Square Enix has been chugging through its Final Fantasy back-catalogue pretty quickly over the last few years, and while it still hasn’t brought us the much-anticipated mobile port of Final Fantasy VII, today Square brings us the very first Playstation Final Fantasy port, Final Fantasy IX. (For the record, Tactics was also a PS game, but the port was based off the PSP version.)

Originally released back in 2000, the latest FF port takes place in a world called Gaia, though no, not the same world as the Gaia in FF7. For those that never experienced it, not going to spoil the story for you, though I will tell you the story features a unique cast to say the least including Zidane (a mischievous thief of sorts), a princess, and six other characters. While not nearly as dear to my heart as FF7 or the NES/SNES era Final Fantasy entries, I admit this is still one of my own personal favorites and look forward to giving it a go.


As for changes made to the mobile version? The port sticks mostly to the original, though there are some changes to let you get through the story quicker (like we’ve seen in other FF ports), an auto-save feature, and some of the video and character models have been altered slightly for today’s higher-resolution displays. Obviously, the port also features touchscreen integration, though the ability to use a more traditional controller remains.

Final Fantasy IX is available right now through the Play Store, and in usual Square Enix fashion, is priced for a pretty penny at $16.99 – which is supposedly a 20% sale price, so expect it to go up even further a bit later.

It’s also worth mentioning that you better have a bunch of room at the ready, as this port takes up 4GB free space. It also requires Android 4.1 or higher.

Andrew Grush
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  • TheLonelyCyborg

    17€ and 4 GB, they want to kill me, but (un)fortunately they will, cause I’m too wick…

  • ES&D Square

    Are you f**king kidding me? Another Square Enix game without Android TV support? This seals it. I will never buy another game from them again… not for iOS, vnot for Android, not for PC.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, this BS. I was excited to play it on my Shield TV. Now I have to steal a ROM and emulate the game.

  • Joshua P.

    Can I get a Xenogears port?

  • gmplr831

    Anyone else notice the sale starts tomorrow? I think I’ll wait and see what (with the 20%) the sale price becomes. You never know, it might be under 10 after the 20% and the “sale” price.

    • kcz7

      Good eye, captain. Thanks for the insightful info (I didn’t catch it >___< ).

  • Jaime

    Awesome! Maybe I will finally be able to play this one. Only XII left, I hope I can track a copy soon.

    • kcz7

      YAAASSS!! I hope you can too. XII is my 2nd favorite only behind VI. I played FFXI (MMO) for about 3 years before I eventually got XII. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. Hope you find it and enjoy it.

      • Jaime


  • Johan

    Don’t bother with this…
    It is just another cheater version.
    (With a button that lets you toggle cheats on the fly)

  • Brandt Mackay

    No Shield support, no buy.