone for over a month now and absolutely love it. I kinda do know what I’m talking about.

    • Phillip

      Dude that ram thing is a dead issue much to do about nothing . Why should I care if the 12 th app I opened starts over again but takes all of one second to do it …I don’t. .If it save my battery and helps the speed of my gs6 edge plus that’s the main thing that matters . I’ll file that with pen gate and bend gate haha non issues

      • calvin35

        I agree with you. But it’s relatively poor ram management will be an issue for some(it’s not for me). Suggesting that the Note 5 can keep 15 apps open in the background is just wrong and misleading.

  • Andreas Wolff

    I would buy one in a heartbeat IF i was able to buy it in my country (i live in Denmark). When du you think we will get it in Europe? Early 2016?

    • Chirag Kalra

      I doubt, Never!

  • Cowen K. Gittens

    I’d get one if only I could afford it…. I can barely afford tuition. Don’t think I’d be able to get that. Maybe I’ll be able to get the Note 10

  • T4rd

    Inb4 Richard Yarrel spam/troll posts.

    It’s a nice phone, but not worth the price premium, IMO. Esp. with how much Samsung is cutting from previous phones; IR blaster (no excuse, I use mine daily), expandable storage (every other OEM is bringing this back while Sammy is taking it away), and removable battery (I don’t really care about this, but a lot do and it has its merits). They could have easily included these features without compromising build quality if they wanted, but they’re more about higher profit margins per device sold now like Apple is.

    With considerably cheaper phones like the Moto X Pure, G4, Oneplus 2, and even the ZenFones coming out with similar specs while adding these more practical features that Samsung decided to cut, they’re going to have a harder time selling these as people start catching on. It’s almost like Samsung is starting to sell out by neglecting these key features that people bought their phones in the first place for. Hopefully they recognize this next year and bring some of them back. I almost think they’re leaving features out intentionally as a form of planned obsolesce.

    • Phillip

      The only phone you mentioned with removable media and battery was the g4 all others don’t so what’s your point. The g4 is a nice phone but it’s no note 5 not even close . If all those features where so important to most why is the g4 sitting on shelves gathering dust …hum just admit you want the n5 but you don’thave the $$$

      • jakeopp

        The thing that seperates Apple, and Samsung to a lesser degree, from the rest of the pack (sales wise) is advertising. Not that their devices aren’t good, but they adverstise much much more than other manufacturers. I rarely ever see LG phone commercials anymore, they seemed to adverstise the G3 a lot last year but I don’t think I’ve seen a G4 commercial. Same with the Moto X, they advertised it a bit for the 2014 model but I have yet to see a Pure Edition/Style ad. OnePlus and Asus I’ve never seen ads for. IMO this is why Samsung is ahead of the rest of the other android manufacturers sales wise. I can’t really speak for the quality of any of these devices as I’ve only ever owned one smartphone. So not trying to take anything away from the quality of samsung’s devices. Just my 2 cents anyways, maybe I don’t know anything ?

        • Fifth313ment

          The Note 5 and S6 are bombing worldwide and Samsung is in trouble which I think is hilarious!

          • V-Phuc

            That’s what I thought but any link(s) you can provide?

      • T4rd

        No, they all have removable media. The G4 just has both. I didn’t mean they all have both.. I shouldn’t have had to specify that, hah.

        The rest of your comment is assumptions and gibberish… not worth responding to.

  • sacocheio

    Great phablet, Samsung! But… Sorry, no SD slot, no money. LG G4, here we go!

  • V-Phuc

    Wait…I can hear footsteps of the Sammy most ardent defender’s. Where are you, Daggett and Yarrell? Castle under attack. Where are these damn defenders when Sammy needs them the most? LOL. Yarrell…Yarrell…Stop hiding in your closet. LOL

    • Daggett Beaver

      What’s to defend? It’s a great, accurate article.

    • Phillip

      Do you own the phone. .probably not so what the heck are you talking about all you naysayers come on here bashing the n5 but then when the person like myself that actually own the phone speak out you naysayers get upset cause we don’t agree. ..really hey of you don’t like the phone don’t buy it but why waste your time trolling on Samsung forums

      • John Casor

        The last paragraph of the article asks Note users to chime in on their impression of the 5 and whether we’d consider upgrading, so no, you don’t need to own a Note 5 in order to post comments here.

        I don’t think I’ll be upgrading my Note 4 to the 5. My wife has the Note 3 and will upgrade to the 4 here shortly, then we’ll see if Samsung re-thinks their decision to eliminate the sd card and removable battery next year. It may just be time to move on to something else.

      • V-Phuc

        Butt-hurt? Buyer’s remorse? Blind fanboyism? Note that Samsung doesn’t need your heart and soul to be profitable. They just need your money. Apparently they did.

