If I ever get to meet him (which I probably won’t), I have a lot to say to Mark Zuckerberg, and they’re not good things. And to make it worse, industry sources now report that Facebook may start inserting ads in the middle of videos that you watch on the social network. Pls, Mark, can we not.

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August 9, 2016

We all know what Facebook wants to become: the king of videos. If I think about it, when I first started Facebook a decade or so ago, I rarely saw any videos on my feed. I simply did not have to worry about random videos playing without my permission as I scrolled down the app. Well, starting few years ago, Mark Zuckerberg’s video-centric initiatives became quite clear. Facebook introduced live-streaming features, video profiles, and a lot of clips of cats and dogs. It even added Snapchat-like features to its Messenger app, which, by the way, might literally be the worst thing I’ve ever used. The camera doesn’t focus properly. Ever. And it’s filled with bugs that just make you want to take your phone and bury it deep inside the Earth’s inner core.

At any rate, it looks like now that Facebook is more video-centric – for better or worse ­– Zuckerberg is ready to make some money out of it. The company had previously said that its users were watching 100 million hours of videos a day. Imagine how much you could make if you turn that sort of behavior into a business! Well, that’s exactly what might happen according to some reports.

The company had previously said that its users were watching 100 million hours of videos a day. Imagine how much you could make if you turn that sort of behavior into a business!

Apparently, Facebook is testing a new mid-roll ad format, which lets video publishers insert an ad in between their clips. This means that in the future, after watching a video for 20 seconds or more, you might have to watch a commercial or two to continue with the video. Yes, it’s going to be very annoying. But this isn’t something new per se. YouTube has been doing it for a long time now.

Unlike major video platforms, Zuckerberg did not allow pre-roll video ads which run before a video starts, so ad revenue from Facebook clips was almost non-existent. According to sources, the decision to have mid-roll video ads in some clips comes after BuzzFeed executives complained that they weren’t making enough money from their Tasty videos. If Facebook does decide to have mid-video ads, it will only affect clips that run for at least 90 seconds, and the ad appears after the video runs for at least 20 seconds. The company will reportedly sell the ads and share 55 percent of all sales with publishers.

Though most of the videos that I see and watch on Facebook are shorter than 90 seconds, Facebook’s decision may become a bit of a nuisance. In all honesty though, if those vapid Tasty videos start carrying mid-video ads, I would gladly unlike their page.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s rumored mid-roll ads? Let us know in the comments below!

Brian Reigh
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  • JasonWhite

    If Facebook wants to become the king of video then it needs to stop making my uploads look like complete garbage with their ultra heavy video compression.

    • Tristan Isaac

      Compressing is necesarry to save data & keep buffer times to a minimum though… I hate it too, but not everyone has high speed internet that can download 5 min clips in let’s say 10 seconds.

      • JosephHindy

        Compression is necessary, but that also takes the control of the quality of the video out of the hands of the people who made it.

        YouTube has a better idea, let creators upload in whatever quality they want and scale it down for people with crappy Internet.

    • Allyn K C

      In the app settings, be sure to select to activate the options “Upload Videos in HD” (as well as “Upload Photos in HD”). Uses more data to upload, but gets the upload into a reasonable quality for playback that doesn’t look like a pixelated mess.

      Granted, I still hate FB videos due to their playback lag and glitches. I can get smooth playback of video on other platforms, but not FB. If they want to be king, this must be resolved.

  • Vivek Rameses

    I have never watched a video on Facebook and now certainly never will.

  • Crosslad

    What’s the difference from Facebook doing this and Google doing it on YouTube. I am not a Facebook user but watch a lot of YouTube videos and find the ads in the middle of videos annoying.

    • Xa

      then download an addon to your browser ! i havent seen an ad on youtube since ages ago

      • Justin Coats

        Same on the mobile app, I cringe everytime I see someone show me a youtube video and get reminded people watch ads..

        • Luhter

          Yep, those people that are so stupid and consume bullshit are making the world a fked-up place.

  • rngwrm

    As long as the tasty videos are so vapid, why follow the page at all? I haven’t seen any in a while. I wonder if I blocked them?

  • Eludium Q36

    There’s a sick-psychology to multi-billionaire founders. They don’t know when to stop. Facebook has already scored Zuck more money than he and his heirs could ever spend. But he’s got to keep messing with the Golden Goose till it no longer lays golden eggs. He’s got to understand that people can and do quit FB instantly and all the time. User-hostile initiatives like this just accelerate that business-destructive process.

  • Sachin Balan

    Good for me i use chrome browser to log in Facebook. it helped saving a ton of my device battery drain.

    • Kunal Narang

      Agreed, the Facebook app on Android is a battery hog. I use an app called Folio for Facebook.

  • JPLoureiro

    I post on FB around 4~5 times a year, so…

  • Sovat Oung

    Another reason to stop logging in FB!

  • The Facebook app is soo bad…. I’m using Friendly for Facebook app..and it’s soo much better. It’s not as slick and as snappy as Facebook app, but it does not drain my battery and uses less data + the app size is really small