        • Phillip

          Buyer remorse are you kidding me this is the best phone that samsung has ever produced. Don’t need to be a fan boy I can afford to by any phone oUT but I chose samsung why because I can and I lover there products . What I don’t do is troll around different forums trying to
          Hate on what another man purchases . I’m thinking your having buyer remorse cause your stuck in a two year contract with a phone and you rather have the n5 so your way of sleeping well at night is to down grade what you really want

          • V-Phuc

            No one but you decided to buy the phone. I don’t troll or hate what you bought. That’s your money. I made comments based on what the features are or not compared to the phone previous iterations. If you can’t stomach my objective comments, then don’t read them. Again I don’t need to shell out $800+to know what the problems are. Apparently you had to spend money to learn them…money to waste, good for you. But you = NOT everyone.

  • V-Phuc

    On a more serious note, here are my thoughts. For those who don’t use a case, isn’t the Note 5 finger magnet, both front and back? Yucck! Storage-wise, cheeze, no need to buy one to know that once loading everything (apps, game, photos, and music, not much will be left. No need to be a tech nerd to predict that. Of course, that’s the catch that Samsung puts out to lure us in. 32GB without microSD nowadays becomes almost nothing. You’re forced to shell out for the 64 if not 128GB (not existing in some markets, another puzzling move by Sammy!). S-pen: 3 out 4 features mentioned here already exists on Note 4. Only 1 new feature (writing on the off-screen). Really, that’s not earth-shattering as innovation. Pure gimmick IMHO. Camera and screen-wise, excellent but they’re barely incremental upgrades from Note 4. For a new flagship, that’s nothing. They could have put at least front speakers for God’s sake! 4GB to open 15 apps and +. Cheez, why not 100 and+ apps at the same time! I can’t figure out why you need more than 4 apps opened at any given time (enough to fill in the quadrant, multi-tasking mind you).

    • Phillip

      As a person who still owns a note 4 edge the comparison of the two ends there . If you actually owned the phone which you do not you’d know that the note 5 is so much faster and smoother in ever way. The build quality is the best of any phone Imo and that includes the iPhone which is close everything else including my n4 edge don’t come close . I get 35% more battery life the my n4 edge. The reason Samsung went with internal memory is because it reads why faster the a card. 64 gigs is plenty for most plus 200 gig free of cloud . If your needed more then use your damn laptop . I’ve read so many forums where people said they weren’t getting the n5 but finally cave in just to find out that its a much better phone then they ever thought. You my friend are in denial you’d love to get it but your still paying on your n4 hey I get it but why hate. Hey if you have a n4 good keep it I did but I all so no for a fact the n5 is a much better phone . And I haven’t even mention the camera the wireless charging Samsung pay I’ll stop there don’t want to piss you off more the you obviously already are

      • V-Phuc

        Can’t take an objective comment or two? LOL. So what did I say that is wrong or fallacy? For instance, glass is fingerprint-magnet? You think that’s wrong? Stupid. Other phones including iPhone with a glass back are also in the same boat. Hurt because your beloved Note5 is now included? Get over it. It’s a fact.
        Storage problems? So for you, 32GB is enough but that doesn’t apply to everyone. You are NOT everyone!
        You have money to shell out for 64 or 128GB. Good for you, not everyone. Besides, a 64 or 128GB microSD card can be had for $25 and $55, respectively. There is an online store called “Amazon” FYI. Go check it. Much cheaper and you can use the rest of your money for something else, such as a case to prevent fingerprints. LOL. Again, you need not to be a tech nerd or stupid enough to buy the Note 5 before realizing that storage may very well be a problem without the microSD.
        Cloud storage? I’d rather the choice in use:microSD or cloud, at my discretion. Here Samsung shoves it down my throat since it offers nothing else. FYI, that’s one reason I stay away from those Nexus phones.
        What’s wrong with the rest of my comments? Incremental changes and TBH, pure gimmicks disguised. Get your head out of the sand. Sammy just ripped you off and you just can’t accept that fact.
        Thanks God, I didn’t need to shell out >$800 to know about these problems. And you did, huh? LOL.

  • Hmarchese944

    I moved up from a s5 to this and have not been disappointed. I guess a decent bit of these features feel more important because I wasn’t offered those on the s5. Battery and storage isn’t an issue. It charges really fast and it was refreshing to not have to bring on old, useless data from my prior sd card. No complaints yet.

  • GOAT78

    As a Note 4 owner, I was upset about the Note5 not having a microSD card slot or a removable battery. I was going to hold out for the right price. Well, I got the right price and I bought the Note5. I am 3 weeks in and I love the phone. I am glad i upgraded. If you can afford it, just buy it. You will not regret it one bit. i too said I was going to buy the Moto X Pure or the LG G4 Note (or Pro) but at the end of the day, I need that S-pen. I use it daily. When I’m on twitter and i need to share a photo to facebook without saving it to the device, I just use smart select to share the photo. Same with my other social media apps. The phone is great. Get it!!!!

    • Daggett Beaver

      What? You don’t hate it because it gets fingerprints on the back? /sarc

      • V-Phuc

        I guess a case would be a good remedy, other than having to clean it every 10 minutes. LOL. However a case would defeat the purpose of this “beautiful” glass back, correct? That would be blasphemy! But let’s assume you use a case, what’s now the visual difference between a plastic back (e.g. Note3 or 4) and this one?/sarc

        • GOAT78

          I have the White Note5 and it’s covered in the white S-View case. BUT the phone is so nice that when I’m home i remove it from the case. I find myself cleaning the screen a lot because when the screen is clean, it’s absolutely stunning. I run Next Launcher so I have 3D icons and they look pretty darn good on the screen with my black background.

        • Fifth313ment

          Considering 75% of people use cases and who the fluck cares what their phones look like?! Who else is looking at your phone but you?! Man some vein people in the world. I guess you would rather have a Ferrari body with a Toyota engine too? You sound like an Apple user in which the case manufacturers leave a big hole on the back for the Apple logo, too funny!

          • V-Phuc

            You missed my sarcarm, dearie. LOL. My point is that regardless of what the back is made of, glass, plastic aluminium, Jell-O (LOL), etc., once put in a case, no one but you knows what it is truly made of. So for those who clamor for a better glass-built material because plastic is so cheap, well as you said it very well, “who the fluck cares once put the phone in the case”. Got it now?!

          • fallacies

            true true true…… but then there are users like me, that never uses a case on any of my phones… I buy best total packages; performance and elegance. only thing I don’t like about the new Note and S’ are the new elementary icons

  • Paisal Jonathan

    just upgraded from note 4 to note 5 last week. and I’m quite happy. but 32 GB storage option (less than 25 gb available) is bad. Samsung should give 64GB base model with 128 gb for another option

    • I’m with you there, 32GB is barely passable. Maybe next year eh..

  • John Casor

    I’ve had my Note 4 for a year now,. Twice in the last four months my touch screen has frozen up on me where I couldn’t tap in my passcode or hit the reboot button, just not responsive at all. The only way to clear the error is to remove the battery. I know in the past there have been other times that me or my family had problems that could only be solved by removing the battery. My 18 y/o son has an iphone, he’s broken them every time before upgrading. This last time, he really messed up the screen where there was no way to unlock it at all…he lost all his pics and videos because of no sd card and he refuses to pay for apple icloud or whatever they have. Dont let these guys fool you. The sd card has been eliminated so they can sell you cloud storage space, and having a fixed battery is planned obsolescence so that you have to upgrade every year or so.

    • Phillip

      Hey are you thinking back to the old blackberry days gone by. Cause that’s the last time I had to do a battery pull to reset my phone haha. Even though I have the new gs6 edge plus
      I still have my n4 edge and I’ve never had to pull the battery to reset it ok . You guys that are in denial come up with all these conspiracy theories it’s almost comical what I’m herring here . Oh and about the cloud you’ll get 200 gigs for free for a year and as far as the battery concerned it’ll last at lest 3 to 4 years. .I’ve got plenty of old phones that still charge to prove it. On those saved pictures front goggles pictures cloud storage is free back up and all your contact you don’t like the n5 that’s your call your money . But the fact is its a much better phone then you ever had and that’s a fact numbers don’t lie

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    • John

      With 100gb free OneDrive for two years, unlimited photo back up to Google Photos and 6 months free Google Play Music I really don’t think selling cloud storage is on the agenda. Your son should have used Google Photos to back up his iPhone as it’s free and unlimited.

    • Marilina Tzelepi Pateras

      But you don’t have to remove the battery, you can do a hard reset that acts in the exact same way, by holding down the power button until the device turns off and reboots.

  • Mike W.

    I still use my Note 2 every day and love it. Was thinking about buying the Note 5 to move up in the world. No removable battery??? I used to laugh at all those iPhone people crowded around an electric socket as I walked by with a full charge. Now Samsung wants me to join them.

    My Note 2 would have been dead long ago if the battery wasn’t removable. At some point the battery won’t hold a charge as well and your phone turns to junk. What Samsung has done here is built in obsolescence just as Apple has done.

    On second thought, I’ll hold onto my Note 2 and look to another manufacturer to produce a better phone.

    • coldspring22 .

      Yes except for camera, I also found Note 2 to be excellent, very usable even today, 3 years after introduction.. Since camera is separate module, I wish Samsung had produced better camera module for upgrading Note 2, but that’s not in Samsung’s interest.

      • 3223

        Honest question, how has touchwiz been after 3 years? Or did you root and install a custom rom? Kinda sucked that based on the news, Sammy stopped supporting the note 2 to give it updates considering that it’s still very usable.

    • abhilashpro

      Excellent to hear that the Note 2 is still a champion! I’ve felt the same way with my Note 2 also. Having said that, (if we can find a way around the battery+storage issue) I think that the Note 5 will become the next Note 2, another enduring classic!

      • Dysturbed

        I have a note 5, and now use my note 2 a tablet and mp3 player, rather than putting music on my note 5. Therefore I agree that the note 2 is still great.

    • kevin farmer

      I recently changed my note2 for a note4, i dont regret it. Wouldn’t go for a note5 though, it is a great looking phone but too slippy for me. I dont use the s pen often but it has proved useful on a number of occasions.

    • Bonedatt

      ..or you can get a Note 4. That’s what I did three weeks ago when I upgraded my Note 2 :-). The T-Mobile sales rep couldn’t understand why I was picking the Note 4 even when the Note 5 was already available for purchase.

    • K

      Right! Absolutely Right

  • John Jackson

    Here’s maybe the biggest rub of it all for me – WHY DID THEY BACK OUT OF THEIR OBVIOUS INITIAL PLAN TO OFFER IT WITH 128GB OF INTERNAL STORAGE?????? Taking away expandable storage was injury, yes. But as you say, it’s definitely true that microSD, once loaded up with a lot of data, became noticeably, painfully slow to access. So what was the problem that prevented them from making up for it as best they could by at least offering what many would argue is the standard today for a ‘large’ amount of storage in a smartphone? 64GB is just enough to barely make do with, if you are someone that regularly used the device for taking lots of pictures and videos. And that’s not really a rarity these days. Trying to say ‘the cloud’ is there is disingenuous. The cloud has a long, long way to go before it’s everywhere you’d ever need it, and even at that, it’ll cost you on an ongoing basis. Local storage is paid for once and then it’s yours forever.

    • 3223

      You’re right, and like in my instance, I’m staying in a developing country and so, not only is mobile Internet coverage not complete, the Internet charges (and data caps) make cloud storage a non-option. Those staying in developed countries must remember that not everyone has the luxury of stable, cheap and fast Internet. Hence large storage phones remain a relevance to this day.

      • Fifth313ment

        If you think the developed countries are any better you are out of luck. High data prices, slow data speeds, low caps, bad coverage are the norm here in the good ole’ USA which is the most developed country in the WORLD! As the user said above cloud storage has years off before it’s usable. I think it’s funny as Samsung offers the Note 5 in a 32GB model in which if you turn on the 4k recording you will only be able to do like 5 mins of recording and a few pics! LOL, LOL, man you guys are suckers for buying the Note 5!

        • 3223

          Oh really?? The way some people from the states say it, it’s as though the cloud there is already at a stage where it’s very developed and the prices are really reasonable, and it’s fast enough that phones with large internal storage are no longer required. Shows how little I know..

    • kenyaone

      I agree. A note is basically a hand held computer. A computer needs storage. If the note 4 could have a maximum of 128 (micro card) and 64 (inbuilt) why upgrade to a phone with only 65gb? Storage requirements are only going to grow as notes become more more and more computer like. The note 6 will be left for dead by the competition next year if it comes with only 64gb. So I may as well wait and get a note 6 with 128 gb or at least 64 gb and a micro sd. Smartphones are the future of personal computing, and the notes are ahead of the curve. To maintain that samsung have no option but to keep increasing storage as other manufactures Will do. The screen improvements, camera, ram, processor etc are minor improvements. They certainly don’t warrant an upgrade to a phone with less storage. I’m sticking to the note 4, and I like the feel of the plastic back too.

    • fallacies

      I thought they should have dropped the 32GB, and only offered 64 & 128 variants… set the bar that 32 is old news…. but, nope.

  • Aki I.

    No video? Damn. I don’t want to read all that ?

    • I agree there but phones do a lot more now and if you’re going for something that’s a much better display and internals etc, it’s guaranteed that battery life will take a hit.

      If only battery tech could give us 8 hours SOT without any compromises on current mobile tech or design…

      And apologies about the lack of video, we’ll keep in mind.

  • ScandaLeX

    I’m curious as to how many of the naysayers replying actually own the Galaxy Note 5?

    I don’t have one & all my criticisms were immediately formed after the unpack event but having read countless updates stating how phenomenal it is without mSD & removable battery I’m considering getting one for myself.

    • I wholly recommend buying it. You’ve pretty much touched on what I said – people have made criticisms of it without actually using it. Once you use it, those criticisms are quickly forgotten.

      • Fifth313ment

        Why do I need to own one to know on my Note 3 my battery had to be replaced after a year. Why do I need to spend $1k on a Samsuck phone to know I have a 32GB model with a 64GB microSD and both are full so where would a 64GB model Note 5 leave me? Ugh experience guys… Enjoy getting a 5 min video in 4k on that Note 5 32GB (err I mean 24GB after software and OS, err I mean 18GB after app downloads, updates, ETC..errr, do I have any room for pics, vids apps and games?)!

      • V-Phuc

        Do you make recommendations based on a phone that you barely had for 1-2 months? Don’t you think that you should own and use it day-in day-out for at least 1 year before recommending it? 1 year, because that’s ample time to get many updates, app installation, games download, pic taken, etc. and of course all the bugs known.

        • Yes, in an ideal world, I would love to own it for a full year before making recommendations. Unfortunately, we’re in an industry that moves by the day and as a journalist, that would have very little value in publishing a piece a whole year later.

          If you look through my archives however, you’ll see that I did a 3 month later review on the S6 Edge which did change a lot of my opinion about the handset. This Note 5 piece is not a review and is instead, an impressions, as I intend to publish a follow up review in a month or two.

          I completely understand your point but unfortunately, we’re dictated by a fast paced industry. We do of course occasionally revisit old phones and I’ll keep your comments in mind for the Note 5.

          • V-Phuc

            Understood. While I agree about the fast-pace industry dictating the release of reviews and/or impressions, I nevertheless believe that when you write “I FULLY recommend it” only based on your 2-3 month impression, that’s kind of misleading. Who knows 6 months or 1 year from now, with many bugs, or new constraints emerged from your daily use, you may not “fully” recommend it anymore, agree? Nothing wrong with your “impressions” column. It’s kind of helpful to have it.

          • Very fair point, will keep in mind for future reference.

  • Kantiman Chavan

    Some users on xda are having pink discoloration issue of note 5 screen. I personally had pre booked for silver grey model. When I checked it in showroom,both models that I checked had very visible pink screen.

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    Bottom line the Galaxy Note 5 and S6Edge+ are the best in class performance phablets on the market Worldwide nothing else comes close to these products today.

    I own the Note4 and NoteEdge today and I’m here to tell you those handsets are a sad joke to the Note5 and S6Edge+ not even in the same league.

    The Galaxy Note 5 charges faster, the best camera ever, faster UFS storage, battery life is so much better than any Note ever made, and the Spen in the Note5 shits on the Note4 so easily it’s comical.

    The bottom line here is anyone not wanting this handset is only because they can’t afford to buy it so to feel better about themselves they need to make up excuses as to why they need to keep the Note4 which at the end of the day is nothing more than a paper weight to the Note5 and S6Edge+

    This article keeps it real about the outstanding performance and battery life of the Note which I get 24 to 33hrs uptime per charge and 7 to 8hrs on screen time per charge as well.

    It’s amazing how similar the Note5 and S6Edge+ are as far as performance and battery life Samsung hit a major homerun here people are only fooling themselves if they think otherwise. 

    My battery results speak for themselves definitely……..

    • jakeopp


    • Thank you for the positive comment!

    • drifter77

      Would like to know your thoughts on the Note 5’s temperature. I know the Exynos is more power efficient and heats less than most phones in the market. Does it pick up any heat on browsing / camera or only with intensive gaming?

  • ophtha84

    I have both , i love the note series. They are amazing devices but for me i liked note 5 more. Thanks alot samsung

  • Chizusyo

    I don’t know what it is with people and the ” none removable battery and lack of SD slot “. I honestly doubt that your phone will be your main storage device.. why cant you just move your media on your PC or even cloud storage and I doubt your apps would consume 32 or 64 GB memory, unless your unorganized and don’t know which game you want to start playing with.. for petes sake, get one game at a time, finish it then uninstall it then move on to the next one ( you can take note of future games or apps you might need in the near future ). And dear lord, their so many alternatives out there for a removable battery, you can always just buy a power bank, connect your phone to the PC as you are at work, ( and if you work in the field, you probably shouldn’t be using your phone that much, put it on power saving mode ), get a case with an extended power supply, and finally, get a life ! there is no way you’re spending more than four hours on your phone. I mean, most of the time you are at work, or doing something else, unless working using your phone intensively the whole day to earn a living i seriously doubt that you have time for that… unless you are an unproductive member of society. I mean, you get home from work, battery is at 15%, hook it up to the charger, do your chores for about an hour and by the time your done, your ready to use it the whole night.
    This phone is a beautiful beast. i don’t see why i wouldn’t recommend it to people, because Samsung is finally doing things right. and now, as a Samsung fan boy, i can finally recommend this phone to people, and tell them it wont have as many bugs, will be less “statary”, as smooth as your iPhone and most of all, the S-Pen is the only thing that has made the note 5 stand out, everything else never really matted especially to an average consumer

    • Fifth313ment

      When I pay $1000 for the latest and greatest why should I have to do ANY OF THAT?! Why, when last years model did all that and more! Also if Samsung is finally doing things right why are their phones NOT SELLING! They are losing market share and their S6 and N5 have failed at retail. I guess they will codename next years phone Zero Plus! LOL

  • Vishnu Vadlamudi

    The only reason I look forward to a removable battery in a phone is so that I can extend the life of the phone. Years after buying the phone, I’ll be happy to know that I can easily change the battery when the old one dies and even if I move on to another phone, I would like to pass on the older one to a relative, friend or etc.

  • rmiller1959

    Just bought the 64 GB Note 5 to replace my Note 4, and I’m a long-time Note user (Note 3 was the first). Love the faster performance and the slimmer form factor compared to the Note 4, and the metal trim makes it seem like a higher-end device. I use a case, so the glass back doesn’t bother me.

    • V-Phuc

      Since you use a case, does it mean glass or plastic means absolutely nothing, correct? Unless you tell me that you can see a visual difference between the back of Note3-4 vs that of Note5 in a case? Just curious.

      • rmiller1959

        I like the look and feel of the glass back compared to the older Notes – it gives the Note 5 a premium feel and heft in the hand. That said, I am more concerned about protecting the phone from damage than about how elegant the back looks, so I covered up that beautiful glass back with a utilitarian black plastic case. I know it’s heresy, but for the money I’m spending on this phone, I want it to last a while! :)

        • V-Phuc

          I agree with your concern about protecting your investment. That has always been my point about the phone material. Sure, glass may look nice when I first unbox the phone, but for daily use with all the risks of accidental bumps, drops, dinks, etc. I won’t go without the case. And once in, nobody but me know what the back is made of. I always thought the phone critics including those on AA made a gigantic hill out of a molehill about plasticky material. Just my 2 cents.

          • Interesting point and definitely agree with most of it. I’m not a case user so the materials do make a difference to me (and anyone else who doesn’t use a case) but if you do, materials matter less.

            Of course when reviewing a handset, we have to tell it how it is and work on the assumption that you don’t use a case. Hence, when it’s glass and feels better, we definitely need to highlight it.

          • V-Phuc

            I always shake my head when see or read about non-case usage. But hey, it’s entirely your (or anyone’s else) right to do whatever you please with your phone. Nevertheless, I believe that if you shell out $800+ and skimp on the $20 case, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s like buying a 1M Ferrari and decide not to buy the leather seats but go for a cloth seat to save 1K (if that option even exists). And in all honesty, since I’ve owned a Note3 I can tell that it never felt “cheap, third-class citizen, etc.” to me when I happened to take the phone out of its case.

          • Each to their own. I very very occasionally use a case on a phone but that’s so rare that I treat my phone as if I don’t. I know plenty of people who swear by a case and won’t even take their phone out of the house unless it’s in a case. Each to their own, like I said!

  • Thomas R. Wiles

    The introduction of the crippled Note 5 has caused me to rethink my practice of the past few years of the annual smartphone upgrade. I don’t want to give up the features here on my Note 4, so I’ve decided to simply pay the phone off and keep using it until it is no longer servicable. Smartphones have obviously hit the inevitable technology plateau when manufacturers start removing features and call it an upgrade. Sorry but I’ve developed an immunity to that trick.

  • Kabocha Kun

    Talking about building the hype… hope the review is more accurate than this “impressions” write up. A good example:

    “The pressure sensitivity has been improved on this year’s S-Pen” …really? How come if it has the same 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity from the Note 4/Edge XD

    • Based on usage, it feels more sensitive and true to the natural way we write. That being said, I’ll look into your comment and update accordingly.

  • bluedye33139

    Just ordered a Note 5. I had to mull over the non-removable battery, though. Time will tell.

  • Not1Not2Not3

    I traded in my note 4 for a note 5 a couple weeks ago. I used to be one of these guys on this thread complaining about removable battery ect, but after using this phone for a while now I have not missed the removable sd or battery at all. This phone is much, much better than the Note 4. Battery life is no problem at all as this phone gets me through a full day with double digit battery life left when I get ready to relax for the evening. And this thing charges ridiculously fast so battery life is not a concern for me. I use Google photos (100gb per month) and they save all my high def pics and 4k videos for $2 a month. My 64gb of storage is more than I’ll ever use. I hear people talking about (planned obsolescence) and all that crazy stuff. How long are you planning on keeping your device anyway? 3 years? 5 years? Come on now. Bottom line the Note 5 is the best device that money can buy right now.

    Note to writer: Wth do you mean?

    “A particularly cool feature is being able to take the pen out and write a quick memo on the screen while it’s switched off but you’ll find that you actually disable this feature pretty quickly.”

    This was actually one of the main features that got me to buy this phone. Why would someone want to disable this awesome feature? Being able to take a quick note without having to open up the phone and select s note is one of the best features the Note 5 has. I’m very confused by this paragraph.

    • Fifth313ment

      How do you upload those 2k/4k vids if I might ask to the cloud? With Comcast/Xfinity now placing a 300GB cap on all internet plans and forget about uploading them on regular cellular signals with those crazy caps and allowances? Also that means you go through and delete all your photos and pics everyday to make room for new ones, lol.

      Also see my post above as my Note 3 is over two years old and it is still running strong. But even after it is retired it will still be used a remote control, mp3 player, mini tablet, etc! Anyone who spends almost 1k on a device to throw it away after a year or so is a sucker! Would you throw away your Laptop after a year?! Samsung is in trouble for a reason as no one is buying the Note 5 or the s6, for a reason too. Samsung will have to rethink their new phone plans next year. They will have to as if they keep going this route they will be the new HTC.

      Also I don’t understand why you would need to take notes while the screen is off? And wouldn’t the phone be taking notes by itself or does the spen have to be out?

      • Not1Not2Not3

        For one I have unlimited date with T-Mobile so I have been uploading all my 4k videos with no problem. 2nd, at work, I have to take down quick notes all the time. Instead of pulling off a regular pen and paper, I just pull out my phone, pull out my s-pen and start taking notes immediately. I really don’t even get how someone can question the value of this amazing feature. I just don’t get some people. Why all the hate and negativity?

        • Fifth313ment

          T-Mobile Unlimited isn’t real unlimited, just like other carriers, as they recently said they will punish users who do more than 10GB per month. Throttle and warn I believe the article said.

          Also I’m not saying I couldn’t see the value in not having the screen on and taking notes but I would think it would be hard to not write on your own notes as the screen is small compared to paper.

    • I was torn about turning this off but I didn’t use the feature much, especially since I noticed that when it’s enabled and the pen has been undocked, it thinks you’re trying to write on the screen.

      Instead, I prefer to have it set up so undocking the S Pen turns the screen on and when I don’t have security enabled, it’s only one step extra to take a note. Easy enough but each to their own of course!

  • SamsaraGuru

    Close but no cigar. Sounds nice but not particularly special especially now that it has no removable battery – meaning the battery from day one is on death watch. Someone below asked how long we might wish to keep the phone as a way to excuse no removable battery. My answer is – as long as I want and as long as it is serving my purposes and performing well, which given the fact we have reached a point of performance parity pretty much with high end phones could easily mean an $800.00 phone could last 4 years. Why not?

    The fashion conscious may love to have the newest of the new, but prudent people who respect the value of a dollar always have scoffed at such immaturity and foolishness.

    • Fifth313ment

      Exactly! I sill am using my Note 3! I have changed the battery once and I need to again as most batteries only last one year and get good performance. Also who know what type of battery degradation occurs from charging your phone from 0 to 80% in 15 mins, lol! Also I started with a 64GB microSD but now I need to move onto a 128GB and then maybe a 256GB! Best part is I can do all that with my Note 3! And when it’s retired from cellular use it will be resigned to being used as a mini tablet, remote, MP3 player, gaming machine! Anyone who spends $1k (with tax, case, accessories, etc) on a phone only to use it for a year is a sucker and an idiot to boot! People live paycheck to paycheck which is why our country is in the position it’s in currently! I had been looking forward to the Note 5 but not with the features it took away, so my Note 3 will push on as my daily driver until I find one which matches my needs. I’m hoping LG wakes up and decides to take Samsung’s users away by offering a pen device, or even a large screen device, with great features and a removable battery/microSD card. Also metal phones do horrible with signal levels BTW! Metal phone, no thank you!

      • SamsaraGuru

        Samsung seems to be lacking focus and to have forgotten that if you try to be all things to all people you end up being nothing particularly special to anyone.

        They have thrown everything including the kitchen sink into the Note 5 – “premium build”, this, that and a little of that too. Resulting in? A poorly defined collection that has lost the distinction, the differentiation its predecessors had and created a device that smacks of “let’s throw it all at the wall and see what sticks”.

        You woulda thought that with billions of dollars at one’s disposal they could afford to hire at least one person with the marketing and technical prescience to devine and clearly define what Note users really desire rather than assume it was “…a little bit of this, a little bit of that” like all the other also rans.

        In the process they are destroying the Note brand.

  • Fifth313ment

    Are you smoking crack, only 4 to 4.5 SOT?! I used to get double that on my Note 3! Also after 6 months that 4 to 4.5 hours will become 2 to 2.5 and then you are screwed. I think it’s hilarious, reviewer, that you don’t like the storage options and only get 4.5 hours screen on-time but love the phone, LOL! Oh and I forgot, the OIS doesn’t work well on your device too, but that won’t sway you, you are a die hard!

    • 4-4.5 hours SOT is good for me because other phones don’t achieve this, most only offer 3 hours. And while I don’t like the storage options but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the phone.

      Like any smartphone or gadget, there is a certain degree of compromise involved. For me, the compromise on storage is more than acceptable but for you, it might not be.

      As for being a die hard, it’s safe to say I’m not. Yes, I do enjoy Samsung devices as the hardware is pretty good but that’s a personal choice. This piece is balanced enough to highlight the positives and negatives of the Note 5 and might I remind you.. It’s my impressions. Not a full review but my thoughts on the Note 5 having used the past generations.

      The last thing I’ll leave you with is the battery life – your usage likely varies considerably to mine so you’ll probably have better/worse battery life. Battery life has a million factors that affect it so just because I get 4 hours SOT, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the same. You’ll probably get more or less depending upon your usage.

      There is a solution though – if you need 8 hours SOT, you could always roll back the clock and get an old feature phone without a big touchscreen. You probably won’t be able to do a lot with it but hey, at least you’ve got 8 hours SOT.

      • Fifth313ment

        I don’t have to do that at all. Just get a new battery for my Note 3 again and wallah! You didn’t mention IR Blaster removal and also you are happy with 4-4.5 hours of SoT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! On a $1k phone that is OK with you? Also I’m not like most people with my screen. I keep it on 100% when I use it for long periods but when I’m just checking it real quick it stays on auto. You shouldn’t have to tweak a phone to death, remove apps, lower brightness, sacrifice features, etc on a $1k phone! But then again that’s just my opinion and the reason I don’t own one. But I think most people agree with me as the Note 5 and S6 are tanking worldwide. Also I think the OIS issues may just be with your phone and you might want to swap it out for another as from most people they say the OIS works great as does the camera. It would suck to get stuck with a $1k phone with a broken camera too, lol.

        • Like I said, each to their own. I’m a power user and the battery is good enough for me, mainly because other phones can’t offer this.

          As for the OIS, it seems to have resolved itself but it’s very much related to my own device and not a widespread thing.

          As for tweaking a phone, I actually don’t. Aside from a new launcher and a couple of other bits, I keep it untweaked.

          Again, everyone uses smartphones in different ways and I’m happy with how the Note. 5 is going for me so far.

          • Fifth313ment

            I understand. It’s just that the Note series used to be the blackberry of the Android device lineup. It could do two days battery usage easily, was large with pen functionality, had every feature known to man, could store anything you could throw at it with a microSD card slot and the ability to hotswap your batteries when you’re in a jam or need a new battery. Now it’s no different than the S6, average users phone? If one of the other manufactures would step up and release a power users phone it would be like a mint money machine for them. I’m looking at you LG! It was also OK that the Note devices were expensive as you were getting the performance of two normal high end android devices in one! The Note 5 is simply a larger S6 with a pen, which IS NOT what the Note series of devices was all about. Productivity is key and Samsung has lost it with this device.

    • fallacies

      the op said 18 hours, with 4.5 of the 18 being screen-on-time… it’s been tried and confirmed that one can be operate the device for about 8 hours with the screen on, just slightly less for video playback.. ease up

  • V-Phuc

    For the writing on off-screen feature, here is a recent link as seen on AA:
    So for those who own previous versions of Note (3-4, etc.), you too can have this feature on your phone. Stop drooling over your neighbors who own the Note 5. Actually there is nothing to drool about, but hey, it’s just me.
    Let me know how the link works for you.

  • Matthew Curry

    Ive had that problem once or twice john with my note 4. but once this review got to the battery and i discovered there is no more removable cover they lost me… samsung isnt samsung without sd card and ez replace battery.

  • Bala Balajee V

    Hallo… if I buy Note5 from Saudi Arabia, will it work with India LTE bands?

  • O

    What the HELL!!!! Non-Removable batteries & No micro sd card slot!!!!! WTF!!!!